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  1. Name: Taylor City/State: Bristol, Rhode Island Current Driver: TS3 9.5 RH Kurage Black Handicap: 5.7 Swing Speed: 96mph I would like to test the TSi 2
  2. 1. Handicap 5.2 from Bristol, RI 2. T300 irons, 132 carry distance with my 8-iron 3. I first heard of Sub 70 through this forum. I have done some research, and am very intrigued by the constant praises of their customer service program. Reminds me of the book “Hug Your Customers”.
  3. Taylor Woods, female Bristol, Rhode Island I play a Titleist TS3 60g Kurakage shaft, with 9 degrees loft. I would like to test out the 460, and my driver swing speed is 88mph. i play at least 5 times a week.
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