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  1. Thanks! My Maltby PTMs are stiff C-Taper Lites, and during my SpeedZone fitting I by far had the best results with the stiff C-Taper Lites. I had similar results last fall when I fit into Mizuno 919 Forged with stiff C-Taper Lites - the CTLs gave me way better results than any other shaft I tried. So something about that particular shaft just jives with my swing. @Getoffmylawn isn't wrong though - sometimes I'm very guilty of playing golf swing instead of golf. Definitely want to give myself a lot more time to try to work out the bugs.
  2. Thank you. That's one thing I want to be clear about too - I think they are great clubs and I probably will continue to play the long irons. Is it solely the shafts? Maybe? I'm inconsistent, which I'm sure is the hallmark of someone around my handicap range. I can have really great days/weeks and really bad days/weeks. Am I just in a funk? Might be! I did take these irons to my last lesson two weeks ago and I was swinging very well that day, and very smooth. I liked the results, but I find I swing better and more freely on the range when my coach can immediately correct anything going wrong. But keeping that smoothness in my swing on the course has been difficult - as I alluded to - sometimes it just feels like I'm working too much.
  3. Maybe I'm an outlier, too, since I played the Wilson C300s and am definitely used to something on topline. I think the carbon fiber is actually less of a visual issue than the power holes, and even those didn't bother me.
  4. #MGSCobra2020 #CobraConnect SpeedZone Iron Review - edingc, a.k.a. #TeamCalvesLikePhil An all-new carbon fiber topline on the long and mid-irons is the big story headlining Cobra’s 2020 SpeedZone irons. The weight savings from use of carbon fiber allowed Cobra’s engineers to push the head’s center of gravity lower than in previous models. Cobra hooked me up with the conventional length SpeedZone irons (1/2 inch short, 2 degrees flat), 4 iron to gap wedge, with KBS C-Taper Lite x-stiff shafts and Lamkin Sonar grips. Previously, I played Maltby PTM Forged irons, which although are “game improvement” irons, are a forged head and offer a more traditional appearance than the SpeedZones. Looks - 3.5/5 Stars I’ve read several comments on the Internet that say the worst thing about the SpeedZone design is the carbon fiber topline. I wholeheartedly disagree! Sure, at first glance it sticks out because it’s different from any other iron. After hitting a few shots, however, it blends in and isn’t distracting at all. From the 8 iron down to the gap wedge, Cobra removed the carbon fiber, leaving a pleasing and not-too-thick topline for the precision scoring clubs. Offset is minimal throughout the set and not off putting in the least bit. My biggest complaint concerning the looks of the SpeedZone irons stems from how much the backside is visible at address, especially in the 6 and 7 irons (the 7 iron is pictured above). Ideally, I would prefer those mid-irons to look less like a driving iron and blend more toward the scoring clubs. These are big clubheads; nobody is mistaking these for a player’s iron. The perimeter weighting, sole design, cavity badging and topline are uniquely game improvement. That doesn’t mean they are bad looking clubs, and I applaud Cobra for pushing the envelope. But, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re wanting a traditional look in your irons. Sound & Feel - 3.5/5 Stars Well-struck balls offer a very solid sound, both with the carbon fiber long irons and the more traditional short irons. It’s a satisfying thwack, I have no issues with it at all. Coming from a fully forged head, the feel of the SpeedZones is obviously a bit lacking in comparison, but likely similar to other irons in its category. It’s fairly easy to determine where the ball is struck horizontally, but I’ve struggled to know where the strike is vertically on the face. With exception to extremely thin shots, a few grooves high or low all seem to feel the same to me. I was originally fit into stiff flex KBS C-Taper Lites and not x-stiff. Stiff flex was unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain issues, so we bumped up to x-stiff. They are definitely different animals than the stiff flex, and right now I’m still struggling a bit to adjust to the feel of them. The x-stiffs don’t have the same swift kick at impact I experience with the stiff flex CTLs, and I think that is partially influencing my feel of the head. Basic Characteristics - 4/5 Stars Unlike my woods, I do get creative with iron shots. My desired stock iron shot is a push draw, with my miss being a straight draw or overcooked pull draw/hook. The video above is a slight pull draw. However, I often need to hit a low stinger under tree branches, and I also like to club up some and play softer finesse shots into greens. It’s not often that I’m taking a full cut with an iron. I am impressed at my ability to do all of those things with the SpeedZone irons. By default they want to launch high and stay straight, but by manipulating ball position and/or gripping down, I’ve been able to hit low or more feathery shots when required. (As a quick aside, the reduced taper shape on the Lamkin Sonars has been very helpful with gripping down on the club.) The sole design is unique with the smaller “effective” sole. We have had hot and dry conditions since I received the clubs, but with the way the sole glides through heavy rough I doubt I’d have much trouble in wet conditions. Turf interaction is great, nice small divots without digging much. Obviously, the SpeedZones are loft-jacked (see: my six iron ball speeds above - with a range ball!). They generate a lot of distance as a result, but they provide adequate height and spin to stop the ball, especially in the shorter irons. I would definitely recommend pairing a more “spinny” ball with them to optimize spin as much as possible (I’ve alternated between Snell MTB-X and Srixon Z-Star XV during the challenge). On Course Performance - 4/5 Stars The SpeedZone irons are outstanding at what they are designed to do - get the ball airborne with serious distance, while being extremely forgiving of mishits. On more than one occasion, I’ve hit a completely disgusting shot only to watch the ball end up near my target line and distance. I’ve also had the pleasure or puring a few irons and watching how the ball rockets off of the face. Don’t expect to suck a ball back on the green with these clubs. But, if I strike the ball well (not a groove low), I can expect the ball to fly high enough to land softly and stop within a few feet. I haven’t experienced any major distance inconsistencies, but I have hit a few low-spin fliers from the rough that kept on going and going and going and wouldn’t stop. I don’t think that’s exclusive to these irons, but perhaps is made worse by the naturally lower spin rates of the design. I often hit mid and long irons from the tee at my home course and the forgiveness has helped me be in better positions than with my Maltby PTMs. The amount of distance I retain on mishits is impressive. Extra distance off the tee combined with longer carry distances from my scoring clubs means I hit shorter clubs into greens, which puts less pressure on my swing to be perfect. My scoring hasn’t changed dramatically for better or for worse since putting the SpeedZones into play. However, I am finding my iron striking to be more inconsistent with the SpeedZones in the bag. My hook miss has gotten worse, and I’m struggling with a tendency to pull across the ball from the top a lot more often. This is resulting in a lot of strikes toward the toe of the club. I’m not a fantastic golfer, but as my Arccos baseline showed, iron striking was one of the better parts of my game. I’m not sure if these exaggerations of my existing misses are to be blamed on the irons or something in my swing, but I can say sometimes I feel like I’m working too hard trying to get the x-stiff C-Taper Lites to do what I want. If I take a nice relaxed cut at the ball, I feel like I’m getting desirable results more often. All in all, the SpeedZone irons are producing predictable ball flight and predictable distances when I’m swinging well, and that’s all I can ask of them to do. Miscellaneous - 4/5 Stars These irons are not ones I’d want to buy stock off the rack. I understand distance is king of sales, but the stock specifications for these irons are very upright and very long. I doubt a low-spin, two-piece surlyn/ionomer ball would stop well with these either, and I’m certain that is the type of ball most played by recreational golfers. Play It or Trade It - 3/5 Stars I’m conflicted. On one hand, I love the forgiveness of the SpeedZones, specifically in the long irons. The clubs are rockets! On the other hand, I’ve tested forgiveness so much because I’ve struggled to find the center of the club face. That wasn’t the case during my baseline with my Maltby PTMs. I’ve thought of multiple scenarios for how these irons might stay in the bag: Do I try soft-stepping the shafts once or twice to see if that returns some of the feel I enjoy with the stiff C-Taper Lites? I’ve considered making the 19 degree 4 iron a true driving iron by putting a graphite shaft into it, so this could be done with just a little basement club work. Do I reshaft a test club with a stiff C-Taper Lite, and, if I like the results, bite the bullet and do the rest of the set? Should I play a split set with my Maltby PTMs? The lofts and lengths are setup in a way I could split my set at the 7 iron, and play SpeedZone long irons (5, 6, 7) and Maltby PTM mid-to-short irons (7, 8, 9, PW, GW) without messing up gapping to the wedges. Do I just practice more and try to sort out my issues with the x-stiff C-Taper Lites? When struck well they do feel effortless, but I think the difference in flex or weight may be partially responsible for the issues I’m having with my iron swing. #CobraConnect will take me to the end of my primary golf season, but over the fall and winter I will have some testing to do to answer these questions. Overall Score - 3.5/5 Stars Going strictly by handicap, I’m probably on the lower end of the target range for the SpeedZone irons, but I wouldn’t say only high handicappers should play these irons. The long irons are excellent - easy to launch, forgiving and crazy fast in regards to ball speeds. Short irons have a good look and generally stop the ball when needed. For the price ($799 USD off the rack), I’m not sure there is a better value out there among the major OEMs in the game improvement/super game improvement category. I’m just struggling a bit adjusting to them. Since we still have a lot of time remaining in the challenge, I’m hoping with more practice I can get a good understanding of what I need to do to play my best golf with these irons.
  5. Hahaha, isn't far, I'll give you that. At least another 500-600 yards, for the record. Smart play this week though. Nothing was handicapped by the course rating for this challenge. Kudos to @B.Boston for playing the game.
  6. 5,492? Seriously though, nice round. Well-played for the FIR/GIR challenge, too. Enjoy the vacation!
  7. Knew you were from Michigan, but didn't realize you were a westsider. Nice to see another one. Meadows is a wonderful home course to have. Always in great shape and the wind can make for some very interesting rounds.
  8. Tried to best my FIR/GIR total from Tuesday, but Mother Nature had other ideas this morning: I intended to gut it out, but after slogging through nine very wet holes with a 45 I had to pack it in. Just too much water on the greens to really putt, and I couldn't keep a good grip on the club. So that means for the FIR/GIR competition I will be submitting Tuesday's round, which had eight FIRs, nine GIRs and five FIR/GIR burgers.
  9. Knocked No. 8 off my list this morning, got away with a thin 8 iron from the tee to about three feet. Only 44 percent finished so far. Still quite a few rounds to go, but I'm finding that I birdie the same holes during my rounds. I've had lots of looks at some of the other holes but just haven't gotten putts to drop.
  10. Haven't forgotten about this - just wanted to get a comparison picture for you. There is not a big difference in general size/shape. The SpeedZone 2 hybrid has a slightly larger footprint than the F8 4 hybrid.
  11. Lots of confidence with the SpeedZone Xtreme. During my round Tuesday afternoon I setup my aim point such that I needed to carry the bunker on the right, which isn't always a guarantee with my driver swing. Cleared them easily and rolled a little. Maybe not a crazy difficult or not normal shot, but while I still hit bad drives, I have a lot of love for the Xtreme at the moment. If I hit a good drive on No. 3 at my home course, I really think I can get to the green in two. Some of the danger has been removed from the hole because we've been so dry that the drainage area in front of the green is basically normal grass right now, but it's a possibility with how I've been driving the ball as of late. (Pictured for example.)
  12. I don't publicize this, but I invite you to look at pictures from the Epic Flash intro last year. Let's just say, the irons have, uh, protection. As sacrilegious as it is.
  13. Parts were a sprint, not going to lie! Quite the workout.
  14. Well, I definitely set a mark this morning that probably won't be equalled or bested in this challenge, unfortunately it had nothing to do with the weekly FIR/GIR Burger competition... I didn't know there was an outing scheduled for this morning until I got to the course, so I had to bust it to get all 18 holes in ahead of them. Very interesting results! I scored OK, and putted pretty well for me. Running between shots, no practice swings, no marking or lining up putts, left my glove on for every shot including putting. Might have to start carrying over some of the putting thoughts - pick a line, pick a speed and go - to a normal-paced round. As far as the FIR/GIR competition goes, I won't be submitting this round. I changed my strategy off of the tee and hit a lot of irons trying to hit more fairways and that failed miserably (and I'll expound on that in more detail in my iron review). Still, remove a ball I hooked out of bounds on No. 3 and I put together a pretty decent scoring round for me. Best shot of the day came on No. 17, and the SpeedZone Xtreme really continues to impress me. Had to punch a 7 iron under a branch to get to the green and did so successfully for an easy two-putt par.
  15. Funny @cnosil mentioned his coach reminding him of this, mine has done the same. When I'm in trouble now, my thoughts are usually more along the lines of, "What can I do to avoid making worse than bogey?"
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