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  1. Cameron Geggatt/ Falmouth Ma Titeliest 54, 58, 60 would love a 56 to replace my 58! thanks as always Golf Spy
  2. Handicap 15 from Falmouth, MA Mizuno Mp33 never heard of them
  3. Cameron Geggatt-Massachusetts I’ve never used a GPS just range finders. Yardage Markers on the course.
  4. Cameron Geggatt/Falmouth, MA Usually 1-2 times a week for 1-2hours. 3-4 a round. I am good from within 10ft but outside that, I have little control. Being from the northeast, it makes it hard to maintain my game during the winter months. Having this would allow me to jump back into the season ready to putt. Getting real quick data would be huge. I cannot wait to see what the results from this are! Thank you for doing what you do GolfSpy
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