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  1. Would love the opportunity to test this. I have been using GolfShot GPS for the past few years.
  2. I have been using Golfshot Pro for the past few years. I have been seriously considering other options. Arccos is deffinately one of the options I have been considering.
  3. I am looking forward to reading your reviews. I will be in the market for a net. I plan on waiting to see how your experience with this net goes.
  4. I just recently moved from the West Coast back to the East Coast after many years away. Due to not having a place to set up an indoor range currently, I am in the market for a net that I could use both outdoors and eventually indoors. Looking forward to the results of the test.
  5. How cool it would be to test these irons out. At one time I played all Titleist clubs including the AP1 irons. When I got fitted for new irons I tried everything including the 1st year T300 and 200. Unfortunately though I got a much better dispersion rate and distance with the Callaway Mavrick. I would love to find a Titleist iron that would perform as well as my current irons.
  6. Anthony Klamath Falls Oregon Scotty Cameron Newport 2 I would like the opportunity to test the Impact 3
  7. Anthony Klamath Falls, OR walk 90% of the time Cure using Clicgear
  8. Anthony Portland, Oregon Titleist TS2 16.3 90 TSi2
  9. Anthony, Portland Oregon Carpet in my office plus a older putting mat in my house. I also use the eyeline mirror when the weather permits me to get on the course. I would love to review the 8 ft medium, 10-11 Stimpmeter Private Course with the 2 side A and 1 side B
  10. Anthony South. Portland, OR i use Apple IPhone and Iwatch i use GolfShot Premium with my devices. I also use the Garmin Bushnell V4
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