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  1. Good to be here! I really do love their layout, but that 6th hole is ruthless.
  2. I didn't even consider this was a thing. I mostly play cart golf, so I can't have all of the same reasons as you guys, but I have a bad divided into 14 sections. I put my driver top middle and flank it with my 3 Wood and 3 Iron. I find having the driver top middle instead of top left makes me have to reach around my 3-wood for it, so I always have to make sure I want to hit the big dog! The irons work their way from left to right, decreasing in number down to my wedges and putter. My only complaint is that my wedges hit my putter if I leave the head cover off. For all of the iron hea
  3. Hey everyone! I've been using MyGolfSpy for years for equipment suggestions/reviews (just to look at mostly), but am new to the forums. I'm typically more of a lurker, but want to come out of hiding! I started "playing" when I was 12, but it was really just going to the range with my Dad and trying to hit golf balls every couple of weeks. My first time on the course didn't come until I was 20! I started trying to actually get better at the game within the last 2 years. I usually shoot in the high 90s to low 100s at my local course. I just love getting out there and challengi
  4. - John / Rockwall, TX - iPhone X with latest software update - Mostly outdoor testing (I prefer to be outside), but I could hit some indoors to compare numbers - Mostly without a net, but I also have a net available to compare numbers with as well. Thanks for the opportunity!
  5. John Michael / Rockwall, TX 26.4 Nike VR Pro Combo Forged Irons (3-PW)
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