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  1. Don't think there's much to add here. I agree with the rest, there are indeed bad students, and yes as well to the existence of bad teachers.
  2. Hard to beat a kick-in eagle!!! 8-iron from ~150 yards after a big drive!
  3. First round today was quite impressive actually. I used Arccos off and on for several years before and this is the best result I've ever seen in terms of how many shots it detected and how accurately they were placed. I even used the 1st gen Link device and didn't get these kinds of results. I won't say it's a slam dunk, but it certainly is promising.
  4. Date 05/23/2023 Course Name Mansfield National Golf Club Gross Score 84 Course Handicap 10 Gross Strokes over/under par 12 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 74 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 293 Started on the back nine today and it was rough out of the gate with phone calls coming in right as I'm heading to the first hole and then again while heading to the second hole of the day. Normally, I wouldn't answer the phone but one was concerning my LASIK procedure on Thursday and the next call was from my new boss who I will be reporting to starting next Tuesday. I managed to right the ship though and fired a 39 on the front nine! 1 gross eagle and 1 gross birdie on the day as well!!! Actually stuck the approach for the eagle after a big drive and a solid 8-iron to a front pin!
  5. Looks like I'll be giving Arccos another go since I was able to get the sensors for free with a 45-day trial. I left my Shot Scope H4 at the golf course last week and figured why not. I was able to get a replacement H4 at a discount though so Arccos is really going to have to impress me this time around if they want me to pony up an annual fee. I understand why they do it, but I still think their pricing is out of whack. I'll be using it with my Apple Watch SE2 and can share my thoughts on that experience for anyone interested.
  6. I can't speak to the courses in your area, but having worked at a golf course before I can tell you that there are sometimes groups (longtime members or patrons) who have standing tee times every week so you may be running into some of that. The other possibility is that membership at any of these courses includes advanced tee times - this is something relatively new to me since moving to DFW in 2019 but I see a lot of courses in my area offering this as a "perk" for becoming a member. One parting thought (based on my experience in DFW) is that munis tend to fill up quicker than other public rate courses. Hard to say why that is, but if you've got other courses you can drive to (even if they aren't as close) then perhaps that would be worth considering. I've never had a huge problem finding a tee time I want so long as I'm willing to go where everyone else is not and it's provided me the chance to play some really nice courses.
  7. This isn't what the OP is talking about. He's asking about whether or not people are using bots to book tee times for them.
  8. I definitely don't follow Shiels like I used to because of the changes he made in the type of content he posts. There are SO many good coaches out there with lots of great information to help golfers improve. The hard part is figuring out #1 what you NEED, and #2 which instructor's communication methods best fit your learning style.
  9. IMO you have to know what is going on in YOUR swing and be able to identify what you can apply from YouTube; leaving out all the rest as @MacTourney mentioned previously. Not all golfers are knowledgeable enough (or let's face it, honest enough) to properly determine what actually needs to be worked on in their swing. That said, I have found success at various points from the likes of Mark Crossfield, Rick Shiels, Me And My Golf, Chris Ryan, and a few others. It just depends on what I'm working on at the moment. As someone who used to have a lot of arm bend, got across "the line" at the top of my swing, and had an outside-in path, there is an old Mark Crossfield video (I believe on his AskGolfGuru channel) that completely changed my swing and got me moving from in-to-out. That said, I've also done several lessons with a local pro which provided a significant amount of benefit and quick results. The struggle with in-person lessons is that you can't replay the lesson over and over to help you when you're on your own which is why I highly recommend recording your lessons on video.
  10. Date 05/20/2023 Course Name Southern Oaks Golf & Tennis Club Gross Score 85 Course Handicap 10 Gross Strokes over/under par 13 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 75 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 0 Not my best day for ball striking and I lost the putter a bit after the front nine. Just a "meh" kind of round at the end of the day, but I did get one gross birdie on #15 after draining a 20-footer - which is a bit sad considering I missed a 3-footer earlier in the round lol.
  11. I got a response from Shot Scope. They apologized for the delay stating that they've been very busy (which I don't doubt). I mentioned what happened to my H4 and asked if it was possible to purchase just the device by itself. Unfortunately, they don't have an option to do that, but he did offer to discount the price of a new unit which I gladly accepted. Looks like I'll be doing a direct comparison of Shot Scope and Arccos this summer.
  12. All of the terms mentioned by the OP are just words to try and convey what that instructor wants you to accomplish at any given point in the swing and really don't mean anything at all on their own. To cover, simply means to stay down through impact. So, if you struggle with poor contact and/or have a lot of flipping at the ball it is possible (even likely) that you are coming out of your posture (early extension) in some form or fashion. It's also important to note that not every piece of swing instruction found in magazines, books, or online is meant for every individual. They are generalized concepts that cater to the largest portion of golfers and is often based on the instructor's personal teaching experience ("I see X number of lessons with this issue, so here's a video about it").
  13. The Shot Scope tags are inexpensive RFID tags encased in plastic. If it's really that big of a deal, modify the tags until they fit. Absolutely unreasonable to expect Takomo or any other club company to try and accommodate you unless it was specifically stated in your custom order. Cut the tags down, get some double sided tape or super glue and go about your business. Problem solved.
  14. 1 set wedge (PW), and 2 specialty wedges (54 & 58). It would take a lot of convincing from a fitter to make me change that setup at this point - it's perfect for me.
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