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  1. Picked these up from the Bay on a whim and, at least for the moment, they are fantastic. Bridgestone PRO 640S irons, 3-S (wedge setup is P, P/S, S) Problem is that I can't find any info on them anywhere, in English or Japanese, besides a few other for sale listings. They don't seem to be super old, but do have an older NS Pro logo for the shafts than the current one. Additionally, from other old listings, it seems like there was a Pro 640m model (rounded blade with no muscleback like these have) and a Pro 640c model (cavity back), but again no info. Would love to track down the year and the specs would be great. Any thoughts out there?
  2. Bump with a price drop
  3. Limited release item from Nike that sold out very quickly. No tags, but still like new. Size men's small, true to Nike fitting. $100 with free USPS shipping in the US.
  4. Two PXG driver heads for sale. Both are 7.5 degrees, right handed. Headcovers included with both. PXG 0811 X GEN4 7.5* $120 plus shipping - Shows cosmetic use and scratches, but no damage. PXG Gen 5 0311 Driver 7.5* $175 plus shipping - Good cosmetic condition.
  5. Gently used Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor with case, tripod, charging cables, and mounts. Works well, just don't use it enough. $450 $400 plus shipping. Thanks for looking!
  6. Been a couple of months, so figured it's time to check back in and see how things are going! I've probably played ~30 rounds on the GEN5 clubs now and they are all still in the bag. Not at my country club anymore, so the rounds have been on LA-area munis. Short version, the fairway wood, hybrid, and wedges are simply better than the 0211s. Both in feel and performance. For the irons, the GEN5 definitely feel better, but I wouldn't say they have made a MASSIVE difference to my game. I don't really try to work the ball much with my irons, so with similar distance & dispersion, they do the same job, just in a different way. That said, the feel difference is real (especially in the lower irons) and they are great quality clubs. If price is no object, then you want the GEN5s. The 0211s remain the best new club value out there though. My handicap is back down around a 7, dropping a couple strokes since I've been gaming these clubs. A lot of that comes down to short game and putting. Around the greens, I do think having the high quality, forged wedges are making a difference with spin and the shots I can make. Part might be better technique, but the wedges also seem to let me get the most out of improved technique. On the greens, I'm rolling the Blackjack center shaft incredibly well. It's a shame because I love looking down on my SeeMore deep flange much better, but I can't argue with the numbers and the Blackjack simply gets more putts in the hole. Feel free to ask any more follow-ups, but short answer is that all of these clubs have kept their spot in my bag and I'm not looking elsewhere (or at least not looking hard).
  7. With all the PXG fitters I've met/dealt with, to a person they seem to be there to find the best set for you/your budget. I find it kind of crazy that PXG doesn't have a dedicated store in LA, but maybe next time I'll have to take a trip to Scottsdale. And yeah, I could go back to the 0211's and probably not miss too much performance wise (as long as I get to keep my SteelFiber shafts in them).
  8. I've extensively played both full bags. My GEN5 0311 thoughts are here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/50307-pxg-0311-gen5-and-full-bag-fit-experience/ I reviewed the 0211 bag for a different site last year: https://practical-golf.com/pxg-0211-review-2021/ Definitely agree that the 0221's are the best new club value out there right now. Add in a fitting and it really is unmatched, even by well-priced DTC brands. Happy to answer any questions about anything.
  9. I'll open by saying I almost aced an (officially) par 4 this morning: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdWmH6s7/?k=1 Now that's out of the way, let's get to some club thoughts. I've played a good 6 full rounds with these now, so here's where we are: Overall Impressions: Looks - 8/10 Feel - 10/10 Performance - 8/10 Value - ?/10 Let's explain that all a little bit. Having followed PXG for a while now, I think the GEN5 is hitting the pinnacle of how a "PXG club" can look. Especially with the irons, I can't imagine how they could make a club that is still obviously PXG-style, but more broadly pleasing to look at. As said before, I couldn't have put earlier generations in the bag, but these are genuinely nice to look at and get compliments. For the driver and woods, the visual changes from past gens are even more pronounced and have veered maybe a bit too subdued. You could probably pop a Mizuno logo on them and they would pass for the latest release. For feel, top to bottom of the bag these are the best feeling clubs that I have personally owned. That includes the acoustics as well. With the irons, I appreciate that I can feel where I hit them on the face, but still not be too punished on mishits. For the driver, it really hits the sweet spot of sounding powerful without becoming annoying. For performance, these clubs have done exactly what I would want from a fitted set of clubs that are a decent match for my game. It's important to note that I didn't come from 20 year old DCI's, but year-old PXG 0211's fitted for me with upgraded shafts. To that end, the GEN5's haven't really lowered my scores or provided more distance. That said, the feel between the GEN5's and the more "value" focused 0211's is very pronounced. That really gets to the main heart of things (and the ? for the value score above). These GEN5's, particularly in how they were built out for me, are a luxury item. The full bag, top to bottom with the Steel Fiber shafts and dark finish would run $5000+. My 0211 set, however, would be less than $2000 custom fitted with upgraded shafts. If my scores are just as good with the cheaper set, why should anyone buy the GEN5's? In short, because they want to and because they can. If you want a "luxury" set of golf clubs, then the PXG GEN5's should probably be near the top of your list. If you're going to toss that much money at golf equipment, they'll walk the walk both visually and for performance. A Rolex doesn't noticeably tell better time than a really nice Seiko, but that's not really the point. I would still highly recommend the 0211's for the more "Seiko" folks out there (and honestly if I was spending my own money, that's what I would buy). If the dollars don't matter, though, the GEN5's are the PXG club that you want.
  10. One more bump before hitting eBay. I'll do $200+shipping cost for these if there's any interest.
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