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  1. This is my problem. I really do enjoy my home track, but I also relish the challenge of learning and adapting to new ones. Plus, playing multiple courses is obviously going to be a good way to make sure your game travels which is important if you like to take trips or play tournaments.
  2. Yes. Whether it's 54 or 56, most golfers will designate that as their sand wedge and get a high bounce option or possibly use a wider sole grind with just enough relief in the heel and trailing edge to open up the face in bunkers. Looking at your current setup, you say you have a 54* F grind and a 58* K grind - both with 14* bounce. This is somewhat problematic because there simply isn't enough variety between the two clubs. From the Vokey website: The F grind is an all-purpose grind that is particularly suited for full shots and shots hit with a square face. Ideal for players who prefer a traditional wedge sole. The F grind is the most played sand wedge on Tour. The K Grind is the highest bounce wedge in the lineup, and is the ultimate bunker club. The K Grind is a wide, full sole wedge with enhanced camber to make it forgiving from a variety of sand and turf conditions. So based on the descriptions, you basically have two very similar wedges. If it were me personally, I'd opt for an M or maybe even an L grind in the 58* and leave the 54* alone (or swap for an S grind if I'm really picky about it). Or, if you find that the 58* is particularly easy to hit from the sand, keep it and get the 54* in an M grind. Either way, learn how to utilize the design of the club and create a little more versatility in your short game arsenal.
  3. Excellent idea. Sounds like you may just need a little more variety in your arsenal. My current gamers are an exception, but typically I try to mix and match loft, grind, and bounce options so that each wedge has a unique specialty.
  4. As @Middler suggested, it all just depends. First it depends on your particular set makeup and then it depends on what shots you want and are trying to hit. While I may have lost some touch with the vaunted flop shot, I've spent a considerable amount of time learning to hit all my wedges at various trajectories in various ways. If I want to play a low running chip shot with my 58*, I can do it. If I want to hit my 50* a little higher and land a bit softer, I can also do that. Considering you're only talking about a change in loft just 2-degrees, the biggest benefit of going from a 58* to a 56* is (typically) less aggressive grinds and more bounce. Though I'd argue that you should be able to find similar grinds and bounces in a 54*. I'm certainly not trying to advise you against making a change you believe would benefit your game. However, I am cautioning that simply changing loft is unlikely to make a huge difference in what you experience out on the course. Food for thought...
  5. Yeah, because now we have hobby horses
  6. Depends on swing speed. Slower swing speeds aren't going to notice much of a difference - if any. Besides, ball fitting relies on a lot more than just ball speed so while the "soft is slow" slogan is accurate, it can also be a bit misleading and individual results will differ from person-to-person. My best advice to you is to experiment with several different balls on the course and see what you prefer.
  7. If not told otherwise, I would have made the same decision you did and play through that group at the turn. If it was an organized event or regular group the pro shop attendant should have told you. We have a large group of guys that play multiple times during the week and they have to follow the same rules as everyone else including pace of play. If I had been in your situation, I think I would have at least asked the pro shop what was going on with the groups in front and maybe also asked if I could play the front 9 twice. Unfortunately, the way it played out appears to be the fault of multiple parties, but I do find it hard to blame you for reacting the way you did - especially since I wasn't there to hear what was actually said and how it was said.
  8. And none of them offer a fitting... At best, you can demo a couple of clubs to test independently on the course, but empirical data to base a purchase decision on will likely be sparse - since we don't all own a Track Man or have access to one. I'm not saying that the brands mentioned aren't reasonable options for a new club purchase, but for the purpose of the discussion being held, they offer little guarantee that the OP would be any better off than he is currently. I've thought about trying some different shafts in my current irons as I do quite enjoy them, but I personally couldn't justify the cost. It'd be different if I felt confident in my ability to fit myself and make the swap on my own, but not sure I want to tackle that right now. For myself personally, I'd rather go to a quality fitter that utilizes the Mizuno tool and get brand new, fully tailored clubs.
  9. I don't lose many balls most days unless those that are discarded because of damage are included in the count. Made it all the way to 18 yesterday before losing a ball. Probably wouldn't have even lost it on most days, but it got carried away by a 15-20mph crosswind.
  10. I really like (and have used) Eyeline's offerings. Specifically this one: https://eyelinegolf.com/collections/putting-aids/products/edge-putting-system-with-rail-mirror-slight-arc. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work with mallets like my Scotty 6m because of the weights located on the back of the head. Your Taylormade would likely have similar issues. I eventually sold my Edge mirror and gave the putting rail to my course pro for use in his lessons. In place of those, I ordered the Classic Eyeline mirror in the smaller size so that it fits in my golf bag (https://eyelinegolf.com/collections/putting-aids/products/putting-alignment-mirror?variant=8019895058462). I use it at home all the time and can very easily take it with me to the course.
  11. Developing for Android is infinitely more complex than developing for iOS thanks to the numerous Android OS versions and OEM UI's overlaid on top. They could certainly cater to some portion of the Android marketplace, but it's not likely better Android support will provide improvements to all users. I'm not saying I agree with it, but I do get it. When they do eventually release Arccos Link, it should (hopefully) provide a better experience to Android users who utilize the new device. If it works anything at all like GG's previous devices, it should be usable as a standalone unit without ever even having to run the Arccos app on your phone. It won't be an ideal solution, but at least it will be something. I know I'm certainly willing to give Arccos a second try once Link is finally available for purchase.
  12. Thought I'd share a good article by Golf Digest about the people making the golf balls we enjoy every round. Really good stuff. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/how-the-business-of-making-golf-balls-saved-four-small-american-towns
  13. I agree with you Tony. I play with a wide variety of players and don't often experience this kind of snobbery. When I do, it's often guys that are that way off the course and that don't really enjoy the game to the same extent I do. Simply put, they aren't there because they are actually passionate about the game. If they were, they'd probably be a little bit happier to be playing it.
  14. Did some digging and now I may be interested. https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-golf-tee-wars/
  15. Rory McIlroy has literally made mentions of WRX within the last year and Chirs Voshall from Mizuno has done a small handful of podcasts with them. I don't think they're irrelevant. I also don't think they offer much that you couldn't get elsewhere and find the vast majority of their content to be of little value. Occasionally, they will have an instruction article, or breaking news on tour that catches my attention, but not much TBH.
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