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  1. What a great idea. Definitely would like to be one of the testers.
  2. I think the U.S.G.A should examine leaving the flag stick in the hole. It’s debatable weather this speeds up play. What has become an issue is pulling the ball out of the hole with the flag still in. The cups are being pulled up around the edges of the whole. After several hours of play they wind up being pretty bad. I’ve seen many putts missed from the volcano effect.
  3. Chuck, Hernando, I phone 11 will use in my lanai with a net & outdoors yes
  4. Chuck Hernando, FL Snell played them a long time ago. I remember them being a long ball off the tee.
  5. Chuck Hernando, FL. US Odyssey white hot #2 Tomcat 14 current blade putter 15 -20 years old. Would like to try a mallet style putter with a firmer face. I went from years of putting on fast bent greens to slower tiff eagle greens.
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