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  1. Do you have a link to the release notes please? Keen to have a look on the edge of returning garmin for a shotscope instead
  2. If you have a few mins can you put a reply on this Garmin forum thread please? Hopefully if enough people comment they will fix it
  3. How do people find the automatic putting tracking compared to manual? If I am standing still on the green for 20 seconds not near my ball waiting for playing partners to take chips or putts is it going to think I took a putt from that location in automatic putt mode? What do you guys have your putt modes set to automatic or manual and why? Had a look though manual but could not see anything on this
  4. Any idea what causes the shots not to track is it something which can be avoided? If you are going in afterwards to add the shots on is it going to knock out the approach shot stats etc?
  5. I used to have the VA3 and upgraded to he VA4 this month. On the VA3 when I was playing golf and scoring , the prompt to enter the number of strokes and puts used to pop up on screen when I walked onto the green or when i started walking off the green and onto the next tee box. It would not disappear until i had confirmed the number of strokes which was perfect. On the VA4 I have to press the top right button > pencil icon > then the hole number and then enter my score. This is a lot of frustrating steps especially the more holes you do as you then have to do the extra step of scrolling all the way down past the holes you have completed to find the hole you have completed to edit the score. When trying to keep up with pace of play the extra steps / messing about are very annoying. It can also end up with me accidentally editing the score on the wrong hole. I am running the latest software version 4.70. Have rebooted watch multiple times. On the watch club prompt and stat tracking are enabled. Scoring is set to ‘always ask’. Tournament mode is off. Have played multiple golf courses all the same issue. Occasionally the score prompt is appearing when get onto the green but as soon as i take a put it disappears with the only way to get it back is all of the manual steps. How do i get the score prompt to stay on screen when i walk onto the green and not disappear until i have entered the score and confirmed it? Or is this a software bug? I also purchased the CT10 sensor for the putter hoping it would automatically do the scoring after auto detecting the other swings down the fairway but even though it is detecting the tag and the put the scorecard shows 0 for the puts. Anyone any ideas? Garmin support are clueless
  6. Kind of makes it feel pointless if it can not guarantee every stroke as that is the point in golf at the end of the day Appreciate the answers though , back to the drawing board
  7. Hi guys, I currently have a garmin VA4 which is so frustrating to use for golf so it is being returned. The 3 pack of Ct10 sensors i also purchased with it are equally as useless and being returned. I am looking at the shotscope V3 as it looks to be built by golfers for golfers and would really appreciate if anyone could answer a few questions please? Can you see your score half way through the round or the previous hole scores on the watch? Do you get your score at the end of the round? Does it detect every shot and if not can you quickly add other strokes on once you are at the pin collect stage for example lost balls +2 etc Bit worried the watch would become a distraction and i would be worried it is not detecting strokes and my score will not be accurate? See a lot of people talking about post editing on V2 which sounds frustrating as i would not remember the scores and strokes on every hole to check / verify it is correct.. Ultimately trying to make sure i do not buy something which will not live up to my expectations of a fully automated system apart from manually adding penalty strokes which i assume you press a button for when needed?
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