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  1. I guess I am just new to the game itself (been playing right at 1 year now). I love the short game and it's fun for me.. so that's what saves me.. but I wish I knewmore information on putting and how and what I should be practicing and the real statistics for me from what distances. 0-6ft and 6-12ft are really big ranges. Also I am not really sure how to read the approach shots (which I know are bad).. Also my short game stats.. what does that really cover? Just wish there was a full explanation on how to use the data better somewhere for someone like me that just started playing
  2. Does anyone know where I can go to get more insight to reading the data on the Shot Scope dashboard? I would love more putting stats, what distances to work on, but also there is so much data.. How do you guys and gals read the data to use it to get better?
  3. Here's my mini review: The new shot scope is an update to the V2 model. It's sleeker, slimmer, and has a much better look to it. The battery is very good. I don't think I can get 2 full rounds out of it, but def 27 holes and maybe pushing it to the 36 number. The V2 could get 18, but 27 was pushing it and I never came close to 36 in a single session. They say that the tags are updated for better performance but I didn't notice a difference, actually I noticed that the watch missed more shots with the V3 than with the V2. The GPS took a very long time to update the first time I played. Roug
  4. Ordered mine mid last week and I just received it today. Live in FL. I will be putting up a mini review first impressions soon. The firmware update is taking forever to update right now though.. so I still can't even play with it.
  5. How do you input anything other than increments of 1ft each? I can't get it as specific as I want. I leave a LOT of putts under 1ft all the time (hey I just started playing give me a break!)... and there is no way to do anything other than a minimum of 1ft left for the next putt. Once in a blue moon I can move the putt to 0 feet, but that's near impossible when actually trying.. If anyone knows a better way I would love to hear it.. Because I wonder how many putts I actually leave less than 1 ft away in all directions so I know my tendencies.
  6. How can you know the proximity from approaches unless you know how far you are from the hole?
  7. I received this from Shot Scope just now. "The GPS accuracy should be slightly better as it can use different satellites rather than just the one, however some putts will still need editing and it will still be measured in terms of feet and not inches. In terms of the zoom on the greens this is down to the Google Map Satellites rather than the GPS in the watch so this won't have changed. " So I guess we can't zoom in more to make the putting more accurate. It might be a better accuracy from where you hit and putt from, but I edit that every round anyway, so it's not
  8. Yep.. I suggested this a year ago when I bought V2. IF you update your putting for each hole after playing they should be able to get more detailed with the putting stats. IF I move my putt from 6ft to 2ft and I manually do it inside the dashboard there is no reason to NOT be able to update the stats to be more specific. Hell you could even do it for every 1ft difference since I can manually move my putts in 1 ft increments. They said it wasn't possible because of the GPS in the V2, but it doesn't matter about the GPS if I manually make sure every putt is correct inside the dashbo
  9. First post here: some awesome info.. Thanks everyone. I just ordered mine as well today. I REALLY WISH they would update the putting. 0-6ft and then 6-12ft.. Those are BIG distances. I would love to know 0-3ft 3-6ft, 6-10, etc.. They COULD do this right now with the data they have (I update every hole after I am done playing to get the most accurate data I can). I literally move every shot to where it really went hole by hole, round by round (yes I love data and I am willing to spend the 15 minutes after the round to do this. Having just started playing a little over a year ago, how far
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