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  1. Greetings from Carmel, Indiana. My handicap is currently 16. Gaming Titleist T200s (9-4i) and Cleveland CBX wedges (46, 50, 56, 60). My 8i distance is 150-160. First time I heard about Sub 70 was reading an article on MGS back in February. I was intrigued and followed them on Instagram, but don’t know much about them beyond that. I do love their origin story though. Little bit about me- I’m an English teacher, picked up my first golf club two years ago, got serious about a year ago, and want to be a scratch golfer within five years. I started keeping stats on my game a couple months ago using Golflogix after joining a golf club. I live on a course with full access to the range and a Foresight unit. I’d love to learn more about these clubs AND my game.
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