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  1. 1. I am a +1.2 handicap from Nashville TN 2. My Srixon 765 8 iron goes 182 yards. 3. I have only seen the wedges. They are gorgeous and feel great. Great top profile. If that is any indication as to the look and feel of these irons, I would love to get the opportunity to test them out.
  2. 1. I'm a 22 handicap living in Salt Lake City, Utah. 2. My current irons are the Cleveland CBX launchers and my 8 iron (which is very strong lofted to the point of being a 7 iron with identity issues) carries ~150 and runs out an extra 5 to 10 yards depending on slope, surface, and how vindictive it's feeling. 3. Quite a bit. I have been keeping track of Sub 70 since it was founded. As a fan of Tour Edge and other 'uniqie' business strategies in golf, I loved the idea of Sub 70 offering custom irons at half the price. Similarly, I love their static fitting tool. Even if it misses the mark slightly with some, being able to know that more likely than not your irons need to be a degree flat or you need midsize grips goes a long way for confidence. It's been fun listening to interviews with the founder, product testers, and reviewers. And it's refreshing to hear the old Tour Edge pitch of "we'll keep costs down by not paying tour players" with the extra Sub 70 pitch of "unless there's a major game breaking change in the tech, we're not going to release something new just for the sake of releasing something new." And it doesn't hurt that the clubs
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