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  1. Thanks, @ejgaudette @Lacassem @bens197 @sirchunksalot @B.Boston. It's been a very rewarding year of golf for me, and unfortunately (as usual) I head into the off season feeling like I'm hitting my stride and have some good potential. Last weekend I managed a solid round from the tips at a 73/137 course with four penalties. If I can get myself avoiding those penalties, I would scare 80 from 6,700-6,800 yards. That's a load of progress. Been a busy fall already and haven't been as active around here as I'd like, but have some more stuff to put together in this thread over the next few weeks.
  2. Just received the following in an email from FlightScope: Having some competition in the space seems to be pushing them along. I'm not 100 percent sure what "Fusion Tracking" entails, but I know it's available on the X3 only right now. Some sort of integration with the built-in camera, though I'm not sure what exactly it provides. Still, can't complain about getting a new feature. Makes me wonder if they'll eventually offer more club statistics for either free or as an upcharge package. Especially if more affordable monitors continue to hit the market.
  3. My home course has closed for the season, rain is in the forecast nearly every day, and that pretty much means I've completed 99 percent of my season. Although I didn't think it would happen, 2021 eclipsed my 2020 round totals: 87 times out to the course, consisting of: 51 18-hole rounds 24 9-hole rounds 4 18-hole scramble events 1 9-hole personal scramble 7 practice outings I ended up being able to play four times a week during the meat of the season, which is responsible for the increase in total outings. Another big thanks to my wife who continues to encourage/put up with my hobby, and who even tagged along for the practice rounds and played a few holes when the weather was nice in June and July. My only regret about the year is that I did not play away from my home course as often as I had originally planned. But, with rising costs of gas and rounds, it didn't make much sense for me to stray away from my already paid membership. I am thankful I was able to get out with @ncwoz last weekend to enjoy one of my favorites in the area, however, and we had great weather to do so. Now, for my goal set back in February a few pages ago: I currently sit with an unofficial, self-calculated WHS handicap of 9.1. Officially, I maintain an 8.4 index through The Grint. I only played a handful of non-solo, attested rounds this season, and most of them were decent scores. At one point my unofficial handicap had dropped into the sevens, which is really good progress for me. I shot 80 or better 23 times out of my 51 18-hole rounds. I didn't quite reach my goal of doing that "most of the time," but got very close. Those rounds include a new career low of even par 72, 73 and 75 twice.
  4. Doesn't seem like a lot, but over the last 50 rounds my putting continues to improve: Additionally, I think that putting contributed a lot to the drop in my scoring average and overall handicap, which each fell pretty close to the same amount of strokes as my putts per round: 2021 2020 (remove the 58 - not sure what that is, and it'd be higher.) At my home course, improvements in putting are probably the most easily noticeable change. While my driving has improved significantly as well in the strokes gained metric, it is mostly due to distance and not accuracy. Once I'm in the trees, I'm hitting recovery shots for bogey and need to putt well to do so. I suspect that my handicap might have dropped more had I played away from my home course more often this year. Was the L.A.B. worth the $700? Yes, I think so. I probably could have gone with the stock shaft and saved a couple hundred dollars and been fine, however.
  5. I wanted to follow up on my experience with the L.A.B. now that I have a full season using it. Rudimentary stats pulled from The Grint show an improvement in putting from last year to this year. Putts Per Hole (2020 - TaylorMade Spider X) Putts Per Hole (2021 - L.A.B. DF 2.1) I showed a reduction of .09 putts per hole, or 1.62 putts per 18 holes. Shown across all 18 hole rounds from last and this season: Putts Per Round (2020 - TaylorMade Spider X) Putts Per Round (2021 - L.A.B. DF 2.1) I know putts per round is a finicky statistic. But I like seeing more rounds without three putts (the purple in the charts above). For reference, in 2021 I hit 43.8 percent of greens during my 18 holes rounds. In 2020, I hit 40.8 percent. So to see a reduction in total putts while hitting slightly more greens in regulation is a big positive for me. Statistics aside, the L.A.B. will not be leaving my bag anytime soon. I'm sure some of this success can be attributed to practicing more during the off season on my EXPUTT simulator, but overall I feel very confident with the L.A.B. in my hands. The putter has held up well. There is a small wear mark on the lower part of the Stability Shaft from bag chatter, but otherwise the club is in pristine shape (I always put the head cover back on). The head cover is in rough shape, however, as the piping is all peeling off and the magnet on one side has worked itself loose inside. My experience is that most putter head covers don't last long as they get lots of use. I can always order a new one or keep rocking this "well used" specimen.
  6. Great group! Congrats, all. Looking forward to the reviews.
  7. Finally was able to get out with @ncwoz again to take advantage of fall rates at Diamond Springs, which is one of my favorite courses despite a decent car ride. Playing with Nate is a humbling experience. Pictured above is his tee shot on the par 5 No. 8 hole. It's 515 yards from the tips where we played from. I hit my drive 299 yards to the center of the fairway and Nate's tee shot was 25 yards in front of me. I think he hit 8 iron into the green. Anyway, we had a lot of fun despite our tee time being delayed almost an hour and then a 5:15 round. We played a match that ended up coming down to the wire, and I scored pretty well despite really fighting my iron swing for a good part of the day. - 88 / 86 ESC (+16) - 10/18 FIR - 8/18 GIR (2 birdies) - 34 Putts (2 3 putts, 13 2-putts, 2 1-putts and 1 chip-in putt from the fringe) We got paired with a random twosome for the first nine holes and they ended up having a friendly side bet on our match, which made for some good humor on the course. Unfortunately due to how long the round was taking they had to leave at the turn. As far as the match? Nate and I were neck-and-neck throughout the round, with each of us having a two-hole lead at one point and the other clawing back. Nate really played well down the stretch, hitting a few clutch shots to stay in it. I choked with a three-putt on No. 17 to give Nate a hole lead heading to 18, but I went hybrid, gap wedge to 10 feet and two-putted for par to win No. 18 and halve the match. It was my first time ever playing match play with anyone and I'm definitely eager to do it again.
  8. With my season nearing its end, I've updated the main post with my final thoughts on the AutoFlex and also have posted them below. Final Review: Dumina AutoFlex SF505X Driver Shaft - Oct. 8, 2021 I've had the pleasure of playing the AutoFlex 505X for the majority of the season. Currently, I have about 25 rounds on its final configuration (more on that later). I still would not classify driver as the most reliable part of my game, but there is something special about this pink and black shaft. Looks - 4/5 Stars The pink/black combo isn't going to be mistaken for any other shaft. I assume most love it or hate it. If I'm being nit picky the font selection is not my favorite. The serif lettering of SF505 screams "Times New Roman." If I wanted to drop some (more) cash, a custom blacked out or pink/black driver head would look nice with the shaft. Feel - 5/5 Stars As advertised, the AutoFlex feels very whippy everywhere but on the downswing. After months of swinging it, going back to any other driver shaft is an odd feeling. I let my brother-in-law try it a few weeks ago at the range. He handed it back to me after one swing. Despite the feel, I've had no issue determining where the ball is striking the club face. Keeping with the whip analogy, there seems to be a very linear release of energy through the ball with no defined bend point. Basic Characteristics - 5/5 Stars I've mentioned the most obvious characteristic of the AutoFlex already - it's very light and whippy feeling at address. So much so that the shaft almost feels brittle. I've had no issues with durability so far. Trajectory - The AutoFlex produces a towering trajectory on my best swings. Good shots are a slight draw or fade depending on the day. I am playing my Callaway Epic Max LS head at 8 degrees and have no issues launching the ball. Accuracy - Arccos shows I have retained about the same accuracy throughout the season with and without the AutoFlex. On good swings the AutoFlex is extremely accurate. On less than ideal swings it seems to help limit damage. Worries about the flexibility of the shaft and its effects on accuracy are unfounded. Distance - The AutoFlex is an absolute bomber when paired up with the correct head. My Arccos Smart Distance has increased to 288 yards recently. I also hit a career best 320-yard drive this season with a little wind help with the 505X in the bag. Getting the correct fit is important. I started my adventure by pairing the AutoFlex with a standard Callaway Mavrik head. I did not have great success, and I was considering selling the AutoFlex midway through the season. Only after purchasing a Callaway Max LS head, and subsequently removing five grams of weight from the head, did I start to reap the benefits of the AutoFlex. This combination produces high, tight baby push draws when I'm swinging my best. On-Course Performance - 5/5 Stars Rather than repeat myself, the short summary of the AutoFlex's on-course performance is that I maintained roughly the same level of control, added 20-plus yards to my Arccos Smart Distance and hit more 300-plus yard drives in the past two months than I had in the previous two seasons of playing. My home course is generously listed at about 6,200 yards from the back tees. I usually hit driver on 10 holes. Since switching to the AutoFlex, I have partial wedges into most of the par 4s, and I reached the shortest par 5 this season going driver/8-iron. When I'm playing well I scare par. That is a huge improvement from last season when my best days sniffed 80. Miscellaneous - 1/5 Stars "Cody, how could you rate everything else so well and this category so poorly?" Don't be dumb like me. Please don't buy this shaft without swinging it first or getting a proper fitting. If that's not a possibility (which is probably the case), please prepare to tinker with different weights and heads. This turns an already expensive experiment into something even more expensive. In my case, I tried two different weights in the Mavrik head before giving up. A used Epic Max LS set me back another $400 mid-season. I still needed to drop the weight some more to get everything working for my swing. I have over $1,000 invested in this shaft/head combination. Writing the last sentence makes me a little sick to my stomach. Play it or Trade it? - 5/5 Stars I found the holy grail combo for my swing and don't plan on tinkering with this particular setup anytime soon. At this point, continued practice will do me more good than trying to chase down another driver combination. Conclusion The mystical AutoFlex seemed to make a big difference in my game this season. Is it worth $800? I still don't know. But what I do know is that it's working for me right now, and I have no plans to make any changes in driver for quite some time. Final Score - 4/5 Stars
  9. It's always easier to have too much data than not enough. As others have said, it's just a matter of how you want to apply it to your game. For lessons, I love having Trackman data available to me especially when I'm indoors. When I try something new, I see if numbers move on the screen. Immensely better feedback than someone saying, "That's better!" Obviously, outdoors ball flight helps a bit. On the range, I enjoy having my Mevo+ out about once every five sessions to make sure what I'm doing in the gym is resulting in progress. Club/ball speed mostly. On course, it's fun having Arccos to measure shots. No more guessing based on stakes or yardage markers. Also, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it's much easier to score Internet points with a screenshot of a 300-yard bomb than a story about one. . Realistically, I like being able to look back at rounds and reminisce about good shots and what could/should have been. The strokes gained feature is nice, but not something I look at a lot. To each their own, of course.
  10. Sadly, I didn't get along very well with the 2021 Tours, so I went back to my trusty MTB-Xs. Not sure if I'd have had the same experience with the 2019 models, but I didn't want to take the risk. I still think I'll grab two dozen yellow Tour X next summer if they are available. They are a really good ball for me.
  11. Was shocked to find MTB-X Optic Yellow and no more two dozen limit on Snell's website this morning. I hadn't checked in a few weeks. So, I scooped up five dozen to add to the remaining two dozen in my basement for next season. Price isn't quite as good as it once was, and there's shipping now, but altogether with tax they came out to $34.55/dozen. Still tough to beat. I wanted to give the yellow Maxfli Tour X's a shot following my great success during my review of them, but they still have not come in stock. Since I was on a mini spending spree, I hopped over to Costco and grabbed eight more Kirkland gloves. Again, pricing has increased slightly, but at $7.51/each delivered I can't buy a better glove anywhere else.
  12. You've gotten some really good advice already, but this is also something I struggle with. For me, what feels like 50/50 isn't 50/50 and more like 40/60 to my backside. It could be the angle, but it almost looks like you have something similar going on at address: Echoing what @RickyBobby_PR mentioned, I find too much weight back causes "false turn" and then I get stuck back there with no option but to chunk it/scoop and early extend to get the club through. One thing that is helpful for me is to feel a little bit more of my front hip bumping toward the target at address. That sets my weight forward a bit more and really helps with the scooped wedges. Chris Ryan's 60/60/100 drill might also be a good feeling to practice with for a bit, even if only on partial wedge swings.
  13. I have the Sports Sensors one that SuperSpeed originally packaged with their sticks a few years back. I think the PRGR is the most popular option now, certainly better than the Sports Sensors one if you want more reliable numbers on the range.
  14. - 45 (+9) - 2/8 FIR - 5/9 GIR - 20 Putts (3 3 putts, 5 2-putts, 1 1-putt) Possibly the final round at my course for the year. Owner is planning on closing up after next Sunday morning in order to spend some time with his family away from the course and also to be able to have a few weeks of good weather to work on course maintenance items. There are a few trees to be taken down, he'll aerate the greens with his core aerator and he just purchased a new "VertiQuake" aerator to do the majority of fairways and tee boxes. Hadn't played in two weeks, which meant not touching my putter or practicing short game stuff as I've been trying to eek out the remaining good weather with full swings on the range at lunch. Had a good day off the tee box and with full swings, but anything on our around the green was miserable. Too many bad three putts and poor chips. As always, trying to reflect on progress this season despite scores not always being what I'd want. This was the view from my tee shot on No. 16, which is a 407-yard par 4 that goes downhill from the tee and then uphill back to the green. With the pin in front, I had 98 yards to the flag from where my tee shot ended up. This wasn't even perfectly struck, but even just months ago at the beginning of the season I'd have been way further back and still happy. (My 58 wedge ended up pin high but on a ridge about 20 feet to the right of the pin, got too aggressive and walked away with a three-putt bogey .)
  15. That's a really nice look for the 6 iron! My biggest complaint about my Sub70 set is that I wish I would have forgone the 4-6 regular 699s and just gone with the 699 Pros throughout. The offset on 4-6 is a little much compared to the remainder of my set. I've since replaced the 4 iron with a Cobra 4 Utility, but unfortunately Sub70 won't sell me just the 5-6 Pro heads. So I'm stuck unless I want to buy two full clubs from them (~$200, I'm guessing) or buy a set of 699 Pros used that includes the 5-6 irons and then reshaft and sell the set (likely cheaper than $200 but more work). Glad you were able to get your hands on a set of these. I know you went down the Maltby route for a while, too.
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