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  1. Joe - Las Vegas, NV Use mat at home, go to the practice green, and putt on the carpet. My current mat is terrible, it moves around resulting in inconsistency, I have used some good ones though and very curious about the birdie ball. Speed: 10-11 “private course”
  2. 1- GHIN 5.9 / Las Vegas, NV 2- 2019 P790’s / 8i - 155y (looking to get out of them, game has developed dramatically since buying) 3- I have heard great things about them, DTC Model for business doesn’t easily put products into consumers hands which is a downfall. Their stuff looks really clean and have been wanting to give them a shot. Would like to compare on my Flightscope.
  3. Name: Joe Location: Las Vegas, NV Current Shaft: Fujikura Vista Pro 60 “stiff” Swing Speed: 98-103mph Looking for: lower spin, speed, & dispersion Launch Monitor: Mevo+ (Arriving soon)
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