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  1. Been so busy lately I haven't been able to post! Placed my order for the 10.5 degree Paradym Triple Diamond driver the other day, just waiting for delivery to the pro shop. Very excited to have that for this season after my fitting two weekends ago. Putter is safe, wedges are safe, irons are safe, 4 hybrid is safe, (new) driver is safe. I'm tempted to go hit the Paradym wood line and maybe jump on one if I can find an early season cast off on eBay...
  2. My opinion/experience here... The intro program does a very good job of ramping up the swings so you don't jump full on into too many at once. That being said, during the first couple of weeks of the Full Speed Spectrum program, which was the first program the app recommended after the intro, I did experience some tennis/golf elbow. Full Speed Spectrum uses some heavier weights and it took my body a while to adjust to that. No issues now, just about done with Full Speed Spectrum.
  3. Phew! Big relief today as my speed miraculously is showing signs of coming back. I set a couple new personal bests during my Stack workout and my hitting session that followed was great. Saw my 6 iron sneak back up into the 99-100 range (and a little higher when I was going all out for fun). The really good news is that my driver started right around 112 and worked closer to 113 cruising during the session with my top speeds coming at 115+. The small addition of a few more carbohydrates seems to be helping. I also PR'ed a few lifts this week and have been feeling really good (and am also down about 12 pounds from the holidays!). I was really hoping to see 5+ MPH gains this offseason, but that was probably very unrealistic. Seeing 115 (and hopefully sustaining that) is still a small gain and I'm happy with that.
  4. For what it's worth - I have the same exact setup with a SIM-less iPhone and have experienced this as well. I'm really hoping this is my next program. Three more to go in Full Speed Spectrum for me.
  5. Only had a few minutes after my Stack session last night so I pulled my mat forward a bit and didn't bother with a radar just to get some better video and work on a few things. Specifically, I've been working on my right elbow at setup (more supination, i.e. elbow pointing more to right hip than behind me) and also on posture/pressure at setup. Last night I focused on feeling my hips over my ankles. It keeps me from sitting back too much and getting in my heels during the swing. Have to say, this is one of the best looking swings I've made in a long, long time. Feeling really good about it.
  6. Yes, very happy. It does add just a bit of time to the setup process, but totally worth it. No need to manually enter speeds.
  7. I really should video the two different feels l have, but for me, I tend to see better numbers when I perceive either: 1) A slower, complete backswing, focusing more on staying in balance than anything else. or 2) A faster backswing with what feels like a brief pause at the top. I suspect the "brief pause" I feel at the top is likely more of my body getting synced up and finishing my backswing fully. I think sometimes the hit impulse can be greater for me with a faster backswing, and that causes all sorts of issues.
  8. During my fitting yesterday I averaged right around 110 MPH swing speed (Trackman), topping out at 113.2. Well struck balls were flying with about 165 MPH ball speed. I've remarked the past few weeks that I've lost some speed since early December as a result of trying to cut some weight I put on over the holidays. First, as to not lose sight of the forest through the trees, I went back and looked at my Trackman fitting from spring 2019 during the Epic Flash test here on MGS. At that time my absolute all out swing went 103, with the majority of my drivers sitting under 100 MPH. My max ball speed during that fitting was 148 MPH. So I'm obviously ecstatic to have added that speed over the past four years. Second, regarding my nutrition, my goal over the next few weeks is to slowly ramp up my carbohydrate intake in an effort to regain some of the 3-4 MPH I lost over the past month. I was reading a pretty interesting research summary on Stronger by Science, which highlighted the relationship of glycogen storage in type 2/"fast twitch" muscle fibers. I'm continuing to make some gains in the gym with weights, but the speed has stagnated/regressed a bit since the fall. Since the start of the year my wife and I have gotten back into being lower carb more seriously (we've been low carbers for over 10 years now, but splurged a bit this past fall/holiday season) and that has correlated directly with my loss of speed. I'm hoping by introducing a few more carbs I might capture some of that lost speed while still allowing me to work on body composition. Fun little experiment to take me through the end of this challenge.
  9. Cost no object, The Stack hands down. Couple things that haven't already been mentioned that are advantages to the Stack system for me: Enforced rest periods through Grit score. I'm an impatient person and with the SuperSpeed protocols I never gave myself enough rest between sets. The Stack app gives direct comparisons to other golfers in your age bracket. One stick vs. three. In combination with the Stack's speed priming workout you have a really portable and awesome quick warmup before a round of golf. No opposite hand or kneeling swings. FlightScope integration, if you have one.
  10. Blasphemy! I dug further into the data last night. After looking back on both the standard and Triple Diamond models, my numbers with the Triple Diamond were actually better to my eyes. My concern about spin and height with the standard Paradym were re-validated after looking at landing angle and also removing a few outliers where my spin was low enough to drag the average down a bit. I also feel that the Triple Diamond gives me a little more versatility in golf ball choice and builds in some flexibility for any speed that comes back after my cut. I think with the weights switched around I'll be at a very comfortable level of spin at 9.5, or I can play at the stamped 10.5 degrees with the weight forward.
  11. Thanks! Heavily leaning toward the 10.5 Triple Diamond, turned to 9.5, with the heavy weight in back. I texted my coach again and he was getting 200-400 more RPM with weight in back, which would put me into a very comfortable range. Going to have to sleep on it.
  12. Had my 2023 driver "fitting" this morning. Fitting in quotes because I went in with no desire to try anything but the Paradym and Paradym Triple Diamond. I would have strayed to try the PING G430 line, but my local shop and PING are having a dispute about a pricing mistake and currently the shop can't order/sell any of the new line. Couple good things I learned today, not regarding clubs, but rather my swing and practice setup at home: The Mevo+ is wickedly accurate with the latest RCT firmware update all the way up to driver now. I had suspected that the Mevo+ was misreading spin a little bit, but within 10 swings with my current gamer driver I saw the same things I see in my garage. Club speed and ball speed are right around the ball park as well. Regarding club speed, I'm down 3-4 MPH both in cruising speed and top end from my peak about a month ago. I attribute that to actively trying to lose some weight so far this year. The fall was spent on what would be considered a "dream bulk" and my swing speed really improved during that period. I hit just fewer than 20 balls with my current gamer (Epic Max LS @ 9, Motore X F1 X) and saw exactly what I've struggled with in the garage. Low launch knuckleballs that create a wicked two way miss with some really bad hooks. My averages below don't look so bad, but there were eight shots in this grouping with less than 1,900 RPM spin, and my ball speed is up slightly due to the hook misses that were low screamers. I've been texting with my coach who thought I should go with the Triple Diamond, I personally felt like the Paradym would be the better fit for me. While I enjoyed hitting both, I was more consistent with the standard Paradym at the expense of some ball speed. My fitter felt like it was a toss up, but he did really like my consistency with the standard Paradym model. I had a nice baby fade going on for most of the fitting. I tried all of the stock shaft options and a few upcharge options, but nothing could match the performance of my Motore X F1. I didn't see improvements in ball speed, but with the 10.5 Paradym head turned down to 9.5 my launch and spin came up a bit, leading to improved carry, while also taking away some of the left miss. It would appear, at least for me, that Callaway's story about down range accuracy is not wrong. I wasn't all that worse with the TD, but I really gravitated to the standard Paradym. I didn't hit as many shots with the TD: I tried a few different shafts, none of which felt as good or bested my Motore: Tensei White 60X and 70X Tour AD IZ 7X Kai'li White 60 X My fitter also snuck in a TSR3 with a HZRDUS Black. It felt really good in my hands but I couldn't keep it on the planet and I wasn't all that interested in it. All together, a successful $80 spent for the hour on Trackman. I'm a little torn on what I want to do. I know the Epic Max LS is not the best fit for me at the moment, the Paradyms were noticeably better, especially in sound/feel. The carbon sound is addicting. I do hope to see my speed return when I come off this calorie cut, so that has me debating whether the Triple Diamond is a better long term fit. I did spin some of the standard Paradym shots closer to 2,700, which might be a little high. I could change balls and shave a little spin from the ProV1x/MTB-X that I fit with. But with the additional spin comes some accuracy, which I desperately need. Though I could also flips the weights in the TD and potential add some spin and forgiveness back. I really did like the look of the Triple Diamond. The face didn't look as open as my Max LS and the slightly smaller shaping was pleasing. Decisions, decisions! Anyway, here's my whole dispersion for every swing today. Driver is the worst part of my game and this begins to show why.
  13. In my case, as I mentioned in the equipment biases thread, I am forever grateful to Callaway and the MGS forums/mods for the opportunity to test the Epic Flash driver back in 2019 as my first ever review here. Callaway (and Cobra, Maxfli, Edel) will always get preferential treatment from me moving forward. And who doesn't love trying new things... $80 is worth my time on Trackman alone.
  14. Broad stroke goal, but it will definitely lead to reaching a bunch of other markers of improvement. It's something I'm always trying to improve upon. One penalty can turn a good round into an average one so fast. At my home course, I try to break 80 every time I go out. With the state of my game and the course, I feel like that is achievable.
  15. Couldn't help myself. I booked a fitting for this weekend to hit the Paradym line. I was texting my coach, who's a Callaway staffer, and he saw noticeable (2-3 MPH) ball speed gains with the Paradym Triple Diamond over his Rogue ST equivalent. I'm also liking the "more accuracy down range" story that Callaway is pushing. Booked at the local shop, not Club Champion. For $80 I figured it was worth my time just to see what worked best. He thinks I should be in the Triple Diamond, my brain tells me standard Paradym, but I have questions on loft regardless. I've lowered my AoA a little bit since last year (closer to zero now than +4) trying to get some more consistency, but now my 9 degree head launches a little low and if my Mevo+ is to be believed, I hit low spin knuckleballs sometimes. I won't lie. Unless I'm totally underwhelmed by the numbers I will probably be placing an order Sunday evening.
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