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  1. Rick Naperville, IL I probably walk about 30%. Would love to walk more if it was time efficient. Whatever the course offers. Over the past year, have considered purchasing one.
  2. Rick/Naperville IPhone 8 Outdoors No net
  3. Rick Naperville, IL Kirkland Just the ones I find on the course and give to me kids or use during scrambles. I had not heard great things, so I stayed away.
  4. Rick Naperville, IL 9.5 New Balance Comfort
  5. Rick Naperville, IL 18.1 Titleist Trying to get a wider range of distance out of my wedge.
  6. Rick/Naperville, IL/USA Ping Zing 2 Tyne 3 - Would like to test something different than my blade putter without taking on too much more weight.
  7. 20 in Naperville, IL Adams Blue, 165 Been following the company for awhile and my neighbor just purchased a set. Raves about that and would love to see what they could do for my game.
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