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  1. Javier, Merced iPhone 12 pro Outdoors/range no net
  2. 1 - Javier/Merced, CA 2 - I will take out a golf mat that I have to practice my control distance/feel during the winter months. If possible, I will go to a range and practice there as well. 3 - I have been using the Varispeed mat and liked it so far, because it has different stimp speeds to work on my putting game. 4 - I would love to try the BirdieBall PuttUp golf mat and work on my game even more and with the up ramp to get a more real feel when putting up.
  3. Javier Alvarado - Merced, CA I have not had the chance to use a watch or device like it. Currently using a Callaway RangeFinder.
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