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  1. Terry Saint Petersburg, Florida Ben Hogan 50° aw, Nike Victory 56° sw, Cleveland 42° niblick 52,60° would be awesome.
  2. I'm a 12 handicapper from Saint Petersburg, Florida 8i - 155-160 yds I am playing old irons Cleveland Vas 792 iron 3- pw they were my father's clubs he passed away 5 years ago and it's all I have left of him. I've never heard about this company but I'm in desperate need of some new irons I just can't fork out the ridiculous amount of money that they want for new irons I love everything about this game and I'll do anything just about to play it I would love to test designs especially if they're a little more forgiving. Hey anything to help right?
  3. Terry Rankin, I have used several laser range finders bushnell, lieapold, Simmons but never a gps watch, I've actually been looking to buy one. Right now I either gestimate distances or try to use markers on the course.
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