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  1. Awesome to read all of your progress this season. I really appreciate all of the time and effort you put into your posts, and it's one of the threads that inspired me to create my own. I'm still really jealous of your SkyTrak setup. My garage has 10 foot ceilings, you're welcome anytime this winter. I have the DST Compressor 8 iron and used it a bit last winter. My only warning to you will be that it's pretty easy to cheat with the club off of a mat. The mat can mask fat shots, as you've alluded to, and I found the huge amount of bounce on the DST iron basically allows it to skip forward and still strike the ball well. Something to keep in mind.
  2. I recently bought a Sun Mountain Sync, wondering now if I should have gone with the C130. The Sync was specifically designed for push carts. I like the lightweight design, but I will admit the storage is a little lacking compared to my older riding cart bag. I've seen the C130 in person, it's a bit larger, probably has more storage as a result. Love the red/black, it's very sharp. I will say, I love the full-length dividers and putter well for ease of getting clubs in/out while on the cart. My older OGIO bag had a 14-way top but no full-length dividers and it was a pain to get clubs in/out without sticking when using my walking cart.
  3. Asking both you and @MattF, did you start with a player's pack to determine what tee height you wanted? I was going to order another set of Evolve Epoch tees, I have maybe 10 left, as I like the rings on them for getting height roughly the same each time. But they do break eventually, and these look like they would give you the exact same height regardless of tee box condition. My course tends to have a few different mowing heights, some bare dirt, etc., throughout the year so getting exactly the same height is always a challenge for me. Do you use a short one for irons or just go with whatever you find around on the ground?
  4. Sharp. Did you clean out the club number, too?
  5. Oooo.... Project X LZ. One of the shafts I really want to hit! Numbers look great. Nothing like adding 10 yards with more spin and angle.
  6. Thanks! That's as good of a place to start as any, I suppose! First, to recap a few loosely-defined goals I had for this year: 1) Play More Golf Never mind the fact that "more" is a terrible qualifier for a goal, I definitely played more golf in 2019 than ever before in my life. I totaled 51 rounds this season. Honestly, I ended up playing a lot more than I anticipated coming into the year. Some of that is because I was selected to test the Callaway Epic Flash (thanks again, MGS!), but also because I ended up getting a very affordable membership at one of our local courses. Additionally, I am lucky to work very close to a championship-caliber course and practice facility. I hit a bucket of balls and spent time in the short game area or putting green at lunch nearly every day from April to this past week. 2) Break 90 The last time I played golf consistently was my junior year of college. Playing three times a week for about 10 or 12 weeks in a row, I broke 90 once. I expected it would take some time before I’d ever do it again. I ended up breaking 90 relatively early in the season, and I totaled 17 rounds of 90 or less out of 27 18-hole rounds played. I ended up breaking 80 once, too. 3) Walk Most of My Rounds I bought a CaddyTek cart early in the season and walked almost all of my rounds. I even opted to walk when the rest of my foursome took carts on a few occasions. My goals for 2020 are more measurable. My hope is that by setting more specific goals, I will improve my game faster. 1) Hit 55 Percent of Fairways in Regulation I hit about 44 percent of fairways this season. I’ve seen differing numbers out there, but some older stats by TheGrint put 10-15 handicappers as hitting 55 percent of fairways in regulation. Removing scrambles and one round where I did not keep any statistics whatsoever, in only 13 out of 46 rounds did I hit more than 55 percent of fairways in regulation. In fact, I had more rounds (18) in which I hit less than one-third of fairways! For my game, improving the accuracy of tee shots will dramatically affect my scores. My home course is heavily tree-lined. Poor tee shots are often left with no option other than to punch out back to the fairway. I punched out a total of seven times during the last round I played at my home course. That is seven strokes wasted on shots that did next to nothing to advance the ball toward the hole. (In my case, I ended up with a few extra strokes on top of those seven...). Simply keeping the ball in the fairway might have changed my score from the low 90s to something in the low-mid 80s. 2) Average 34 or Fewer Putts Per Round I’ve posted around MGS a few times that I feel like I’m an OK putter, but I am starting to realize I might just be in denial! Putts per round isn’t the best statistic in the world, but I do three-putt too often. I averaged over 35 putts per round in 2019, and not surprisingly, most of my lowest scores correlate with my best putting performances. In 609 holes of putting recorded with GAME Golf, I three-putted 86 holes, or about 14 percent of the time. Now, I’m not a PGA Tour player, but even the worst three-putter on tour last year (Cameron Champ) three-putted only 66 times in 1,368 chances! Bringing my total putts per round down will require me not only to become better at all facets of my putting, but also will require me to improve my short game from 30 yards and in. Too often I hit poor chips or pitches that still leave me with long and/or challenging first putts. Getting the ball closer to the hole when I miss the green in regulation should bring this number down quickly. 3) Improve my Average Driver Carry to 250 Yards Building consistency in my swing, specifically my driver swing, is a big priority for me. I had a few rounds this season where the driver was on fire, and I’d like to have more rounds like that in the future. This goal is best measured on the range with my Swing Caddie SC200. There is obviously a lot more to the game of golf than bombing the driver, but my hope is that increasing my swing speed and improving my mechanics helps throughout the bag, driver to wedge. After all, carry is king, especially during my morning rounds and on a course as wet as mine is most of the year.
  7. The weather has turned to fall here in Michigan, and I’m ready to bring my golf season to a close. We’ll have at least one or two more weekends of decent temperatures, but with the amount of precipitation we’ve already received this fall, and more on the way, my course isn’t looking like it’s going to be fun to play (if it can be played at all) for the remainder of the season. Despite playing golf occasionally for as long as I can remember, 2019 marked the first time I took the game seriously. I set a high bar for 2020 in doing so. I played 51 total 9/18 hole rounds this season, and I will finish the year with an unofficial (self-calculated) handicap of 11.2. As a more tangible measure of progress, I went from routinely shooting in the mid-90s to being most often in the mid-80s, with a few lower rounds sprinkled in. In August, I shot 79 to break 80 for the first time in my life. I’m starting this thread as a way to centralize a lot of my thoughts throughout the offseason, and I’m hoping it turns into more of a “state of my game” post (similar to those by other members) as we move into next season. I have some goals in mind for next year, so I’m starting this thread in part to keep me better focused on that quest.
  8. Been focusing the past two days on getting back to what was working earlier this season. I limped through my round Saturday thanks to my driver and short game, which I got away with until the driver quit working for me on No. 16 and the wheels fell off my round. My iron contact was crap, just no distance and a bunch of weak high fades or thin/topped shanky looking things, such as the two I put in the water on 16 and 18. Couple of things happened over the past few weeks which I'm now trying to revert: 1) As I had mentioned above in my getting over the shanks post, I had been trying to change my hip rotation slightly and I overdid it, causing all sorts of problems. I think I have this fixed now, only had one shanky wedge today. 2) In the process of doing Monte's takeaway drill, my arms starting to work in a disconnected fashion from my shoulders/torso. I'm now focusing more on staying connected and really kind of speeding up my torso a bit in the backswing. Seems to help keep everything together more easily. 3) For some reason, I decided I needed to work on getting the club more toe up in my takeaway/backswing (P2 position or so...). This ended up being disastrous for me as I started extended my left wrist, coming way inside and leaving the club face wide open at the top. Queue the high, weak iron shots. (Looking at GAME Golf from the past round, I lost about 20-25 yards on some of my worst offenders.) Comparatively, it now feels like I'm hooding the club face and coming way outside on the takeaway, but checking myself I'm hitting much better positions. Feel isn't real! Anyway, I went back to what was working before, hitting tons of half 54 wedges in the short game area since the range has been closed due to rain. Toward the end of my practice I really starting honing in on the target flags from 40-50 yards or so. Results were pretty good!
  9. If the math works out, I'd say go for it! I played more golf than I usually would have this season solely because I was a member vs. non-member. I'm stuck in a similar situation for next year. I got a screaming deal this season because the course allowed me as an "add-on" to my in-laws membership, so I paid only $300 for 35 walking rounds, split between 9/18 holes about evenly. My in-laws aren't renewing, so I'm either stuck paying $625 for a single membership or paying out-of-pocket. Out-of-pocket cost for those 35 rounds is about break-even at that $625 point, so I'm unsure if I want to drop that cash up front or not. I really like this course, not in the most perfect shape, but the owner genuinely cares about it and is very flexible in allowing me to basically just show up and play before the course is officially open. How often do you hit range balls, and what do they cost? Having a practice facility membership is amazing as well. I paid $175 this year for unlimited balls at my practice range (normally 35 balls for $6), and had that value covered easily by early June. As far as private/non-private, my only experience around here has been that private clubs are typically in better shape. All the more reason to join, assuming the cost is right.
  10. - 94 (+21) / 90 ESC - 8/15 FIR - 6/18 GIR - 36 Putts (4 3-putt, 10 2-putts, 4 1-putts) Took advantage of fall rates today and got to play Pilgrim's Run in Pierson, Mich., which is a bit north of us. Beautiful course. First round in three weeks! And No. 50 for the year which is a huge milestone for me. I was very happy with my play until holes 16, 17 and 18. I lost my focus (for multiple reasons) and just fell apart, carding 9-5-8 to finish the round. Put a total of four balls in the water, two each on 16 and 18. Frustrated with myself for losing my focus. I had been doing so well up until that point. I also remember why Saturday rounds are not my favorite - after playing the front in two hours flat, it took basically three hours to play the back nine. We got done just before it was too dark to see. Three hours for nine holes is frustrating.
  11. Thanks, guys, for the clarification. I'm still definitely interested in the ShotScope, but I might ride out GG a little while longer.
  12. Thanks for this great review. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't understand the whole "no manual tagging" mantra. I love my GAME Golf Live precisely for the manual tagging requirement. It integrates well with any pre-shot routine, and if you miss a tag the sensor is often smart enough to pick that a shot occurred anyway. I almost never miss a tag and instead double tag, which is easy to catch and correct post-round. If I have to go around worrying about exposing the grip end to light too soon, or need to take two specific practice swings to trigger the sensor, isn't that worse than just tapping a tag and making sure the belt clip vibrates? I really fail to see how these newer "touchless" tracking systems are any better (GAME Golf Pro, I'm looking at you...). Of course, GAME's downfall is (in my opinion) less than stellar support and no real vision for the future. The product seems to be stagnant, GAME Golf Pro is a flop, and I question how much longer they'll be around. I've been looking at the Shotscope as a replacement as a result. But I'm not wild on needing to make sure my practice swings are just so.
  13. In California traffic, that's what, about three miles?
  14. 0-1 for me as well, can be more depending on the course. My home course is extremely forgiving. It takes some awful swings to actually lose a ball. If I go to some of the other courses around here, it's probably 2-3 (or more) depending on how my driver is that day. I found switching to a yellow ball helps me track the ball better in the air when I'm playing by myself (which is 95 percent of my rounds). Food for thought.
  15. Rain, rain, rain. Second Sunday in a row I've been rained out. Rained out my Mizuno fitting on Friday. Suppose to rain every day until Thursday. Not a great start to the fall golf season. IF I can play next weekend it will be three weeks between rounds, assuming the course can even dry out on Friday. On a high note, I did finish a French drain project yesterday while we did not have rain and it's working wonderfully today.
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