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  1. Hello! My name is Corbyn, I live in South Jordan, UT, I walk almost al of my rounds, and have been since well before the pandemic started, and I do use a push cart as of now, I use the 4-wheeled caddytek caddycruiser one version 8. It been a great cart for the past couple of years! Thank you!
  2. 1. 0.7 Handicap, South Jordan, UT 2. Currently play P-7 Miura MC-501, 6-3 Miura CB-2008. I hit my 8 iron 165-170 Yards 3. This tester program is the first time I’ve heard of Sub70. After doing some research, I am very excited to give some of their clubs a thorough testing. Reading through some of the reviews for this company gets me very excited for the future, even if I’m not selected. Sub70 will definitely be at the top of my list on my next iron refresh.
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