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  1. Good news update, HomeDepot came through and did end up offering the Rigid miter saw stand at half price, so picked up one of those. Then ended up buying a Ryobi battery powered chainsaw for half off, a bucket of bungee cords and a 2pk of angle grinder cut off wheels just because they were a good deal. From Amazon I got some iTunes gift cards that were 20% off just because it's a deal and we'll end up using them. Last stop was my course clubhouse. They have all remaining apparel for employee cost so I ended up with some hats for myself and my two boys, a couple shirts and a FJ short sleeve rain jacket. Done with black friday and now it's time to pack for a Disney trip tomorrow.
  2. I've also heard good things about the EGO series. Do you currently have battery power tool system you use though? Most have a leaf blower option that will use the same batteries if you do. A 20v battery might not get as much run time as the bigger dedicated blower systems, but if you already own a bunch of tools and batteries it's easy to swap them out.
  3. Are you looking for a smaller hand vacuum for quick little jobs? Or a full stick vacuum for doing floors plus other things? For a stick vacuum Dyson and Shark both have good ones. I've seen deals on the DC10 and DC11 Dysons and a couple of sharks. There is a new brand through Amazon getting some good reviews too, check out Tineco. For a smaller true hand held vacuum...Do you currently have a battery power tool brand you use? (i.e. Ryobi, Rigid, Dewalt, Milwaukee etc...) I have a small hand held vacuum that just uses my tools batteries that I use a lot for smaller stuff in the garage.
  4. Like has been mentioned already there isn't much real world value in there. It's all 7 iron shafts and a few older demo iron heads. For me unless you sell it as a lot it's not worth the trouble. It would probably cost more in shipping that any individual item is worth to try and piece it out. Not to mention actually trying to find a buyer that wants it. If someone just wanted to mess around with some random stuff and you could get $50-$100 for the lot I'd take it and run. Just my opinion though.
  5. Really wanted a rolling miter saw stand I can leave the saw attached to and wheel around. Unfortunately the deal they've had in the past on the Rigid stand at Home Depot doesn't seem to be on for this year. So of the 4 stands I've been looking at, none seem to be on sale. No BF shopping for me other than going to Target later in the day to spend $50 so we get the 20% off coupon to use later.
  6. Great write up and step by step. I agree they look 100% better, well done!
  7. How are you set for shoes? Personally if I'm set on golf stuff I'm looking at tools (currently in the market for a rolling miter saw stand), and occasionally truck accessories. Are you a music guy? A nice bluetooth speaker could work too. Check out @GolfSpy Dave 's reviews on the UE product line.
  8. Rather than bending them just do what all the OEM's are doing these days. Take a sharpie and cross out the 7. Write an 8 on it. Boom, now you are hitting 8i as far as you used to hit 7i. Then add an extra wedge at the bottom of the bag.
  9. Everybody I know that entered got it, myself included. Current plan is buy tickets and go. They seem pricier than the tickets 4 years ago in MN so probably just one day.
  10. Great pictures and vote has been cast
  11. I did it myself last time too. Made a DIY battery strap with some chain and carabiners and it worked great. So much easier to get them out of the cart compared to doing it by hand without the strap.
  12. Good find on the lithium upgrade, I'll definitely look in to that for next time. Last time I'd looked in to it was a few years ago and there was no direct drop in solution. Still cost at least $2k and you had to get a new charger and change the wiring in your cart. 4 new 12v Trojans run me $800 up here. Doesn't matter if I install or have the dealer do it, same price. I can usually get 4-6 years out of a set so I'm a ways away from having to replace again. If they truly last 5x as long and only cost twice as much it really does seem like a no brainer to go lithium.
  13. I agree, that would be a cool idea. Probably more for a site like golfballs.com or any of the various used golf ball sites. The issue would be how to price it? Most of those balls all have various prices per dozen so I can see it getting difficult to price out a custom dozen balls. Most pro shops do sell balls by the sleeve though, they just tend to cost more than buying by the dozen. But if a place figured out a way to do this without a mark up compared to the price of a dozen of all the same ball I'd probably try it out next time I'm looking for a different ball to play.
  14. It's not the only account like that. Also found @mgsisbs I guess that's how you know you make it though. The first step is imitation (we've had plenty of those over the years) and now it's moved on to bashing.
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