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  1. The Bombtech driver was included in the 2015 Most Wanted Testing: https://mygolfspy.com/2015-most-wanted-driver-data/ MGS' testing protocols have changed some since then, but the relevant numbers are still there.
  2. Winter is rather limiting on practice in Michigan, especially at home. I've been lucky enough to get two full-swing buckets in each weekend in for most of December, January and February, but I have to drive about an hour round-trip to do so. I started the offseason really working on putting in my basement, and now have moved on to chipping practice. I have a small hitting mat that simulates plushy fringe pretty well. Additionally, I've started chipping a lot straight off the berber carpet. I figure I'm not going to get a whole lot tighter of a lie than off the carpet.
  3. Sold! Mods, please feel free to close this thread.
  4. Updated sequence from my range session Sunday. Feeling good heading into spring. Unfortunately, my video skipped a few frames toward the end...
  5. I birdied 10/18 holes in 2019. I'm in to try to get all of them this season. Home Course: Western Greens Country Club, Marne, MI - Par 72, 6,164 yards, 69.4/114 from back tees. Hole 1 | Par 4 | 305: Nice simple opener. If it's dry, a good drive leaves a chip into the green. A great drive could be on the green. Hole 2 | Par 4 | 338: Tough second hole with slight dogleg left, requiring a perfectly placed 6/7 iron off the tee if you play conservatively. With the slight draw bias of my 4 hybrid and new swing, I'm considering trying to bomb it around the dogleg this year. I did not birdie this hole last year. Hole 3 | Par 5 | 507: Anything 250+ off the tee, with a good mid-iron, leaves a pitch and putt for birdie. Did not birdie this hole last year, but did eagle it from the fairway. Hole 4 | Par 4 | 322: Dog-leg right that will probably be a hybrid off the tee to a wedge in. One of the more difficult greens on the course, well protected by undulations in front, sand right and creek directly behind. Hole 5 | Par 4 | 306: Very straight hole, but tight with trees on both sides. Hole 6 | Par 3 | 203: Long par 3 with green that slopes back to front. Sand short right. Will be a tough one. I did not birdie this hole last year. Hole 7 | Par 4 | 428: Toughest hole on the course. A legitimate chance for birdie will require 250+ carry drive with a slight draw to a very small landing area, plus a perfect mid-to-long iron to an elevated green. I birdied this hole once last year, but a bogey on this hole generally feels like par. Hole 8 | Par 3 | 166: Should be an easy 7 or 8 iron to middle of the green. Pin is almost always set somewhere near the middle. Hole 9 | Par 5 | 454: If you can keep your drive in the fairway, this is a ho-hum par 5. Honestly could hit hybrid off the tee here and still make birdie. Hole 10 | Par 4 | 341: Downhill dogleg right. Green could be drivable on a nice, dry day. Requires a good wedge shot as the push up green slopes pretty hard to left side. Hole 11 | Par 4 | 405: Unsure of how best to attack this hole. A good tee shot to the middle of the dog leg leaves 180-200 into the green. Driver is too long for this hole, unless I can pull off some sort of saucy high cut. I did not birdie this hole last year. Hole 12 | Par 3 | 136: Tight little par 3 with a very narrow and deep green. It's a 9-iron off the tee, but very difficult. Hole 13 | Par 4 | 323: A nice tight draw with the driver leaves a wedge into a very flat and receptive green. Only troubles are a few big trees on the left side. Hole 14 | Par 5 | 522: Straightaway par 5 that requires a good drive and a lot of luck. Due to damage over the years from water, the best place for the second shot to land is a crap shoot if you will end up with a good lie. Big, flat green that should be easy, but isn't. Did not birdie this hole last year. Hole 15 | Par 4 | 267: Short, uphill, drivable par 4 that plays as a par 3 from the forward tees. Big bunker guarding left front of green, but generally plays very easy. Hole 16 | Par 4 | 407: Elevated teebox and green that plays very narrow where drivers typically land, with the fairway sloping heavily from right to left. Favor the right side, but stay away from the trees. Green is heavily contoured and leads to some tricky putts. Did not birdie this hole last year. Hole 17 | Par 4 | 407: Should be a simple, straightaway downhill par 4. Green is undulating, requires a good approach shot or a great putt for birdie. Did not birdie this hole last year. Hole 18 | Par 4 | 327: Uphill, with an undulating green. Don't hit your drive left, lest you want to lose your ball among the many range balls that make their way into the rough and fairway. Driver, short iron or wedge into the green. Did not birdie this hole last year. Easiest Holes: 1, 5, 8, 9, 13, 15 Hardest Holes: 2, 7, 11, 16, 17
  6. Yes, I'd rather be proactive than reactive in this case. The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer spit out the i110s during my fitting in the fall, and I really like the feel of the i95 in my hybrid. I think the SteelFibers will be the likely choice, unless the performance is not great. Expensive (roughly $371 for a set of new shafts), but still less than the TGIs. And I'd still be sub-$600 for the entire set with a set of Star grips considering the low price I paid for these. Both the i110s and TGIs would be in the same weight class as the C-Taper Lites, so I'm thinking a transition shouldn't be too hard.
  7. Scored a second 5-GW set of Maltby PTM Chrome Forged on eBay. I wasn't going to pull the trigger on them, but they were at a price that I couldn't pass up. They look to be in even better condition than the set I'm currently playing. I will pull the shafts, which are KBS Tour 105s in regular flex, and probably put them in a set of .370 bore Hogan Edge CFTs I have in my basement before selling those. Not sure if the shafts are .355 or .370 - if they were built by Golfworks I think they'll be .370. Otherwise I may try to save the grips (which were listed as new) and then sell the shafts separately. Who knows? More a project for if I get bored in the next few weeks. I will likely use the heads as an experiment for moving to graphite. Looking at SteelFibers i110s or the new KBS TGIs, probably the 100 gram option. I'm not getting any younger, and I want to head off any elbow or shoulder issues from excessive vibration. Practicing on mats all winter has been really hard on my right shoulder, especially, which already has plenty of wear and tear on it from playing baseball. If I ever do get a simulator for my garage, I will need a quality mat and graphite to help dampen the shock. Since my coach has Trackman, I can build up a test club and compare everything to my current set with the C-Taper Lites pretty easily this summer.
  8. Another excellent group of testers, and another Michigander, too. Looking forward to this one. Shafts are such a cool part of golf tech!
  9. edingc

    Wedge shaft help

    I'm with you on the tinkering. I'm waiting for the weather to warm up to confirm on the course, but heavier and soft-stepped is how my three wedges are setup at the moment. Nice combination of weight and feel. And definitely a more active tip. Remains to be seen if that proves to be a problem with approach shots or not...
  10. I neglected to mention in my review that I first learned about the WHOOP through your posts, so my apologies! I've gotten used to the battery life. The battery pack not maintaining a charge for longer than a few hours was what was the most puzzling to me, but I suppose to put a second, long-lasting battery in the pack would drive the cost up a bit.
  11. Lesson No. 4 for the winter went into the books on Friday. After spending much of the past two lessons and months of practice working on fixing my inside takeaway, I ended up actually overdoing it a bit and had to work a bit more inside. So between the grip change from lesson one, and the takeaway work from lessons two and three, I've made two very positive changes to my swing this offseason. A quick and easy change from Friday's lesson was narrowing my stance a bit. I was getting way too wide (well beyond hip width) even with my shorter clubs. Next up is the transition. My tendency is to rip my left hip and shoulders open to start the downswing, which results in an out-to-in path. On camera, the swing hasn't looked too bad because it's not an obvious over-the-top move, but it shows up at impact with my right arm over my left and after impact with my hands and arms working hard left and low as they exit. If my timing is off, this results in some really poor contact, or as has happened lately, a lot of shots off the toe as my shoulders and hips pull my arms across away from the ball. My instructor has given me a new swing thought of having my hands work down and behind me at the start of the transition. This in effect causes me to squat slightly and bump my pressure into the front of my left foot to start the downswing. This ends up shallowing the shaft quite a bit and moves the path more in-to-out. In doing half swing drills in my garage yesterday, I also realized this was the spot for @PMookie's swing thought of "knuckles down at impact." As a former baseball player, controlling the knuckles seems to resonate well with me. I setup my range bay today with a gentle reminder about club path. Today's range session went pretty well, much more centered face contact, no bad pulls and generally really good distance/ball speed considering I was not going 100 percent at every swing. Couple frames I'm very happy with: Getting the takeaway to be on plane and not inside is resulting in my hands being stacked over my right ankle/leg at the top of the swing. At the beginning of the winter, my hands were well behind me. Having the intent of letting the hands fall back and "knuckles down" has helped lay the shaft off and keep my left wrist much flatter than it had been working toward over the past two months. Club face is looking better as a result. At impact my right arm is below the left arm (and this angle, which is slightly too right, isn't helping perspective any). I had set an alignment stick about 10 yards in front of me in the snow, with the goal to start balls to the right of it. Here's a video of my 4 hybrid literally clipping the stick as it went by. A decent swing, and good distance (206 carry on 134.1 MPH ball speed). Wish the Mevo recorded sound!
  12. I'm partial to the "What have you bought lately?" and "How'd you play?" threads. A lot of the same regulars in there. And, while I won't name names, there are a few particular members who seem to always say they're not in the market for anything, only to come back about a page later with some new gear to post about... The SuperSpeed thread is great, as is @GolfSpy MPR's road to single digits thread. It was the inspiration for my own thread of a similar goal. I've noticed more than few threads being brought back from the dead lately. Always makes me chuckle when there's a new response on a thread that's five or more years old.
  13. @mr.hicksta, @JohnSmalls Oura ring looks interesting! At this point in my life, a monthly subscription was easier to stomach than $300 upfront, though I see the upside of a no-subscription model past one year. The sleep stuff has been really interesting. A lot of it is common sense, I suppose (less caffeine, alcohol and screen time before bed), but sometimes having the motivation literally strapped to your wrist is a huge help.
  14. Dropping the asking price to $140 delivered. I'd love to get this to someone on here who can use it for the upcoming season for a good price.
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