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  1. I’ve played combo sets for the past 12 years and don’t think I’ll ever go back to the standard sets. EVERY golfer (including pros) can use the benefits of combo sets, especially nowadays when you can get extra forgiveness without losing a lot workability in the 2-5 irons. Mizuno does a great job of making their irons easy to blend across the entire set, without having to increase/decrease lofts.
  2. Adam Virginia Beach, VA yes, I walk about 75% of the time No, I carry a stand bag because most push carts are a pain to push through deep rough
  3. Adam, Virginia Beach, VA iPhone XR Testing outdoors No net
  4. Adam Cape Charles, VA Taylormade M5 9.5 / Hzrdus Black 6.5 5 Hcp 105-110 mph TSi3
  5. Adam / Cape Charles, VA Handicap 5 Current model wedges played: Vokey SM7 Raw 50, 54, 58 I love that raw wedges don’t have any glare and the look of the patina. I also feel like I get a little better spin control, especially greenside.
  6. Adam/Cape Charles, VA/USA Evnroll ER2 interested in the Anser 2 because of the classic design/alignment assistance and the copper/black look at address. I’m also interested in how the ball feels off of the solid flat face.
  7. Adam - Virginia Beach, VA 7.5 index Apex CF16/Pro combo 3-PW
  8. Adam/Virginia Beach, VA Vokey SM7 - 50 F grind, 54 S grind 58 k grind 54 or 58 mid bounce
  9. 1. 7 handicap living in Virginia Beach, VA 2. Currently playing Apex cf16/apex pro combo -8 iron distance is 160 3. Other than a few posts on here and Instagram, not a lot. I also noticed that a few of their clubs made the Golf Digest Hotlist and I’ve heard about the great service but that’s about it.
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