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  1. Started the year with Cobra F9 Speedback 3 wood and 5 wood and after a few rounds and range sessions realized it wasn't for me. Played Ping G400 woods previously. So going back to comfort and also carrying a 3-hybrid for the first time. Started carrying a Ping G410 4-hybrid last year and love it. Always carried a 5 wood but feel like a hybrid may be a little more versatile. Also different shaft in the driver. Was using a Tour AD XC 7 stiff flex, tipped a 1/2 inch. Driver: Ping G410 LST with Aldila Rogue 130 Silver 70 stiff flex, tipped a 1/2 inch Fairway Ping G410 3 wood with T
  2. I had an Aldila Rogue Silver 125 in my previous driver and Rogue Black in my previous fairway and loved both of them. When I upgraded those clubs, I explored other shaft options. Has anyone tested or currently have either, or both, of these shafts. Which club (driver or fairway wood) and what are your thoughts? Obviously fitting is the key here, but just curious about people's thoughts/initial feelings.
  3. Thanks! I had a previous Scotty Newport 2 before getting the Special Select last month. For me, when I am off putting, I get a little quick, especially on short putts. So when I feel myself doing that, I switch to the Spider X. I replaced the standard weights with the heavier ones from TM to increase the overall weight to help me get the feeling of not getting as quick on the follow-through.
  4. Hey everyone! Have been fan of MGS and it's one of my favorite golf websites so I thought I would join in on the fun. Little background....been playing golf since I was kid. Play to a 10 handicap...and like most of us on here, I have a golf-purchasing issue. Here's my WITB for 2020.... Driver: Ping G410 LST. 9 degrees, weight in the draw setting. Graphite Design Tour AD-XC 7 Stiff, tipped a 1/2 inch. 44 3/4 inches. 3 Wood: Cobra King Speedzone. Tour AD-DI 7 Stiff, tipped a 1/2 inch. 42 3/4 inches. 5 Wood: Cobra King Speedzone. Tour AD-DI 7 X-stiff. 42 1/4 inches. Hybr
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