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  1. hckymeyer

    Travel Bag Suggestions (and more)

    I've only traveled with clubs a few times, but I also went with the Club Glove Last Bag, it worked great and I expect it to pretty much last forever. I also have a Srixon travel bag that is very nice, no complaints there either. I got it as part of the Cleveland fit like a pro trip a couple years ago. The scale to weigh the bag before travel is a great idea, but as an alternative if you already own a regular bathroom scale it works just fine to weigh yourself, then hold the bag and weigh yourself again. Do a little math and save a few bucks. From doing the research last time I was in the market here is the big dilemma you need to decide first. Hard sided vs soft sided. Soft sided - easier to travel with, easier to store when not in use, potentially not as protective, most airlines won't honor any insurance claim (I would recommend checking in to some sort of travel insurance if this is a huge concern or check if your homeowners will cover it) Hard sided - potentially offers more protection, airlines potentially would still cover club damage through an insurance claim, but harder to travel with though and fit in vehicles, takes up a lot more space when trying to store it. The last option to consider is using a service like Ship Sticks. I've never used them myself, but I've heard good things about them. A little more expensive but zero hassle of hauling everything yourself.
  2. He lives about 10 minutes from me. I've met up with him a couple times to buy stuff and he gave a sweet deal paying cash and no shipping. He can get just about anything as well.
  3. Cool concept, poor execution. And I'm not talking about only hitting 4/13. They didn't even show where most of the shots went and not one look at the ball coming in to the green or water. Left me wanting more. If I just wanted to watch Rory swing I could find a range warm up video.
  4. hckymeyer

    Death of the Two-Person Cart

    I live on a course and most of the guys in my regular groups have their own carts. It's quite often we have 4 guys in 4 individual carts while playing. We can cruise, if nobody's ahead of us it's easy to play 18 in 2-ish hours. In general we are all pretty fast golfers though. The big problem is everybody else That seems to be the biggest theme in this thread though. We're never the problem, it's always everybody else. It's kind of a like a traffic jam on the highway. Somebody taps their brakes in heavy traffic and it ripples back and because a dead stop 2 miles behind them. All it takes is one slow group to slow down the entire course. Until everyone on the course can stop being an idiot we will all suffer the consequences of idiots on the course.
  5. hckymeyer

    Kentwood Valentines Sale

    I added 2 pairs of the red calf height version for $19.95 shipped, not too shabby.
  6. hckymeyer

    Death of the Two-Person Cart

    I'm not saying we won't see some sort of change or trend toward individual vehicles, but as I see the problem isn't the type of vehicle that's being used on golf courses, it's the type of person driving them on golf courses. (be warned this next part includes a lot of stereotypes) It's the pair of retired old guys who paid their money and will take as much damn time as they want on the course. It's the bachelor party guys who brought a keg and think a golf cart is a 4-wheeler, it's the group of 16 year olds that rented a cart for the first time and want to drive it EVERYWHERE, it's the 2 guys that decided golf might be fun and absolutely no idea what they are doing, it's the aspiring PGA pro who shoots 100 but takes 5 solid minutes deciding what club to hit and what shot to play before having to walk back to the cart and grab a different club. Basically it's a choice of educating golfers on proper driving etiquette (how to drop someone off, drive over to a different ball and hit, and then pick up the first person after they've hit) vs forcing them to behave properly by not giving them the option to ride together. I don't know what the correct answer is, but having a fleet of single rider carts is not the end all be all fix for pace of play issues.
  7. hckymeyer

    Custom Alterations

    I grew up in Madison but it's been a while since I've lived there. Like Jlukes mentioned Nevada Bob's does club work but it's been 20+ years since I've been in there. You can also call Cherokee Golf Club, it's a local course that offers fittings and see if they will do the work or have any recommendations. Same story with the University Ridge course. I think there is also a Golf Tec in Madison but not positive on that one.
  8. hckymeyer

    Your Quickest 18 Hole Round (par 70+ course)?

    Brother in law and I, first ones out and each with our own cart. We both played really well so didn't spend time looking for lost balls or anything. Finished just under 2 hrs for 18. Quick side story. Our club champ is a 2 day event Sat and Sun, 18 holes each day. After the round on Sat we grab as many guys as we can get and play an 18 hole scramble as one big group. This year we had 16 guys and we play all together as a 16-some in 4 man teams and scramble. We played 18 holes in 4hrs as a 16-some.
  9. hckymeyer

    The Intentional Club Throw Scramble Partner

    If you ask me that's genius. I'm not a club thrower, but I play with a couple guys who are. One of them probably has to fix/replace/reshaft at least 4-6 clubs each year. The only problem I see is that if you have the discipline to calmly walk back to your bag to grab your "tossing club" than you should probably have the discipline to not throw it in the first place. Great story though!
  10. Tie break 56 pts
  11. And get off my lawn and keep the music down Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. hckymeyer

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    From Wed to Sat, factoring in wind chill, it’ll be 90 degrees warmer on Sat. High is 37 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Awesome, now I'll have to test it on my cart that goes a bit faster than stock
  14. Very cool, I'd go for the Tuned Golf
  15. hckymeyer

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy