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  1. Best I can do is at my home course I'll come in the clubhouse after a round, go in and wash up and my drink is waiting for me by the time I get back without having to order anything. Helps that my sister in law is the bartender though
  2. Wow, that was quick! Congrats on the milestone and here's to another 10k!
  3. I will own this at some point this season. It's the next contender to try and dethrone the SLDR 430.
  4. Yes those are tip weights, like cnosil said they are often installed in builds to get a uniform swing weight throughout the set. They are often installed both from the factory or from a 3rd party builder. Typically you see them from the factory to account for weight tolerances on the casting or forging process. I personally use them because I prefer a swing weight heavier than what most OEM's design irons to come out at. There are generally 3 "easy" ways to adjust swing weight. You can add lead tape to the club head, it's the easiest if you don't need to add a ton of weight but many p
  5. My prediction is it will be a slope function kerfuffle at the PGA this year.
  6. In general for the amount of weight used it's a non issue. In theory yes it's possible, but really the few grams of weight that it usually takes to adjust swing weight just isn't enough to make anything move a significantly relevant distance to affect the outcome of a shot.
  7. Black may be a touch lower spin, but they are both classified as low spin shafts. Blue is mid launch and Black is lower launch.
  8. There is no damage to the shaft from this, there's nothing sticky in the tubing, it just shrinks to fit and is held by the friction of it shrinking. I guess I should clarify that I've removed the tubing from 2 shafts I've done. Both were used for a season and neither had any issues or damage.
  9. I switched to the Black last season. I'm not a data tracker but it felt like it did bring my dispersion in. I play a notoriously unforgiving head (Taylormade SLDR 430) and seems like the shaft helped to bring my misses in. I went black for the lower spin profile.
  10. I have this one and it works great. https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-enhanced-graphite-shaft-extractor/p/gw1009/ I would personally spend the money for a decent shaft extractor. All it takes is messing up one shaft and that $100 you saved goes right down the drain. Watch for the Golfworks coupons, they run 20% off tools sales all the time.
  11. Go somewhere you can hit both and see which give you the distance gap you are looking for and pay attention to the trajectory, descent angle and spin. Typically I would expect the 7w to launch higher with less spin than the a 4i so just depends how you want to try and hold a green from that distance. Hit is high and try to land softly vs a lower more penetrating flight. Best of luck with your search!
  12. That's weird, I just read that article and I have zero ads other than the little Arccos pop up. FWIW I'm using Chrome browser and have the AdBlock extension running.
  13. A couple quick fitting tips, wait a month or so after the golf season starts to go get a fitting. It's fun to get something right away in spring, but give it a few rounds to shake the winter rust off and get in the groove before you go. I'm not saying wait until you are swinging your best, just saying don't take 2-4 months off and then go straight to a fitting Also bring both drivers and shafts with you.
  14. Welcome to the lottery of buying golf equipment without fitting. This is by no means meant to be a dig, it's just the reality of finding the club that best fits your swing. Just because something is newer doesn't mean it's automatically going to be better, and in many cases can be worse. I still play a Taylormade SLDR driver and I've tried to replace it every year since I've had it. It just works for me and works well. I'm sure I'll try again this year too but I don't have high hopes. As for swapping shafts I believe everything back to Rocketballz Stage 2 and newer can use the same a
  15. I truly believe in fittings, over the years I have been fit enough times that I have a pretty good understanding of what will and won't work for my swing. It's hard to stomach the couple hundred dollar cost of a fitting but if you look at the benefit in the long run it can easily save you money. I'm lucky enough that I live in an area with a few high quality fitters near me so I have options there, but I try to go when they have a deal like 50% off a full bag fitting or something like that. If you've been fit a few times and see trends or even the same results it makes it much easier
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