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  1. Based on the way the stats read, anything 50 yards or less is considered short game and anything above that is part of your approaches so for any shot inside of 50 yards you don't have to worry about it impacting your distance averages. If you're hitting knockdowns and punches you could mark them as positional, but personally I don't if it's a shot into the green. My reasoning is, I don't hit enough of those to drastically skew the averages and I want to be able to look at the full range of distances I can comfortably hit with each club. If however, I am laying up to a particular spot or trying to get back to the fairway I will mark it as positional.
  2. I'm still getting used to navigating the app and honestly haven't given too much consideration to the data since I've only played 2 rounds with the H4 so far. I agree with @Tiftaaft though on what you're seeing in the numbers. If you play around with the benchmark - moving between various handicaps - you can see how it changes. As far as what I compare to, I bounce back and forth between 5 handicap and scratch. I'm currently a 10 with plenty of potential to get to scratch, but since I gotta get to a 5 first that's my primary target right now.
  3. Compared to what I'm used to seeing the CLK already launches pretty low at 17*. Getting a 16* & setting it 13.75* would be an absolute bullet. I would love to see those ball flights!
  4. I found myself in a somewhat similar boat. I have my set 3-iron and a Mizuno CLK hybrid, and semi-recently opted to pull my 50* wedge out of the bag to carry both. I struggle with the hybrid sometimes (mostly left/right) and found the 3-iron was consistently straighter even if I didn't launch it particularly well which I liked and it works for the courses I play. Down on the other end I was noticing a slight gapping issue between my PW and GW where they were bunched up a bit. So, after some testing I decided the wedge would come out and to make things a bit more interesting, I cranked the loft on the hybrid down to 17* for another option off the tee. There's a long par 3 at a course I play quite often where a stock 3-iron will get me to a front pin location while the hybrid is perfect for accessing a back pin. I've also employed the 3-iron on a par 5 and have successfully found the green almost every time (think I came up barely short one time when it was soft and wet). If you already own both clubs and can test them on the course, that is what I recommend to find the best solution.
  5. In my brief experience, the SS tags are much better than Arccos or Game Golf and I have not had any issues so far. I use GP Tour Velvet grips with a rounded cap and had to glue both Arccos sensors and Game Golf tags to make sure they would stay put. I haven't even seen any signs of a SS tag backing out yet and my grips are all chewed up after having to use a knife to remove the GG tags. Needless to say, I think you'll be fine. As for a gap/lip around the tag, there isn't really anything you can do about that and I've seen it with the other two systems mentioned above. It does tend to be less of an issue with Arccos, but it's not always perfect depending on the grip.
  6. Second round with the H4 seemed to go better. I initially tried the belt clip more on my side and decided I didn't like it so put it back in front and just took a little more care to make sure it was fully seated anytime I took it out - never had any issues. Verdict is still out on the accuracy of GPS. Today's round was a little weird in terms of pace so I never took the time to really compare my phone to the H4 to see if I was getting any suspect numbers, but I didn't have any oddball shots like I did before. I did have a lot more shots to fix post round. For whatever reason, SS placed most putts and pin placements somewhere off the green. Not a huge deal, but certainly odd compared to how well it performed last round. I continue to be happy with the device overall and look forward to everything becoming second nature.
  7. Could be a number of factors, but there were for sure two instances where I used a yardage from the H4 to select my club and wound up well beyond target.
  8. I would say as long as you can find a place to clip it that's a little less busy you should be okay. I had it clipped towards the front quite a bit so I found that my shirt occasionally got in the way and it was easy to bump with my hands or golf club. If it were a little more to the side it'd probably be just fine, but then you need to be a little more conscious of it getting in and out of a cart and walking around in certain places.
  9. My biggest concern with putting the device in my pocket is how it might interfere with the GPS signal. I need to pay closer attention next time I play, but it seems there were already a few very notable discrepancies between the H4 and the GHIN app on my iPhone 11 Pro. I'd rather not add to that. If I absolutely felt the GPS was a concern though, I could do without it. I primarily wanted the H4 for stat tracking and so far it seems to excel at that.
  10. I've finally received the Tickets and can transfer them to a buyer. Unfortunately, I am still unable to list them on their ticket exchange (which is ridiculous). I'd be very appreciative to anyone willing to buy, but I remain firm on the price.
  11. Finally got to play my first round with the H4 and the experience was overall positive. I captured all but one shot and didn't have any issues with the tags trying to back out which is something I've seen with both Game Golf and Arccos sensors. It's especially surprising as I haven't replaced my grips since having removed the GG tags that were glued on (basically all the grips are chewed up on the cap). I have 2 negatives with the device though. #1 - I can't see the round in progress on the app (something I enjoyed with both GG and Arccos). #2 - The H4 fell out of its cradle/belt clip twice (just barely bumped it). One of those times was on the cart path and the device now has a mark on one of the corners. Thankfully, the screen is still perfectly fine. I think I'll be looking for a different way to wear the device or maybe consider putting it in my pocket (though I'd prefer not to). Looking forward to getting out again with a little more trust in the device. I'll just need to do a slightly better of job of remembering pin placements and putts.
  12. Finally ordered the H4 and it will be here tomorrow. Excited to see how it works and dive into all the changes ShotScope has made since my brief experiment with the V2 watch. BTW, I'm loving all the H4 feedback that's been posted so far!
  13. Found a buyer! Now, to explain the above disclaimer here is what I'm selling: I have 2 Tuesday (5/17) practice round tickets for the PGA Championship at Southern Hills in Tulsa, OK next month. $70 FIRM (face value of tickets) via PayPal ONLY. These tickets will be delivered digitally as noted in my email receipt (red box). Please read below for more details. As you can see from the provided screenshots, I placed this order quite some time ago with every intention that my wife and I would go. Unfortunately, my wife has since begun traveling for work and will be gone the week of the tournament. Having exhausted efforts to attend with a buddy or sell to any of my local golf friends, I thought it best to offer these on the forum before dealing with Facebook marketplace (also note, I am currently not allowed to list through the PGA's official ticketing agency per the image below). Please send me a PM if interested. Any updates I receive on the tickets (since they have not been released yet) will be posted here and communicated to interested parties.
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