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    I have enjoyed my career for the past 13 years, but a chance to stay put for the rest of my children’s school years presented itself to me a few weeks ago with a job offer that I could not refuse. Unless some sort bonus program comes out, I’ll be done with what I am doing in July. Still pursuing my degree, but I have just felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
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    Merry Christmas Spies. Oh and Fly Eagles Fly! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m not sure your budget but check out @GolfSub70 They have amazing quality clubs at even better prices. The owner Jason goes above and beyond with customer service.
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    Got a $50 card to the indoor simulator I went to the other day. Sweet! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Nada. But my wife and I only exchange Christmas stockings with a $50/each budget. I just bought a Puttout PP, a 13’ Wellputt mat and a Garmin Approach G20 anyway, so I’m good.
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    ... Update: I slept thru the night for the first time last night! Starting to walk a little which is a great start. It seems to get better then a little worse, better and then a little worse but at least it is trending in a good direction. Thanks for all the replies and for those of you struggling with back issues, I literally and figuratively feel your pain. My back hurt everyday after the first surgery in 95, but not nerve pain, just low back pain which is manageable. ... I would love to complain about this debilitating injury but I always remember going to PT after my first surgery and a young girl in her 20's was doing the same exercises as I was doing and I assumed she had back issues too. I cry babied a little about how I might have to stop teaching golf, and how it might effect my swing and how life can be so unfair. I asked what kind of back problems she was having and she replied it was not her back. I asked what was she in PT for and her reply changed my life forever "I have terminal cancer and 4-6 months to live so I am trying to keep up my quality of life for the time I have left." Initially speechless I started a so sorry reply and she held her hand up and said "Please no pity, just enjoy the time you have and never take it for granted". I have not complained about my back since that day and always remember life is a gift so I try to enjoy it to the fullest. That has helped me get thru this and I am thankful it is not something much more serious. Merry Christmas to all my MGS friends!
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    Sleeping baby, wife at dinner with her team and a quiet night in the couch with my buddy [emoji4]
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    Adam Rehberg (Bridgestone rep) saw a post I put up on Twitter with Kirke's swing and encouraged me to submit his swing for Bridgestone's new online ball fitting tool. I'm always intrigued to see how (or if) golf tech tools handle junior golfers, so Kirke and I went in the garage this afternoon and captured a driver swing from him. I'll post the results from Bridgestone when they come in:
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    ... Did you say some new P790's? Epoxied them yesterday with a new GAPR Mid, so I just gotta cut the shafts and install the grips now that I am moving around like a human being again.
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    I’m with @GSwag here. Like most of you have said, nobody BUT Reed would get this reception after what happened at the Hero. And why is that? Well, because he has a reputation. If it happened to someone with a clean past, we could chalk it up to a honest mistake and move on. But since Reed is a notorious cheater, he deserves to have the moniker follow him around for a while. I also don’t mind him being called out for being a cheater. If you cheat, you need to be prepared for the consequences. I think people should be allowed to voice their opinion on someone whether or not those opinions are positive. The only thing I have a problem with is that we continue to drag Reed’s family matters into this. It should in no way affect our opinions of him as a golfer. While I agree the optics of his family aren’t great, I know firsthand how much things can get twisted. I personally don’t have a relationship with my father, and if y’all were to only hear from him, you’d receive a completely inaccurate portrait of him and me. He was an abuser, emotionally and otherwise, but if you heard from him, he’d portray himself as a saint, and wonderful father. This isn’t/wasn’t the case, but you wouldn’t know that just hearing from him. So please, stop bringing personal matters into a public setting. Nothing good comes of it, and we will likely never have the full story.
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    This is probably true. Who cares what the club says on the bottom? It is designed to go a certain distance. All the other clubs are designed to go a different distance. I carry a phone in my pocket, it's not a phone, it's a computer that can make a call, but it is still called a phone.
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    got some Pro V1x balls, new glove and golf lessons from Golftec! Lets see if they can fix the Indian and not the arrow!
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    Merry Christmas one and all. I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends!!
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    “Bacon Boys 9” this morning, weather was awesome and course in nice shape. Played the Mizzies Hot Metal irons , man they are nice . I’m thinking they stay in the bag for a while. Putting was horrendous [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Hit it today. Very consistent ball speed and smash, and SURPRISINGLY forgiving! I had a few I thought were way left or right off the face and, NOPE! Nice club. Set it down next to M5 and the SIM DEFINITELY sits much more square. Really nice looking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I don’t get people’s need to heckle anyone regardless of sport or action. How bad is ones self esteem they have to rag on someone to feel good about themselves or act like they got the better of the person. Also don’t get why anyone cares. Whose life is affected by either Reeds actions intentional or not or if the guy was right or wrong to heckle him? i get it that it’s a good forum and the season is still not really under way but that event is in the past and life goes on. Wish society to get back to just booing bad plays, cheering good ones and if you don’t like something avoid it. need more positivity than negativity in the world
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    Got out and played with my best bud whom I haven’t gotten to play with much since he got his new job. It was really fun, I miss playing with that guy... anyways, it rained 2 inches last night so it was cart path only. but my new higher plane swing is still groovey, and I had 2 drives over 300! gotta love it...
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    Been a C-Taper guy for a while - several fittings put me into them. But as I've gotten older the 120 gram shaft has simply become too heavy and I've lost distance. have tried the Tour-V - liked it very much, and I have some $-Taper Lites as well that I've had good luck with. Kim Braly actually fit me into the $-Taper Lites in X-flex over the phone (I know name-dropping is a low-class move. Paul McCartney taught me that) when I told him my driver swing speed and 6 iron distance. He said not to worry about the flex, the weight is the thing (they're 105 grams). At the KBS Experience in Carlsbad I told them what I was playing, and they steered me to the TGI 80 Graphite shaft - saying it plays the closes to the $-Taper Lite X-flex - very similar bend profile. I loved it! Here a link to our article on Kim Braly - the man's a legend... https://mygolfspy.com/kim-braly-golfs-ebullient-genius/
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    Just placed an order for a full Skytrak home set up. Hope it get's here by Christmas so I have something to do.
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    Tiger??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If there is interest I can take some pictures and do a full “review” of my experience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    +1, well said. I watch the highlights on YouTube but I stopped watching the WM event a couple years ago. That's not my idea of golf and I hope that nonsense doesn't infect other tournaments, though it seems acting up and encouraging same is only becoming more common.
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    Finally ventured to the dark side and crossed the bridge to NJ to have lunch at Donkey’s Place. I was a bit apprehensive to buy into the hype but a solid cheesesteak that jumped immediately into my top 5. Even my three kids enjoyed them. Complete dive joint but worth the trip for the experience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And now, for the championship ceremony post: Congrats again @bardle for bringing it home in such impressive fashion. Good thing you didn't need Thielen to play well haha. The FF Champ badge has now been passed to you from @blackngold_blood. Check your PMs for info on your Golden Ticket. Merry Christmas! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Let's not forget about Circus! Finishing week 17 because, circus. We've got @blackngold_blood and @Berg Ryman facing off to save their egos for one more fantasy season. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Moving on to the next fantasy season, we're starting to take interest in the Fantasy Golf season. @Steve2100 and anyone else who needs it, here's the link: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/36070-2020-mgs-fantasy-golf-league/
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    My wife and I played the Slammer & the Squire and the King & the Bear courses at the World Golf Hall of Fame about 5 years ago. I didn't play very well there; it was my first golf of a two week Florida trip, but it was still enjoyable. The Bermuda grass there wasn't that bad compared to Bermuda down south in Naples and Marco Island.
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    Thank you for the comments! I tried the video thing because I know at times, I have tried to read reviews only to find that I drift off (probably more my fault than the writers). Like I said in the video, I did not want to like these and for the most part...I don't like them. So many of us golfers are feel players, and I would say I am too, however I am trying something a bit different this time around. I am strictly basing my clubs off of numbers. I will get used to the "feel" of any club after I hit it enough times. I hate how my Epic Flash Sub Zero feels, however I murder that club. I put that driver up against every other driver out there and numbers wise nothing came close. Now, I hit the driver and don't think twice. When I first got it though, there was some second guessing going on. Just like these PING's, currently I am contemplating them because of the "feel". The numbers didn't lie, I hit a lot more GIR with them so why move past them?! As far as workability, I prefer to hit a straight shot. I CAN work the ball a bit if I need to, but most shots are straight so why not play the irons that hit the ball the straightest? I hope also, I didn't offend anyone by calling out ego's, I just know with me, being honest, I THINK I am better then what I really am. Why would I want these irons, they are game improving irons and I am a 5 handicap so I am good right?!......WRONG! I toe shots, hit fat shots, worm burners, slices, pulls you name it. If these can help when I do mishit, why not give myself the advantage. I don't care about the brands, and I am not loyal to one brand over another. I am loyal to improving my scores and dropping my handicap as low as I can get it. If the numbers work, then it goes in my bag! That's my strategy for this year or two. I would love to hit the other PING irons, but nobody in my area carries PING. I had to travel a ways to get fit for these. I would love to be able to do the i500 and BluePrint and the 410's head to head to give an honest comparison. I am game if somebody would want to set that up. (Bueller....Bueller...?) Again, thanks for the comments, I love to hear feedback good or bad.
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    I received mine yesterday. I’m going to be a bit redundant, but it is a critical point. I caddie/coach/play and fit. My exposure to technology in Golf has brought me to a cynical beginning perspective. There was a time when I thought Trackman was the greatest thing since Titleist introduced the Professional. Nowadays I’m much more “it’s going to have to make the game better/faster on a $1=$1 basis”. In other words, I would spend my hard earned money with Arccos, I am impressed with Mizuno’s shaft optimizer, and I would invest in the company that is going to bring non-conforming equipment to the general golfer I meet that swings it 80 mph. I’m testing this against the whole arsenal. Bushnell, the best app’s on my iPhone, and Strackaline pin sheets in addition to yardages that are on sprinkler heads. It’s going to have to do a whole lot for me to say “go spend $300 and buy a yearly membership”.
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    And CPG comes through once again... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    anyone catch the Korn Ferry "mic'd up" stuff? I thought it was pretty cool..... that would be **awesome** to hear in a major coming down the back 9 for a group that was in contention !
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    I have a former player still in the NFL and his team is still alive in the playoffs. I talked to him last night and he told me to tell my 16 yr old son that he has a deal for him. If my former player’s team wins the Super Bowl, he will be buying a brand new Lamborghini... He promised to take my son to and from school in it! My son attends the same HS my former player did. The funny thing is, my son is a gamer, and couldn’t even say on what team my former player plays! [emoji23] Not likely the team goes that far, but a nice gesture nonetheless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Pretty much even. My handicap can still buy me a beer in the clubhouse. The hunt for bogey golf continues.
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    I like it because I can get free Marshal passes, and I played the final 4 holes in -1 once!!!
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    I don't like the culture at sporting events these days. Everyone seems to feel entitled to do things that could land them a brief stay in the county jail if done under different circumstances. It's getting out of hand and will eventually boil over into something absurd. Considering Kapalua is probably the tamest crowd all year with the noted exception of Augusta, I think the heckling will only get worse as the season progresses. Especially when you factor in the media attention this is getting. Can you imagine what the New York crowd at Winged Foot is going to be like?
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    The one thing I miss moving from CT to FL was my access to a full Tool Room and Machine Shop. I sure miss the tinkering and making/modifying clubs & especially putters. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Wet but got 9 in. Shot 41 (+5). A few of my bump & runs turned out to be bump & splat. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. She just informed me that we are playing golf with some friends of ours. OK, looked up the weather forecast for Saturday... high 34, low 31 cloudy with wind 2-3 mph. I guess I will add another layer.
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    Merry Christmas [emoji319] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Basically I use common sense judgement and if there is any doubt I will hold back. I would rather err on the side of caution. I have been playing long enough to know my game and distances even when I nut one.
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    That's great Rev! Considering the shaft weight adjustments you noted did you ever think of swapping the shafts instead of going with a full new set? How long do you think a 'typical' set of irons should last? When I was getting a full bag fitting a few months ago the fitter mentioned something along the lines of around 5 years before new tech can really make a discernible difference. I plan to have my g410's for that long.
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    Thanks. Intensive Anti B's prescribed as it developed into more than flu. Feeling much better now thanks, except weak as a kitten for awhile. Hoping to try and have a few holes on Christmas eve to remember what its like to follow a wee white ball around a muddy field in the cold
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    I love me some fur buddy hugging! [emoji190][emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Congratulations!!!!! What a little peanut. I miss my kids being that little. Enjoy every moment.
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    46° this morning brrrrr. with that I jacked a deep drive which left 72 yds to a short pin. Took my Sub70 58° wedge and hit one that landed about a yard short, which then hopped over the hole, then spun back a yard square into the cup for an eagle 2! That’s how to start a round! Ended up with a 2 over 73, with 3 othe birdies. Unfortunately, also had 2 doubles. All in all a nice day, oh and 26 putts. That’s low for me... had a few bomber drives today, and I was hitting an AVX that I found on a few of them. Is that a long ball or something?
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    We got Kirke's numbers today from his Bridgestone video ball fitting: These are likely all inflated a bit. I should get a measurement of Kirke's driver swing speed, but my guess is that it maxes out around 60 mph. With his lightest DIY SuperSpeed stick on the swing radar (which is normally regarded as giving slightly inflated readings), he tops out in the upper 60s. The obviously brings down the rest of these numbers as well. A big drive for Kirke last year would carry just over 100 yards and roll out near 120. That said, he's a growth spurt away from putting up some of these numbers, and once he does, it's over: I'll never beat the kid again once he closes the gap in distance.
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    Goodwill was a recipient of my suits, pants, dress clothes etc. and northern clothes. Rule of Thumb, if I don’t wear it then Goodwill it goes! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I grew up on that stuff but haven't played on it for over 45 years. St. Augustine is still on the bucket list, so maybe not to far away.
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