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  1. Name, location: Tom, Frankenmuth, MI How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? During the long, cold winter last year here in Michigan, I practiced with the PuttOUT practice tool. Unfortunately, I only had basement textured carpeting to putt across, so the conditions were not the best. Current/Past Experience with putting mats: In the past I have used a Crane putting mat with ball return but the long carpet strip has permanent folds in it and does not lie completely flat. It is only good for practicing short 3-footers. I mainly use it now to introduce my grand-kids to putting. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test: The 3 courses around town are so different, it is probably best to practice on the mat that mimics the faster greens, so that's the Medium green speed model.
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