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  1. TR1PTIK

    Next major innovation in technology?

    I second this. Advancements in materials is where we'll likely see the most improvement from here on out IMO. It wouldn't be hard to imagine that OEMs are already experimenting with exotic materials and just waiting for manufacturing equipment and processes to improve to a point where prices drop. It's no different than what we've seen with carbon fiber really.
  2. There's been a few devices similar to LiveView for a number of years now. I've always preferred to use camcorders and action cams. I have an older model Sony Action Cam (AS15 I think) It will do 120fps @ 720p. There are two primary issues I've encountered with using action cameras and I'm curious to see what your experience has been. #1 A laggy connection. Even though I can see myself on a tablet or phone placed in front of me, the connection is too slow or weak to be useful - It's much easier just to hit record and review on the computer or import to Hudl or V1 on the phone or tablet. #2 Action cameras use wide angle lenses to capture as much as possible. This is fine in most cases, but it can create some distortion which may in some cases add a layer of complexity to identifying what exactly is happening. With the exception of filming on-course video, I personally prefer to use my iPhone. There may be rare cases (such as confined spaces) where an action cam is still better, but most of the time the iPhone is great. I can record directly from V1 or Hudl, or easily import if I decide to use a different app for capture. I can also easily toss the video to shot tracer and have fun with that as well. All said and done, you propose an excellent alternative to LiveView. Honestly, I'm not sure why anyone would spend the money on devices like that when there are so many great options out there that serve more than one purpose and have significantly better specs. Good write-up! Also, one quick note about the mirroring issue you had with face-on video. A little more money on a different model or brand could alleviate the issue. I don't think my AS15 allows me to "flip" the video, but I've used a Sony HDR-AZ1 that does.
  3. TR1PTIK

    Are you a no thought swinger of the club?

    Yes and no? I have things I think of while standing over the ball, but when it comes to actually swinging the club I personally don't want to be thinking much about anything. I like to take one last look at my target before starting the swing and react to that. I don't like to think about tempo, position, or making any particular move. I just want to react to the target in a natural way as if throwing a baseball. As Dr. Bob Rotella suggests in several of his books, the best way for a golfer to achieve their peak performance on the course is to simply get out of his or her own way. I've found this to be true when I play as well. This is why I rarely ever take practice swings. How many times do you see a quarterback make a practice throw after the start of the play?
  4. TR1PTIK

    Ryan Palmer on equipment and contracts

    His argument against equipment sponsors is a good one. I'm just surprised it's taken so long for us to see more guys doing it and for anyone to actually shed light on it the way Ryan did in the interview. It's not that this is anything new - players eschewing equipment sponsors - but it is probably the first time we've seen so many guys near the top choosing to do so.
  5. TR1PTIK

    Driver age

    @Walkin, @blackngold_blood is spot on! It's misleading for sure, but when golf ads say "X" driver is longer, it's because it is - based on averages across the face. That's not to say that every new driver is going to be longer for every player (there are a variety of factors that contribute to one's ability to hit the ball further), but more than likely you will have little to no trouble improving on your '07 model. Even making a 5-6 year jump in technology would be noticeable.
  6. When it comes to hiring a personal trainer to maximize benefit, it's definitely a money issue for myself. Also, there's a lack of knowledgeable experts who specialize in golf in my immediate area. There used to be a guy in town who was Level 1 TPI certified, but he either moved on or didn't keep up with it. I feel like I know a thing or two about athletic training though (I played sports throughout junior high and high school as well as participated in strength and conditioning courses). I've also done a lot of independent study and have accumulated a variety of golf specific programs from various coaches throughout the past 5 years. So going it alone is certainly an option, but the biggest hurdle recently has been time and maybe a little bit of desire - not that I don't have a desire to be fit, but I don't have ENOUGH desire to prioritize the gym over other activities. I don't see education as being a huge deterrent for myself or for others. It could depend on how you're asking that question as well. Are you asking if people are hesitant due to a lack of information? Or, are you asking if people refuse help because they're over "educated" due to an abundance of information available online? As it relates to golfers specifically, I also think it's important to ask whether or not people don't hit the gym because of stigma and misconceptions about the relationships between strength, flexibility, and mobility. People like to talk about people who are "jacked" and somehow limited in their flexibility or something. Ever heard of Jason Zuback? For that matter, look at Brooks Koepka, or even Gary Woodland (who I mistook for Koepka the first time I saw him in person because of his size). You can be strong AND flexible AND mobile. I think a lot of people still struggle with that.
  7. TR1PTIK

    Most Heroic Shot

    Most heroic shot of 2018 had to be this recovery after spraying my tee ball way right at Windmill Ridge Golf Course in Monett, MO. The screen grab I took from Google doesn't do it justice, but at least you can get some idea of what it looked like. The fairway I was hitting from basically splits somewhat dramatically in elevation from right to left exactly where my ball came to rest. Playing from the upslope with a really awkward stance and going uphill with a treeline blocking any possible view of the hole I was trying to get back to, I had to pick a tree top that I thought was in line with the green and hope for the best. I got the ball up, but didn't catch it quite as clean as I wanted and it started right of my intended line. I honestly thought I was going to get stuck in the trees. Untill... my playing partners all started yelling and told me I had trickled onto the green right next to the hole! I couldn't believe it. I was literally no more than 2' from the cup after hitting 4-iron from arguably the worst spot of the previous fairway.
  8. TR1PTIK

    Apps for phones

    On my iPhone I have: The Grint Carthage Golf Course (local course app) GHIN MTRx PGA Tour Tour Live Golf Shot Hudl Technique USGA Rules of Golf 2019 Game Golf MGS Not golf specific, but certainly golf related is the Dark Sky weather app.
  9. TR1PTIK

    Hero World Challenge and the OWGR

    Wow, you don't sound bitter at all. LOL. I'll just skip past your first paragraph since you seem to be traumatized by the event. You're right, new guys on tour do have to play a lot of tournaments. AND if they're any good at all, they'll win or place well consistently and move up in the OWGR. It's pretty simple. The guys that get to rest and skip events are able to do so because they already paid their dues and posses the talent to hold their ranking near or at the top of the game. How is that unfair? You don't get to start a career as the CEO of a fortune 500 company (unless serious nepotism is involved). You work your way up from a lower position and maybe move from one employer to another in the process until you've acquired the requisite skills and knowledge to lead. Now that may be a pretty simplistic example and sure their are plenty of other factors (including personal relationships and ability to navigate the politics of business) involved with career advancement. The point is we're talking about golf and a ranking system. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn simple to see how it works and if a player wants to advance they know what tournaments they need to get into. Regardless, they still have to be able to play. So I guess to conclude, is it fair? No, maybe not. Is it justified? Absolutely. Why would anyone throw more and more money and opportunity at an individual or team that can't offer a good return? That's pretty much how life works whether you like it or not.
  10. TR1PTIK

    Hero World Challenge and the OWGR

    It does and it doesn't IMO. The reason I think it makes sense is the same reason WGC events and the Tour Championship make sense. Limited field events reward those who play well with an opportunity to earn more cash, more points, and a way to maintain eligibility for other big events. I understand the argument about lower ranked players getting a chance to move up and awarding an 18-player event OWGR points does seem a bit unfair. However, golf is still a sport. You don't throw a football game to let some no-name school with lesser talent make it to the playoffs just because it seems unfair. The teams in the playoffs are there (hopefully) because they earned it. They worked harder, they practiced longer, and they studied their opponents better. I don't see much difference here. Limited field events reward players based on merit (minus the two exemptions as mentioned above). So basically, I see both sides but I lean toward not really having a problem with it. I'd like to see them open the event to a few more players, but that's probably about it.
  11. I used to dismiss Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi putters as overpriced bag decor, but then I demoed a Scotty (every time I went to the course for an entire month) that worked exceptionally well for me and made the decision to buy it. Couldn't imagine doing anything different now. That club will stay in my bag for a very long time unless my putting takes a considerable nose dive so it's easily worth the investment for me unlike a driver or wedges which are probably the most frequently replaced clubs. That said, MGS has done extensive testing on Evnroll putters and the technology is dead simple/logical. If I had any available to demo, I'd at least consider testing them against my Scotty. Whatever you choose, make sure it's proven to work for you out on the course (if at all possible to test on the course) and disregard anyone else's opinion on the matter. It's your game, play what you want and more importantly, what works!
  12. TR1PTIK

    Home Security Systems

    I currently do not have one, but I was a Vivint (formerly APX) customer for years with no complaints and my brother has used their systems as well. They use pretty much all of the latest technologies and are usually pretty negotiable on price. There are also a ton of DIY options that are quite good now so it really just depends on what you're after when considering security. Do you want to install a system yourself that you also are responsible for monitoring which can be achieved with relatively little cost and typically requires $0 monthly? Or, do you need/want a professionally installed system that is monitored 24/7 by people who are paid to do so and will contact emergency services immediately with or without (if they're unable to make contact) your permission? Personally, if I can afford it I'm going to choose the second option every time because not all security threats are related to criminal activity. A professionally monitored system can detect smoke and carbon dioxide as well - alerting you if you're asleep and contacting emergency services if you're away or incapacitated (read unconscious). Another handy feature of a professionally monitored system (at least was the case with Vivint) is that they often have an alert button or secret passcode so you can manually alert them in instances of a medical emergency or if an intruder makes their way inside while the system is disabled. The secret passcode thing is of course useful if you're unfortunate enough to have someone follow you home and threaten you to open the door and disable the alarm for them. This special passcode will disable the alarm while simultaneously alerting the security company to contact police. I know it's wordy, but it's important to address a topic such as home and personal protection from a variety of angles.
  13. TR1PTIK

    Who needs a text book swing?

    I don’t think anyone here is trying to say that a textbook swing is a bad goal to have, but there are numerous reasons why that isn’t always achievable. If you’re lucky enough to find a way to deliver good repeatable impact position with a few flaws elsewhere that’s ok. Stop there and be happy with your ability unless trying to achieve a very specific goal. I’ve been bested by plenty of guys with “ugly” swings that could out drive, out approach, out chip, and out putt me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. TR1PTIK

    Golf "Skateboards" - Fun or Folly?

    I've never had the opportunity to use one, but I expect I'd have fun. That said, I don't expect them to stick around unless a considerable redesign and drop in price are in the forecast. Even then, there are plenty of people who would not use them simply because they'd rather sit or find it too difficult to maneuver. I'd like to see a smaller slimmed-down version produced that is more economical for purchase. If that were the case, I'd probably buy one and save my legs on a couple courses around here with lots of elevation change. Don't really see how any courses in my area would benefit from leasing a fleet of these things.
  15. Based on the number of rounds I've played over the years and the number of times I've come close to a hole-in-one, I'd say infinity. It'd take infinity tries to get a hole-in-one because I just don't believe that it's likely to happen for me. Some guys just have all the luck - I am not one of those guys.