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  1. Thanks all. My partner was made aware of the provisional. It was made more difficult as the ball entered the hazard essentially flag high. So it's semantics I guess. Technically I think I could have dropped a few yards back from where it entered, but with using 2 club lengths would have put me on the fringe probably wouldn't have pleased my mate! But as I wasn't sure about the drop, I tried to play out of the hazard . Anyway thanks again for the answers! Keep up the good work
  2. Question about how to play on from red staked hazard. Difficult to explain without a picture, but imagine a hole which runs along the exterior of the course along left hand side. Obviously hitting over the course boundary equals OOB, but along the boundary is a drainage ditch marked with red stakes (not aware of this at time I played my shot). I chunk my approach left, ball bounces once, then into the ditch/hedgerow. Concerned about OOB/Lost ball I drop in place and shoot onto the green. Looking for the ball I spot it, spot the red stakes. I know I'm ok with current ball on the green, but it's not as close to the pin as maybe I like. 1st, can I discount my replacement shot, and take a drop where the ball entered the hazard? And 2, how/where could I do that? The hazard travels the last 100 yards of the hole, it's impossible to drop the ball behind the boundary of the course. Do I literally move backwards along the course/hazard and drop within 2 club lengths? As this automatically puts the ball "closer to the hole" than where it enters the hazard. This drop would have put me within 5 feet of the green, improving my chances of a) chipping her in or b) getting close.
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