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  1. Ohhhhhhhh yeaaaaahhhhhhh..... We're in double-digit days, y'all!
  2. I actually bought two pair yesterday - a pair of "jeans" and a pair of golf pants - I'll come back and let you know what I think when they get here. This will be my first foray into their non-underwear items, lol - so fingers crossed they're worth the (admittedly) insanely cheap price.
  3. I'm looking at the Primo website now - 90% sure I'm not allowed to buy clothes that hug this tightly. You have any links to, like, MuffinTopsRUs? Or maybe BaggyHidesYourFatParts.com?
  4. Crap. I just realized I wasn't supposed to include course handicap - just force of habit. @GolfSpy_BEN - can you amend (or let me know how to do so)? Thanks!
  5. Date 02/18/2024 Course Name Payne's Valley Gross Score 81 Course Handicap 0 Gross Strokes over/under par 9 Net Score to Par 9 Net Score 81 Net Birdies or better 1 Longest Drive 302 SIM Round? SIM Managed to get out to a sim for a few hours tonight and played Payne's Valley - twice! Managed to shoot exactly the same score (81) both rounds, lol. At least I'm consistent. Short game once again saved me from too much trouble - lots of quality chips/putts. Can't wait to get back out onto a real course this week - as much fun as it is pretend playing a cool course, just not the same Happy Sunday y'all!
  6. Love it! I hear you on the "some drivers just fit you better" sentiment - I've had drivers that at set-up just ... didn't look inviting. My favorite driver I ever used was 8.5-degrees, but I LOVED how it set up to the ball. Curious about the "spin rate" numbers you were seeing - seems like a huge differential between the two (not uncommon), but you mentioned not having RCT balls, so is the spin estimated or pretty accurate (or do you know?)? I'm assuming those are just averages, and looking at the "consistency" number below, it's a pretty big window with all the shots, so just curious if you find the Edge driver to have a lot more spin on-course (kind of ballooning ball-flight compared to the lower spin on the KSig). Anyway, love the write-up, and looking forward to more like it!
  7. Congrats, buddy! Super grateful for your contributions to the forum - it's members like you that make this place the only social network I want to be a part of To celebrate, I demand you go out and play 36 and take your best 18 and submit it to the VCT. Congrats, you win!
  8. I legitimately laughed out loud when you said it traveled 122 yards, lol. Such a bummer that it fell apart! I wonder if it's just ... 5 year old epoxy as the issue? You *could* try sanding down the end and re-epoxying the head - I had a driving-iron head twist after impact shortly after receiving it from the manufacturer, and a quick re-sand/re-epoxy has solved the issue completely (and the head on that thing is pretty hefty, as well).
  9. Absolutely! Your best bet (and the preferred method) is to upload your video to YouTube, and then post the link to the video in a message here - that will automatically embed into the message and will be clickable and watchable just like that. The benefit of doing it this way is no one has to download the file that way - if you were up upload the files directly to a message, the only way for anyone to watch it would be to download it, which is pretty taxing on people's computers. Let me know if you have any questions!
  10. Costco has been a boon for someone like me, who genuinely balks at spending north of $50 on a shirt or a hoodie. I do have a VERY nice hoodie that my wife bought me for Christmas, but if I'm buying it, it's gotta be "reasonably" priced. Requires going in-store, but I've found some killer stuff for super reasonable prices. Just FYI
  11. I know he (@GolfSpy_APH) already answered, but as I was reading your post, I came up with my own reasons Jamie lives in Switzerland. Ahem. Born to a zamboni driver (Bruce) and a Mountie (Charlotte), Jamie grew up on a mountain in the remote area of Toronto (pronounced Too-Rooon-Too). Home schooled in the ways of his parents, he found a natural affinity for both ice making and Polo. When his grade-school crush moved to Switzerland (to be the braid-stylist of the hot chocolate girl), Jamie had no choice but to ride his faithful steed (Oatmeal) over the ice and frozen tundra (he took no boats - "boats are for the elderly. and kids I guess" he proudly (and inaccurately) said). Unfortunately, Oatmeal succumbed to the weather, and Jamie was forced to cut her open and ride out the storm inside (and he thought she smelled bad on the OUTSIDE). He's been in Switzerland, horseless, ever since.
  12. Only if I can finally figure out what a false turn is...
  13. (Actual footage of @sirchunksalot day 1 of the trip) The real question is, do they serve crepes (aka: "really thin pancakes")? For dinner, we should probably go somewhere where this is a cooking method: Don't forget to say grace before the meal. I'll go first: And at the end of the three days, you'll all see why this has been my motto for 20 years:
  14. I would eat ice 3x a day as long as we all get to hang out and play golf. Also, my waistline could probably use the break
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