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  1. Member product testing is a big part of the MGS Forum and our community takes this responsibility very seriously. The OEMs have been incredibly generous with us through the years and it’s important that we continue to merit their trust. When they commit to sending our members new gear, they have obvious goals: they’re looking to create some buzz by proving the worth of their product. For starters, it's useful to read examples of great work already completed by members like YOU. While we never promise an OEM positive reviews (we want honest reviews), we must be able to promise the OEMs tha
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  2. Check this forum. You’ll see that most of the threads are locked; those are tests in which we’ve already chosen the testers. An unlocked thread means that we’re looking for applicants. Always read the instructions in the first post. Normally, we’ll ask for some specific information that will help us choose a variety of testers or testers especially suited to evaluate that particular product.
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