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  1. This ^^^^ The pictures Titleist sent out are of the 7 irons. GolfWRX has in-hand photos of the 8 irons which is the typical departure point between the more tech-filled clubs and those with less tech.
  2. Wilson never left, they just can't make drivers worth anyone's time. Titleist irons are ok, but could be better - MB's are absolute money!!! Music on the course is going to happen whether people want it to or not. Anyone shouting it down will only prove to the next generation of golfers that it's an old man's game and they need not bother. That said, those who play music on the course should be respectful with it. Keep the volume at a reasonable level so that you aren't disturbing those on an adjacent hole and turn it down or pause when playing through or letting someone else play through your group.
  3. You may want to check out Sub 70 golf for a good value on new irons. For used, I'd look at some older Pings, Taylormades, or Callaways in the GI category. Something with some extra forgiveness and speed-boosting properties should help make the game more enjoyable for you as you rediscover it. If looks aren't a huge issue for you, I'd be surprised if you couldn't get one helluva good deal on a set of Mizuno JPX EZ's.
  4. Much more interested in Arccos and Arccos Link after hearing about the addition of a hole location feature. Very smart and studious of Arccos to delay the product for the inclusion of this much requested feature.
  5. Not going to the gym doesn't mean you will play worse and going to the gym doesn't mean you will play better. The biggest difference is how you feel on the course, afterwards, and every morning when you get out of bed!!! If you do have aspirations of playing beyond your typical courses and tourneys, a better physique could be beneficial. There are so many variables at play that could determine whether or not you see improvement in your scores on the golf course, but there's no denying the impact fitness has everywhere else. It's always worth it to get in the gym and make an effort.
  6. A couple days after the fact, but I shot an 81 Sunday afternoon practically playing speed golf. Rain was expected for the day so the golf course was basically empty when I got out there. A fivesome ahead caused me to skip holes 5&6 then go back to them later. Played really solid golf for the most part, but easily missed out on a new PR. Missed an easy 3-footer for birdie on #4, duffed a tee shot on #14 then proceeded to blast hybrid OB , went long on #15 and failed to get up and down, good opportunity for birdie on #18 that turned into a bogie, another flub when I returned to #6... If I could just take back that missed birdie putt and penalty for going OB, I'd have tied my career round for the third time. Oh well, that's golf. I'm still getting better every time I go out so I expect to break that barrier again soon.
  7. There's certainly plenty of reason there for me to never want to game the system that is for sure!
  8. Stumbled across this article while catching up on the news this morning. I couldn't imagine going to such extremes to make money and I think this family picked the wrong organization to try and profit off of... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/golf/masters-ticket-scheme-family-members-from-texas-plead-guilty-pay-dollar275k-in-restitution/ar-AAD1h2G?li=BBnbfcL
  9. I just try to keep a good mix of bounce and grind options so I don’t have to swap clubs in and out of my bag. Currently though I’m lacking a good club for soft fluffy lies after putting the Bridgestone’s in my bag this year. Also, I tend to not dig a whole lot so lower bounce options are more playable in a variety of conditions - so basically I can get away with my current setup even if I don’t think it’s ideal.
  10. Koepka seems to generate a lot of speed with his arms which makes me think his would be easy on the back. DJ uses his arms quite a bit too - not hard to imagine considering how long they are... I think of the guys playing right now who can hit it forever long and still control distance well with the wedges I like these two the best. I think they'll be hitting the ball miles for a long time - DJ maybe a bit more so than Koepka simply because of his attack angle. If Koepka doesn't wind up doing something to his wrists and or elbows over the course of his career, I will be amazed. He just comes in so hard with his irons. Looking at the other end of the spectrum in terms of distance (or at least near it), I'd pick Kisner's swing. Saw him at the PGA in St. Louis last year and he just has one of the easiest looking swings I've ever seen in person.
  11. I second this. Be ready to play YOUR game. Don't change too much or put too much emphasis on one part of the game - especially if you're trying to work on a weakness with the expectation that whatever miracle cure you find on the range will translate to the course on tournament day. Also, if you show up on the day of the tournament and don't have your best stuff. That's okay. Use whatever time you have on the range to find what works and stick with it. Don't go chasing after your swing in the middle of a tournament round.
  12. There are limits on both sides, but there is a good 800-1000 yard range in which I can play and score within expectations (depending on course rating). My long game is fairly solid so I find that playing up or playing back on 90% of the courses I frequent makes very little difference. In fact, between the three courses I play most often the length (that I typically play) and course ratings are: 6123 (67.4) 6413 (70.2) 6727 (71.2) Anytime I get the chance to try a new course, I always look up distance and rating to help me determine the proper tees.
  13. I have a feeling this product cycle is going to be a bit of a miss on the irons. Too big a leap in one release cycle for the looks department. It's like when Mizuno launched the JPX EZ (which wasn't a bad club). That said, these clubs will still find a home in plenty of golf bags. Surprisingly, I think the T200 looks better than T100. Although I thought the same about AP2 vs. AP3 so maybe that's not so surprising...
  14. What's the difference in her ability to get clubs in/out of her bag with a standard cart vs. a junior cart? That is the first question that comes to my mind. I understand wanting to save the money, but if you have a lot of juniors in your area then you shouldn't have much trouble selling the Rovic later on when it's time to move up. I wouldn't think that there are going to be too many full-sized, 3 or 4-wheeled options out there that are going to match the ease-of-use found with a smaller cart or even a 2-wheeler like the one she has. She's a kid so chances are, if it ain't easy, she isn't going to use it. Just a thought.
  15. Gotta do what works for your game! I'm still getting along okay with my set although I still wish they had a heavier shaft. Nonetheless, I haven't experienced any major issues even with the higher trajectory. I need to spend some more time at the range with the 58* though. I'm trying not to use it as a full swing club and it's had me guessing an awful lot on my yardages. With other clubs, if I know what a full swing is, I can usually get a good estimate on what a 3/4 or 1/2 swing will do.
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