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  1. Yep, snap hook into the tree the next drive I had after that one, fortunately it was the only bad drive of the day where my carry/total distance off the tee were longer than normal. Driver: Tommy Armour Atomic (set your 8.5*) 3 wood: GigaGolf TRX 15* Hybrids: GigaGolf TRX 18* and 22* Irons: GigaGolf TRX PowerSlot 5-PW Wedges: GigaGolf TRX 6.0 50*, 55*, 60* Putter: Ray Cook M1 (2020) 34” “Golf is a good walk enhanced”
  2. This drive, I just plain don’t hit it that far (or haven’t in a really long time at least not without significant help) Pushed the hybrid approach a bit, so not on in two, but got up and down for the birdie. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Round this evening started with a disappointment as right when I pulled into the parking lot of the course, I got a FedEx delivery notice for one of those long boxes we love so much. Then things got weird... My normal drive these days has settled right around 250. Getting it 260+ has been an especially good one. Here were some of my drives that my Garmin measured tonight starting with #1: 267 270 299 (wtf?!?!?) 263 271 284 268 There might have been a couple influencing factors. The course was a bit baked (but not incredibly so). I was playing a Pro V1 the whole night when I usually play a Project(s), something I’m now reconsidering. Last, I’ve been working through some swing changes for the past few months, really focused on the driver and tonight the swing off the tee did (generally) feel free and natural. The only bad drive the whole round was a snap hook into the trees the first drive after the 299 blast (I guess I wanted to see how far I could REALLY hit it). Besides that, I have to think the Tommy Armour Atomic thought FedEx had delivered that Honma driver I surprisingly won on eBay and was fighting for its life (the Honma wasn’t delivered today, it was a 3w and a couple hybrids). Overall meh putting kept the scoring from being special, +6 overall so right on the handicap, but some of those drives were certainly fun. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. 300cc? Who could ever need a club head that big! Most memorable driver I had back in those days was a Cobra SS Hyper Steel 290cc with a steel shaft. Cracked the face on it (right on the sweet spot) when I was 19. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I also miss my first hybrid! From before “hybrid” was even a word, I had the Taylormade Rescue Mid 17*. It was good for a 240 yard straight down the fairway all day. Went the same way as the Scotty. Really the only two memorable clubs from the bag. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Stealing a topic from the Rick Shiels podcast. Wondering what is a club you regret getting rid of or just wish you still had? (sold/broken or otherwise) For me, it's a putter. Summer before my senior year of high school, I was looking around the used clubs at a large shop and saw a Scotty Cameron Newport Oil Can. I had been serious about golf for maybe a year at this point and spent waaaay too much time in shops like this hitting putters I could never afford. The new Scottys were never out on the floor, but this used one was out there. Hit a few putts with it, fell in love, and was prepared to be depressed when I saw the price tag. I was absolutely shocked to see that it was labeled for $50. I honestly couldn't even afford that, but couldn't resist. I took the club up to the front, looked for the most bored looking cashier who I thought likely to let me get away with this obvious pricing mistake, paid and walked out with my new putter. The grip wasn't in the best of shape, but the pro shop at the course I worked at had gotten a bunch of these weird counter-weighted putter grips in. I don't remember the company name, but this was around the year 2002, so it must have been one of the original counter-weight grips ever. Nobody was buying them, so the pro let me have one and I put it on the Scotty. I must have played at least 400 rounds on this putter over the next 3 years (in Colorado), including in joining the university PGM (Professional Golf Management) program, passing my P.A.T. on the number with a 10 footer on the last, and spending a summer as an assistant pro intern at a country club. That last one made me hate the game of golf and everything about it, so the Scotty and rest of my clubs sat essentially untouched for the next two years. Then, after graduating university, I was prepping to move to Japan and all the clubs went up on Craigslist. I believe I sold the putter by itself for $80 (hey, I made a profit!) Ever since I've gotten back into the game, I've missed that putter (and not just because the kinds of prices I see on Newport oil cans on eBay these days). I don't think I'd game it anymore, because I'm very much a mallet guy now, but I would just want to look at it. Anyone else have any clubs that got away?
  7. I’m just checking purpleair to find areas that aren’t as bad smoke wise and still playing. Wear my mask and sunglasses and it’s been okay. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I can wind up with similar issues off the tee. Couple of things I notice is that your feet appear closed to the target line (pointed right). Makes sense, but counterintuitively, this can actually encourage the pull. Try opening up the feet to the target line a bit. Second, when I’m getting pull-hooky, I try to focus on keeping that driver head scraping the turf as long as possible to start my backswing to keep from getting too far inside. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Erik Anders Lang posted his Winged Foot round on YouTube for his Break 90 series of playing the championship courses with the pro setup. Recommend it to show what that course does to a good “normal” golfer. Search Random Golf Club if you haven’t watched his stuff before. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Welcome! I just read an article today about Corica Park South and all the remodeling they did (and are doing for the North). Would love to make it up there sometime (I'm in LA).
  11. Hey all, So based on another thread on the forum, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a ClubCorp Play Away membership. $60 a month gets you two rounds per month at their courses Sun-Fri after 12pm (plus some other benefits). Catch is that you can only book more than 100 miles from your home. Fortunately, Palm Springs and San Diego have several courses in the program and are just over 100 miles from me in Los Angeles, so very much day-tripable in my opinion. (Honestly strikes me as too good to be true, so if anyone has any experience with Play Away, I'd also love to hear it). I'm curious if anyone else in the area would be interested in also joining and forming a regular game, for example one or two Sunday afternoons a month meet up to play at places like Mission Hills out in Palm Springs or Shadowridge in San Diego. Sound good to anyone?
  12. Just looking into it based on this thread. I'm checking with ClubCorp to see if the Palm Desert and San Diego clubs are playable as complementary rounds for me. If they are, it would seem like a great deal for me as I can always sneak out for a Sunday afternoon round twice a month (even if it is a 1.5 hour drive) and that would wind up only being $30 a round. If my family could use the club facilities while I play (like the pool) that would be even better.
  13. Every club I own now is either new or new-to-me outside of a putter and a Square Strike Wedge. Starting From the top: Drivers: Tommy Armour Atomic, GigaGolf GXz (with a steel shaft. I wanted to try it), Honma TW 747 460 on the way (I thought I lowballed a bid on eBay since it was new, but won it) Woods: GigaGolf GXz 15* (steel shaft), GigaGolf TRX (graphite) on the way Hybrids: 15* F-35 Heater (eBay club caught my curiousity), GigaGolf GXz 17* and 23* (steel shafts), GigaGolf TRX 18* and 22* on the way (graphite, wanted better gaping at the top) Irons: GigaGolf TRX Power Slot 5-PW Wedges: GigaGolf TRX 6.0 50*,55*,60* and Cleveland CG11 46*, 54* and CG15 60* (wanted to try a "scoring wedge" style PW) Putter: Ray Cook M1 mallet Fortunately, I bargain shop and (as you can see) play the non-big brand GigaGolf primarily. All in I'm still well south of $1000 on everything, but still I think I'm done for a bit. Buying clubs gets addictive.
  14. I tried the free version with low expectations and it honestly didn't even meet those. As much as I would love for my phone to be able to be a launch monitor, I think it is simply impossible with current technology. An iPhone camera shoots at 60 frames per second, but a golf ball is going to be moving over 150 feet per second (that's only around 100mph ball speed). The viewing area of the phone camera with how Shot Vision recommends is probably only about five feet, so even that slow ball is passing through in about 1/30th of a second, or at best 2 frames. Shot Vision is trying to base EVERYTHING on the difference captured in those two frames. That is never going to give accurate enough info to be usable IMO. Cheap(ish) launch monitors use doppler radar to collect data. High speed camera based monitors are things like the GC Quad which cost $10k+. I know that my iPhone can't really emulate that.
  15. If I could be in East Tennessee, but still get my Los Angeles salary, I'd be half-tempted (but only half tempted, I do really love living in SoCal. I'm a transplant here, but don't see myself ever going anywhere else).
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