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  1. Made a lot of great progress at the range today. My swing is finally to the point where I can work on fixing a huge problem - my inside takeaway. Earlier this season I fought a couple of more pressing issues, mostly poor pressure shifting and head movement. On the range earlier this week I started blocking a ton of balls, which was caused by the inside takeaway. After a really poor range season last night, I watched a couple Eric Cogorno videos on YouTube regarding wrist angle and takeaway and a few things really resonated with me. Today at the range I really focused on getting the club in the right position at P2 position. First, screen shots of my swing earlier this week with a six iron: Today with a seven iron: The clubhead position at P2 is much improved. I saw a lot of better shots today and no blocks whatsoever, so that's great progress. Next thing to work on it getting the shaft a little more vertical in the backswing. At P3 my hands are still a little inside of my chest, and my forearm has rotated a little too inside. I think fixing that will add some more clubhead speed and help eliminate some early extension I have.
  2. I want to reiterate how awesome the ball feels off the clubface. Spent a lot of time on the range this morning and just had a string of five to ten shots that were all bombs off the middle.
  3. Wow. That's some speed! A lot of us "unofficial" SuperSpeed testers chime in on the official thread over here:
  4. Maltby has some gorgeous clubs. I love the M+ Wedges and just got the KE4 FDI. Been meaning to do a review of that once I hit it some more. Also looking forward to your thoughts!
  5. My ball generally stays on the same hole now. In all seriousness, when my swing has been right I've been playing a predictable baby fade with a nice mid-piercing trajectory. I think every one of my great drives that I've posted here has had that same shot shape. Certainly improving my game has also contributed to my success on the tee box, but as I mentioned in my Stage 1 review, confidence is a big issue with me. I feel confident stepping up to the tee with the Epic Flash in my hands.
  6. In case anyone has reservations about the pressure grip top arms - During my Sunday round I walked while the rest of my family foursome took carts. I jogged much of the course as a result (I often jog between holes or down fairways since it's great exercise, and jogging keeps me from slowing down the carts), but the pressure grip arms had no issues keeping the bag securely fastened despite all of the bumps. This is easily one of the best golf purchases I've made in a while.
  7. Course had a frost delay this morning so I couldn't get out before work. My boss let me swap my planned vacation time to the afternoon, but I had a family emergency stop my round after the third hole (all is fine, thankfully). Was even par through those three holes. Three drives with the Epic Flash - 232 yards (missed fairway by two feet to the right), 228 yards (hit a tree on the right side of the fairway), 220 yards (fairway). Not a single drive was hit in the center of the face and the third one was a huge pop up. Talk about forgiveness. EDIT: Should add that I hit all three GIR largely because of my position off of the tee box.
  8. Thanks! No offense taken at all. It's a little disheartening, though I'm not at all surprised. I have a bit of a complex once I get on the course - I tend to forget everything I've worked on and start getting really out of sorts at times. I especially fight a hitting impulse that is a speed killer. (I say I'm not surprised because as a baseball player I'd randomly go through stretches where I'd just forget how to throw from third to first. Like air mailing first base by 10 feet kind of stuff. Oh well, we're not all cut out to be major league players or professional golfers .) For example, without a ball I can swing the driver "dry" routinely in the mid-110s on the radar. Today before my round I hit 105 with my fastest swing while hitting a ball, with many around 102-103. I've been taking the SuperSpeed radar and sticks with me to the range in an effort to fix some of that. I take a few swings with the sticks, a few dry swings with the driver, and then hit a ball or two. If the speed isn't great, I go back to sticks or dry swings and try to carry that feeling to actually hitting the ball. EDIT: @Trial&Error I looked back at your posts and one major difference between you and me is that your blue and red club numbers are much higher than mine on average. I occasionally see mid-120s with the blue club and saw 119 once with the red club, but my averages are much lower and I'd consider these high numbers an anomaly. I would say my typical blue swing is between 119-121 and my typical red swing is 112-114. In fact, during the second protocol I've seen the biggest gains in the green club and all of my lefthanded stuff. The blue and red clubs have remained rather stagnant or even dropped a bit from level one. Maybe that has something to do with this as well. Might be a thing to focus on as I continue my training.
  9. I broke down and ordered the Stability Mat at the beginning of the month, and it finally arrived today. Found a good deal online and got it for $37 delivered. All I can say is: Buy the mat! I had been trying to do kneeling swings on a piece of cardboard. The mat is so much better. Saw a few 103 and 104 mile per hour swings on my Swing Caddie today during my range session, including one estimated carry of 252 yards. That is very promising. And tonight's training session yielded my best green club swing yet: My on course results haven't been as great, but my speed is definitely improved from last season.
  10. Played with the loft/draw settings some at the range today. Ended up settling on turning the head down 1 degree to 9.5 and setting the driver to draw setting. Seemed to be getting decent results with that combo. Since switching in the Tensei Blue the ball flight has been quite a bit higher than with the HZRDUS Smoke. Based on the Swing Caddie estimations, turning the driver down a bit should increase my carry distance slightly. I am planning on playing nine again tomorrow morning before work, so we'll see how it translates to the course. I had some great lighting on Friday and a new phone to play with, so I snapped some pictures of the driver. I have played over 100 holes and hit at least 500 range balls, but it still looks almost brand new. There are a few small scuffs on the bottom, but there is no other noticeable wear. The face is still relatively clean as well!
  11. Absolutely gorgeous scenery. One of the things I missed about being out West. Confidence is a great thing. So much fun to step up to the tee box and know you're going to stripe it. As I mentioned in the Epic Flash thread, I'm experiencing the same. Sounds like the G410 is a winner as well.
  12. In this case, the description calls them out as tip weights, while the original SS sticks are total weights. Add in the shaft and a 50-something gram grip and you end up within a few grams of the total weights. DTG may be all clones, but they are under the same umbrella as Sub70 and Hurricane Golf. Never had anything but a positive experience with them (albeit for components like grips and supplies, not clubs).
  13. Just wanted to drop this here since the DIY projects are popular topics: https://www.diamondtour.com/accelerator-swing-speed-training-system.html At $109.99, I probably would have gone this route because the cost of my DIY sticks was close to $80 + my time. They also sell them unassembled for $89.99.
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