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  1. Plot twist! Fitting pointed him in the direction of new Titleist TS200 w KBS 90 regular flex shafts. Now comes decision of buying new from fitter or trying to find something similar to Titleist TS200 or Mizuno JPX 921 Forged profile with the right shaft.
  2. Nothing purchased yet, but all info gathered to this point (have an hour fitting this week where we will get a recommendation of shafts to seek out), are that we will go with graphite shafts on a CB players iron on the secondary market. Thanks for everyone's thoughts! Fun to read and think about.
  3. His driver swing speed (using my old Ping G400 Max) is between 90-92. The last few days he has hit balls with several regular flex shafts - AP2s with ProjectX5.5 steel shafts, M4s w Fujikara Atmos Red 6 graphite and JPX 921 Hot Metal with UST Recoil ESX F3 graphite. He definitely prefers the weight of the graphite shafts, although on the swing machine the spin and angle of descent aren't perfect with a 7i. Wondering if something w softer tip will help. Might make another trip to the Superstore I've discussed with his instructor before, but now that I feel like I'm narrowing choices, I'm going to bring it up again and see what his feedback is. Thanks for adding your thoughts!
  4. Thanks Coach! New PXG 0211 DCs (2021), New Taylormade M4s (2018), and used Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metals are currently all options and relatively the same spend for 4i - PW. But I am not done looking yet.
  5. I have a 12 year old (soon to be 13) who has been using US Kids TS golf clubs for several seasons. I'm done buying those clubs. They have served their purpose and the young golfer is 68 inches and counting. So he's taller than he is strong, although large strides were made in the strength department this summer. I have a few ideas/options on which way to go for an intermediary set (something to bridge him from 7th and 8th grade local junior golf until high school golf when he might be done growing), but was wondering if anyone else has experiences or insights to share regarding junior golfers who have outgrown the junior golf clubs but physically not quite ready for a full bag fitting. I suppose any time is a good time for a full bag fitting, but I'm angling to keep the large investment for when he's a little older and stronger. Thanks in advance for any input. Aaron
  6. Aaron Salinas - Houston, TX Yes Line drawn with red sharpie 360* over the golf ball's sight line Snell MTB-X White Red, 360*, as thin as possible, Buckets
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