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  1. Did a quick search on the reasoning behind caddies carrying bags on tour and the one that made the most sense to me was $$$. For the same reason caddies are typically seen on tour lugging around a staff bag with a single strap, is also a good possible reason for not using a push cart (of course, to the best of my knowledge it isn't really the caddie's choice what bag is used; it's up to the player). It's all about sponsorship dollars and maintaining visibility on the course. It's much easier to position a logo toward the cameras if the bag isn't attached to something. This is all just speculation on my part, but it seems like this is possibly the best explanation. I mean there are plenty of carry bags capable of storing everything a player would need on the course and I'm sure caddies wouldn't complain about a lighter bag and availability of two shoulder straps, but then advertising space is reduced by 50% if the bag is always being worn by the caddie. Seems like this reasoning would follow for push carts as well.
  2. Poorly... I played poorly lol. Played a new course yesterday and thought I'd have a great time based on my warmup at the driving range and an easy par on the first hole. Unfortunately, things went sideways rather quickly and I somehow managed to accumulate 18 strokes in PENALTIES for a grand total of 99 for the round. It seems every time I think the driver is under control (or close to it) I experience a round like I did yesterday. The three rounds played immediately prior went 85, 86, 86. The most sickening part of it is that I know exactly what's happening and just can't seem to get it straight on the course. On the bright side, I had my best putting performance since parting ways with my Scotty Cameron last fall - 29 putts total w/ two 3-putts on the card. Looks like I'll be spending some more time on the range really trying to dial in my swing changes so I don't have to think about it so much on the course. Hopefully then, I'll be able to keep the ball in play.
  3. I've never seen a chart like that before, but as others have commented it seems fairly accurate compared to my own distances. On average I'm about 260 carry with my driver and the rest of my clubs follow closely to what's shown in the chart. Also as others have mentioned, I don't typically hit all my wedges 100%. However, I do chart full swings with every wedge when I'm at the range because it's important for me to know what 100% looks like. Again, very close to what the chart describes. Good share.
  4. I'll just say that I 100% agree with everyone above. If I were to hazard a guess based on the info provided, your brother is possibly flipping through impact which adds loft and spin. Only way to fix that is by changing the swing. I've been there and experienced it first hand.
  5. Put Game Golf to the test this past week while visiting family in Missouri. It never missed a shot and saved perfectly which is exactly what I was after. There's still quite a few quirks to discuss with CS, but I don't expect that to be much of an issue based on their responses so far.
  6. This ^^^ I've never had an issue doing this with any of the hats I own (2 Titleist, 1 Ping, 1 MGS, 1 Reebok, and a couple misc. hats from local places).
  7. Update: CS was very responsive to the issues I was having and were able to correct the shot order on that particular hole. Whether or not they fixed whatever bug was causing the issue remains to be seen though. GG Live should be here today and I'll get it setup and possibly try to get out Friday, but may not actually wind up playing until Tuesday depending on my schedule. Game Golf has a number of issues to work out presently, but my initial impression is the new team behind it wants the platform to succeed. I can't imagine they would spend the time dealing with me if that weren't the case lol. As an aside, I realize a lot of golfers have probably written off GG after the failures associated with the GG Pro launch and people really showing displeasure with tagging shots on the GG Classic and GG Live devices. However, I believe competition in the marketplace almost always benefits consumers by presenting a variety of features and price points. For that reason alone, I'm willing to give them a try and share my findings here. It's not that I think GG is inherently better than other platforms - based on recent experience, that definitely isn't the case - but it does have the potential to resolve some specific issues I've had via GG Live.
  8. Well this experiment may be short lived. I haven't even received my order yet and have doubts the platform is going to be any better under new management. Played a round this weekend using just the app. While the on-course experience was actually pretty good, I ran into an issue during post-round editing. Apparently, I forgot to add my tee shot on the 18th and went through the process of adding it after the round. During the edit it would show the shots in correct order, but when I clicked save the tee shot showed up as my 6th on the hole. I tried to correct this using the web dashboard and ran into even more issues while also noting that a tutorial video linked on the site was no longer available. You would think GG would know about this and either disable the link or re-upload the video. So, I sent another email to CS about all of this along with screenshots and even told them I may want to cancel my order. We'll see how they respond...
  9. I have it. Don't use it often, but it's fun to play around with and useful if you want to create content for social media or YouTube. You can record directly through the app or import video to do a shot tracer, but I've never had much luck with the import option - it requires significantly more user input compared to using the app to record in the first place.
  10. I'd most likely be hitting hybrid if it were me and I absolutely needed to make par. Anything longer just brings too much trouble into play.
  11. After a few more exchanges with CS, I decided to pull the trigger on GG Live. It was a really tough decision too because just a few minutes after they sent the invoice I received an email from ShotScope with a special offer on V3. I'm half tempted to purchase that too and do a comparison, but I'll hold off for now. I didn't see an expiration date on the offer and while I'm sure there is one, I'm hoping I'll have enough time to receive GG Live and get at least one round to determine if there'd even be something to gain. I will note that I specifically asked CS about continued support for GG Live to which they responded, "Live will be supported for years to come as it's still our main userbase. There are thousands of golfers who play with Live daily." Fingers crossed. If I continue to have problems like I did before, I will certainly communicate that to them.
  12. This would be awesome out on the back patio with my kids! Thanks BirdieBall and MGS for the opportunity!
  13. Got another email from CS on the mapping issue saying sometimes it takes a couple days for updates to process through everything. Gave it one more go on my way to the course this morning and it worked! I also got a response on my iOS review. I mentioned to them in my email that I would be more interested in GG Live than GG Pro and the rep said they still have a few Live devices "internally" I could buy. Sent a response asking for price so we'll see what they come back with.
  14. Here's a summary of the mapping issue mentioned in the above posts: Hole #1 at Southern Oaks in Burleson, TX Except ummmm.... The tee box is over here!!! Their "fix"... It's sad really. The person who replied to my email even cracked a joke about how dangerous Tennis would be if tee shots had to travel over the courts. I'm hoping it's just a minor mishap.
  15. That probably would have been the best scenario. Wish it would have gone that way... GG Pro was clearly an attempt to be the first "hands-free & phone-free" device, but failed miserably. I'm surprised to see Inpixon sticking with it instead of rolling back to the previous devices which actually worked. My guess is they have a bunch of inventory they want to try and clear out. I did get a response on my mapping request. Was told to uninstall and reinstall the app to see the changes, but they clearly didn't get it right. Sent another email today so we'll see if they fix it on the 2nd try.
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