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  1. I've used Global Golf in the past and they are pretty good - I just wish they posted actual images of the product... Any more, I just use eBay and will often start with one of the sellers mentioned above. I've also bought from individuals on eBay, but I only purchase from the US and ask questions as needed. If the seller doesn't respond to or simply can't answer a question, I go elsewhere.
  2. During the lesson, did the instructor use alignment sticks or mention any specific movement patterns to help you feel what you needed to do? Make sure that your at-home practice setup mirrors (within reason) what you were doing with the instructor. Make sure you're listening to the instructors instructions rather than simply trying to replicate the positions you see on the video. You have to remember that video is a 2D format and will flatten out a lot of what you'd see in real life - much can be lost in translation. As mentioned before, drills, drills, drills, and if he didn't give you any make a request for some - even if you're just asking him for some good YouTube videos or something.
  3. I've got a rough draft ongoing for my stage two and this is exactly what I said at one point. The Modus 3 105 just doesn't make sense as a pairing with this particular club head IMO. Any of the other shafts in the Modus lineup (including Modus Wedge) would be a better fit.
  4. The only difference between GG Live and the GG Classic (the orignal GG device) is that GG Live has Bluetooth so you can sync to your phone and edit/post rounds on the fly. However, you do not have to use your phone if you don't want to. You can just as easily use Live without a phone just as you'd do with GG Classic. This is an important detail to note because I've seen a lot of product reviewers get this wrong.
  5. Not sure how that scenario would work either. Unless I'm mistaken, I think there may be a slight difference in hardware so Arccos can distinguish between different models/revisions that would prevent a user from purchasing a replacement sensor and using it as suggested. The cost for Arccos Driver is low enough that if that's all a person wanted to track they could easily do so.
  6. Good point. I wish we had been given that opportunity. I'd be very curious to see how different our specs and experience with the clubs would be in that scenario. For me, this has definitely been a case of good fortune based on my preference for blade-ier type golf clubs. I learned the game with a set of MacGregor Blades, and I've played multiple sets of Titleist irons from the players category - 670MB, DCI 990, & 735 CM. The Nikes I game now are definitely the most forgiving irons I've had in the bag since I first started playing.
  7. Arccos does have the driver only sensor. I don't think it costs much. Otherwise, what @GolfSpy MPR mentioned is on point. I switched from Arccos back to Game Golf and bought the Live version on Amazon for under $100.
  8. I hadn't paid much attention to this, but looking at the pictures I posted it does appear the leading edge is a touch sharper on the 50 & 54 compared to my SM5 52 & 56. Perhaps, the lighting could be playing tricks on me, but the 52 certainly seems to have more bevel on the leading edge than the Bridgestone 50.
  9. Thanks! I've found these to move quite well through most grasses. The only weakness I've yet to really notice is that the M grind on the 54 means I don't have a good club for fluffier lies unless I move to the 50 which might take off too much loft in some cases. This is where the Bridgestone A grind would have been helpful I think. It's just too easy to slide under the ball in some scenarios. I've hit several 1/2 and 3/4 wedge shots with these and they seem to do exactly what I need them to. I can flight them pretty much however I want. No dunks yet. I have hit some quality chips and pitches with these wedges though - no issue controlling distance or spin so far.
  10. Any drills he gave you would be an excellent starting point, and if he didn't give you any I'd follow up with him to request some. Also for future lessons, I strongly recommend taking a video camera or setting up your phone to record the lesson (with the instructor's permission). This way, you have something to go back to and reference.
  11. Just saw this on IG. Had no idea. A truly inspiring story and what an awesome post by his wife Carrie.
  12. Records are made to be broken. I want Tiger to get to 19 and keep going. Another generation down the road, I want someone else to do the same.
  13. I've played both before and love them (the Pro a bit more than the Plus). The Snell MTB Black I currently play is a good ball, but it's just not my preferred feel. I ordered 3 dozen in white and 3 dozen in the neon red - interested in trying a hi-viz option as I often have trouble tracking the ball through the air. I got an email this morning that FedEx will be delivering today!
  14. I couldn't wait any longer to restock. Vice had a deal for a free dozen on top of the 5 I usually order. They'll be here Wednesday. Hopefully they fair well enough in the testing to not be a major concern...
  15. Got out and played another round with the wedges. These things continue to perform well for me and I finally took the opportunity to see how the 50 & 54 do on full shots (I don't typically use LW for full shots). They were the predicted amount longer (6~ yards) plus a few more - averaging about 10 yards longer on full shots compared to the SM5. When hit full, it did seem like the ball got up in the air a little bit higher than what I'm used to seeing, but nothing I'm too concerned with honestly. I absolutely flushed the 54 on hole #6 and I cannot describe how soft that 1020 carbon forged head felt at that particular moment - probably the closest I could come is it was like hitting a marshmallow with a pillow. It really felt that good! While I'm at it, I wanted to share some pictures I took the other day showing the XW-1s side-by-side with the SM5s. After closer inspection of the soles, I was able to discern a few differences between the grinds. To start, I stated in my Stage One that the F grinds were very similar, but in actuality the Bridgestone F grind has a little more shaved off the trailing edge and is probably closer to the Vokey S grind. I also noticed a slight difference in the M grinds as the Bridgestone appears to take off just a fraction more in the heel and toe. Aside from that, you'll notice that the Bridgestone is ever so slightly thinner and has a more rounded toe section compared to the SM5. In all truthfulness though, these wedges are so close together in appearance that most people wouldn't know the difference if you removed all the superfluous shaping and badging. I'd expect this is why I've transitioned to these wedges quite well and no doubt was an intentional move by Bridgestone.
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