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  1. Good Luck to Everyone! I absolutely love mine and the way I can get detailed data for each club while seeing the shot shape. Also, I can see my actual distances/averages for each club (instead of picking the best/longest shot that I only hit once and saying that is my distance for “X”club like many people I’ve seen.) I’ve noticed the distances are not always in line with the marked distances on the range, so it’s nice to get accurate data. There are a few changes that would be nice, but nothing major.
  2. First Name: Justin City, State: Colorado Springs, CO Current Driver in Play: Callaway Epic Flash Handicap: 6 Swing Speed: 117 (According to Rapsodo) Which Driver Would You Like to Review: Tsi 3 (either would be fine)
  3. Justin Miracle Colorado Springs, CO The winters go back and forth temperature wise that I can usually get to the range/practice green occasionally. When I can’t I just use the living room. the ones I have used were very basic and it seemed like I was making the exact same putt every time. I would like to test the high speed mat.
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