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  1. Thanks Granata, Timo, Tap in, thanks for your info. I figure need to first get lie adjusted. It feels so closed vs the rest. if feels right then go change the shafts. Need lighter stiff due to my shorter swing. but also, it is true that I shd have realize expecting z745 to be forgiving is not correct haha. Tried Ap1s and the Mizunos, but the feel and accuracy just not there. Just simply fly eveywhere. Maybe it’s in the mind.... guess am already used to the Ap2 types. thanks A lot guys. Glad to have gotten your help.
  2. Thanks Granata. Hmm You are right. The mizunoand ap2 has been fitted to more slightly upright. Due to my height and swing path closer to me. It does feel a bit closed when i hold the srixon. Thanks for enhancing my limited knowledge haha. Does thickness of sole makes a difference as well?
  3. Hi players, A question on my side. i am currently doing some buying and selling of golf equipment as part time. so landed myself with these 3 iron sets, which are my favs: ~Titleist AP2 716, fitted withs steelfiber i80 stiff ~mizuno MP18 MB fitted with steelfiber i80 stiff as well ~Srixon Z745 D300 while i currently have been switch between mp18 and 716, and play consistently to 17HC, but I think i may have jumped too far ahead with assumption of my skills to execute these wonderful irons. I thought or have been thinking to switching to a more fogiving irons to ensure more consistency in ball striking. jumped up with joy when a set of srixon z745 dropped onto my hand. Beautiful irons and read that it is forgiving with shot playability. All 3 have not too much diff offset or loft, but only the sole is slightly thicker for Srixon. But based on my swing, mizuno has the more accurate and straight flight of all. But distance and consistency of ball striking is not to my wish. AP2 is fine and slightly better overall: with a slight pull. But Srixon, while i love the looks and perceived forgiveness, the ball just keep pulling more. My swing is the same. It may not be best but it works for me. so my question to the players here, other than my skill problem, are there difference between these irons? Are forgiving irons or thicker sole tend to encourage close face? Would love to understand more.
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