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  1. Rick, Van Buren, Ar I have not used a net before. I don't have a LM, but am considering purchasing one.
  2. Rick, Van Buren, Ar Zeros 7 Regular 90's KBS DST Regular
  3. Rick-Van Buren, Ar RH 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Second choice: Driving iron with regular shaft. 18 handicap 3 Iron is my longest iron; no hybrids
  4. Rick Van Buren, Ar Titleist 917 D2 9.5 90 18 TSi2
  5. Rick, Van Buren, Ar 14 Cleveland 588 I love the idea of increasing spin around the green.
  6. Rick, Van Buren Ar Taylormade Roho 1 My preference is the Ketch. I like the alignment aids, prefer the additional weight, and use a straight/slight arc in my stroke.
  7. 22, Van Buren Ar Titleist R9, 8I 130 This is the first I have heard of sub 70.
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