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    Huge Forum News: We're 10!!!! As we were working on a recent project for the forums, we started poking around in the archives and stumbled on a really cool truth: the forum launched 10 years ago! There are some initial test posts from January and February, but forum kicked off in a big way at the end of February/beginning of March 2010. So we started compiling some of the history of the forum, including talking with some of our longtime forum legends. We pieced the story together and today, it's featured on the MyGolfSpy blog: https://mygolfspy.com/the-mygolfspy-community-forum-celebrates-10-years-of-golf-talk/ In conjunction with the 10th Anniversary Celebration, we've just launched a dedicated Twitter account for the Forum Community: https://twitter.com/ForumMyGolfSpy. If you're a SM user, go give us a follow. And go read the story and keep an eye on the forum in the next few days: we have some celebrating to do, and you're not going to want to miss it!
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    A virtually new set of Hogan ptx pro’s on kbs tour V 110 stiffs, 5-P. With a bonus equalizer couple of wedges for $500 on ebay. ive kind of been lusting for a set of these for over a year
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    In my time at MyGolfSpy (both as a member and a moderator), I think the request I've seen most often is to compare this year's Most Wanted Driver against previous year's winners. Until now, this wasn't something a reader could do by comparing the results pages, because differing years' tests were compiled with different testers and sometimes with tweaks in methodologies. Thus, as strokes gained number from 2019 couldn't be compared straight up to the same number from 2018. UNTIL THIS YEAR! That's a big announcement and it's going to be very interesting to see the outcome.
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    Arrived....... Just three days before the Club Championship......so I gotta wait until next week to put them in the bag. But I cheated.....went out yesterday evening and played in the Wednesday Night Shootout..,,just 9 holes, but it was fun! As expected, the irons are 1/2 club longer and fly higher! #CobraCONNECT using the King Cobra F8’s. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This belongs in the Happy Thread:
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    Very cool to see how much this forum has changed. I hope the forum continues to evolve into a place where people share ideas but also learn from one another. There's so much bad/outdated information in the golf equipment world and it's important that everyone can learn and grow together
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    Hello everyone, So, last weekend was the 2020 Turning Stone Golf Show at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, NY. This was part demo day, part trade show on a super small and mostly Central and Western NY scale. I attended along with my girlfriend and below I've added just some grouping of thoughts on each brand and company I talked to that day. Just so everyone is aware, I did hit the majority of demo tents on site in the Golf Dome, but I was primarily looking for Fairway Woods, Irons, and Wedges as Driver and Putter are safe in my bag for at least a couple more seasons. TITLEIST So, let's start with the first company on the range and the first group I talked to. Titleist always has a golf ball guy here and this year was no exception. I talked to him about the MGS Test, said he wasn't surprised when he saw the results and was confident in the Pro v1 and X against the new 2020 stuff from Bridgestone and Callaway. I asked how adding yellow had helped sales and he said it makes up a decent amount and has allowed players who like that color to come 'home' to Titleist top end balls. He then hooked me up with 2 trial sleeves of Prov1X and we moved on. The demo tent was our next stop with Titleist and I was concerned about hitting two things. T300 and SM8. Let's start with SM8. If you've hit a Vokey, you know what it feels like and SM8 hits and ticks all those boxes. I didn't get to hit SM7 because I wasn't looking for wedges last year, but that D grind in 58 could end up in the bag easy. T300 was a solid iron, what you'd expect from Titleist. I personally don't think it may end up as one of my final attempts at a fitting option, but you could do worse. ODYSSEY So, I know I wasn't going to talk about putters, but Odyssey was broken away from Callaway at this event and since I reviewed last year's Stroke Lab putters for the forum I figured I'd roll the new ones. First things first, I asked the Rep if the face was firmer on the 2020 Stroke Lab and he said yes and admittedly it was. If you read our review thread we all liked the idea of the shaft, but the insert was just too soft for most of us, so that's not a problem this year. What did surprise me is that when I asked about Triple Track he told me early sales he was seeing showed it might not be the gangbusters idea people are making it out to be. The rep conceded that it's an acquired taste and it's really for people who like that long extended sight line or use a line on the ball for aiming. Comparing that to the cool all black 2020 Stroke Lab makes it an interesting sell to a buyer. I guess this is an interesting thing to keep an eye out for. CLEVELAND/SRIXON Launcher, Launcher, Launcher. There was no club I was more excited to hit this weekend than the Launcher HB Turbo Iron, and I can tell you it lived up to my expectations. It does exactly what you expect it to, gets that ball up there and it's easy to hit. Will definitely be in consideration for iron set status, perhaps as a combo with the UHX irons which I enjoyed as well. I also hit the RTX4 and CBX2 and I have to say, right now CBX 2 is the frontrunner for my Gap wedge this year and maybe also my 54 if I carry 4 wedges (PW, 50, 54, 58). It's just so easy to hit and won't punish you on not great strikes. It just makes sense as a solid blending club in my opinion to the bladed specialty wedge. COBRA I love Cobra, I love their commitment to One Length, but since I think I'm going away from One Length into back to traditional length although maybe in super game or game improvement heads, I focused here on the SZ fairway woods. They are rocket powered and those rails do help inspire confidence even if they don't have perfect functionality on course. I feel like I can give it my absolute all and not be concerned. If you're the type who doesn't carry a driver or is looking for a bomber off the tee, the Big Tour is one you have to try. The regular SZ and the Tour are both great and I could easily see myself bagging the standard as a 3 wood and the tour version as a 5. It's Cobra, you're know they're going to perform and the SZ line is no different, highly recommended. TAYLORMADE Interesting tactic here by TM, since they knew people were wanting to test the new SIM line, they had like a butcher system where you took a number and waited for your number so you could try. It gave you chance to test other things while you waited was I found to be greatly appreciated. Again here, I was looking at FW's and Wedges. Let's start with MG2 wedges. They're... ok. Admittedly I wasn't blown away by them in any aspect but they're good and fine. Solid if unspectacular. Then it was time to SIM fairway wood with V-Steel. You put V-Steel on a fairway on you're bringing back a lot of memories and good feelings for alot of golfers, myself included. Is it a worthy successor? Yes, it is. It's a slightly less muted version of some of the other sole interaction tech, but it does inspire confidence. The Titanium faced version is crazy long, but crazy expensive and for me that may take it out of consideration, but regular old SIM is a monster as well. Worth the test for sure. PING Quick stop with Ping. Hit the G710 and it's a Ping Game Improvement Iron. Easy to hit, easy to flight when necessary and a cool look with that black finish. May take the testing set when I go for a fitting, but may need further opportunities to hit it in stores and what not. The other thing I was interested in was Glide 3.0. After the wedge test and thinking about how I play in early morning with dew and sometimes less ideal weather in the northeast, that Hydropearl finish was something I wanted to maybe invest in. I tried the 58* in both a regular and Eye 2 style and I'm not sure which I liked more. Admittedly, High Toe wedges haven't really been my thing, but the Eye 2 was easy to hit those little half shots. The question is, in all honesty, will I have the time for the necessary practice to optimize the Eye 2 over the standard wedge and that's a tough question for me to answer right now. WILSON STAFF For Wilson Staff it was all about Launch Pad and D7 Forged. I wanna start with D7 Forged, which is a solid looking and performing club. It sits in that GI/PD type space and feels really nice, especially on well struck shots. Again, it likely won't make my final testing pool because I'm looking for max forgiveness, but if you're looking at a solid GI iron that will feel better than just about any other, you can't go wrong here. Now Launch Pad. I really wanted to like the FyBrid club because I remember the original version that found its way into Padraig Harrington's bag. The offset though just turns it into a hook machine for me and that really bummed me out because I could see it blending perfectly with my current 4 wood going from 16.5 to 19.5 then into 4 iron. The irons are... how to put this delicately, an acquired visual taste? Reminder this is coming from someone who is looking to get a set like Launcher HB Turbo or Launch Pad, but the visual is a tough one to get over. Easy to hit though. MIZUNO Had to hit the new irons and the old irons after they tested so well in the MGS testing last year. I focused on the HMB's and the 919 Hot Metals. Both really solid performers, the 919 Hot Metals will probably make the final round of testing for my fitting as the 'normal' looking irons but I could get better performance out of the HMB's, if I have the time and ability to practice as much as I used to. Sadly that's a reality in deciding what is going to go in my bag and if I can't commit to working through and working harder to get similar performance, I'm taking the easier to hit iron. CALLAWAY So, Mavrik. It's Orange on bottom and designed with AI. As a Fairway wood, the Mavrik falt out performs. It will make the testing pool for me when I go do a fitting. I've always liked Callaway Fairway Woods and still kick myself over trading in my old X2Hot 13.5 three wood as that thing was a weapon from everywhere. The newer Mavrik has solid feel, great flight, and a solid look. Much Like I mentioned about with the Cobra FW's, I could see myself in a regular Mavrik 3 wood and a sub zero 5 wood. I also got to hit the new Jaws wedges. Much like the TaylorMade MG2 they were fine. It's hard hitting off mats in a dome to get real ideas but they were good without an obvious flaw. TOUR EDGE I'm closing with Tour Edge because they were the company I walked away from demo day most impressed with. First, let's talk about HL4. Folks, those Ironwoods are the real deal. They are the absolute front-runners to be the new irons in my bag and I'll tell you why. They performed equal to Launcher and Launch Pad, with a weaker loft, 7 iron lofts at Launcher HB and Launch Pad were 30, Ironwood was 32. Two, the ability to blend when with the HL4 hybrid or cavity back brings interesting set makeup into play. Lastly, price. It's a factor! And if I can get similar performance out of a club at $529 for a set of 7 instead of $699 or $799, that's a huge consideration. Also, I wanna quick talk about the Exotics 220 line with the Diamond Face thing. The rep gave me a 3 wood after I told him I played the CB4 Tour. I had one shot and I turned and looked at my girlfriend with a huge smile on my face and openly laughing. It's that good guys, it's stupid easy to hit and goes like a rocket. It will be in testing for the FW's in the bag. I have nothing but great things to say about it. IN CLOSING So that's my experience with the Turning Stone Golf Show. Always fun to hit up demo day and maybe next year I'll remember to tell my girlfriend to bring the camera to get you some pictures. I'm open to any questions and discussion about anything I may have missed or any further questions you may have abut my opinions.
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    Congrats to those who were selected to test and we look forward to hearing your feedback. In the interim please let us know of any questions about Motore X!
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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Congrats to our 5 testers @azstu324 @dlow206 @goaliewales14 @revkev @Rtracymog Official announcement and testing thread here!
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    I finally get to make my initial 2020 post here SIM Max 9.0 Ventus (stock) Red cut to 45" SIM Max 18 degree 5w Ventus Blue (stock I'm probably more excited about the 5w than the Driver. It will ---i hope fill a need at 190 to 200 yards that I don't currently have.
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    Played 18 with only my white ball stash. Played whole round with same ball. Simply put: the best round I have played in close to 3 decades! Played men's forward tees 5310 yards. TOTAL SCORE: 78!! NO penalties, NO 6's, 11 pars, 2 fairway sand traps that did not affect scores at all 30 putts, 85% fairways off the tee. HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOT Handicap: 16.6 RED65.10/105 305 425 310 135 320 315 330 85 445 2670 360 370 140 450 360 105 150 265 440 2640 5310 Course Hdcp: 10 PAR 4 5 4 3 4 4 4 3 5 36 4 4 3 5 4 3 3 4 5 35 71 INDEX 13 11 3 15 9 7 5 17 1 6 2 14 12 10 18 8 16 4 HCP NET My Score 4 5 4 3 5 5 4 4 4 39 4 5 3 5 5 4 3 5 5 39 78 10. 68 I am NOT crazy enough to claim the ball was the cause to my best score since the late 1980s. however... Drives were longer than ever: 210-235 on all driver uses, and well centered in terms of line. Some of that must be the result of comfort with my PING G410+ driver. I have only had it for just over 2 months. Still every time better results. Perhaps a solid combination of both additions. The greatest improvement was in the way the ball bit on wedges and chips. I think I had saved 4-6 strokes on that alone. Add a few lucky breaks, good putting and no penalties, I am ecstatic. It is fair to add that as this was the first time playing the RX on course; it had to have a solid contribution .
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    I intended to play 9, but ended up at a different course so I played 18. It was a beautiful day out [emoji41] 88 (44/44) - 6 doubles killed my round [emoji849] 6/14 FIR 6/18 GIR 37 putts with three 3 jacks [emoji24] My ball striking has improved and I did hit a number of good shots. Putting has been streaky as well, but it's a work in progress so it's all good. This shot was from 95 yards and was easily my best shot of the day!
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    I went in thinking M Craft 2 or 3 in White Satin or Black Ended up with this beauty. The pictures truly do not do the blue justice
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    I know sticking to one brand goes against the MGS way, but I really enjoy it. I'm from Chicago and it's fun celebrating a classic brand based out of my city that really makes great stuff. They lack the credit they deserve and I don't mind the fact that just about all of it can be found at a great price. So here's what I'm working with: Driver: Wilson Cortex 9.5* with Graphite Design G-60 Red X-stiff Fairway: Wilson FG Tour F5 17* with Axivcore Black X-stiff (at 16*) Hybrid: Wilson M3 21* with Aldila Phenom 85 Stiff (at 20*) Utility: Wilson V4 Utility 4 iron with Aldila Green 105S Irons: Wilson FG Tour V6 5-GW, S300 AMT Wedges: Wilson PMP 55, 59 KBS Hi-rev 2.0 Putter: Wilson Staff 8802 milled Next moves: Wilson Staff Model Wedges once I can get them in custom shafts. The stock are too light. I also need the new utility but haven’t been able to test it yet. Also, my bag is from Shapland Bags. They're an up and coming name in the golf industry that everyone needs to check out. Their bags are phenomenal. Let me know what you think! Thanks, Peter
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    And we have our winners! But first: data! The odds of correctly picking eleven 50/50 guesses (like a coin toss) is about 1/2,000. With just under 300 entries, we wouldn't necessary expect a perfect entry—but we got one! To be sure, the odds aren't exactly 50/50 for each of these props. Oddly, the most lopsided vote was for the National Anthem length. Apparently, you guys have strong feelings that the Anthem goes long. It doesn't, and so 2/3 of the entries were out of the race for a perfect sheet before the game began. On the one prop that genuinely is a 50/50 shot—the coin toss—the guesses were weighted toward heads. The toss was tails. After the Anthem and the coin toss, roughly 250/300 of us had already gotten one prop wrong. That's a rough start! In forum administration news, I beat @GolfSpy STUDque and @GolfSpy Dave to take home the doesn't-actually-exist mod trophy. If you want to check how you finished, the complete results are in this spreadsheet. But now the real competition with the real prizes: We had a tie for second/third. @Jason Day and @Parsorbetter345 each nailed every prop except for the Anthem time. Unfortunately—ahem—neither completed the tie break by posting a final total score in the contest thread. So the mods huddled up (metaphorically) and called an audible (also metaphorical): whoever posted his picks first would take second place. Since Parsorbetter345 got his picks posted on Tuesday night and Jason Day did his last Wednesday, Parsonbetter345 nabs second place. Jason Day takes third. And now a major round of applause for the only perfect set of picks in our contest: @bogeyboy69! Adding to his impressive entry: his tie break score was 55, only 4 points off the actual number. As a reminder, Jason Day will be getting a sweet set of Fujikura/MyGolfSpy alignments sticks. Parsorbetter345 gets a set of the sticks and a PING glove. And bogeyboy69 gets the sticks, the glove, and a MyGolfSpy hat! Congrats to these forum members and thanks to all for playing!
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    When I got home from work today this was waiting for me.... just in time for my trip to the WGHOF, I leave Sunday.... this is going to be AWESOME.... Chris
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    This is an idea I first heard about from the guys at No Laying Up and just today Andrew Jensen posted a YouTube video on it. I'm proposing a MyGolfSpy Birdie Every Hole on Your Home Course Challenge for the 2020 season! The challenge is simple: during the course of the year, you have to record a birdie on each hole at your home course. (I suppose it doesn't have to be your home course: if you visit a new track and shoot a 54, that would count as well.) Start posting now with a summary of the challenge in front of you. What's the layout of your course? What holes are the easy birdies, and which are the holes you're least likely to birdie? And to make sure no one's left out, there are two side categories: The Par Every Hole at Your Home Course Challenge (PEHaYHC) The Birdie Every Hole Except the Par 5s Which You Have to Eagle Challenge (BEHEP5WYHtE) Let us know which category you're entering, and let's see who can get it done this season! EDIT: I've whipped up a simple scoreboard to keep track of the birdies as they roll in! Use your forum name, pick your category (pars, birdies, or birdie/eagles), and put an "x" in the box when you accomplish your goal for each hole: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P9-C6rS1vIO44rYbPDqQgLlTxGxYQtsQHAs31t1j_sU/edit?usp=sharing
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    Guys, probably time to wrap this up. This thread is one that is repeated over and again on golf forums, often to no resolution, often (I suspect) started without any intention of a resolution.
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    Wa-HOOOOOOOOO! I actually got on the course today for 9 holes, AND the range was open, mats only. I won’t even gripe about the HORRIBLE condition the course is in, as it’s probably to be expected with all of the dang rain we’ve had. This was my first time to hit the Vega wedges AND the Z785s on a course... HO-LY crap!!! I am stoked! The lesson I had in Dallas really helped today as I hit 71% of fairways, and 56% of greens. I missed two greens long just because I don’t know my distances yet with the irons or wedges. I flushed a bunch of shots for the first time in awhile. If I can get a lesson on chipping and pitching, and maybe putting to increase my confidence, I could have a good golf year! [emoji1374][emoji1374][emoji1374] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    +5 77 (38/39) today at Mercer East. 6 straight rounds in the 70s dating back to November. By far a personal record. Driver was okay, but irons were on fire today. Swing changes definitely showing. They punched the greens late, so they never filled in before the weather got cold so lots of bouncy putts. Still, I putted pretty well. Definitely lost a few putts due to some big bounces on the way to the hole. All in all it was an great day. Got paired up with another single and a twosome and we had a blast. Always great to be playing golf in February, but it's even better to see the hard work on the swing changes paying off
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    I can’t remember the last time I did one of these but rest assured my bag itself and mostly everything in it has changed. So to kick off 2020, here’s a WITB: Sunday bag edition. Jones Collegiate Bag circa ~2000 Driver: Ping G400, Aldila RIP Alpha Hybrid: Nike Covert 2.0, Kuro Kage Black Irons: Wilson D7, DG AMT Wedge: Ping Glide ES 56* Putter: Evnroll ER2 All of these are considerably skilled at losing Bridgestone BXS, Skycaddie SX400 tells me how far it is to the hazards.
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    I'm so sorry Foz but I have to..... Four Floridian Golf Spies played together the week after Christmas. The round was a blast, the golf so so - on the back nine we were followed for several holes by a family of deer. On 17 they crossed the fairway and each of us grabbed our phones to take pictures. Three of us had already hit our tee balls. I hopped in the cart waiting for Foz to hit and he jumped in the cart next to me. I said, "Aren't you going to hit?" He said, "I did already." I said, "Oh I didn't see you where did you go?" "Right down the middle." The other Spies in our group couldn't recall him hitting either, he started to drive off towards his "ball" and suddenly stopped. He had been so distracted by the deer that he had forgotten to hit and was remembering one of the other drives as being his - In his defense he had taken his driver out and put it away when he grabbed his phone. Still it was a riot I've seen lots of funny things on the golf course but this one is still fresh in my memory banks.
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    With the release of the USGA/R&A Distance Report this week, it seems the perfect time to offer a review of a shaft that is designed for....guess what...more club head speed. The Fujikura Motore X shafts hit stores this week, and even debuted in the bag of at least one PGA Tour Pro at the Waste Management. You can read all the details of the new shaft on the home page in this first look piece by My Golf Spy's Chris Nickel, to see how Fujikura says they are able to "Multiply" a drivers swing speed. Read it Here Will it work for you? Well that's what we're going to ask five forum members--that reside in the United States--- to test for themselves and report back to the forum on the results The five testers will go through a phone fitting with a Fujikura fitter to determine the best model for them. They will then receive the shaft put it through paces on the range--Ideally with a launch monitor access--and on the course over several weeks, track and monitor the results versus their current gamer, then write and publish their full length review here on the forum. Testers will be required to keep up an ongoing dialogue in the review thread while testing the shaft. Once the testers are selected and most likely during the phone fitting, you will be asked what driver head you are using, and the shaft will be sent with the adapter for that head, you will be all set to put it on and go test!! How to Apply to Enter Read ALL the details below and enter your information in a post in this thread. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST IN YOUR REPLY. JUST PROVIDE THE INFO REQUESTED. Testing is for US Residents per the OEM's request. First Name/State Current Driver Shaft Current Driver Swing Speed What if anything would you like to improve in regards to your driver shaft..such as more or less spin, better dispersion, more distance..etc. Do you have regular access to a Launch Monitor--Not required, but would be helpful in testing. That's it, we'll be selecting the testers sometime late next week. Good Luck!
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    77 today. 5 straight rounds in the 70s dating back to November. I guess those lessons and practice are paying off!
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    For those of you who know anything about me, you'd know that I've got a flavor for eclectic, off the beaten path, not so mainstream equipment. One might also interpret that as NOT 2020, NOT gigantic name brand, and definitely NOT high-dollar. Well the answer would be yes to both. It's not often that I'm able to get my lean budget, mint clubs, and new "ish" tech to all play nice in the sandbox together. I know Wilson is a little better known brand but like Bridgestone, it's just not a name many would go to a their first pick. I've wanted to own a set of W/S sticks for a while. Well for a very lean $125 I picked up these beauts. I honestly can't see how these were played with for more than three rounds. They're in demo quality with just very light scuffing on the face of a few the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    No club purchases yet this year. But anxious to get this on the course and see all the new features.
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    So we decided to buy a house in San Diego and put in an offer on a place the other day. It's our first home purchase so we're hoping everything works out! Either way, exciting times for Casa de Hicksta!
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    Federal and State Tax Returns filed, and a nice refund should be on its way shortly
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    I was thrilled to find this forum about 4 years ago and even more thrilled when selected to be part of the Moderation team 2 years ago. It's been great reading about some of the early history of the forum and the above piece posted on the home page is a fantastic read, do yourself a favor and don't skip it. I'll be fortunate to get to play a round of golf with two of those legendary early members RevKev and Foz and I'm sure it'll be a great time.
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    ... Ah Oh. I may have to look into a Get Off My Lawn sign. I just saw the Titleist T400 PW is ... 38*. Then all you have to do is add a 43* W and then a 49* W2 and then a 55* W3 and round out your five wedges with a 60* LW (or W4). I would write more but I think I need time to digest this information and then hopefully post my thoughts before someone introduces a full set of wedges starting with a 20* PW then a 23* W1, 26* W2, 29* W3, 33* W4, 38* W5, 43* W6, 49* W7, 55* W8 and a 60* W9.
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    Santa stopped by today and dropped off a care package. The TS1 is beautiful. Far better than any image I could find online. This is going to be fun. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So sitting here in NW PA watching it snow outside, drinking a little Buffalo Trace, I might as well spell out my equipment for 2020. I'm not going to spec out each individual club but just a basic coverage of what I have and have on the way. 1. All clubs are Regular Flex. 2. Driver is a Ping G400 Max. I play 9 degrees. 3. 3 Wood is a Ping G400 Stretch. Love this Club. 4. 2 Hybrids. A Ping G400 3i and a Cleveland 2009 Launcher 4i that I cannot, no matter how hard I try ever hit a bad shot with. This launcher is consistently 210 yards from just about anywhere. Whenever I have a bad lie in the rough or wherever, this is the club I go to..I know...makes no sense but it works. 5. Irons - Ping G700 5i-9i, PW, GW, SW, and I have a Gide 58 degree Eye Sole Lob Wedge that I love. I have a Ping Glide 3 60 degree Standard Sole on order to replace the Glide but we'll see...like the Hybrid Launcher, the 58 degree Glide is a can't miss club. All of the G700s are Green Dot. 6. Grips. I have used the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize grips the last 2 years and really like them. Prior to that I had used Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize for about 15 years and loved those. Note: 3 years ago, I was having consistency problems off the tee quite often so I decided to try Step Tees. They have worked wonders for the Driver. I bought the JP Lan 3 1/4" wooden Step tees off Amazon. A little expensive, about $8 for 100 and they usually only last one swing but they have greatly improved my game. last year I bought 500 and ran out mid August. This year I bought 800 (see picture). I also use 1" and 1 1/4" step tees for the iron/hybrid shots. 7. Balls - Unfortunately, here is NW PA, the ground is wet in April, May and into June causing a lot of plugs and lost balls. Last year I saw a sale at Dicks for Maxfli StraightFli balls, $10 a dozen if you buy 3 dozen. I figured at that price they would make good mud balls until the courses dried out. I ended up playing them most of the summer. They actually have good distance and feel for a cheap ball. Yes, a Pro V has a little more distance and is better for the short game but at $10 a dozen, the StraightFlis were darn good. 8. Bag - I have used a Ping Traverse the last 2 years and it is a very good bag. I'm looking at a Ping Pioneer for this year if I can get a good price. 9. Putter - Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft For now that's it....have a great golf season Spies....
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    Was lucky enough to get down to Miami last week for a few days to play Indian Creek Country Club. Certainly was a tale of two very different days. First day, while still shaking some rust off, played a 78 and the second day my golf game was no where to be found and shot an 86. Also, hit several shots fat from 125 and in, which really doesn't happen to me. Guess I'll chalk it up to early year rust and leave it at that. Still, a much better way to spend a couple days than in the office!
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    Got on course today for the first time since late October, got out with the new T300. Bit of rust on the first hole, but bounced back nicely with the first birdie of the year on the 2nd hole. 128 yard par 3, 9 iron to about 12 feet left of the hole, and rolled the putt in Ended up with a 42 for 9 holes, and narrowly missed my 2nd birdie of the year on the par 5 7th. Overall was pretty happy with the way the irons went, a few lose drives. Putter was pretty solid as well. Guess I'll keep the irons for a couple weeks
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    10.5 SIM Max Roger Dunn gave me $328 for the flash, it was hard to say no. With the credit I had, I paid $130 out of pocket. Tracking down a "real" Ventus to put in it and test, but if I can't get one the stock non velocore Ventus actually felt really nice!
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    This will be interesting... stepping out of my comfort zone....
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    Everyone is buying new stuff. I want new stuff!
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    i posted these in a KBS Thread I started. But they belong here just as well. A combo I have been working on putting together for a while, had to buy the irons first then send them out to KBS for the shafts. Titleist T300 5-GW standard length and li KBS TGI 80 R flex
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    After a couple rounds at 80, I finally broke it today. First time since last Fall. First time at Pebble Creek in two years. Today I shot 35/44:79! Even Par on front with one bogie and one birdie. Then, screwed the pooch on the back with a 44... 2 Doubles, 2 Pars & 5 Bogies. Weather was in upper 40’s and 50’s. I gamed my entire bag of Cobra F8’s with EVNROLL putter. I played a Maxfli Softfli ball due to the cooler weather conditions . P.S. the dots on the scorecard represent the round robin we were playing. #CobraCONNECT using the new F8’s from Cobra Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  41. 11 points
    SeeMore Garsen Non-Tapered Quad Tour Pro grip. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to go with the Ping PP62. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  42. 11 points
    Got out for 18 today and more B X testing. 36/47 for an 83 8/14 FiR 10/18 GiR 34 Putts After playing even on the front with 2 birds and 2 bogeys and feeling really good. I hooked one OB onto the street on #11 for a quad, and tripled #16. What a dumb hobby, haha!
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    I can't believe I joined 1 year after the forums kicked off...has it really been 9 years? BTW, who are those two handsome looking fellas?
  44. 10 points
    Every so often we seem to get into the blades vs. GI irons make you a better player debate, but do we have any data? What if we did something similar to the Cobra Connect Challenge, fitting with a bunch of golfers that are currently playing game improvement irons into blades? And just like the CCC, we'd want them to use Arccos or Shot Scope (or even a strokes gained spreadsheet) to set a baseline with their GI clubs and track their progress with the new equipment. Could be an interesting experiment.
  45. 10 points
    I finally got over this “phenomenon”... If it looks like a Cadillac, handles like a Ferrari, and is jacked up like a Monster Truck... Sounds good to me. As our good friend JLukes would say, hand me my Rhino, or Elephant. Like age, the number on the bottom is just..... A number.
  46. 10 points
    Played pretty bad both yesterday and today. 46/42:88 yesterday and 47/45:92 today..... Sat: 43*-63* Sun: 58*-72* #CobraCONNECT using the King Cobra F8’s. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Does it count if I break 80 on a par 71 course? 79 7/14 FiR 8/18 GiR 34 putts Still struggling with driver consistency, 3 of those hit fairways were with fairway metals or my 4i. Might just need something new to look at down by the ball
  48. 10 points
    How about a shorter shaft with larger Turbulators? LOL
  49. 10 points
    Feeling pretty proud of myself. Started (officially) in a new role this week, and my employer did a profile of me for their social media. https://www.facebook.com/BarwonHealth/?__tn__=kC-RH-R&eid=ARAM9FnQGbF_0tlqymNm0OgThfbIjedKhQLVVIS-NOpyXyU7TTKrUV41USdOiOmHCFbwgoFgGncs4iK5&hc_ref=ARRF-kWeHEZBdclHK_YFfwSFSdHONt_nZkGqMWt0oaCrzKSDXLwdf1kCFn-lP2zdPpg&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARCfAXTPwDgvSdVadumGuDy78KB_Z1WjCH6xdnb2FixGFvaapLcvpNbICqTBmcLJumUVMEy5vQvZWsL9nyc9mwa4LGqmC8Sd7hIGVwYbrTJg-tac1P4jy8gxb2bD08dYLBXATOqOH7OnhUtigp8XOOduuB6q8IbmYidSRgbN914pTyRoKToyPnDmBatDtS8Xwc8iyS6Tr74Lh2d4SJdVsm4lWB-nPz5TnwGHt4sPIygMwdVDKRGGtRYNjHhohtCq8bhQfoW0IEWtVlwoWCBEAFfE38YSdMqBixGNj2kIezF6kOaK3w8hq7WHfSMPVqX6hnEyg3HBAi_280Nqebm-EGjhwPg2zwMoxwm1cQg5sOgqzXw Apart from me not thinking my hair is as red as the picture, I'm pretty pleased with how it came up.
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    The Review 2/18/20 Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball – Official MGS Forum Review by Mr. 82 Intro I am a 52 year old, 5 handicap golfer who has been playing golf about 45 years, or basically for most of my life. I average about 235 off of the tee, and 8 GIR per round. I hit about 75% of my fairways, and my average score is around 80. I generate 95 mph clubhead speed and can work the ball left to right, or right to left, and currently swing pretty flat producing a right to left draw most of the time off of the tee. The Personal Questions What region do you play out of? I live in Tallahassee, FL, and play most of my golf at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in Valdosta, GA How long have you been golfing? Since I was 7 years old, or 45 years. What do you NEED your ball to do for you? I like a ball that has a softer feel, and has good distance, and has a cover that won't shred after just a few holes. Durability in a ball is important to me, because I tend to keep the same ball in play for at least 18 holes, if not longer, as I rarely lose golf balls. The Golf Questions What ball do you normally play and how did you choose it? Srixon Z Star until recently, mostly because of price. I bought these balls for $19.95 a dozen, and they are rated similar in comparison to a ProV1, so that is why I play them. However, because I tend to accumulate multiple balls per round that I find on the course, I can often be found playing whatever I happen to find on the course at any given time. Handicap? 5. I average around 80 strokes per round. Typical ball flight? I have a low ball flight, with a right to left draw. Typical miss? Can either be a hook left, or a push right. More misses left than right lately. Strengths/weaknesses of your game? Strength is consistency in keeping the ball in play, in minimizing bad misses. Weakness is mostly mental, and a lack of distance to compete with scratch golfers who can reach par 5s in two. If I focus and block out distractions I can flirt with even par. First Impressions I really had no preconceived notions heading into this test, so I didn't have any expectations. The balls arrived as you see above, and look as good as any other ball fresh off the production line. I simply put these balls into play the first weekend I got them, and continued to play them for as many rounds as I could. My initial impressions after a few rounds were simply that the ball held up really well, as I could easily play 36 holes with the same ball without losing the cover to minor imperfections, and that I wouldn't need many of these balls, as I simply kept them in play. As compared to my Srixon Z Stars that I had playing I honestly didn't notice much of a difference, with the one exception being more spin around the greens on wedge shots from 100 yards in. Grading Looks & Durability (15 out of 15 points) Describe the following: Appearance of the ball is similar to all recent Bridgestone offerings with a large B, and a blue number for the ball. The alignment line on the side of the ball is simplistic and does not detract from the ball or distract while playing it. Short term/long term durability - this ball lasts longer than most balls I have played. I can typically get a ProV1 to go maybe 18 holes before it's done, but these Bridgestone balls were still holding up after even 72 holes of play. As long as you keep it into play it will probably last as long as you want to play it. You'll probably lose one before wearing it out honestly. Other unique details The alignment line is simplistic and non-distracting while serving it's purpose. I used it on the greens, and it did it's job. Very bright white cover was good and the dimples were the Bridgestone staple with the pattern we've seen from Bridgestone for years. How does it compare to other balls, beyond being round and white? The selling point for this ball is the durability honestly. Compared to my Srixon Z Star I honestly could not tell much of a difference. The only difference to me was more spin on shots into greens with a wedge from 100 yards or so, as this ball had a lot of spin on those type of shots. Describe (and show) the condition after hitting cart path, hitting an obstruction (tree, etc), a full wedge/iron shots, and a full round.Balls with a red dot had been played 18 holes. Balls with a blue dot had been played for at least 36 holes. Wear and tear after even 2 rounds was minimal. Typical scuffing on a cart path does occur, but I actually had several balls hit the cart path and not have a mark. I hit several trees without noticing a discernible difference. Honestly though, if you hit a cart path or concrete, any ball will scuff and probably have to be taken out of play. But this ball is as durable as any ball I have ever played. Sound & Feel (15 out of 15 points) Describe how the product sounds and feels This is a softer ball, and feels about the same as the Srixon Z Star. Soft feel on all shots, and around the green. This ball is softer then a Titleist ProV1, and I cannot penetrate the cover with my nails. It's firm enough to withstand pretty much anything, but still gives you that soft feel on all shots. Do the sound and feel impact your performance in a noticeable way? Sound and feel were not distracting at all to me, as it played the same as the Srixon. How does the sound cause you to react? I didn't react at all, as it felt just like my Srixon. If anything I was very comfortable with the sound it produced. Describe the difference in sound and feel depending on the club used from driver down to putter. The sound the ball produced was very soft on everything from driver, irons, wedges and putter. On-Course Performance (35 out of 40 points) Off the Tee – The ball provides similar distance to my Srixon Z Star, but I can also say that when I tested it against the Titleist AVX, the AVX went further on average. Approach – I liked the trajectory of these Bridgestone balls, as they flew high enough to hold on almost any iron shot. There is plenty of spin on full iron shots to hold greens. Ball Flight – The ball flight was very consistent, and I could control trajectory based on the shot I wanted to hit. We get a lot of wind at Kinderlou, and this ball was consistent even with a 20 mph wind in your face. Distance control was not an issue and I felt confident hitting this ball with any club. Around the Green – This ball performed very well around the greens. Wedge shots when struck right, would hit and spin back. Bump and run shots would stop and roll out just like I wanted it to. I did manage to hole 2 or 3 pitch shots with this ball over the course of testing, so this was a big positive for this ball. Putting – The alignment line on this ball was adequate for the job. I didn't find it negative honestly, as it serves it's purpose. Distance on putts was consistent with the ball, and any errors were due to the person hitting the putts. What factors were you pleased with? Durability on this ball stood out the most. What factors did you find lacking? Distance off of the tee was a bit shorter compared to the Titleist AVX from time to time, but it wasn't enough to be a major negative. Bottom line: did it help improve your scores? I started the year as a 7.3 handicap and am now currently a 5.3 index. Whether you can attribute my drop in handicap to this ball I really don't know, as my game typically comes and goes. But the numbers speak for themselves I think. Miscellaneous (7 out of 10 points) I'm a low frills kind of guy, and my purchasing patterns mostly are dependent on price. I've looked online and see where this ball retails for $44.99 a dozen, and there are some websites offering it for $34.99. I typically stay away from paying this much for a dozen balls, so I probably wouldn't spend that much on these. And at that price point, if I had the same price on the Titleist AVX, I'd probably buy the AVX. A small side note that our review balls took longer then anticipated for them to arrive, and we really never received an explanation, so communication with Bridgestone was limited at best. Perhaps this is a negative, but typically I don't have a reason to speak to a manufacturer about golf balls. Game Bag or Shag Bag? (15 out of 20 points) Shag Bag - I've put this ball into play for a few tournaments, and our weekly dog fight multiple times. I've played fairly well with this ball, and I've had a few stinker rounds as well. I've won a few bucks in side bets with buddies with this ball as well. But when you stack this ball up to the Titleist AVX I'd choose the AVX over this ball, purely for my own personal preference, and feeling that the AVX just seems to go further, and is just fine around the greens for me. Conclusion Bridgestone has a very strong offering in the Bridgestone B RXS. I have a swing speed of around 95 mph, and this ball matches up to that for me very well. It outperformed the Srixon Z Star around the greens, but was beaten out by the Titleist AVX on distance off of the tee. And if you are looking for serious spin on approach shots from 100 yards and in, this is your ball, as it has some serious zip on it when hit correctly on those shots. If you want a VERY durable ball that will hold up for at least 18-36 holes, this is your ball. Final Score: 87 out of 100
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