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  1. Thanks for the input! I've never been fit for clubs before, so I never really knew how in depth it goes into how your swing is delivered. I've only read the experiences people have posted on here and on other articles/reviews. I will talk with him specifically about my swing at my lesson on Saturday. Honestly can't believe I didn't just think to do this to start... haha.
  2. Yeah my combo irons are blades in 8-PW and they are just so pure when you get it just right. I'm just happy to be trending in the direction where I get them just right much more often now. I feel like if I go with forged irons still, I can keep the great feels of the perfect strikes while also getting some help with how far the technology in clubs has come in the last 10 years. Glad you're back into golf! Welcome back!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm still pretty new to the forums here, but I've been reading them for ages. Last year around September, I started a new journey in my golf game taking my first ever lesson after playing for roughly 15 years on and off. Fortunately, since I live in Texas, I get to golf year round so I started to get pretty serious into my game around the same time. My average score on 18 at my local club at the time was about a 110 (68.1/116 from my tees). I was doing the classic improvement strategy of watching youtube videos and just trying to implement that on the range. That's when the new instructor at my local club saw me and offered me a free lesson (a fear all of us hackers have...). Well after one lesson he got me hooked! I've been able to do a lesson about every two months since then at this point. Thanks to these lessons and targeted stat tracking of my own game, I was able to go out and shoot an 86 just the other week! I have a bonus coming in at work, and I've decided I'm going to use it to get fit for a full set of clubs. However, I'm not sure what the best time to do this is. I know that getting fit at any point is good for your game, but my coach and I are still working on swing path, on irons especially, as well as face angle through impact on all clubs (I used to come over the top so I got a habit of holding off on rotating this to compensate for that movement). Should I wait a few months as I keep going through major swing changes (path specifically) until I get to a more steady state? My current Driver, 3W, 3-P are all 10+ years old right now, but they were a nice set at the time (albeit well beyond my skill level when I bought them...). I just got new wedges at Christmas last year, and I don't currently plan on replacing those (RTX Zipcore) or my putty any time soon as I've been playing great with them. Thanks in advance for any advice/tips you can give! Also interested in hearing anyone's experiences with club fitting at a higher handicap, especially while going through swing changes.
  4. Good to be here! I really do love their layout, but that 6th hole is ruthless.
  5. I didn't even consider this was a thing. I mostly play cart golf, so I can't have all of the same reasons as you guys, but I have a bad divided into 14 sections. I put my driver top middle and flank it with my 3 Wood and 3 Iron. I find having the driver top middle instead of top left makes me have to reach around my 3-wood for it, so I always have to make sure I want to hit the big dog! The irons work their way from left to right, decreasing in number down to my wedges and putter. My only complaint is that my wedges hit my putter if I leave the head cover off. For all of the iron head cover discussions, I don't use them on my current set, but when I save up to get fitted for a new set, you best believe I'll be putting them on. Especially the 20 year old Wilsons above look amazing still! That was enough to sway me, so thanks to @Middler
  6. Hey everyone! I've been using MyGolfSpy for years for equipment suggestions/reviews (just to look at mostly), but am new to the forums. I'm typically more of a lurker, but want to come out of hiding! I started "playing" when I was 12, but it was really just going to the range with my Dad and trying to hit golf balls every couple of weeks. My first time on the course didn't come until I was 20! I started trying to actually get better at the game within the last 2 years. I usually shoot in the high 90s to low 100s at my local course. I just love getting out there and challenging myself to play better. It's a great way to get outside, exercise, and spend time with friends. It's also a great way to test your mental fortitude. I've been using MyGolfSpy for equipment reviews and product reviews for a long time now. I don't have the disposable income to be constantly replacing my equipment, so I live vicariously through all of you! I live in Rockwall, TX and most frequently play at Buffalo Creek Golf Club. The best thing about golfing in Texas is that I can play all 12 months of the year! The worst thing has to be the summer heat that makes afternoon rounds almost impossible for 2-3 months of the year. I work as an Engineer for a living. My username comes from an inside joke with my friends/family! I've been using it for way longer than I've been golfing!
  7. - John / Rockwall, TX - iPhone X with latest software update - Mostly outdoor testing (I prefer to be outside), but I could hit some indoors to compare numbers - Mostly without a net, but I also have a net available to compare numbers with as well. Thanks for the opportunity!
  8. John Michael / Rockwall, TX 26.4 Nike VR Pro Combo Forged Irons (3-PW)
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