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  1. Finally updated the formatting. It's not perfect, but it's much improved. I've also seen several comments on the reports about people wanting to see compression data etc. in one place. I didn't give it much thought at first, but when shopping for a new ball it makes perfect sense so that has been included. Finally, Tony made a comment on the most recent report that a really easy way to compare the value proposition is simply calculate a percentage based on MSRP and True Price. I've included that as well.
  2. Funny story about that. I recently purchased a box from Target because I was playing a new course with lots of water and was tipped off that I may lose a few balls. Well, rather than lose any of my preferred Bridgestones, I decided I'd grab something a little cheaper, while still offering plenty of performance. And wouldn't you know it? Target is the closest thing to me... Haha I knew I was getting a bit of a raw deal, but I also saw the 1 or 2 generation old Pro V1s and Pro V1Xs they had sitting on the top shelf and figured, "at least I'm not that guy." LOL I could have bought golf balls at the course, but without knowing what they carry and whether or not they were even letting anyone in the pro shop due to COVID - I opted for the easiest thing. All said and done, I only wound up losing two golf balls and have quite a few Vice balls to run through before going back to my Tour B XS.
  3. I wouldn't expect much of a difference either. Getting last year's model at a discount is certainly still a good deal regardless, but in relation to Ball Lab we're only looking at current gen products - in some cases this might mean a 2019 ball (Titleist and Taylormade are good examples) due to the way product release cycles work. I will make a note that because these big box stores have a habit of buying and selling old stock, it is definitely worth getting familiar with product packaging from one generation to the next. Target provides a good example. This box of Pro V1x golf balls is the 2015 model and they're selling it at 2019/2020 prices. Granted, Titleist could be forcing their hand on this, but it's still important to note because why on earth would you want to pay the same price for a product that's two generations old? Even the Vice Golf balls currently for sale at Target are now at least one generation old (for the tour models anyway). Does it mean you shouldn't buy them? No, I guess not. Not if you're in a real pinch or if for some particular reason you really liked the performance of that specific generation of golf ball. You should always know what exactly you're buying though so you can get it at a fair price. I digress... We've gotten a little off topic from the original question of what MSRP would be used for the Srixon Z-Star, but it seemed like a good opportunity to share some knowledge as well. @KurtActual, I hope none of my comments come off as condescending or elitist about buying previous gen products. That is certainly not my intentions. When you posted about the deal you got, it simply piqued my curiosity because golf OEMs tend to have a lot of control over their pricing and I wanted to see if you stumbled across something truly remarkable at that price point.
  4. Agreed. Most shops will be selling at $39.99. Also, Walmart and many other big box stores (not specializing in sporting equipment) tend to buy up remaining stock of whatever previous year model is available and sell at a discount. @KurtActual, you may have gotten lucky, but it could just be that you purchased the previous model at a discounted price. I'm not familiar enough with Srixon to know the difference in packaging and labeling from one year to the next, but I have definitely seen them do this with Bridgestone and Titleist golf balls. EDIT: Was curious what the differences might be so I looked online and saw these at Walmart.com and Srixon.com. I'd be interested to know which packaging you have.
  5. Since mass is a measure of how much matter is in an object, I would assume they'd both technically be the same. However, the smaller ball would be more condensed and the larger ball would be more spatial which is part of the reason spin would change.
  6. Correct. A smaller ball at the same weight will generally fly further which is why the USGA has set a limit. However unless we're talking a significant difference, playability will remain close. Plenty of other factors such as dimple pattern, compression, and overall ball construction would obviously have an impact as well. I personally find the BXS to do quite well for me in the wind compared to other balls I've played in the past, but I've also not experimented with TP5 or TP5X.
  7. Someone commented on the report asking about True Price because they thought all of the minor inconsistencies had been factored into that. I didn't address that part of his question in my initial response because it seemed obvious that TP did not reflect all of those balls. However, I just typed up another response and did the math. Tony noted somewhere around 80% of the TP5 balls examined had some form of minor inconsistency, defect, or "non-conformance" (using air quotes here because no balls were actually deemed non-conforming). For those who want a 100% defect free dozen it will cost you a whopping $269.94 for the TP5 based on this report. No one has said anything of the sort in this thread (yet), but this is why I have harped about golfer expectations in other posts. We should not for any reason demand all OEMs to be 100% perfect 100% of the time unless you want to drastically and needlessly drive up prices.
  8. Tony did a really good job with this one. I'm really surprised to see Taylormade fare as well as they did given everything Tony noted. What he said about the large sample of minor inconsistencies being problematic is spot on. Either Taylormade's current process is veering toward failure or they are trying so hard to ride the line that any deviation could create serious issues.
  9. The TP5 report has been released and info added to the quick reference. Another great write-up for Tony!
  10. Based on what I saw when I did a quick search on eBay for used Wilson D300s, it looks like you've identified a pretty reasonable price point for a new golfer. As @russtopherb said above, forgiveness has nothing to do with speed - plenty of high swing speed players need as much forgiveness as they can get - so I wouldn't worry about that. Buy what you think will help you the most while you continue to learn. Believe me, once you reach a point that you're seeing notable improvement, you won't mind purchasing a different set of irons to accommodate your evolving needs.
  11. If I were in the market for a console, I'd be looking at the Xbox - I've always preferred the way the controller fits my hand compared to Playstation. Currently, I do all my gaming (which is little) on PC. I've got enough firepower that I can run the Resident Evil 2 remake at 70+ FPS in 1080p with most settings on high, but that's about as good as I can do with my current setup. Any more demanding titles and I'd have to either settle for a lower frame rate or reduce the eye candy.
  12. We have some new balls to add, but I need confirmation about one... Obviously, the Top Flite Gamer and Maxfli Tour X are new to the list. It also appears the new Titleist Tour Speed golf ball has been added based on the box design. As for the Oncore golf balls in the bottom right, I'm really not sure. I'm looking online to try and identify them right now and it appears they are most likely the new Vero X1. What do you guys think? EDIT: For a quick refresher - The Maxfli Tour X is a 4-PC Cast Urethane ball, Titleist Tour Speed is a 3-PC Thermoplastic Injected Urethane ball, Top Flite Gamer is a 3-PC Ionomer ball, and the Oncore Vero X1 is the company's new 4-PC Cast Urethane golf ball.
  13. In the past I've used the Sony Action Cams (an AS15 and an AZ1). I've also used my phone - the model has changed of course throughout the years. Currently using an iPhone 11 Pro. I also recently purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 and have a RODE VideoMicro. I can use the microphone with my iPhone as well and have some Moment lenses and ND filters to help with various lighting conditions. Problem is, I always feel so awkward showing up to the golf course with a bunch of camera gear in tow lol.
  14. Assuming we can count on Tony to continue releasing the reports every Tuesday, the first Srixon ball will be the Q-Star Tour on 10/14. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if he shares more about upcoming reports on his Twitter account.
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