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  1. Looking to be mid-40s on Sunday. One of our local courses is opening tee times at 10:40 a.m., once the frost clears. Planning to be out there!
  2. Things I've been working on this week now that I can hit foam balls outdoors: 1) In an effort to get length on the backswing over the past month, I had started to pull my head away and down. This caused all sorts of fat and high shots. I'm now working on maintaining a steady head vertically, allowing a good turn into my back leg. This allows some lateral movement of the head, but no vertical movement during the backswing. 2) Secondary tilt at address. After my Epic driver fitting, I realized I was standing far too straight at address and never getting secondary tilt. 3) Feeling like my right palm is facing the ground during the takeaway. This keeps my hands in front of me at the top. Not surprisingly, this also ensures both the left and right wrists can only flex in their correct positions. 4) A byproduct of the lack of secondary tilt was that I was wrenching my left shoulder down trying to get into a "powerful" position. I suspect this is what cause my recent back pain, and also contributed to a whole host of problems later in the swing. I now am focusing on feeling my shoulder move on a more level plane. It's a very odd feeling to me, but the video confirms that I am rotating perpendicular to my spine angle correctly now. Amazing how all of these little things tie together. Really emphasizes the importance of setup, takeaway and backswing.
  3. Awesome, @revkev! I experienced a slight downturn after the first couple weeks as well. To update my progress: My back is finally starting to feel better, so I've resumed my full program this week. I still do not have a working radar -- I haven't been able to connect with the radar company to get a replacement LCD. I did take the device apart and thankfully the only thing broken is the screen. I did get fitted for the Epic testing on Saturday. My numbers were consistent, if not slightly better, than what I had been seeing the past few weeks. I have six more sessions left in the introduction protocol. The weather has improved enough that I can hit foam balls with 54 degree wedges. My Swing Caddie does a good job of reading swing speed in this case, but obviously the ball speed/smash factor is wrong. I'm hoping to hit real balls this weekend and excited to see this put into play.
  4. We have a bunch of courses here in West Michigan that are great values. Honestly, if you pay more than $50 for 18 with a cart, it better be close to a championship level course. The Meadows at Grand Valley State University is usually in prime shape all year, hosts numerous NCAA and state level high school tournaments, and tops out at $59 during peak season on the weekends. There are a few "hidden gems" in the $40-50 range, and if you're willing to walk instead of ride, there are several good experiences to be had for less than $20.
  5. Makes me jealous. I'm not short enough to do full swings in the basement!
  6. Not interested in purchasing, but wanted to chime in and say that's a fantastic deal for a great set of irons.
  7. Hmm, that's a good question. I think I just saw that note in a review of the SC200 somewhere and repeated it verbatim. I do use the box when I hit drivers off mats so that I don't worry about the SC being too close. With wedges, if I play off the front of the mat, I can just place the SC on the mat to match the height. I would think, though, you'd want as little obstruction in front of the SC for the best readings. I suppose it would depend on the height of the mats, as well. I'd just be worried the lip from the mat would interfere with the radar somehow.
  8. Love my SC200. Be sure to keep the box, the height matches most driving range mats so you can get the device on level with your ball. Unless the SC300 were to go on a major sale, I do think the Flightscope Mevo is probably a better option in the $500 range, but I've never played with the Mevo, either, so I may be totally wrong.
  9. How's the durability of the tarp? I was looking at getting a Parbuster Impact Panel (https://www.parbuster.com/collections/golf-impact-panels/products/ultra-duty-delta-impact-panel), but this would be significantly cheaper. I do plan to run netting behind the panel as well as a "just in case" contingency.
  10. Looking sharp! Hope you get out from under the snow, soon. Under the bridge we're looking at playing this weekend already.
  11. North of you, I'm looking at low to mid 50s Saturday and Sunday. Excited to get out. One of the local courses already sent an email saying they plan on opening for the year on Thursday.
  12. I toyed with the Odyssey Stroke Lab shaft today before my Epic Flash fitting. Definitely a different feel. Not really sure how to describe it. The putter was too long and the mallet head wasn't my favorite, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. The feel wasn't bad, I think I could get use to it.
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