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  1. my definition of mid priced would be $30-$40, I never said i don't like DTC, reason being challenge with DTC is shipping in and to Canada is adding another $10 dollars minimum and with Covid who knows when it will be received. I see you play Snell and no doubt a potential option but for me it would be the same price as buying PROV1.
  2. Would love to get some opinions on mid price ball selection - in reviewing many internet pages the Taylormade Tour Response, Titleist Tour Soft and Srixon Q-Star Tour seem to be popular. I handicap in the higher teens, my game not in the ball park yet to pay for premium balls of the ProV1, TP5, or Zstar and not interested in dealing with DTC balls. Thoughts on these balls or is there a sleeper out there that I a should be looking at. Driver 260+ yards, and need more work on my short game to improve my scores. Thanks for the feedback.
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