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  1. First swing of Sunday's round was probably the best of the entire day. Beautiful push draw right over the tree on the right side. Ended up perfectly in the middle of the fairway. This is a fun hole for me to look back on. When I first joined MGS I hit driver on this hole and usually didn't hit it as far as this hybrid yesterday. Sometimes I tend to get too wrapped up into scores and miss all of the other progress I've made over the past two seasons.
  2. - 40/41 = 81 (+9) - 6/15 FIR - 11/18 GIR (2 birdies) - 34 Putts (4 3-putts, 8 2-putts, 6 1-putts) OK round overall. Had one awful tee shot that cost me two penalty strokes. Too many three-putts. We got a lot of rain yesterday and the greens were soaked and bumpy. I had a lot of trouble gauging distances, especially since I couldn't get the ball to roll very nicely. Still, if an 81 in my upper ceiling when I don't play particularly well, I'll take it! Rogue White was definitely feeling better than the AutoFlex did my last time out. Didn't drive the ball well overall, but I
  3. Yeah, there is still something to the AutoFlex that I can't put my finger on. When I do center one up the ball flies. I'm not ready to give up on it, and I may switch back to it within a few rounds. Who knows... Part of what I said earlier in this thread is trying to figure out if it's worth my money to hang onto it. A few weeks ago I felt like it was giving me something the Rogue White wasn't. Now, I'm not so sure I feel the same way. We'll see how my next 3-5 rounds go.
  4. Took the Mevo+ out for a spin again this afternoon with a medium bucket. I'm still working on getting my hip turn better, as per my last lesson's homework. What I've realized is that I need to not just focus on my right side, and that in order to pivot correctly, I need to allow my left side to "release" and turn as well. Making way better turn and contact with that thought. And, with @Chip Strokes's posts in mind, I also was working on width in my backswing and getting through the ball with my right shoulder on the downswing. Really great results with my longer clubs that I brought.
  5. I can chime in some more after two full range sessions (probably about 100 balls): Mevo+ has recorded probably 97 percent of the shots I've taken. I had a few misses here or there, especially when I started letting the ball get too close to the unit due to my divot pattern. Like @GolfSpy MPR mentioned, the feedback is nearly instantaneous. The FS Golf App on Androids runs really smoothly. Ball flight tracer seems extremely accurate. As expected with awful range balls and no dots, spin readings are all over the place. (No fault of the Mevo+.) Club head speed mea
  6. I forget, did you sell the DF 2.1 you were experimenting with last winter? For the record in this thread (though it's been communicated well in my unofficial review thread), the L.A.B. is amazing.
  7. Stock weight headweight is 192. With the two gram weight it drops to 189. Could get to 187 by removing the weight. I'm not done experimenting just yet, but am going to give the Rogue White a few rounds. I have a pretty good baseline of what the AutoFlex is giving me right now - about 250-260 on OK strikes but a little bit of an uncontrolled fade.
  8. I could put the lighter 2 gram weight back in the head. Earlier this spring that was less effective than the stock 5 gram weight. Probably would be worth a shot.
  9. Full disclosure, the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI is back on the Mavrik for now. Since my last lesson I've been very hit or miss with the AutoFlex. I've realized the AutoFlex produces a fade with my natural swing. When I'm swinging well, it's a nice cut/power fade. But if I'm off just a little bit, it turns into a high, weak shot, or worse, a slice off the planet. I really struggled over my last couple of rounds with those shots and felt like I was losing a lot of potential distance as my spin numbers ticked up. And, whenever I'd "go after one," I'd hit a duck hook. I popped the Rogue
  10. That would be quite the costly reshaft! I haven't seen anyone with the iron shafts. I wonder if they'd feel like a Lag Shot-type training aid?
  11. Get this man a **checks math** 72 degree wedge!
  12. @GolfSpy MPR was gracious enough to let me join in on this thread, so I'll chime in with some initial thoughts as I received my Mevo+ yesterday afternoon as well. After getting everything opened and setup on my phone, I took the Mevo+ out to the backyard and hit about 35 chips/pitches on "indoor" mode since the ball flight window was so short. I was hitting at a driveway marker I had set at 20 yards. Every single shot Mevo+ recorded must have been within inches of accuracy. And the flight measurement was spot on based on the different types of trajectory I was trying. Very impressed.
  13. I had forgotten you specifically called out a sub-80 round. Glad I could make that happen!
  14. - 41/38 = 79 (+7) - 7/15 FIR - 10/18 GIR (2 birdies) - 33 Putts (2 3-putts, 11 2-putts, 5 1-putts) One of the ugliest feeling 79s I'll ever shoot as I didn't hit the ball particularly well and got a few favorable bounces off trees lining the fairway. But I hit a few good short game shots when it mattered and sank a few big putts. I also strung together two solid birdies on No. 2 and No. 16, which are usually bogey holes for me. After opening the back with bogey on No. 10 and double on No. 11, I cruised with six pars and a birdie on holes 12-18. One of the side effects of the la
  15. Yes, my experience has been that the butt end of the grip stretches a bit. I just tap it on the ground to reseat it after a few swings. I assume it has to do with the counterweight and not being able to have tape all the way to the end of the grip.
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