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  1. On 1/11/2022 at 12:50 PM, cnosil said:

    The ZX5 AW is 50*.  The OP went with 50* specialty wedge instead of set wedge.  Specialty wedges often perform very differently than the same lofted set wedge.  

    Problem I have is I’m a lefty and Srixon doesn’t make the AW left handed 

  2. 37 minutes ago, TR1PTIK said:

    Depends on how you intend to use them and how that flows with the rest of your set. Is 25 yards the actual measured difference or is that a guess? I only ask because simply going by loft doesn't always work out the way you might expect based on varying club designs. You should also consider how adjusting the lofts will affect bounce and offset (more loft = more bounce/less offset, less loft = less bounce/more offset). The differences will be relatively miniscule, but something to consider. You also have the option of bending each club just 1 degree to achieve the desired result. 

    It really doesn't matter much IMO which club you make the adjustment to; just know you'll likely be introducing another issue elsewhere. However, if you only use the next wedge down (SW for example) for partial shots, you might be safer bending the GW only.

    Actual measurement at my local simulator, GW carries 105, PW now carrying 131… thanks I like the idea of bending both a degree, interested to see the results 

  3. I recently picked up a set of Srixon ZX5 irons to replace my Mizuno JPX 919 Forged iron set.  The PW on the Srixon’s is 2 degrees stronger than the previous Mizuno’s making close to a 25 yard gap between the 44* PW and my 50* CBX Zipcore Gap Wedge.  Need help determining if it makes more sense to bend the PW weaker or bend the gap wedge strong to 48*.  Thanks in advance 

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