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  1. Carson/ Nashville TN 1 Handicap Vokey 56 is my highest club Looking for something with more loft, spin, and looks
  2. Carson black. NASHVILLE TN Odyssey 2-Ball Heppler Fetch
  3. 1) Handicap: 3.7 Atlanta, Ga 2) My current clubs are the AP3s. I have had them for over 2.5 years. I currently hit my 8 iron 170-180 3)I came across sub70s Instagram account a couple months back. I thought initially that they were a good looking club, but did not know anything about their performance. I looked them up on Youtube to try and get an idea of what they look like and what people think of them. I have never seen them in person before and want to give them a try at some point.
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