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  1. 1. I am a +1.2 handicap from Nashville TN 2. My Srixon 765 8 iron goes 182 yards. 3. I have only seen the wedges. They are gorgeous and feel great. Great top profile. If that is any indication as to the look and feel of these irons, I would love to get the opportunity to test them out.
  2. 1. I'm a 22 handicap living in Salt Lake City, Utah. 2. My current irons are the Cleveland CBX launchers and my 8 iron (which is very strong lofted to the point of being a 7 iron with identity issues) carries ~150 and runs out an extra 5 to 10 yards depending on slope, surface, and how vindictive it's feeling. 3. Quite a bit. I have been keeping track of Sub 70 since it was founded. As a fan of Tour Edge and other 'uniqie' business strategies in golf, I loved the idea of Sub 70 offering custom irons at half the price. Similarly, I love their st
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