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  1. Me and two buddies started a for money (Calcutta) scramble a few years back. Nothing huge but we usually get up to the 6-10k range in the pot and pay out 3 places. ABCD format and then split that in to high A Low A etc. High A gets Low B, high C, low D and vice versa. Everyone tee's off but the same player can't hit a shot twice in a row. If you take A's drive then BCD hit the next one. Everyone putts except on Par 3's each have a designated putter. We try to make it as fair as possible. The biggest thing though is we play as 8-some's so there is two groups watching each other on every hole. It's the easiest way to curb cheating.
  2. Honestly both are fantastic clubs. There's not really a wrong answer here and I would recommend either one. If you have the ability to hit both of them that's the best way to decide. Getting them fitted is even better. You may end up needing to tweak shafts, swing weight, loft/lie etc... Otherwise all things equal go based off price and budget.
  3. Highly Highly recommend Bestgrips. Quality is amazing, has some cool "stock" covers but can custom make anything. I did a full matching set of Transformers covers prob 5 years ago and they still look and feel great with zero quality issues. I've since replaced/added a couple more fairway covers and they are also great. Zach is the owner and a great guy. All hand made in his shop in Texas. Best thing is his stock and custom head covers are the same price. https://bestgrips.com/
  4. Great result Rev, happy you found something you like! Have you tried the new Ping wedge selector online tool? Of course a real fitting would probably be best, but from what I've read from people who've tried it the results are pretty spot on for a lot of people. https://wedge.webfit.ping.com/en/
  5. Very true, I was just trying to keep it simple. I got a brand new Ventus black TR 6x folds of honor edition with an adapter but uncut for $230 when I lucked in to the right guy who was a dealer through the Facebook golf club traders group. There's definitely deals to be had but it's many times a matter of finding the right person and they don't advertise because of MSRP restrictions.
  6. If you are looking to buy new I'm not sure it really matters where you get it. Most retailers are stuck at MSRP and not allowed to discount so it's going to be the same price just about everywhere. The used market is a different story and where the deals can be found, but also where you need to be an informed buyer. I stay away from ebay, but will buy used from golf forum classifieds sections (here and golfwrx) and also a golf club traders group on Facebook. Buying new at MSRP though can be done at any local fitter or a ton of different places online. Also if you want used but reputable without the hassle of dealing with classifieds I'd recommend mikesgolfoutlet.com
  7. Just based on your WITB in your signature it looks like you already carry a 2i. Do you play it? Where does that end up distance wise? Like already mentioned you could look in to a 2h and see how that works out. You could also try a 3hl (basically a 4w) and see if that fills the gap. Where does your 4h in the signature fit in on your gapping as well? Then there's always the club ho in me thinking, well maybe you just haven't tried the RIGHT 3w yet ...
  8. I wouldn't call it silly, but I agree that a match should be decided by continuing play. However tee times are limited, as is daylight. If all the sudden you have several match's going extra holes it gets harder to finish on time. I understand the need for scorecard playoffs. If everyone knew the rules going in, and technically it is based off play since you are starting with the hardest hole and comparing cards, then I don't see any issue with it. It sucks to lose that way, but I'm willing to bet if you had won that way instead we wouldn't have seen this post
  9. Tiger was on the Today show this morning and had a great chat/interview with Carson Daly. They talked about growing up in SoCal and how Tiger never play country clubs except for some occasional tournaments. He grew up on public courses etc... After that I was hopeful he would've chosen an affordable line of clothing, but nope. Chalk this one up next to everything with a Barstool logo as things I won't be spending money on. Looks like I'll be sticking with Kirkland Signature and 32 Degrees from Costco
  10. Strategy - Have fun, drink lots, go for everything. Rinse and repeat
  11. There used to be one. Then they made it extra fancy with a bunch of options and everything split out by category. Then a site update broke it and it had to be taken down. I would also vote for a basic WTB section like we used to have though. I personally just liked looking through everything for sale (similar to other sites) vs having to pick different categories.
  12. Unless you are playing in tournaments where technology is not allowed I don't see any need for a yardage book for amature golfers.
  13. Just saw the Under Armor hat that Spieth wore the last 2 tournaments. They make it all the way up to size XXL, unfortunately they are sold out until July but I'm keeping my eye on it.
  14. Graphite shafts last longer than you will ever play them. As long as they aren't physically broken you will never wear one out. It's literally the last piece of equipment I would ever look at as a cause of shorter flight. Things I would look at... Age, weather conditions, temperature, wind direction, strike location, any swing changes, damage to the ball, damage to the club head (they actually usually get faster/longer before breaking).
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