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  1. So I’ve been very eager to get this prep’d before the arrival of the new grip. Below are the before and after pictures. Very very happy with how this has turned out!
  2. I soaked it in coke for around 24 hours. Then used a cleaning product to get some of the marks off. After letting that sit for a few mins wash this off. Following that, I used some fine scotch brite and rubbed it all over under running water.
  3. So I’ve finally got my hands on the Ping MyDay. Heres a quick update on where and what it currently looks like. Hopefully get the paint fill done soon along with the grip and then find it a new home!
  4. I’ve put this on hold as I’ve got some Ping Putters that I’m looking to do first
  5. I’m not really sure, I’ve got some Ping putters that I’m probably going to do first now. Which are the videos would you recommend?
  6. Hi all, What better way than to jump in than starting a thread on my first project! Below is the first Ping putter I have recently bought and looking to restore. This is a Ping Myday! This is my first project with anything like this. So would really appreciate any help or information anyone can give with regards to the process I should use plus the best equipment. Here are some pictures below. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks! ive just made some purchases to start another project too! #TripleP
  8. Hi all, I’ve recently got the urge to look at refurbishing clubs (which hasn’t helped by looking at some of the amazing work in here). I have just bought some new wedges so my 52 degree wedge is going spare so what better to use than this. With this being my first attempt, I looking at getting some simple ideas to get the club looking good again. If anyone could link me to threads/tutorials/videos that would be brilliant. Thanks - 13th
  9. These are brilliant! Can see from the pictures how much better they’ve become. what equipment do you use? As I’m looking to do something similar
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