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  1. Bought it on a whim right before getting something else AND having a fitting coming up, so it's just too many drivers. Only out of the shipping box for the pictures, never been hit. Stock UST MAMIYA HELIUM SHAFT with a Wilson Staff MicroLite Grip https://www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/drivers/staff-men-s-d7-driver/ $210 shipped to you. Thanks for looking!
  2. From https://www.downunderboard.com/ This training aid is designed to help you better feel and understand your connection with the ground through the swing. I think it's a sound concept and definitely interesting, but I just don't really use it enough to justify keeping it. I'll send you the password to unlock the video instruction site as well. $70 shipped to you CONUS. Thanks!
  3. Cory O

    All Sold

    Feel free to make offers on the Garmin. It’s a nice watch for someone who wants to get into basic shot tracking.
  4. Cory O

    All Sold

    Garmin Approach S20 golf watch - https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/516207 Simple unit, black and white display means the battery lasts a lot longer than the full color screens. Pairs with Garmin Golf app to track shots (will prompt you to select a club you set up in your bag when it senses a swing) and keep score. The screen protector I have on it currently has a line across it, but it is only on the protector, not the actual screen. I'll include an additional screen protector if you want to change it out. $100 shipped to you. Both good devices for what they need to do. Feel free to
  5. Out of curiosity, can it measure swing speed only without a ball?
  6. Yeah, I played them for the first time yesterday, 18 holes irons only. Was only around 45 degrees outside when I started, so that was probably a mistake. Got them somewhat figured out by the end of the round though!
  7. These were sitting at $50 on eBay with the auction expiring, so I picked them up. 3-PW all in pretty much this same condition and playable cord grips. Should be fun to try.
  8. Maybe someone else has a different opinion, but I'd consider it to be a Great Big Bertha clone club (just without a bore-through shaft). A lot of them were sold under a variety of brand names in the late 90's. For completing a set of woods, might be worth just getting some Great Big Berthas, they are pretty cheap and easily found online. Trying to track down this particular brand name will be tougher.
  9. I was also surprised at the lack of rust, but then I had them out of the bag for a couple weeks (was playing with 7 clubs, so I just had a 54* in the bag) and the Zipcores finally started getting a patina while they sat. Nothing crazy, but definitely noticeable.
  10. Updated the listing with that info. Thanks!
  11. Is that the case even if the sensors have already been registered to a club once, but just unpaired? If so, awesome and that makes things much simpler.
  12. No longer available. Thanks!
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