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  1. TR1PTIK


    Well, I just realized I haven't given any updates about the move (for those that care). We took possession of our apartment on October 18 which means we've spent the past month settling in. I'm still on the hunt for a job which is a bit mind-boggling, but I'm getting to spend a lot of extra time with my son who is 2 so I'm not stressing about it too much (especially during the busy holiday season). Anyway, We've got a place and have been acclimating to the area. We've gotten out with the kids to enjoy the Fort Worth Zoo, numerous parks and nature walks, and sample a few local restaurants. On the golf side of things, I've been out to a small handful of different places to hit balls, two courses, one dedicated range, and Top Golf. I've also logged two rounds now at the nearest course (Mansfield National). It's a decent track and reminds me of courses I'd find back home with a few differences. The first time I went out, I didn't plan very well - didn't really look at it on Google or use my GPS app much to keep myself out of trouble (I think I lost 4 or 5 balls LOL). I tossed the scorecard as it was most definitely an anomaly, but I think I shot something like 97 with at least 2 OB and 2 lost balls which are effectively 2-stroke penalties. Putting was atrocious as I hadn't really practiced or played since the end of September. Regardless, I had a good time exploring a new course and got to play with a nice older gentlemen named Johnny. Yesterday I went out for my 2nd round and was able to make a dramatic improvement with just a little bit of knowledge and some practice under my belt - shot an 81 (+6 on the front & +3 on the back). I'd argue that I lost a stroke or two on holes 4 and 5 as I was trying to hustle through a foursome that let me play through, but once I was clear of them I managed to right the ship. I've been playing from the tees marked at 6200 yards, but there is another set marked at 6800 I could likely play. I figured I would just focus on having fun and getting familiar with the course before I challenge myself that much though. 6800 yards is at the very top-end of my current playing abilities. I also managed to bump into Johnny again as he was in the twosome ahead of me. We got stuck behind a fivesome and a foursome so I wound up joining him and another gentleman named Marty who left after 9 holes. Then on #14, we invited a husband and wife (Todd & Stephanie) to join us to help with pace. They were super nice and Todd had a pretty decent game. Turns out they just moved here about a year ago from Minnesota. After the round, I exchanged numbers with everyone so we could try and play again sometime, but I'd still like to try and find some players a little closer to me in age. Anyway... That's what's been going on with me for the past month or so. I'll try to start posting a bit more frequently again now that we've got things squared away a bit better. Happy Thanksgiving all!!!
  2. If it's a one-time only sort of thing, then I think I'd prefer to have an ace. Sharing a story about the one time I broke 70 just seems a little less magical to me for whatever reason. Now, give me a season of scores in the 60's then yeah... THAT! Lol.
  3. While they could have provided that information I think it would have been mostly useless as consumer grade products aren't likely to provide a high level of consistency from product to product on such metrics. The level of quality between consumer grade devices and professional units is night and day and even at $500 it's almost a coin-toss as to whether or not the unit you purchase will provide reliable data compared to another device of the same make and model. I think we as golfers have been led to assume that somehow tolerances are significantly tighter throughout the golf industry as though we are immune to such defects or quality issues, but I think MGS has shown and continues to show that simply is not the case.
  4. This would definitely sum up my experience with Game Golf - almost exactly. Driving and putting are often near scratch (slightly better a small handful of times) while approach shots and short game are significantly worse. I've been putting in lots of work though and the short game has improved quite a bit. I really just need to figure out how to hit more greens. It has to be some sort of mental hiccup caused by putting too much pressure on myself because I can absolutely stripe it on the range and often don't miss by much - it's always either a slight pull or push or just a hair fat kinda thing. After having experimented with the big three stat trackers over the past few years, I think I'm ready to go back to Arccos. The inclusion of Arccos Link is a big deal that I think will remedy the issues I had before. Just trying to decide if I get it now or wait until Spring (obviously I'll have to wait for Link since it's not available for purchase yet).
  5. So glad to see the ER10 finally being released and now that I've moved to a large metro area I can actually find EVNROLL putters to try!!! Now to figure out where I can find a 33" demo sans Gravity Grip (not a fan).
  6. I use my rangefinder on every shot (except for most par 4 & 5 tee shots), but there are instances where GPS is the superior choice and I will revert to using SkyDroid on my iPhone. I'd really like to get a nice GPS watch or possibly even a handheld unit to accompany my Bushnell rangefinder. Especially since I just moved and will have to learn a whole bunch of new golf courses.
  7. I think what impressed me almost equally as much as claiming the W for #82 is the fact that he did it without seeming overly tired or worn out - at 43 years old and after having played the Japan Skins match earlier in the week plus practice rounds. If he can stay this healthy, I think we may see another 3-5 wins this season - hopefully another major grab. I do say that cautiously, but he played some pretty incredible golf against a pretty strong field (even if several big names were missing). It's all just a matter of how he manages his schedule and rest time. Personally, I think choosing to be a playing captain at the President's Cup would be a mistake. I don't know what events he's already committed himself to, but I think he should spare his body from that event, play the Hero, and then come back at Torrey.
  8. Statements like this don't really do much to prove that you aren't in fact making snap judgements based on a social media post that shows what is likely just a small fraction of his total regiment. There are numerous reasons why his trainer might want him to do these particular exercises and none of us here in the MGS forums actually know them.
  9. Because following someone on social media works like osmosis... Also a questionable reason for knowledge or judgement. If you've never made a sour face or looked like you were actually exerting effort during a workout then you're not fatiguing your muscles. The isolation work he's doing could very easily cause many people to make similar expressions. This I can at least somewhat agree with, but it's also important to keep in mind that Bryson probably talks like this normally and that his word choices simply don't jive with that of most people. I'm personally not a huge fan of Bryson, but given the context of your original comment (which was in response to Bryson's Instagram comment) it seemed worth offering a different perspective. In fact, he's not wrong at all. Learning to do heavy bicep curls with your arms tucked into your sides won't make you significantly stronger when holding a 5lb dumbell with your arm fully extended. It can help some, but if holding a 5lb dumbell with your arm fully extended was your goal, you'd likely train differently - while possibly including some bicep curls. It's a bit more nuanced than you imply. Actually he said he "add(s) gymnastics stuff" to his isolation work. I suspect he does this in lieu of heavy compound lifts and the movements would likely recruit multiple muscle groups while utilizing his own body weight which is probably more useful than deadlifting 400lbs. I think the final comment at the end about wanting to do the iron cross is a bit asinine, but if that's something he wants to be able to do then I say go for it. If we were talking pure muscle gains then yes, you would be semi-correct. However, what he's talking about is total body mass and he stated in the comments that his body fat percentage has not changed. Naturally this means, that he'd also be adding some fat and water weight, but does not diminish his progress. Finally, as stated in the second half of the third paragraph of this article (https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/ask-the-ripped-dude-how-much-muscle-can-i-put-on-naturally.html) it is possible for some gym newbies to see significant gains during the early stages of their training. I don't know anything about Bryson's experience with gyms and wieghtlifting prior to starting this program, but I could easily imagine that his current program is unlike anything he's done before and that his gains could possibly fall outside of normal ranges. Blanket statements very rarely apply to the individual because they rely on averages.
  10. Or maybe he's done some research and is working with professionals who know what they're doing better than any of us. There's a lot more science to packing on weight than what you appear to suggest. He could be (and most likely is) using a combination of methods to properly target and fatigue his muscles based on the specifics of his personal goals. If you know anything, you can see in the video that he is doing an isolation movement with some pretty strict form which very often requires less weight. It's also possible he could be working on a hypertrophy set which is a common method employed by body builders to pack on muscle mass as it breaks down the muscle fibers beyond that of your "normal" weight lifting. Of course, he'd have to be mixing in some sort of heavy core lifts or other explosive movements (box jumps for instance) to target twitch muscle fibers, and work on recruiting multiple muscle groups simultaneously - something very important and relevant to the golf swing. I wouldn't call myself an expert on anything, but my best friend is a body builder and I have some past experience from my younger days as well so I have done quite a bit of research to know that you can't lump what Bryson is doing into one box or another - same as Tiger, same as Rory, etc., etc..
  11. I don't think we'll see any kind of significant degradation of his game beyond what was mentioned by @downlowkey. If anything, I think the decision to add some muscle will simply allow Bryson to prolong his career as the extra mass and focus on twitch muscle fibers should allow him to swing a bit easier - though he could use it as an excuse to try and hit the ball further. As pointed out by @03trdblack, the additional weight was packed on over the course of the year so it most certainly isn't fat and water weight, and the visuals back that up. Even if he did pack on the muscle in a shorter span it's difficult to say where the gains would be coming from without knowing actual numbers or seeing more detailed photos (Bryson with his shirt off - I'll pass). Everyone puts on weight differently, and much like weight loss - where an overweight person can often lose weight faster and more easily than someone of a "normal" weight - weight gain can sometimes be achieved more easily by someone with a lower muscle mass. The thing I think I'm most surprised by is his target goal of 230lbs. Bryson is all of 2" taller than me according to Google and a lean 220lbs seems plenty big. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be looking to go much further than maybe 205lbs personally. I think we'll probably see him roll it back from 230lbs at some point to something that's more sustainable.
  12. This is my problem. I really do enjoy my home track, but I also relish the challenge of learning and adapting to new ones. Plus, playing multiple courses is obviously going to be a good way to make sure your game travels which is important if you like to take trips or play tournaments.
  13. Yes. Whether it's 54 or 56, most golfers will designate that as their sand wedge and get a high bounce option or possibly use a wider sole grind with just enough relief in the heel and trailing edge to open up the face in bunkers. Looking at your current setup, you say you have a 54* F grind and a 58* K grind - both with 14* bounce. This is somewhat problematic because there simply isn't enough variety between the two clubs. From the Vokey website: The F grind is an all-purpose grind that is particularly suited for full shots and shots hit with a square face. Ideal for players who prefer a traditional wedge sole. The F grind is the most played sand wedge on Tour. The K Grind is the highest bounce wedge in the lineup, and is the ultimate bunker club. The K Grind is a wide, full sole wedge with enhanced camber to make it forgiving from a variety of sand and turf conditions. So based on the descriptions, you basically have two very similar wedges. If it were me personally, I'd opt for an M or maybe even an L grind in the 58* and leave the 54* alone (or swap for an S grind if I'm really picky about it). Or, if you find that the 58* is particularly easy to hit from the sand, keep it and get the 54* in an M grind. Either way, learn how to utilize the design of the club and create a little more versatility in your short game arsenal.
  14. Excellent idea. Sounds like you may just need a little more variety in your arsenal. My current gamers are an exception, but typically I try to mix and match loft, grind, and bounce options so that each wedge has a unique specialty.
  15. As @Middler suggested, it all just depends. First it depends on your particular set makeup and then it depends on what shots you want and are trying to hit. While I may have lost some touch with the vaunted flop shot, I've spent a considerable amount of time learning to hit all my wedges at various trajectories in various ways. If I want to play a low running chip shot with my 58*, I can do it. If I want to hit my 50* a little higher and land a bit softer, I can also do that. Considering you're only talking about a change in loft just 2-degrees, the biggest benefit of going from a 58* to a 56* is (typically) less aggressive grinds and more bounce. Though I'd argue that you should be able to find similar grinds and bounces in a 54*. I'm certainly not trying to advise you against making a change you believe would benefit your game. However, I am cautioning that simply changing loft is unlikely to make a huge difference in what you experience out on the course. Food for thought...
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