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  1. Awesome! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
  2. - 43/42 = 85 (+13) - 10/15 FIR - 7/18 GIR (1 birdie) - 36 Putts (4 3-putts , 10 2-putts, 4 1-putts) - 2:45 Round Time FINALLY! I sorted out the gremlin in my swing and was able to get the ball off the tee box today, and I struck a handful of really great irons, also. All I was thinking about today was making sure I was bent over less and had good weight distribution in my setup. Helped immensely. Only threw away two shots - a topped six iron on No. 3 and a finesse shank from about 110 on No. 10. Had a birdie on the front and reeled off four-straight pars on the back nine before I started getting a little wild off the tee and that hurt me on 15, 16 and 17. Sadly, two of the 3-putts were after hitting the GIR. Need to clean that up! Would have been a pretty great scoring round for me had I not had those bad putting holes. Still not hitting the ball spectacularly, but this gives me a lot of confidence moving forward. I ordered a flexible phone mount to attach to my cart, and I videoed hole No. 1, which I parred. I have a ton of respect for people who do full course vlogs, it takes a lot of time to even do one hole. I don't think I would want to do a whole round, but I may do a hole here or there as the season goes just for fun.
  3. I chopped 1/2" off my HZRDUS Yellow this morning, bringing it down to about 45". Dropped swingweight from D4-D5-ish, to about D2.5. No real reason to try other than to experiment. Can't get much worse with the driver.
  4. Precision, but not accuracy, apparently. Just need to move it a ball over. On the other hand, I found the reason for the dreaded s-word in my game as of late...
  5. I think a road trip to Sycamore, IL and Sub70 is in your future...
  6. Oh, yeah! This was so much fun last year. Selected or not, this is going to be great, especially with the added choices in equipment! 1. ~11, Grand Rapids, Michigan 2. @edingc on both Instagram and Twitter 3. I expect a minimum of 14-16 rounds (nine and 18 holes), weather permitting, and a maximum of 24 rounds. 4. Callaway (Driver), Mizuno (3W), Cobra (4H), Maltby (5-GW, 54, 60), TaylorMade (Putter) and Sun Mountain (Bag) 5. My ultimate Cobra set is: Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme Driver, Yellow, Tour Length Cobra SpeedZone Fairway, Yellow Cobra SpeedZone 3 Hybrid Cobra SpeedZone 5-GW Irons Cobra KING Black Wedges, 54 Versatile, 58 Widelow Thanks, MGS! And, good luck to all of the applicants.
  7. First full go around for the year at the home course today. We had a ton of rain over the weekend, and the course had been closed since Sunday, I think. Most of the fairways were as long as the rough and pretty wet. Everything was all carry. - 45/47 = 92 (+20) - 3/15 FIR - 3/18 GIR - 34 Putts (2 3-putts, 13 2-putts, 2 1-putts, 1 chip-in) - 2:45 Round Time (Love being the first off...) I'm starting to hit better shots, but right now everything is either pretty good or just awful as I work through the swing changes from my lessons. It's one thing to put them in place on a range, but on the course it's a whole different ballgame. I still really struggled mightily today getting off the tee for the first 15 holes. And unfortunately it really carried over to some shots from the fairway where I had my fair share of clanked tops and even a few dead shanks. Ugh. Looking back on the ShotScope data and it's pretty ugly. Putted really well on the front nine, not as good on the back. Chipping was pretty good all around again. So there are some bright spots. And on the last three holes my driver started to wake up a little, finally registering a 245-yard carry on No. 16. Hoping to play a few times over the long weekend, and hoping more swings continue to work the kinks out.
  8. I hit 108 last fall with my Swing Caddie. Because of COVID, I have not been able to get to a range this year yet. In my first round on March 1, I had three drives top 275 total on some pretty firm ground. Regarding the green club, I recently have been sitting just above or below 130 MPH on the swing speed radar. So it was refreshing to see just a little bit more from the heel stomp. I'm forever making tweaks to my swing, and I hope to have a better idea in a few weeks as to where I am these days. I typically do not generate near the speed with my driver as say, my 7-iron. I mentioned my ball speeds last week a few posts ago, but my Mevo recorded an average of around 95 MPH club speed with my 7 iron.
  9. Funny you mention this video. I watched Ian go through all of his tweaks yesterday, and I tried a few of them today during my routine (namely the left heel), and it did seem to help. Took five swings with green club to finish session - 130, 137, 135, 134, 132.
  10. I snagged some wiffle balls so I could practice full swings in the back yard. I had foam balls previously, but they tend to fly too far. The takeaway from my last lesson that I was standing too close to the ball is really that I've had terrible balance in my swing, and with my weight on my heels my hands wanted to work so close to my body to stay in balance. Getting my weight my onto the balls of my feet made it much easier to feel like I am a little more "stretched out" with my hands. Spending a lot of time finding the right feeling so that I can stay balanced all the way to the finish of the swing. Easier said than done...
  11. @ncwoz This image stands out to me - He seemed to have a lot more "Good strikes" with the blade? My argument would be that Crossfield is an N=1 case study, and that different people would all register different results. I'm not one to "stir the pot," I suppose. I'd advise everyone to play what makes them happy and what makes the game fun for them.
  12. I've been lucky. I purchased a squat rack over the Thanksgiving holiday so I've been able to keep lifting during lockdown. I haven't been as consistent in doing flexibility work, and now that summer is here I've cut down lifting significantly due to golf, mowing lawn, gardening, etc. But yes, I saw some really nice gains mixing For for Golf and SuperSpeed. Combined with a few lessons I picked up about 3 MPH of club speed with a 7-iron on Trackman in about two months. I looked back at my Trackman numbers that I referenced in the above Tweet. I averaged 119 MPH ball speed with the 7-iron. Since December I started doing heavier compound lifts and started a second round of SuperSpeed, including the new SuperSpeed-C club. My maxes on my lifts have gone up 25-30 pounds and I've put on about 15 pounds since December. Last Tuesday my Mevo recorded an average ball speed of 122 MPH over 11 swings with my 7-iron. That included two shots that topped 125 MPH ball speed. SuperSpeed works, and tossing in some other workouts is definitely helpful. It is important, in my opinion, to find the right combination of training days/times so that you're well rested for everything.
  13. edingc


    Yeah, still learning the ins and outs of smoking. I'll have to pick up a bag of cherry next time I'm out. Next up will be a pork shoulder that I'll do a combo sous vide/smoke cook. Thinking that's a good project for Memorial Day.
  14. edingc


    Hickory. That may be why my wife didn't like it so much. It definitely had a smokey flavor.
  15. edingc


    Following up on something @sirchunksalot posted a while ago, I finally got the chance to smoke some chicken drumsticks on the Old Smokey. Brined in a 2 percent salt solution for about six hours, basted with a mixture of Heinz 57, Sriracha and ketchup a few times. I thought they were really, really good. My wife was more on the fence; she's not a huge BBQ fan so the smoke flavor just isn't her thing. Oh well!
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