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  1. hckymeyer

    Dave's Impossible Project: Same Gear For A Year

    Love this one Dave, now where's the section for prop bets or over/under and pick a date? I know you don't really have much of an "off season" but I find it's both helpful and hurtful for my club ho'ing tendencies. Once the season starts here and I finally get to play my bag doesn't usually change much at all. It's in the off season that I start lusting over shiny things and usually end up with a pile of stuff to try out once the courses open. Maybe it's that our season is so short that I don't have time to be experimenting with different things, but I've found playing regularly makes me not want as many shiny new things. Also for the first time I can remember I'm a month in to my winter blues and I don't have any equipment wants at the moment. That said there are a lot of shiny news things coming in the next 2 months that could change my mind. I've also got a stock pile of clubs to sell or trade in that could potentially replenish the golf equipment slush fund... aka PayPal. Here is my only advice/tweak I'd suggest and you kind of have it built in already. Commit to playing the same sticks, but break up the year into trimesters. Commit for the first trimester. Reassess, tweak if needed and recommit for the 2nd trimester. Rinse and repeat. Also when you evaluate the club try looking at it this way. Can you hit it well to the best of your personal ability 80% of the time? If the answer is no it probably doesn't deserve to be in the bag. Does the club save you strokes or cost you strokes overall? If it's overall costing you strokes then it gots to go. Can't wait to see how this plays out, I'll be following along!
  2. hckymeyer

    The Greatest Showman!

    I can only assume you bought tickets for all of those movies
  3. hckymeyer

    Smart TV help... Samsung

    So you can open Hulu, but then within the Hulu app the left/right/up/down buttons don't move the selection around? Have you tried other apps (Netflix, Prime Video etc) to see if it works properly in those? Also make sure to try the universal electronic device fix all ... Unplug the TV and take the batteries out of the remote for a few minutes, then plug everything back in.
  4. hckymeyer

    Some pics that made me chuckle

    I honestly can’t wait to try this one Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. hckymeyer

    Smart TV help... Samsung

    Tried googling it? Also is it safe to assume there are batteries in the remote?
  6. hckymeyer

    The Greatest Showman!

    My wife loved it and is obsessed with the sound track. Oddly enough Hugh Jackman just announced a huge arena concert tour for next year. Doing a bunch of stuff from this, Les Mis, his broadway shoes etc... I'm thinking tickets would make a great present for SWMBO
  7. hckymeyer

    Universal screws for driver adapters

    How often are you losing the adapter screws that this is an issue? I don't think I've ever lost one, or had one fall out. FWIW Taylormade is a metric M4 screw to match the thread. The harder part is finding the proper head on that type of screw to fit the torque wrench. If you just want to have a couple of extra's laying around you can find replacement screws pretty cheap on ebay.
  8. hckymeyer

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    The original names were setup up when the forum was founded. They were based off the cities where major OEM's were headquartered. Once you hit 1000 you got a name and every thousand posts more earned the next name. I also like the names over the dots though, I always thought it was kinda cool.
  9. hckymeyer

    Testers Party

    It's a thank you party for all the testers that participated in the Most Wanted testing at HQ throughout the year.
  10. hckymeyer

    Favorite Golf Snarks?

    My other favorite is more self depreciating. Can only be used once, maybe twice, per round or it gets old real quick. It's best in a circumstance where it should be a relatively easy shot and you should be able to get it close. However you brain fart and end up jacking it nowhere near the hole. As the ball is moving shout "GO IN!!"
  11. hckymeyer

    Favorite Golf Snarks?

    5' putt blasted 10' past and missed the line a foot high.... "How'd that not go in?"
  12. hckymeyer

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Along the lines of a special badge, how about a badge that says "I follow directions" and everyone who posts an application in an expired testers wanted thread gets one.
  13. hckymeyer

    Home Security Systems

    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/ring-video-doorbell-pro-and-chime-pro-bundle/6288005.p?skuId=6288005 I got that one for the doorbell. The company is Ring, they also have a few other doorbells you can install either wired or wireless with a battery. Lot's of interior and exterior camera options and then they also sell the whole security setup with motion detectors, contact sensors etc. I'd check in to availability overseas though. I'm assuming the camera system would work but not sure about monitoring.
  14. hckymeyer

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    On 3 out of 4 you wouldn't be wrong
  15. hckymeyer

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Can you change mine to broke a golf cart? I've done it 4 times, unfortunately it's been my own every time. Technically 2 weren't my fault and the other 2 it was only really really stuck.