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  1. You've got 3 tier 1 choices, I've been fit at all of them and honestly you can't really go wrong. Totally Driven, 2nd Swing, and Club Champion are you choices to look at. Push comes to shove I'm probably going to recommend Totally Driven. The staff there is amazing and their facility is top notch. Club Champion is pretty standard, It's the same no matter which one you go to. It's going to be hit or miss based on who you get for a fitter. 2nd Swing has 2 locations here and both have great people working there. Even if you don't do a paid fitting here it's worth checking out just to see the crazy amount of used clubs. The Minnetonka location just got remodeled so it's a pretty cool store. If you do a fitting here make sure to do the paid 'tour van' fitting. If you've got any specific questions just let me know. Oh yeah, we also just got a PXG store, but they only fit for PXG clubs.
  2. But have you tried the SLDR - C ????
  3. Here's a great example with T knowledge bombs, and also a fun thread to read... Operation beat SLDR is the thread and knowledge bombs start around page 5 Here and again Here and keep going Here, Yup, more Here too. Actually you all should just read the whole thread, it's pure gold
  4. I'm biased, but What have you bought lately Another vote for distinguished gentlemen. Any thread from back with T would participate in the forum and drop a HUGE knowledge bomb on some unsuspecting troll.
  5. Less important - how forgiving the clubs are More important - How well the clubs fit you Like Rickybobby mentioned...starting out with clubs that don't fit your swing can actually cause swing flaws because you are compensating for clubs that don't fit. Start with the basics and make sure the length, lie angles, swing weight and shaft stiffness are a good fit for your swing. Once those basics are taken care of it will make it easier to find the center of the face. As for the debate about forgiveness...I"m in the camp of more is better.
  6. This is a tough one, I'm also not a teacher and don't feel qualified to give advice. Both my boys are starting golf and my wife plays a round or two each season. I'll give them basic advice on thing like setup and aiming, proper grip, and plenty on course etiquette and how to play the game. I'd start with this though, ask the guy what his goals are for now? Once bitten with the golf bug it's a hard thing to get rid of. He might end up wanting clubs, wanting to get better, wanting lessons etc... But just starting out I'd probably feel comfortable giving advice on some bigger things with the swing and setup. Maybe just say try this and see what happens. Give him the caveat that you don't feel qualified to be a teacher but here are a couple things to try out and see if they work better.
  7. I guess first question is why you are looking for a different ball just for scrambles? Scrambles aren't won off the tee, they are won on the greens. I would think switching to a different ball that goes longer and spins more could have a negative affect on approach shots and putting. That said I'd be looking at quality urethane cover balls, the new Bridgestone B series has some good buzz, Snell MTB, Srixon Z Star series and of course the Pro V's are all great balls that don't sacrifice distance for spin. Check out this article from MGS for some great info on golf balls https://mygolfspy.com/most-wanted-golf-ball/
  8. I used a Bagboy Revolver for a couple seasons, really liked the bag but eventually the clips for the external club holders broke. Replaced it with the Ogio Silencer and I really like it. Bought a 2nd one to have as a backup since they aren't currently making them anymore. Hopefully it comes back soon.
  9. Some of the Dormie covers can get up to 2 bills, same with Blood Sweat and Thread. Much like PXG equipment there are people that can do it and those that choose to spend their money on other things. If you want a nice cover with custom options for a decent price check out Bestgrips. Zach does amazing work and his prices for custom are the same as others for stock. Also you don't have to buy them all at once. Get a driver now, pick up a fairway later etc... Also custom headcovers make great birthday, father's day, anniversary presents if you have people around that give you presents. All that said, yeah I dropped $300+ for a custom driver cover plus 4 hybrid covers. Full Transformers themed set. Fast forward 2 seasons and now I play 2 fairway's and one hybrid so I have some nice hybrid covers sitting in the closet.
  10. I voted off the tee, and here's why. The way the question is written we are only talking about getting safely off the tee (no penalty, no tree's, didn't top it or chunk it) vs 100yds and in wedge game. Realistically how often are you hitting your 2nd shot from 100yds and in? The only way most AM's are hitting this shot is if they miss a green. We get 18 tee shots in a round. So if you even only hit 3 GIN, that's 15 times you are hitting wedge from 100yds and in. If you are safe off every single tee box I"m guessing that GIN number will increase as well so then you hit even less shots from 100yds and in. So the way the question is worded for the average golfer, off the tee should absolutely be the answer.
  11. Let's re-arrange these questions in the order you should be asking them. Should I get fit for a driver? Is the $100-$150 worth it? In my opinion, absolutely yes. From the sound of things you've never been through a quality driver fitting. Unless you randomly found a great fit with your current driver it's pretty good odds that you are leaving yards on the table. Start with the driver fitting and that will help answer the remaining questions. I'm in the market for a SIM driver. Ok so this one isn't really a question, but how sure are you that you want a SIM? What if that's not the best driver for you? Go in to the driver fitting with an open mind and you may end up with the SIM, but it's also possible you end up in something else. Only you can decide if you just want a SIM or if you want the best driver for your game Is an aftermarket shaft worth it? This isn't really a fair question. There is such a range of shafts out there that any random aftermarket shaft, regardless of cost, is really a crap shoot if it will fit you without going through a driver fitting. For me personally I found the cost completely worth it. But I also sourced the shaft myself and built it, so with a used head, used shaft and doing the work myself it ended up costing less than buying a stock new setup. The question isn't "Is an aftermarket shaft worth the cost" the question should be "Is the best shaft for my game worth the cost?" Only you can answer that question, and it's entirely possible the best shaft for you is a stock or no up-charge option At the end of the day it's your time and money so only you can decide if the costs are worth the performance gains. But I would absolutely go in for a true quality driver fitting before anything else. You're going to drop $550 on a new driver, it seems almost fiscally irresponsible to not do a fitting first to make sure you are getting the proper specs and shaft for your game. Last advice, if an aftermarket shaft is out of your budget I would recommend letting the fitter know that going in. Almost every OEM has a list of no-upcharge shafts that is larger than the 2 or 3 stock offerings they have in the store. Just let the fitter know that you are limited in shaft selection to any no up-charge shaft before you start the fitting, a good fitter will be able to work with that.
  12. Same with everyone that replied they were interested! I'm guessing nobody will notice on either side then
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