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  1. Yeah, I think at this point I've settled on the MTB-X. I was worried about how the extra spin might impact the short game, but it's really been a predictable ball. After getting a few more rounds in, it's definitely become more clear that both balls share a similar trajectory as well so my original question about that has certainly been put to rest. Now to work through the current stock of golf balls I have - MTB-Black, MTB-X, Bridgestone XS, and prior-gen Vice Pro.
  2. Since moving to Texas, I've been discovering a variety of green grass types compared to back home in Missouri which mostly consisted of Bentgrass greens that were very often cut AND rolled - in other words, very smooth, very consistent. SO, I wanted to see if anyone here could help shed some light on the topic. More specifically, I'm looking for visual representations of the various types of grasses used on putting greens. I've searched and found plenty of information on the different types of grasses used, but it's always text and no pictures. Anyone think they could help me with this, o
  3. Hope you aren't gaming a DTC ball then - save Snell or Union Green maybe.
  4. This is my issue and the reason why I've always looked to JDay as a technique to copy out of bunkers. I've got a long way to go however...
  5. SOTD came on #17 at Southern Oaks yesterday. It's a 220-yard Par 3 that was playing just a touch shorter yesterday with a front pin location. I hit my 20* hybrid pure toward the left edge of the green with just a smidge of fade. Landed right in front and trickled on to leave me 3-feet left and above the hole. Only problem is that was the worst place to leave it. Missed the putt by fractions of an inch on the low side and settled for par. Honorable mention is the birdie bomb I dropped on #12 - another Par 3 listed at 159-yards and playing a bit closer to 165 yesterday. After getting a luck
  6. Starting to see some movement towards "normal". Shot 45/48 for a 93 yesterday in very soft conditions. Putting is still not where I want it to be at 36 putts, but the greens were particularly slow and unpredictable yesterday since the course has been unable to mow. Most importantly, I was able to reduce penalties compared to previous rounds. I had two lost balls on #11 & #13 due to poor swings that seemed to come out of nowhere. I was able to right the ship pretty quickly though. My worst hole for the round was +3 (on a par 5 ). Highlights included two birdies on #7 &
  7. Pretty simple for me this year as 2020 setbacks caused my golf game to decline in dramatic fashion. I just want to make a few simple swing improvements and build some consistency again. I still hit the ball well and can shape shots, but my misses have gotten worse and poor course management often compounds the issue. First three rounds of 2020 were 104, 100, and 99. Also, while I love my new putter, I am still very much adjusting. Over those same rounds, I went 42, 34, & 43 putts... My previous best with my old putter was either 26 or 27 putts and average was 31.
  8. Where I'm at with my game now, I'd prefer to be outside if it's an either/or situation. 1) Sometimes a golfer's swing can change relative to the environment and I've personally experienced this before. 2) As much as I want to see numbers, that's not how I play golf. I want to make sure start direction, shot window, and turf interaction are good just to name a few.
  9. Looks like you're pretty well covered by all the above, but I'll toss in my thoughts as well. As mentioned above by @RickyBobby_PR and @cnosil, the lie angle you were fit for is correct and assures that your club is making clean contact with good turf interaction. If you're still seeing a left miss, then it is likely the result of face angle and/or club path. While having the clubs adjusted to a flatter lie angle could help with direction, it could also mess up turf interaction introducing a whole new set of issues.
  10. I honestly don't know. Never thought to keep track of that specifically. I have unfortunately, only had two eagles EVER. The first was on a very short par 4 and I holed out from ~35 yards. The second was on a Par 5 playing ~525 yards. Hit a good drive up the right side and then a hybrid to about 10', putt went right in the jar! I know I've had several attempts at eagle before, but was always too far away or having to putt with a severe break in one direction or another. My approach game is perhaps the weakest part of my game and so it is rare for me to be putting for eagle.
  11. Saw the statement from Tiger's team this morning - that he's awake and recovering from surgery. Also, stumbled across this article and have to say, I agree wholeheartedly. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2021/02/tiger-woods-survives-car-crash
  12. I mean if you're losing multiple balls per round, I get it. Otherwise... The ball doesn't know (or even care) what your handicap is. Why should handicap factor into the decision at all?
  13. I haven't used it on course yet, but I have a 3-iron now that I will mostly likely use for certain situations in place of my hybrid. There's a par 3 at a course I frequent where a stock hybrid is usually too much and 4 iron isn't quite enough, but a 3-iron would be just right.
  14. Hey Spies! I finally updated with the most recent ball lab AND updated the formatting! The chart should be considerably more pleasant to look at - especially for mobile users. I checked it out on my iPhone 11 Pro using Safari and everything fits within the screen relatively well. My only complaint is that the cell for "Consistency" extends beyond the intended fields, but that's an easy fix. Also note, I have replaced the value metric with % Over Retail to mirror what Tony puts in the reports. If you preferred the Value Metric for some reason, let me know and I'll put it back in as an addi
  15. You can absolutely do that. The one thing I'd suggest is that if you get fit into a specific lie angle for irons, that you not limit your search to that lie angle. 1) Not all listings are going to be accurate - especially if purchasing from an individual. Example, I purchased a set of Vokey wedges a few years ago that were listed as having standard loft and lie, but the lie was actually +2 when I took them into my fitter. 2) Whatever you buy can most likely be bent to the correct lie angle for not much money.
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