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  1. Might take a look at their new brand Sub 70. Very nice looking irons and wedges. They will be part of MGS testing this year, I believe.
  2. I wanted to follow up again on this issue because it would otherwise be unfair to Wilson. I also would like to highlight the customer service I've received from Diamond Tour/Hurricane Golf and owner Jason Hiland. Jason personally reached out to my by phone today to confirm my email address so he could loop me in on a thread with his Wilson territory rep. Wilson is going to be sending a prepaid label for the two clubs, and they will be repairing and returning them to me at no charge. I am shocked at the excellent customer service provided by Jason -- probably near the best retail experience of my life to this point. He was insistent that even though the clubs were demos that he would stand by the products he sells 100 percent. Again, Wilson customer service was certainly not in the wrong here as their policy officially states they do not warranty clubs purchased through eBay or Craigslist. But massive appreciation to Jason and Diamond Tour for their work in making this a happy ending.
  3. edingc

    Wilson D7 Irons

    Very nice looking clubs for SGIs. I see we're up to three rows of power holes now... I love my C300s, and they seem to be more than forgiving. I'll have to head over to my shop this summer and take a look at how they compare.
  4. The black/yellow is downright sexy. I definitely want a shot at it, too. Between last year's Nardo color scheme and this, Cobra is killing it without being over the top.
  5. That's awesome that they did that for you. I'm not upset if Wilson won't do anything. But yes, it's nice to know there are companies out there that will. On that note, Diamond Tour has been fantastic for me today on multiple fronts. In addition to the badges, I had a missing shaft in an order I placed last week for DIY Overspeed clubs. Called today and Cody took care of me, and allowed me to place another order that will be sent with the replacement shafts with no shipping cost. Whole process took less than three minutes.
  6. edingc

    Riding vs. Walking

    My current one is a hand-me-down Orlimar with some strategically place duct tape holding it together. It has no storage on it save for two golf ball holders. I absolutely need a new cart with some sort of storage (for my range finder) and a cell phone holder on it. I typically like to keep score on my phone (The Grint) as I play, and sometimes use a GPS program. Last summer I nearly lost my phone three times because I would walk off with the phone balanced on the bag. Had to jog back down the fairway to find it...
  7. These are real deal. Diamond Tour is also Hurricane Golf, and they sell name brand stuff as well. Anyhow, I actually reached out to Diamond Tour and they are going to reach out to their Wilson reps on my behalf. So good on them for helping. We'll see if anything comes out of it.
  8. Emphasis above is my own. I know I'm not alone in this -- while my local golf shop does have a Trackman fitting option at an upcharge, I see most people come in, say they want to demo a certain club, be given a few (regular, stiff, etc.) and then they are left to their own devices to trial them on the driving range or simulators. They MIGHT get some insight from one of the salespeople, but beyond generalizations like, "Oh, you swing your driver X MPH, you need this stiffness of shaft," there's not much fitting going on. This is one of the areas where I think MGS excels -- it is testing the standard configurations for products, which in reality are the configurations most will end up buying. Sure, some will get on Trackman and order a custom shaft that fits their swing, but most won't. If we've gotten to the point that they only way to realize the improvements Callaway is promising is through a deeper fitting, then those improvements aren't really all that monumental. Which, since drivers are coming right up on the edge of legal limits and have been for a while anyway, isn't terribly surprising.
  9. edingc

    Riding vs. Walking

    For the most part, I enjoy walking and take the opportunity to do so. Especially because I have a hard time paying the cart fees at many of the courses I play. In some cases the cart fees nearly double the total cost of the round. I particularly enjoy getting up early in the summer and walking by myself as one of the only people on the course. Soothing. Once last summer I was even early enough that I couldn't actually see my tee shot on the first hole. My in-laws worked for a while at an executive course near us, which meant free golf and free carts. In that case, we almost always rode. It meant being able to get 18 done in 90 minutes if the course wasn't busy. (Yes, I like playing fast golf. I'm trying to work on that this year in an effort to lower my HC and really think about what I'm doing on the course.) I quit carrying years ago, however. Was never comfortable, clubs always clanged together, which I hated. And it was heavy. Have used a push/pull cart in some form then since I was 18 or so. I used to be VERY overweight, and about six years ago I permanently changed my diet and now routinely weightlift and exercise. Walking has the additional bonus of being better for my health!
  10. I would have, except the 5 iron happened without me noticing until much later and the 7 iron went out a ways into tall grass on a busy range. Wasn't going to risk it! Haha.
  11. These came from eBay (from Diamond Tour Golf -- at least a reputable company) so it's entirely possible they had some sort of issue that wouldn't be found in a new set. Now, I paid 1/4 the price of a new set, so I'm not too upset. The KBS shafts are almost worth what I paid for the entire set. And they hit very nicely. But still, it's odd they just came flying off. Oh well!
  12. edingc

    New Member from Michigan

    Thanks! Would love to get out to Seattle someday to take in a baseball game and eat some fish!
  13. Not too uncommon to find me doing mirror swings in the bathroom at work. The mirrors are placed perfectly so I can get a front-on and side view!
  14. edingc

    Wedges and matching to your iron set

    Yes, this is all crazy good information. As I'm finally paying attention to my golf game, I really went through a lot of studying before making my last purchase on wedges. My C300s stop at a 48* gap wedge, and after some conversation with jlukes in another thread, I decided to start with a 54* and 60* setup starting out. Someday I may go to 52/56/60, but I think for my purposes and goals this will work just fine. The C300s are a little long to begin with (1/2", I think), but I looked up the specs for the optional SW (35.50") and had both the 54* and 60* built to that length by Golfworks, using KBS Hi-Rev regular shafts. I don't anticipate hitting too many full on shots, and somewhere I read Tom Wishon actually advocates going softer in flex for most wedges, so hopefully this all works out. I may need to tinker with some counterweighting as these wedges are going to come in around D8 swingweight, which is six points higher than the GW and all of the other irons in the set. The idea of "Tiger stepping" seems like something worth experimenting with, and is certainly something I'd consider in the future.
  15. edingc

    Project X shaft legend

    At some point I want to get on a launch monitor to see exactly how my shafts "work" for me as well. At my skill level, it's really tough to know if I'm fighting the shaft or not. The Project X LZ just seemed to feel really good, slightly whippy, which I really like. I hate boardy feeling shafts. I know, I know. I should just go get fitted. But I've been on a complete swing revamp the past six months with great improvement, and I'm about to start SuperSpeed training, so I'm hesitant. My eventual goal is to get a Skytrak setup so I can do this at my own leisure. There are only three Trackmans in my area, one at my preferred shop, but they charge $60/hour for fitting and don't really offer a "go in and tinker" option. The other two are with teaching pros that run >$100/hour. I do wonder how much some of these +$300 shafts outperform something like the vintage Graffaloys or Aldilias. Most of those can be had for less than $60 with an adapter attached (less if you DIY the work). I don't have a lot of play on the "Made For" Matrix Red Tie that's on my Cobra F6s at the moment. I did play nine last weekend, hitting driver on three or four holes, and I like the mid ball flight. I feel like it would benefit me a lot in the summer where I could get some roll out. But I'm also tempted to pull the trigger on some Graffaloy Blues just to see if I can't bring the ball flight and carry up a little bit. I can see how tinkering can become an expensive hobby.