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  1. Hey, So I'm a 7.2 muni golfer out of Los Angeles, CA. I hit my 8 iron 155yds. I was first attracted to Sub 70 because they look so good. SO then I started dreading about them and the whole Direct to Consumer philosophy to keep pricing down. Actually tried to use their demo program but they were out of demo product at the time. This would be another chance to try them out. I've been dying to upgrade my Callaway Apex Pro irons and these look fantastic.
  2. Martin Grey Gottlieb/Los Angeles, CA Practice Putting every day for about 20 minutes. Averaging 1.2 3 jacks per round. Love the science applied with Exputt. Recently put in a small synthetic putting green in yard during Covid lockdown and would love to pair the Exputt info with practical outdoor application. Also started to restore, build putters (another Covid activity) to determine how science plus feel can be applied to putting stroke. Have 3D printed one putter design with multiple movable weights and would love to see that perform under Exputt microscope. Being able to see the arc of my swing and impact point can only help with putter builds and understanding what type of putter(heel shafted, center shaft, mallet, blade, etc) is best for my particular swing arc. I can't imagine what it would it would be like to instantly get feedback on a particular putter paired with my particular swing. Invaluable. Sign me up please!
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