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  1. Michael, Aiken, SC iPhone X Testing outdoors, club range No net
  2. Michael / Aiken, SC Used a net in Europe as many courses had no driving range. Do not have a launch monitor
  3. Michael / Aiken, SC Right handed 3wood - 70 gram regular Hybrid vktr+ ES 75 F3 regular 9.8 handicap index Play ping 3 hybrid g400
  4. Michael Aiken, SC Ping G400 max 9.2 index 92 mph TSi2 9.0 degree
  5. Michael, Aiken, SC 8.1 index GHIN Play PXG 0311 gen2 4-7 xf, 8-gap p Haven't played Wison forged for 50 yrs, would love to review a modern Wilson iron
  6. My handicap index is 7.8. I'm 71 and play out of Aiken SC I'm playing Gen 2 0311 irons. 4,5,6 0311xf and 7 thru Gap W 0311 p. I hit my 8 iron 145 yards. I know Sub 70 is a DTC golf club Manufacturer. The 699 and 699 pro are hollow body irons with a plastic fill inside. The clubs look terrific and I would love to give them a thorough test and review
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