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  1. Date 06/02/2023 Course Name Antelope Valley Country Club Gross Score 82 Course Handicap 14 Gross Strokes over/under par 10 Net Score to Par -4 Net Score 68 Net Birdies or better 7 Longest Drive 282 Who needs GIR?? 2 GIR, 11(!!) 1-putts, some insane up-and-downs, a few genuinely great drives, and other than one double, I never felt out of reach of par. Some good things starting to click. Fun fact: installed a new shaft after a year experimenting with the OttoPhlex, and although I only hit two fairways, I missed 6(!) others by literally two yards or less (all to the right). I'll be putting a midsize grip on this week to see if that makes any difference - doubtful, but I've gotten very used to a midsize grip, Soo mostly just curious. Fun tidbit: hit a 7-iron 202 yards today. Sure, it was a flyer that rolled forever, but...lol...I felt VERY strong.
  2. Just checking in to see how these guys treated you during May (insert Justin Timberlake meme here), as we're now officially in the summer months - did they officially make the bag? Going back to the 699's? Enquiring minds want to know
  3. Helps to have a considerably harder course than my "norm" and play considerably better than my "norm", all while looking suspiciously like Norm from Cheers (NORM!!!). I'll wear the Hat of Shame (baseball hat, obviously) with pride this week - that's the prize, right?
  4. The problem is that @GolfSpy TCB is the one on the left. @CFreddie : "Umm, yes...that WAS a nice shot. Do I get a turn now?" TCB: "Soon, my child. Soon. I've just got 78 more balls to get through. Maybe grab yourself a chair. And remember what we talked about? You address me as 'sir' when you speak to me."
  5. (I've discovered how to make my own GIF's. My world is forever changed. ) @GolfSpy BOS, @GolfSpy TCB, @GolfSpy_APH, @GolfSpy_BNG & @Golfspy_CG2 - I see you.
  6. ...Why are there so many Kirklands? Is this to level the playing field for Tom and Sam?
  7. Look, while I don't usually try to rub my good fortune in other's faces, this is no time for the *usual*. YOU GUYS BLEW IT, YOU DUMMIES. @chisag HAS ALREADY WON THIS COMPETITION, EVEN IF HIS NEW WEDGES ARE GIVING HIM PROBL---WAIT---DAMMIT. (turning all-caps off) That's better. Ahem. Anyway, I'm not sure what I was saying there, other than this thing is on like Donkey Kong, and I'm pretty sure Sam was in that, as well, (where he played "Jungle Guest #3" - this is impressive, however, when you realize that Jungle Guests #1 and #2 were played by Tommy Lee Jones and Daniel Day Lewis). "We" are going to carve you up, and leave your carcasses to rot in the sun with nothing but your iron covers and shoe laces left to identify you. I may have taken that too far.
  8. Date 05/26/2023 Course Name Sand Canyon Country Club Gross Score 83 Course Handicap 16 Gross Strokes over/under par 11 Net Score to Par -5 Net Score 67 Net Birdies or better 9 Longest Drive 308 Crazy, crazy good ball-striking day. No 3-putts. 2nd lowest round ever. Was a VERY nice day to play hooky.
  9. That's seriously good-looking. Can't wait to see your take on it!
  10. Only way Rocky won, and everyone knows it... (lol - seriously, LOOK how tiny Stallone is in that clip - it's like a child fighting a grown man)
  11. I have no words of encouragement for you. You shall find no quarter here, no shade, no safe space.
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