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  1. Obviously, big ticket items are fun to read about. But there are small ticket items I would love to see, also: More DTC brands. I think the Sub70 test last year was wildly successful. Would love to see their wedges. But brands like Haywood Golf, Ballistic Golf, Golfworks, etc. Bringing back something like the Ping long game challenge would be cool. That was an amazing opportunity for the testers and a fun read. Shaft testing is intriguing, but kind of difficult to execute. We've had some really good efforts with the past ones, though. Experiences (though tough to do
  2. If you can get the best of both worlds (i.e. outdoor session with a launch monitor), that would probably be ideal. As @jlukes pointed out, having the data can be invaluable to diagnosing and resolving swing issues. Here in the Midwest we don't have much of a choice in the winter, but for me, I've found having tangible numbers to refer to (path, AoA, etc.) actually helps me make changes faster than just seeing ball flight on a range and getting verbal feedback from my coach.
  3. I'm guilty of swapping a lot since I joined MGS, but that has more to do with getting better overall and also becoming more knowledgeable about clubs and my swing through lessons and multiple fittings. When I first got back into golf seriously in summer 2018, I had a set of 15-year-old Nike irons and an older Cobra driver. That winter (right around the time I joined here), I upgraded everything with stuff from eBay, but purchased some ill-fitting stuff not knowing how I swung the club. As I've spent more time focused on my game, my swing has improved a lot both in technique and spee
  4. Well, you saw firsthand how poor my putting can be. However, the last few rounds out with the new L.A.B. were really promising. I wish I had gotten it earlier in the season. I had a few doozies where I shot things like 84/39 putts, 80/36 putts and 81/35 putts. I did hit a few more greens in those rounds, but those are still a lot of putts on what should be fairly easy greens. Arccos is more reflective of the last month or so of my season, when penalties and poor iron striking hurt me. For example, my two 18-hole rounds in October were marred by penalties and fluke holes. I was through 13
  5. Lower Michigan (sorry, @GolfSpy MPR) finally broke out of its prolonged cold snap and the snow is starting to melt! More white stuff will likely be on the way, but it feels fantastic to turn the corner. The near-zero degree temperatures we've had for most of February were miserable. I've started to plan out my summer vacation/golf schedule. I should be able to get 60-plus rounds in again this year, weather permitting. I've mapped out a handful of other courses to play throughout the year besides my home course. If all goes to plan, I'll get a chance to play three or four new-to-me courses
  6. The warmer weather is awesome, isn't it? I was able to get outside on my patio instead of the garage to do some SuperSpeed work for the first time in a while. Much preferred, though it being warmer is going to drive my stir crazy until courses actually open...
  7. I lived a couple of years in Casper and know the feeling. Fort Collins had year 'round golf for the most part. Casper not so much, unfortunately.
  8. Appreciate the comments! This was a really fun build. I can't wait for the snow to melt and to get on the course.
  9. This will be the first season where I bought a club specifically for the option of "swapping out." My Sub70 4 iron (21.5° at 38.5"), Callaway Epic Flash 4 hybrid (20°-23° at 40") and a 2016 Cobra KING Utility (not built yet, but planning to do 18.5° at 39.5") will all be available as my 14th club at the top end of my bag. Most of my rounds are played on my home course and in the morning when it's wet, so I do not plan on carrying the KING Utility much, if at all, while playing there and will set the Epic Flash at 20 degrees. However, I also spend some time playing a links-style course wit
  10. edingc


    I think it's completely natural to occasionally have a down period where a hobby or at least part of a hobby isn't in the forefront of your life. Obviously, everyone has different reasons as this thread shows - family, weather, work commitments, coaching, etc. - and other times I'm a believer you really can have "too much of a good thing." As someone who doesn't have a lot of additional responsibilities, familial or otherwise, golf takes up a rather large part of my free time, but I'm careful to spread around what I'm doing. Downtime is great to "sharpen the saw," so to speak, so a lot of
  11. Congrats, @GolfSpy MPR! Ironic twist to this post, I joined MGS in Dec. 2018 largely because I built my DIY SuperSpeed sticks thanks to your post. I started my own thread, which was one of the first well-received posts of mine. I really enjoy the content you bring to the forum, and as you said, quality posts and posters like you are what make the the MGS Forums great. Carry on!
  12. Back to the range for two buckets this morning. Wasn't the best day overall, just couldn't get comfortable over the ball, but the MMTs are addictive to hit! Really enjoyed my time spent with the 6 and 7 irons today. Still seeing a few MPH increase in swing speed across the irons after switching from steel to graphite. Didn't have a ton of success with the longer clubs I brought (driver, hybrids) mostly because I just was too tight. Started getting a bit more relaxed toward the end of the session and had some better swings.
  13. I have something similar to this, but mine is a pistol grip: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Golf-Grip-Install-Air-Tool-All-Metal-Stubby-Gun-1-5-XL-Cup-fits-all-Grip-Sizes/281202176764?hash=item4178f4b2fc:g:V8UAAOxy4t1SeqJ~ The key is to use as low of air pressure as you can, and go slow. I've had good luck with all of the rubber grips I've tried, and so far have only ruined one of ~30 grips. I'm not sure how the hybrid grips with cord in them will handle the air. I still do keep tape and solvent around just in case.
  14. I just realized I never responded to this. I don't have a loft/lie machine. They are quite expensive for good ones, and unless I was doing work for other people or buying cheap components that may be out of spec, I'd probably use it maybe once a year? The closest shop near me charges $30 to do loft/lie on an entire set, and the shop I frequent the range at in the winter actually bent my wedges for me last weekend for no charge. In the case of the Sub70s, I had them bend the irons one degree flat before shipping, which they did at no charge as well. I would say, if you order quality c
  15. Amen to this. I think I spent three or four different lessons getting told to do something about three or four different ways when it came to my transition. And even then I still didn't get it right until I started to use the Planemate more to literally feel what I was supposed to be doing. @dlow206 - Lots of progress in here! Excited for your weather to get better and see the results on the course!
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