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  1. At the store I work with, way more people are going Taylormade and feel Callaway is overpriced!
  2. I have and love this grip, it reduces wrist rolling and is comfortable, only problem is sometimes I pull out my wedges at the same time since the grip is huge and grabs other clubs. I'll just get tubes
  3. The SQ that are out now Feel like you don't even hit the ball, I'm not sure if I like that or not. I would love to try these out and see how the feedback is...
  4. This would be an impulse buy for me, if i had the $$$ Reminds me of a Butterfly Knife and I like Weapons!
  5. Is this a lock? or to help separate clubs? or both?
  6. I like the idea, many people do get attached to their wedges, so why not hold on to the one for like ever? then again golf equipment is like computers, something is always going to be new, better and faster
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