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  1. Wife is making the turkey in the oven as usual, I'm also doing a Brisket in the smoker. Then the usual sides of stuffing, cranberries, corn casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, cheesy potatoes, pumpkin cheesecake pie, pumpkin pie
  2. In my gut I still don't see Maxfli as a DTC brand. It just seems like one of those situations where you just know it when you see it, but have a hard time articulating the exact why. I really did appreciate Tony's reply on Twitter though, and from that stand point it starts to make more sense. So maybe from a strict definition of the company selling the ball is the company responsible for it being made and it's available primarily only through their channels then it could qualify as DTC. I just think while it may fit the definition, it's not in the spirit of what a DTC ball company started out to be. Now get off my lawn and turn down that music! (just kidding, come on over and let's golf/party)
  3. Would probably help to add a couple pictures. Is it on a seam? Or in the middle of the leather? Also real leather or a vinyl leather look alike?
  4. I'll 3rd the recommendation for the cart heater for cold days. You'll want to check what model carts you will be using it with. Some universal covers have a hard time working on newer Yamaha carts. I have an EZGO TXT and an EZGO RXV and this one works on both. I've had it for 6-7 years and still going strong. https://clubpro.com/product/3-x-4-universal-enclosure-2/
  5. hckymeyer

    Is Maxfli DTC?

    With the results of the Ball Lab quality test coming out today we have a somewhat surprising result for best quality DTC ball. Maxfli? I would call it a house brand for Dicks Sporting Good. I personally see no way, shape, or form that it's considered a DTC brand, yet here it is in the winners circle. So just curious what others think, is Maxfli DTC?
  6. Similar distance with the 16.5 but higher launch angle and guessing higher peak height and descent angle. I would wager you are more likely to hold a green with that too. Plus if you are getting a new one at used pricing it's pretty likely you could just test it for a while on the course and if you decide to keep the 15 you can sell the 16.5 and break even. I vote buy it
  7. With graphite shafts I'd recommend using a heat gun instead of a torch. You can do it with a torch but the difference between just hot enough to pull and so hot you burn the shaft is very very small. Unless you have a lot of experience a heat gun is much more forgiving. I'll put another recommendation for an actual shaft puller. It's not a cheap investment, but it doesn't take too many wrecked shafts to pay for itself. One thing not mentioned is that it's hard to save the ferrules when pulling a shaft. Again it can be done, but it's usually much easier to just buy new ferrules for the rebuilding vs trying to save them. Remember while it sucks you put the wrong heads on various shafts, you haven't wrecked anything yet. Don't take shortcuts now and end up having to buy more shafts and do them all over again anyway.
  8. There are many factors that could an be issue besides just the shaft. For any of us to recommend a shaft based on your post would be the equivalent to closing our eyes and throwing a dart at a wall and see where it lands. And yes, I would look to the shaft as a possible contributor to poor performance, but I would also make sure to check lie angles, length and swing weights. There are many KBS shaft models, but I'll pick the KBS Tour as it's probably the most likely to be in a club and if it was a specific model other than that I would assume you'd list it. That shaft in S flex is a 120g shaft and you say they worked well for you. Then you went to a 105g shaft and are struggling. The fix you propose is to go even lighter to a 95g shaft? That logic doesn't make sense to me. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend going in for a fitting with your new irons. Since they are still a current model most places should still have fitting carts. At a minimum this should allow you to hit several different shafts with the heads and see actual data to find if a shaft change will help them work better for you. Best of luck with your irons, but please don't randomly spend money on new shafts plus the work to install them and just hope they will be better. Spend that money on a fitting and get it sorted once and for all and then enjoy your new sticks!
  9. Short answer is without more work...no. You answered your own question when you said mow it higher and/or more often. The key is to cut less off each time. Like Wedgie said I also recommend a mulching kit, it kicks the clippings back up into the deck so it gets cut a couple times and will have smaller pieces of grass. One other thing is you could get is a pull behind leaf sweeper. Most likely won't get all the clippings, and you'll have to empty it, but will get a fair amount and will help spread clippings too.
  10. You're both right. Online they are $26.99 shipped. In store they are $19.99 (at least last week in MN when i bought more) and you get the normal packaging. I also agree they are best value in a glove you can find.
  11. As a previous forum director I can tell you the mods have no idea how much you donated. Could be $1, could be $10,000, they have no idea. So the dollar amount makes no difference. There is also no "pay to play" model in place. If you read how testers are chosen it's pretty straight forward. Be active on the forum, be nice, make a profile, get a profile picture. There are so many testing opportunities available throughout a season that a wide range of people will be selected. There will be donors, there will be people with lots of posts, there will also be non-donors, and people with much fewer posts. There most likely will not be people who post only a handful of times a year with the majority of those posts in testing application threads.
  12. First for your question...no and no. Second when you go to create topic, at the top there is a tab that says Poll. You can actually put in different options and allow people to vote so you'll get a final tally.
  13. I understand the reason for these posts. More likes, more followers, more traffic will equate to more money and more sway. I completely agree that it's all a type of click bait and if they would just get rid of the first line it wouldn't be an issue. Getting a like on that FB post, or the instagram post, or a retweet on the twitter post has nothing to do with getting selected. Just change it to say join the forum and apply to be a tester! Problem solved and it's a much better look for the leaders in golf #TruthDigest
  14. I'd worry more about finding the center of the face first. Worry about the AoA later as that is going to take a swing change. FWIW there are plenty of pro's that still have a negative AoA. Yes we all know that you need to get to positive to really max out your driver distance. But as long as it's not hugely negative you can absolutely play it and be successful. Also please take all this with a HUGE grain of salt. I don't even know how to manipulate my own swing let alone somebody else's
  15. Short term solution, play the 3w. You have a better chance of being reasonably long and in play. Long term solution, figure out how to hit the driver. The extra yardage to have in your back pocket will do nothing but help. If you decide to play 3w and you are having trouble with most approaches being too long, just move up a tee box and have fun. Also on a quick side note...If your good shots are slightly high on the face, and your bad shots are really high on the face, have you tried teeing it lower?
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