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  1. Brett Kleinman / Los Angeles CA I have an IPhone 11 with the newest iOS I would be testing it 100% outdoors I would be issuing a net I bought a net at the start of the lockdown with the hopes I can get my hand on a launch monitor and for many reasons it just hasn’t happened I would be using it almost daily!
  2. Los Angeles, CA I have a cheap putting Mat that I use a few times a week but it’s inconsistent speed so doesn’t help too club I have some cheap mat that feels like putting on rough I would love to test the medium speed, as most course I play seem to sit around there. Also open to fast cause I do play some club courses through the year.
  3. Brett K. Los Angeles, CA Taylor Made Juno putter is my current one. would want to test the Tomcat 14. Always wanted to try a weighted putter like that instead of blade
  4. Name is Brett Kleinman and I live in the Los Angeles Area. I tend to practice putting about once or twice a week for about 20-30 mins at a time. I would also say I 3 putt about 2 or 3 times a round. I find ExPutt to be very interesting because I have two young kids at home so its hard for me to go to the course to get a better practice for speed and slope is extremely hard at time. I also find putting to be the weakest part of my game and can shave the most strokes off there so if I have a product that can give me feedback and improve that for me it would do wonde
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