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  1. Tyler LeRoy, Il Wilson Velocity I have never used Tom Flight balls.
  2. Tyler LeRoy, Il I have never used a net since I’m relatively new to golf. I would sure like to try this one though. I have not use a LM either but would definitely help my game!
  3. Tyler LeRoy, IL Taylormade SLDR Around 20 High 90s low 100s TSi3
  4. Tyler/LeRoy, Illinois/USA Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 Tyne 3. I love the look of this mallet putter. Plus it’s similar to look of my current putter. I’m still new to golf, so actually being able to test new equipment would be amazing. But in all actuality I would test any of these putters as long as they are left handed.
  5. Tyler, LeRoy Illinois Handicap is around 21 Cleveland CG16
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