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  1. Trackman should have no issue tracking club speed, but if if I recall correctly there is a calculation done to estimate the true club speed at center of face. Ball speed is king, regardless.
  2. Sounds like everyone had a good fitting session. Especially intrigued by @HeathS16 since it seems we have similar numbers with the driver (well, at least when I'm not hitting it super poor like at the moment). Definitely excited to see this testing start.
  3. I will continue to sing the praises for the Exputt. I went out yesterday with my brand new L.A.B. DF 2.1 and walked away with 28 putts. Since I started tracking and playing seriously last season (about 75 18 hole rounds now), this was the fewest number of total putts I've ever recorded (previously recorded 30 a few times). I had a good day chipping, and I didn't hit a lot of greens, but still, there's something to be said about 28 total putts. Especially because my brother-in-law registered 38 total putts while he only hit one more green. Generally, he is a much better putter than me.
  4. We have our own spending money so she's free to spend her money on what she wants, and that goes for me, too. Now, that doesn't mean I haven't occasionally "borrowed" a month or two in advance . With my new putter, for example, I spent a month or two ahead plus was planning on selling my old Spider X to make up the difference. Of course, my wife (who does golf but hasn't in the past two years due to shoulder surgery) picked up my Spider X the other day and rolled a few before proclaiming that she was going to use it as her putter next season. I can't very well charge her the value, can I
  5. - 42/41 = 83 / 80 ESC (+18, Par 65) - 4/11 FIR - 2/18 GIR - 28 Putts (10 2-putts, 8 1-putts) New-to-me course, local muni that @ncwoz has trekked around a few times, I think. I was very surprised at the quality of course given the price ($16 to walk) and the length (~4,700 yards from the back tees). I just can't get out of my own way lately, it seems. Came to No. 9 +3 and playing well. Long 234-yard par 3 into a 14 MPH wind, hit a low screaming driver that landed in the greenside bunker. Proceeded to take three shots getting out of said bunker to 35 yards past the green, hit ba
  6. First round with the L.A.B. DF is in the books. Based on the Arccos data the maiden voyage tied for my best putting performance all season. 28 putts! Total number of putts is a little misleading as I only hit two greens today, but 28 putts is the fewest number of putts I've ever recorded in a round. That's certainly no coincidence. I lipped out two putts as well, one from about four feet, so I wasn't far from even fewer total putts. The greens weren't in the best shape, some were much quicker than others, probably because it appeared like they aerated a few greens at
  7. Yes, I've experienced this already. When I get my hands too low I tend to pull the putts. The head stays square but because the head is toe up, the face is pointing left of the ideal target line.
  8. I have a rough idea. First things first, I need to drop about 12 pounds of weight that I added this summer to get back to where I was at the beginning of the season. Last week I started lifting again, I should have never stopped. For the next three months or so I will be working through Greg Nuckols' "28 Programs" sheets, focusing on squats, deadlifts and bench press. I used them to great success last winter/early spring, and I've now moved on to the "intermediate" levels of both squats and bench press along with more deadlift volume. I've been adding a lot of flexibility work in th
  9. Actually, during my phone calls with Matt from L.A.B. I was told they have a couple hundred factory seconds available right now. They only put a few on eBay at a time. You can email them to ask if they have your specs available. If you are interested, let me know and I can shoot over the contact information in a PM. On that note, first round today with the L.A.B. DF and I have some good news to post over in my review thread.
  10. I've had about three hours on the putting green with the L.A.B. now. I'm very impressed. I have not rolled a putter as beautifully in some time. This thing puts an incredible roll on the ball. Because of the quality of roll, my distance control has gotten much better. I do think this might be more of a function of the grip than the putter however. With my Spider X I would forward press but routinely miss the middle of the face leading to all sorts of distance issues. Because the Press II grip automatically puts a consistent forward press, there's no variability in the setup. @Chasing
  11. This. These types of moves are very prevalent in the Fit for Golf routines as well. Should be a good follow. Excited to see your progress!
  12. Excellent reviews, everyone! Glad to hear Wilson has another great product. These clubs are gorgeous.
  13. I went over my Arccos data recently to find my three favorite/"best" holes from the 2020 season: 1) Par, Holes No. 17 + No. 18 (Tie) Western Greens - August 23 It might be a bit unusual for a pair of pars to share the top spot on this year's list, but these two holes were clutch. Playing in the Cobra Connect 14-club challenge, I had just turned the bag over on No. 16 and knew I was playing very well. Needing a good finish for the challenge, I pumped two of my best tee shots of the year to the middle of each fairway and finished out with par. The pars cemented my personal
  14. There are so many good replies to this thread, but thought I'd throw in a few comments as well. We have a ton of really, really great members on this forum. There are a lot of great testing opportunities each year (even this year during COVID), but in reality there are far fewer testing opportunities than deserving members. As others have said, be active! If you regularly purchase new equipment, throw up an unofficial review in that section of the forums, or contribute to an already existing thread if there is one. Not every piece of equipment or golf gadget is officially tested by t
  15. I'm going to maybe go opposite of your question and say that the swings aren't all that different. At the point of impact Bryson hasn't spun out the front foot: JT obviously has a more pronounced jump at impact: I think they both get a tremendous amount of pressure into the front of their lead foot nearing impact. Bryson does get to his heel at the finish, he certainly has to let that energy go somewhere else that front knee would take a beating... As someone who all too often goes the opposite route (shift immediately into the left heel), I can say it throws the clu
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