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  1. Pat Washington, DC Titleist 910D 12.4 Index High 90's TSi3
  2. Pat Royal, Washington, DC, USA Ping Anser (old model) Would be interested in either Anser or Tyne 3 Thanks!
  3. Pat from Washington, DC 12 Handicap Current iron: Cobra Gravity Back
  4. Pat - Washington, DC 12 Currently playing a Adams 4 hybrid, and a Cleveland M3 What I like about my hybrids and would be looking for in the future is the ability to hit a lot of different shots, high and soft, lower driving shot off the tee etc. Thanks and would love to take advantage of this offer.
  5. Pat Washington, DC Currently a 12 handicap (fluctuate between 9-13) Cobra Gravity Back T-100 Finally looking for an upgraded iron this year and I think the T-100 would be a good fit and already planned on getting fit for them. I am a pretty good iron player despite the use of old unforgiving irons. I think I would be a good tester because I have not changed irons in a very long time and look for very specific things before changing and will be very thorough in the process and I am communications professional so will be able to write about the process. Thanks for your consideration.
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