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  1. @downlowkey, if you put this new set in the bag full-time I'd like a crack at those Adams MB2's lol. Congrats on another great testing opportunity! Looking forward to what everyone has to say!!!
  2. I got to watch a few holes as it was played live on Sunday, but didn't really get to watch the whole thing until yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Tiger had great form pretty much all day in really crappy conditions. Brady choked (not surprising for an amateur to crack under the pressure of being on TV and in those conditions). Also, it sounds like TB may have over-prepared for the event which hurt him even more. Peyton was great - his approach shots on several holes were absolutely brilliant (even if it was for double bogey or worse at times). Phil was obnoxious, but also entertaining and insightful at times - the explanation of his chip on whatever hole to JT was 100% Phil. Speaking of JT, I thought he was great - he could easily have a side gig during any event where he misses the cut lol. Barkley was typical Barkley in the best possible way. Giving them carts was an unexpected stroke of brilliance if you ask me. Between the additional cameras, pace of play, and opportunity to fill-in dead space, it worked out great. I'd definitely watch another event like this if executed in similar fashion, but you have to have the right personalities on the course as well as a touch of fireworks - the latter of which was lacking in the first The Match and even a bit during the TM Driving Relief event.
  3. I could see how the Mizuno Optimizer is programmed to er towards a stiffer profile (safe-guarding against the potential of improved play and increased swing speed with younger players). Good logical decision to stick with the softer profile.
  4. Not much of anything besides golf. I dabble a bit in a variety of things, but nothing seriously enough to be considered a hobby in the same way as golf. I used to do BMX, but age and lack of fitness took care of that. Currently trying to get myself back in shape and considering getting back into it or perhaps mountain biking. I miss being on two wheels.
  5. Guys, he can't hear you through the tinfoil hat. Sorry dude, but there are WAAAYYYY too many reputable sources stating Tiger's current specs to believe anything you say has merit without providing a good source. Besides, do you really think pros care what shaft label is placed on their clubs? They play golf for a living - no need for egos and machismo as far as equipment is concerned.
  6. Honestly, it wouldn't be worth it for me personally. I no longer live in the area and have enough familiarity with the course to not be concerned, but I wanted to document and share for the review thread. If I find that I'm really bored one day, maybe I'll go through all 18 holes and provide some potential mapping updates to SkyCaddie.
  7. I played the first course back home last Saturday with the SkyCaddie and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. The lack of detail is glaring and makes me wonder a) if they actually did any ground verification on this course and b) if so, why is the mapping so poor? I'll provide one quick example (I should have snapped some pictures on the course, but I completely spaced). The name of the course is Schifferdecker Golf Course located in Joplin, Missouri. The first hole at Schifferdecker presents what is probably the most challenging tee shot. From either set of tees you basically have three options: 1) hit it far enough to cut the corner; 2) play to the relatively small sliver of fairway between the trees on the left and water on the right; 3) go the ultra-safe route and play wide left to 18 fairway (making the hole play longer). The most important thing to know when deciding which option to take is how far you need to carry in order to clear a decent-sized tree guarding the left side, but SkyCaddie doesn't include the tree in its map! Conversely, the third hole shows numerous trees lining both sides of the fairway, but that hole features one of the widest fairways and the number of times I've found myself stymied by a tree could be counted on one hand. The theme continues for the rest of the holes - mostly along the lines of lacking detail. I can't say I'm surprised that a "small-town" course would receive so little attention in the development of such maps, but I had higher hopes based on SkyCaddie marketing. Playing another course tomorrow with a bunch of friends and will see how SkyCaddie does there - I'll be sure to snap pictures this time as well.
  8. Trying to intentionally hit a cut. I just can't do it. Draw yes, cut no. The only other thing I try to "avoid" is the flop, but I've been working on that and feel I can pull it off when I NEED to - if other options are available, I'll try to play for something a bit more safe and predictable.
  9. I don't recall what my net looked like before I sold it, but I never had a problem. It'd be worth sending Rukket an email. I've never dealt with their customer service myself, but I've heard good things. They should be able to let you know if it's a cause for concern and get you squared away if so.
  10. Yes. I got hit once when I was about 10 or 11 (my first year playing golf with my dad). He was in a green side bunker and I was standing on the green tending the flag like you see caddies do on TV. Naturally, my dad is no pro so after the first attempt or two to get out he thins one right into my collar bone. Took the wind right out of me, but luckily nothing beyond a bruise. Ball dropped right next to the hole though. Never hit anyone that I can recall.
  11. One of the best things I ever did for my game was start playing with better players. I've now moved back two sets of tees and continue to see scores that are either the same or better at 6800-7000 yards vs. 5900-6200 yards. I've learned how to hit the ball better, farther, and significantly improved course management. I won't say it is the only reason, but it has been a huge component of my progress. I think a lot of higher handicap golfers are intimidated by low handicappers, and won't play with them for fear of judgment or perhaps they think they'd disrupt the better players' enjoyment by slowing down their round. In some cases, this is true, but I think it's just as likely that the better players don't have any issues at all - this has been my experience.
  12. I ground all clubs. It's what I'm most comfortable with as it helps me steady myself before taking the club back.
  13. You're talking course management vs. playing from a bad lie. Apples and oranges my friend.
  14. Congratulations to your daughter! That is an awesome achievement! It really is unfortunate about all of the seniors this year though.
  15. I'll be playing my first round back home on Saturday and I'm curious to see if/how this device will help me around courses I know very well.
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