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  1. George Moldenhauer Eden,UT Walk most of my rounds Yes Sun Mountain
  2. George from St. George UT Yes can and do/will Currently none used but have talked bout getting one.
  3. George St. George, UT Taylormade Burner 9.5 Stiff 15.6 85ish TSi2
  4. George/ Eden UT Handicap 15 Current Cleveland and Wilson What appeals: Cleveland is a leaded in wedge development. Let's see what they have come up with now.
  5. 1) Handicap 18, Home course Wolf Creek Utah 2) Callaway Steel Head, 155 to 165 3) Not a thing
  6. George Moldenhauer St. George UT Yes Bushnell and Izzo Izzo Swami and cart GPS (if available)
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