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  1. The Bridgestone B RX is my ball of choice - good distance with driver and spin with irons. I'm 71 and hit driver 225 - 250 and 7 iron 150.
  2. You're right - most of the the lost distance is due to a slower swing speed. A fitting is in order.
  3. Thanks for the catch. Yes, it should have read "2007". I realize I won't be able to gain it all back, but I'm hoping for another 10 - 20 yards from where I am now. You're right. I do need to have a driver fitting done.
  4. I have a 2017 2007 Cleveland HiBore XL 10.5, stiff shaft driver that I used to hit 270+. Now because I'm 69 I'm down to about 240 max. I'm looking for a new boom stick and am wondering how much yardage I can expect to gain due to improved technology?
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