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  1. I just did went through a driver fitting yesterday with someone using the TM 580xd. Club speed was 105-110, best ball speed was 146 and his best swing with the 580xd was 246 carry with a total of 274 with spin rates around 2500-3000. His averages were close to those numbers and he hit it consistently in the fairway with a smash factor of 1.46 With both the TM sim2 max and Callaway epic max LS drivers he was getting 260 -270 carry and averaging 291 total distance. He hit several with the newer clubs over 300 and ball speed was consistently over 150. A lot of the improvement came from the lower launch lower spinning shaft we had him in both models. I would recommend getting fit if you have the opportunity. The new club technology in the heads are great but you really have to pair that with a shaft that matches your swing to maximize your potential.
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