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  1. All of these swing videos are awesome. Going to be a fun review to follow.
  2. That makes two of us. I've been eyeing the Blast for a few weeks. From my yardstick drills, I know I really struggle with face consistency. Might be worth a purchase if I get some Christmas money...
  3. Nice episode of the "Pro-Fit Golf Conditioning Podcast" with Mike: Key takeaway - Given limited time, prioritize strength training over cardio or strength training.
  4. I purchased this used at the beginning of last season, but I have moved onto ShotScope for 2020. Excellent working condition. All tags and USB charging cable included (but no "wall wart" - I had best luck charging from laptop USB). Unit has good battery life, I was able to play 36 holes in one day without needing additional charge. The Live unit can work independently of the phone app, but requires manual tagging of each club on every shot. Asking $50 PayPal, delivery included via USPS Priority Mail.
  5. Rehashing something I've mentioned before in this thread, I'm pretty certain for me the lack of speed with longer clubs is sequencing/technique. It's definitely something I will be working with my instructor on. I had started the ASD protocol for sequencing but never followed through with it. As I get above the 7 iron, my path gets progressively more left and my speed increase between clubs flattens. From Sunday's session (average swing speeds and carry): GW (48 degrees) - 82 MPH / 120 yds PW (44 degrees) - 82 MPH / 133 yds (speed makes sense as I play PW and GW at same length) 9 Iron - 83 MPH / 143 yds 8 Iron - 85 MPH / 154 yds 7 Iron - 87 MPH / 167 yds 6 Iron - 88 MPH / 172 yds 5 Iron - 89 MPH / 181 yds 4 Iron - 90 MPH / 185 yds 3W - 95 MPH / 214 yds Driver - 100 MPH / 241 yds I basically swing 4-7 irons within the same 2-3 MPH. If you based my speeds from 7-GW off of the posted Trackman PGA averages, my driver should be closer to 110. Oh well, something to work on. As it stands currently my gapping is a little tight at the top of the bag, something my fitter pointed out. As for Fit for Golf, that's been detailed over here. Couple of MGS members are working through that protocol. I know Mike works with some pros, don't think Finau is one of his clients though.
  6. Crazy, right? Two Sundays ago, I shoveled 6+ inches of heavy, wet snow. Yesterday there were several courses by me that were open. Rain today, and even the piles of snow where I shoveled are gone already!
  7. As one of the "unofficial" testers, I'll chime in as well. I was able to get on Trackman yesterday and later in the day picked up the green stick to see what I could hit in a few swings. I started doing the SuperSpeed program with my DIY sticks in February, and worked my way into the third protocol before stopping. Caveat to these numbers is that I've been doing the Fit for Golf offseason program for the past six weeks and hoped to see swing speeds from that, also. Green stick is holding steady in the low-mid 130s (three "cold" swings were 132, 135, 132), which is actually slightly higher than when I stopped doing the third protocol in late August. Actual Trackman results - Average driver speed has not changed much since my May fitting. It was up 1 MPH on average. I want to attribute this to both being inside and also having not swung a driver for two months prior to yesterday. Outdoors in late summer I saw a maximum of 108 MPH on my Swing Caddie, with more swings generally in the 101-103 MPH range. 7-iron speed is up considerably from during the season. At the end of the season I was fit for irons and recorded an average of 84 MPH. Yesterday my average was 87+. On my Swing Caddie I've seen that number work higher toward the low-mid 90s. I have also had a lesson, and my coach changed my grip. I believe that has contributed to allowing me to swing harder and get better ball flight as well. So, yes, SuperSpeed gains appear to stick pretty well even if you don't religiously follow the program or maintenance program. I did not hit a lot of fairways this year and my grip was probably to blame, not SuperSpeed.
  8. Some fun statistics from a Trackman gapping session yesterday. Sometimes, I get frustrated with what seems like a lack of progress in my game. Having some statistics to reference really does help emphasize improvements I've made over the past six months. (Yes, my club path is way left. Same Trackman setup, same room, etc. I go left. There is a wall directly next to me when swinging and it weirds me out, and messes with my aim.) First, some stats with the driver. The first Trackman numbers are from my second fitting during MGS testing in late May. These numbers were with the same Epic Flash head as I have now, but with the stock MRC Tensei Blue shaft. What's really exciting for me to see in comparison is that while club speed hasn't changed much, my ball speed has. Tells me I'm finding the face more. I'm also ecstatic to see my attack angle flatten, and to see both launch angle and spin go way down. All that helps translate into the extra 30 yards of carry. Comparing 7-irons is even more fun, especially since the new numbers (bottom) are with a shorter and weaker lofted (by 1 degree) club. My instructor will be happy to see the face to path numbers when we meet next. Just have to keep grinding for a few more months until the weather improves.
  9. I've only seen a few comparison pictures, but the PTMs are slightly larger than the TE Forged. I like the extra size, but they are not chunky at all. The PTMs also have more modern lofts similar to my old set of Wilson C300s (22 degree 4 iron, 48 degree GW at each end), which kept my gapping at the top and bottom of the bag comparable. Personally, I also greatly prefer the looks of the PTM to the TE Forged. Money no object in the smaller/"non-OEM" market, I probably would have gone the route of the Maltby TS-2 (even more chunky) or the Sub70 699 if I did it over again. Both being injected heads. I got a good deal on the used 5-GW set of PTMs which also influenced my decision-making. My (maybe lofty) goal is to hang onto these for at least two seasons. Knowing how much I like the C-Taper Lites now, and also from what I remember of the Steelfiber i110s during my fitting, I could see myself looking for a new set of irons with either of them two off seasons from now.
  10. Clubs needed some updating. There will be some other updates (bag, shoes, shot tracker, etc.) to add in a later post as well . Hopefully set until spring! Probably still three months away from my first round of the 2020 season. Driver: Callaway Epic Flash 10.5, turned to 9.5, weight in draw position. HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 with Golf Pride Yellow NDMC grip. 3 Wood: Mizuno GT 180, turned to 16 degrees, weight in back. MRC Tensei White Stiff, Stock Mizuno/Golf Pride Tour Velvet Irons (4-GW): Maltby PTM Chrome, KBS C-Taper Lite 110 Stiff, Red Star Sidewinder grips 52/56/60 Degree Wedges: Custom Tempered DTG Inazone CNC Spin, Apollo Standard Stepless Stiff (soft-stepped), Black Star Sidewinder grips Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour Red with Sightline, 33", Stock TM/SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 Looking back to my original post from early this year, nearly everything has changed. Only the putter remains (and I have not intention of changing it, at least, not right now ).
  11. I just finished making the final adjustments to my new-to-me set of Maltby PTM irons yesterday morning. I still have to turn the ferrules slightly to match the hosels, but otherwise I am done. I will admit, it's quite the project to build a set of irons start-to-finish. I had a lot of fun and could definitely see myself doing this again in the future. These will be my gamers heading into next season. I've hit a few of them on the range and am very happy with the feel, distance and ball flight. As far as cost - I snagged a pre-built set of 5-GW PTMs from eBay for $190. All of the heads were in nearly new condition except the 7-iron, which has a small scrape on the bottom that doesn't affect play. I purchased the 4-iron separately from Golfworks for $35. The C-Taper Lites were 1.5" long pulls I got on eBay for $140 and cut down once installed, and KBS sent me new shaft labels for free. Grips are Star Sidewinders purchased in a Buy 9, Get 5 deal from Golfworks for ~$4/each, or $32 for the set. Ferrules from eBay for $1/each. Loft/lie check and adjustment (1 degree flat) from local shop for $30. There are obviously other "incidentals" to account for (epoxy, tape, etc.), but my total investment is right around $425 for this set. I resold the original shafts for $90, and sold two sets of irons I had for ~$350 total, plus some other junk in my basement, so I about broke even altogether. Of course this does not factor in my time (I would bet I have 12+ hours invested in these over the last two months), but it was more fun than work to me. I detailed how I fit myself for these over in another post.
  12. It's the subscription that ultimately turned me off to Arccos. I think it's probably "best of breed," but I also didn't want to wait for Link to be ready. I hadn't considered the extra shot thing because GG Live required tagging so you didn't have to worry about it. On the flip side, I'm really excited for the PinCollect feature because GG Live had no such thing. It forced your to go back and correct pin locations post-round.
  13. Hopped on the ShotScope bandwagon since it was $119 for Cyber Monday. On my small wrists, the band is huge. I have it to the smallest clasp and still need to move it up my forearm a bit for it to be secure. Very light, however, and in taking some practice swings I can tell it won't bother me at all. Excited to get it out on the course! I didn't hate my GAME Golf Live, but their stats were lacking, and I have the feeling they may not be around much longer.
  14. Agreed. People tend to forget that wingspan/arm length increases as height increases. I'm 5'11". My new irons are "standard" (37" 7-iron), and they feel a lot better than my previous clubs that were a half inch longer across the set. My arms are slightly longer than average for my height (I wear a 35" sleeve in dress shirts, so not super long, but about an inch over what I would consider average), and the standard length is very comfortable for me. I do play my 52/56/60 wedges just slightly longer than some, and at identical length (35.5"), however.
  15. Good to know. Thanks. I can vouch for their support already. They added my irons and wedges to their equipment list in less than two hours.
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