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  1. Too cold to play this weekend, but last week Sunday morning I had a great 18 hole walk. The Nitron came out of winter storage and was just as nice as I remembered: I've been using it to take my bag out to the range again and still really enjoy how quick it is to pop open and use. The teeing stations are about 350 yards from the parking lot so it is nice to be able to roll the cart instead of lugging a heavy cart bag that distance.
  2. Got out for my first 27 holes of the year this past Saturday/Sunday. Still very wet to go along with some really strong wind gusts. I echo @MattF's statement about burning hamstrings. After the front nine yesterday I was torched but pushed on to the back and glad I did. Didn't really keep score on Saturday's nine but yesterday shot a legitimate 83 with the predictable early season lack of short game touch. I really need to work on partial wedge shots. Full swing was excellent. Not a single duck hook, which plagued me all of last year, in 27 holes. Only one really bad driver swing and no lost balls. Had I not tried to play hero threading through a few trees I probably would have been closer to 79/80. Good start, can't wait for it to dry out a bit more.
  3. Just want to chime in and say you are not alone in this. I've hinted at it in other threads but I've kind of had the same struggles over the past year, especially relating to golf. It has made me step away a bit overall. I didn't touch a club for the first several months of the winter, and my posting on here has dwindled a fair amount as well. You've already gotten some great advice, a good chunk of which was also great for me to read. I really appreciate your openness and willingness to talk about it.
  4. Congratulations, testers! Looking forward to this one.
  5. Glad to see everyone off and running with this test! I have had Star Grips for a long time now, going on year three and round 200-plus with my current set of undersized black grips that are built up back to a "standard" size with one piece of blue painter's tape plus one extra piece under my lower hand. Looking forward to reading more comments as you all get further along.
  6. Thanks! It's been a relief to see my speed come back. When I started after the New Year I was down around 100 or lower with 195 grams. I actually think taking the time off was good for me as a mental reset, but I'm really enjoying the Cruiser program and the flexibility it provides. Once the range is open more often than it is closed (hopefully another two weeks), I'm planning on getting back onto a program.
  7. I've been going pretty hard at the The Stack recently after listening to several different podcasts with Sasho. My motivation waned quite a bit over winter, but with the weather turning and a little bit of progress in the past month or so I've been focused on not missing workouts and putting in the work. I think last night either equals or bests my personal record from last winter. I have this (probably stupid) goal of a 100 MPH 8 iron by the start of the 2025 golf season. If I could keep things linear, I believe that would transfer to about 125 MPH with the driver. To be clear, I'm a long, long ways from that at the moment but it's something to shoot for. Last year I hit 99 MPH on Trackman with a 6 iron so even if I got back to that speed I'd still need about 5 more MPH before I hit my goal.
  8. Windy, but productive range session today. Nice feel for me lately is to feel my knees squeezing a ball in the backswing. Really keeps me centered. Combined it with feeling my spine tilt stay consistent and I hit some really good shots. Wet and cold for a few days again but hopefully Friday I'll be back out there. Can't wait for it to become consistently nice enough to be out there everyday.
  9. Something in glossy black would keep the blacked-out theme while adding a touch of visual interest on the sole. I need to see this. I've had good luck with simple black nail polish followed by some acetone to clean up anything that spills over once it dries.
  10. Range opened! Really productive couple of buckets this season already. Working on my balance has helped tremendously in reducing my left miss. After such a frustrating year last year dealing with low/left constantly, it's been a huge relief. Balance wise, it has to feel like I don't turn my hips at all. If I try to turn my hips, I slide my hip backward to start my backswing and that leads to a whole lot of bad things. A second change I've made, after spending a lot of time working on setup, is moving my front foot more forward outside of my hip socket. I naturally favor my right side, so much so that my natural standing posture and golf stance resulted in my left foot being located directly beneath of or even inside of my left hip socket. That meant during my backswing I had no where for my hips to go but backward, and in the downswing I couldn't really post up at all. Nice change that has me striking it better and also hitting the ball much higher now that I'm not sliding into the ball. Think it's going to be cold/rainy for a bit now, but nice to get out and see lots of ball flight.
  11. Bought my range membership yesterday. Still at least a week or two out from it opening, but that put me in a good mood for my garage session last night. Found a few nice things to work on in regards to balance and swing path. I have been going back and watching old lesson videos from the past few years and making sure I'm getting those checkpoints taken care of. Last night I really focused on staying more centered in the swing (60-60-100 drill) and feeling a "cup" in my lead wrist throughout the swing. I have a tendency to add way too much wrist flexion throughout my swing which can get me hitting low draws/hooks if my timing is not good. Finished up by focusing on maintaining my spine angle in the downswing (tend to drop my rear shoulder and spin out). Last couple of balls were mashed, I had to keep hitting until I fully split the ball... I haven't hit as much this winter so I think this is only my second cracked ball of the offseason. But it's been good to pace myself - my ailing lead wrist has basically fully recovered and I can now hit balls and lift weights with no pain for the first time in a long time.
  12. Yeah, it's so cool when you see something work like that. I had a very similar experience with speed training and just general fitness. Went from like 84 MPH 7 iron to mid-90s over a couple of years. Game changer for sure.
  13. Nail. On. The. Head. Even though this offseason has resulted in less success than the past, a "normal" swing vs. an "all out" swing really isn't all that different anymore.
  14. Sounds to me like the Diamond is very similar to the original MTB-X then. I have often thought the Diamond might be a very good fit for me.
  15. I've got eight dozen sitting ready to go: 1 Dozen Yellow Snell MTB-X (Last box from 2021 purchase!) 1 Dozen Lime Vice Pro Plus 2 Dozen Yellow Srixon ZStar XV 4 Dozen Yellow Maxfli Tour X The Snell is still my favorite ball, though the XV comes close. I think the XV is the longest ball I've ever played, but I prefer the Snell on short game shots around the greens. I really enjoyed the original Tour X, these second generation ones were a Black Friday impulse purchase, hopefully they are as good as the original. Not sure I love the Lime color of the Pro Plus (too much green and not enough yellow), but I'll probably give them a go early in the season while the ground is still more brown than green.
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