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  1. Man oh man I wish the rest of my game would catch up to this putter. My last two 9 hole outings in my golf league were awesome on the greens. Last week I had 11 puts and this week I had 14. I've had more birdies from the fringe this year already than the last two years combined. Does L.A.B. make irons? Yeah I'm joking, but if they did I would have to give them a try.
  2. General question for the group. Has anyone else noticed that when you strike this club directly in the center, you come up short on putts? I noticed it this winter on my carpet and thought that I was just imagining things. But the more I have practiced with it, the more it holds true. With that being said, this still is the best putter I have ever used. On a recent round, I had 24 putts on my way to an 83. Yes this putter saved the round. Any thoughts or opinions are welcomed. Thanks
  3. Hello All, I bought one of these when Peter Finch switched to the LAB putter. I had seen them online but had never given them a second thought until I watched his review. So I found one on line and put it in the bag. Notice, I did not get fit for this and it is the standard set up for loft and lie. After I bought the putter, I found this forum and began to read. Here is what I have noticed. I do not struggle with getting the ball to the hole. I feel more confident with 3- 6 foot putts, and long putts actually have a chance now. And my alignment is significantly better. My initial putting with this putter was not great but, I'm committed to it. My last outing was nine holes. I short sided myself and was left with about a 25 foot putt back up the hill. I made that putt and that's when the magic started to happen. For that round I had 5 one putts and 4 two putts. This is awesome for me. I average 32 putts a round. Normally I don't switch putter, but this year I went through 4 putters. My old three ball is illegal and now that I'm playing in a league, I have retired it. The one thing I can say as I have read this forum is that most people are talking about the putter. But let's not forget about the basics. Alignment, starting point and reading the green. I have realized from this forum and the putter, that I need to take my time and read the greens better. This has made all the world of difference(putter probably has something to do with it too LOL). No matter how much you practice, if you aren't reading the greens correctly for your pace of putting, then you wont make putts.
  4. John I walk 90% of the time. I carry my bag and winters in Ohio do not guarantee that I can get out in Dec, Jan, Feb. Would love to be a tester, but probably not the best fit for this product.
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