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  1. Thank you! Feeling really good about it right now. Hah. It's one of the things I hate about my swing. Not sure when I started doing it but it's totally unconscious at this point.
  2. I had my second lesson of the offseason Friday morning. Still working on a lot of the same things, but I feel like I'm in a really good spot with my swing. Keeping things simple, my homework is to feel more of a “reverse C” in my finish. The result of such a feel is that my lead hip bumps a little toward the target to start the downswing while my upper body stays back, which gets my hips rotating less and the face less shut coming into impact. Couple other minor thoughts are to continue to feel space in my setup (really feeling like I have outstretched arms) and to stop bowing my wrist/holding my wrist angles on the downswing. I had started to excessively bow my wrist in my downswing which also was not helping with my overly shut club face. Before we started the lesson, I warmed up with a few 8 irons and was happy to see 91+ MPH on the Trackman on some less than stellar swings. I don’t have 100 percent trust in my Mevo+ with club speed so having validation of some decent club head speed was nice to see. I’ve included some screenshots to show the small differences in my finish positions (and they don't really do enough to show the differences in feel) and then a pretty good example swing from some garage practice Friday after my lesson.
  3. It is! If all factors stay the same, I am leaning toward going for a full bag fitting sometime around the start of July. I have been eyeing some of the more traditionally lofted sets (Hogan PTx Pros, Callaway Apex Pros, Titleist T100s). My biggest issue is that I'm still able to hit a toe shot with the best of them. I currently like the Sub70s because I lose maybe 10 yards on mishits. But you are correct that I really don't need to hit my irons any longer. While my gapping is OK all the way through my bag, I so rarely have shots of anything longer than 175-180 yards at most courses I play.
  4. I would say they are between the two designations. The 7 iron is 31 degrees, pitching wedge is 45. In my mind, for a 7 iron, I'd consider 32 degrees to be "modern standard," 34 to be "traditional" and 29 or less to be "strong." On the flip side, for a pitching wedge 46 degrees seems to be the weakest around these days. So 45 isn't much off that. You've hit on something I've been contemplating lately, whether or not I'd benefit from moving to a more "traditional" or weaker lofted set of irons at some point. For now I'm content (famous last words...).
  5. Revisited this chart/test last night, hitting 10 balls each with the gap wedge, 9 iron, 7 iron and 5 iron. This is not a perfect apples-to-apples comparison as my outdoor testing used range balls, while I was using ProV1x RCTs last night indoors. Very happy to see ball speeds up across the board. Launch and peak height have also come up some in the longer clubs. I've been playing with ball position in relation to my shoulders and moving the ball back closer to my swing low point has flatted out my AoA slightly and increased the launch on those shots. I did not hit driver. I have found the accuracy of the Mevo+ indoors with driver to be lacking somewhat and didn't bother.
  6. Well, as far as components go there aren't many other companies that you can buy from anymore. Hireko has some stuff available, New Level does heads only and I believe Haywood Golf does as well. Alpha Golf and Wishon also come to mind. If you look around at Value Golf, Diamond Tour or Monark Golf there are a ton of cheap clone components, but as far as original designs go, Golfworks/Maltby are one of very few options anymore. Build-wise, they typically use a universal hosel bore that accepts both parallel and taper tip shafts so they are pretty simple to build. I built a set of Maltby PTMs (since discontinued) and used them for about half a season (Cobra Connect 4 pushed them out of my bag). I liked them. I ended up selling them for about a third of what I had invested in them ($425 invested / $150 sale price), however. I don't know that I'd pay full retail for a set of heads unless I was set on playing them for a long time.
  7. Is that a milled bottom I see on the TS-4? Wow. Only complaint looks-wise is that the sole numbers are out of place. Why they'd go with a serif font on the soles but sans-serif on the club badging annoys me more than it should.
  8. Three pounds is well within water weight tolerance, so nothing to worry too much about. Additionally, muscles can retain additional water following strength training as well. As far as muscle weight goes, optimally novice trainees could expect 2-4 pounds of muscle gain per month, while longer term trainees might only see 1-2 pounds of muscle gain per month or even less depending on how long they have been training. My recommendation is always to do measurements, or at the very least take pictures, for comparison. It's very likely that you will not see the scale move drastically in one direction or another if you are lifting heavy and eating well. My personal evidence for this is that I've been cycling right around 180-184 pounds since late September while strength training three times a week. I am seeing big changes in how my clothing fits and in the mirror, however.
  9. Yeah, this is some pretty disappointing news given that TXG for me epitomized the ideal combination of professionalism but yet maintaining a good bit of community feel. All that being said, with Toronto likely staring down continued restrictions I don't know what more the channel could have produced this year that would have been different or new. I really like the content, but so many new releases show such minor improvements over the old that it unfortunately just became a lot of the same results in every video. Found myself really just skipping the majority of the product reviews lately. The bread and butter of the channel (for me) would be more fittings, but obviously with the restrictions that hasn't been able to happen. The production value of the course vlogs were also great, but again, not really the original intent of the channel. Obviously sparse on the details at the moment but I'm sure neither Ian nor Matt made their decisions lightly.
  10. More swinging this weekend. Haven't really been working on anything in particular other than making sure my setup is good. Tweaked my front foot so that it was out beyond my left armpit, which in turn made it easier to launch the ball because my low point shifted to inside of my feet and not in front of it. All of my left misses pretty much went away and I added some more height and carry to my shots. I say I haven't really been working at much in particular because truthfully my only swing thought lately has been to not really have a swing thought. Just have been swinging using the Mevo+ and foot powder and just doing whatever to get it long and off the center of the club face. Crappy angle 8 iron and 54 wedge swings from today below.
  11. I had to think about what I had in it: Side pockets hold rain jacket, extra box of balls and rain hood for the bag. I am able to keep two spare gloves (rain set + extra leather), first aid kit, and plenty of balls and tees. Rangefinder pocket is a nice plus, I pull my rangefinder out and put in my push cart during rounds, so my wallet and keys go in the rangefinder pouch during rounds. Felt lined valuables pocket that I don't really use. I've been very happy with the bag overall.
  12. 13" over the past 36 hours. To think there were courses still open three weeks ago! Shoveling the past two days was quite the workout.
  13. Just shy of 6 feet tall. Standing on a 1.75" stance mat. Don't think I get that close to the rafters. I did several tests and the only way I could hit anything would be to completely let go of the club with one hand or swing basically upward. The snippet from a driver swing kind of shows where my club head gets to (although it's cut off from the frame). About even in height to the opener which sits probably 8 inches down from the ceiling.
  14. I have the 2020 Sync model. I push cart the majority of my rounds and it has about 100 rounds on it now. So far it has held up well. It fits well on my CaddyTek cart. I like that it is very lightweight, definitely lighter than the C130 model. The insulated pocket is big enough to hold a 32oz Gatorade Zero and keep it cold for the majority of my morning rounds. The C130 definitely has more storage. There really isn't all that much room in the side pockets on the Sync. The ball pocket is quite large, however.
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