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  1. Darrell Moraga, CA I walk almost all of my rounds. Yes, TourTrek Cube Thanks!!
  2. Darrell/Moraga, CA Iphone X Indoor and Outdoor Outdoor range, outdoor net and indoor net
  3. Darrell/Moraga, CA I have a home-built net made from PVC I do not use a LM Thanks.
  4. Darrell, Moraga, CA Weather in California allows for year round golf. My course has a practice green. Only tried once or twice in a store. Medium
  5. Check out the Hamilton Beach putters by Cleveland.
  6. 9.8, Moraga, CA Callaway XR Pro, 150 yds I read the review on MGS a few months ago and then looked at the website. But no real knowledge of the clubs or company.
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