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  1. Hey! My name is Zach Hogan and I live in Austin, TX. In the past, I really haven't practiced my putting much, except for 5-10 minutes before each round and occasionally with my dad when hitting balls about 20 minutes, once per month. Currently, I have a lot more free time and am really excited to be able to focus on improving my game but, as of today, many of the courses in Austin have shut down due to the increase in COVID cases (I found this news out as I pulled up to the course nearest my house to practice my putting!). About 4-5 3-putts per round. I love details and data, so I am very interested in the idea of having feedback and data in the comfort of my own home at any time of the day (so I can practice mid-day during the brutal Texas Summer heat). I think pairing this high-tech tool, with that of the lessons I'm starting next week (and the new putter I've ordered based on the mygolfspy reviews), will be an incredible combination to improve this part of my game. I'm just beginning to really focus on improving my game over the past month and a half but I think I will be a good fit because I'm definitely motivated and very detail-oriented, and as I'm currently in between jobs, I have the ability to put a lot of time and effort into both providing a thorough review and improving my putting. I have a lot to learn and I'm excited for the journey. Thanks for the consideration.
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