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  1. The answer is right there in the question. It's Bestgrips, go leather and don't look back. Talk to Zach and check out their website bestgrips.com
  2. Not a huge fan of ebay anymore, the fee's are too high and they seem to go out of their way to protect buyers vs sellers. As for this forum it's hit or miss depending on what you're selling and the prices. Older gear anywhere doesn't usually move as fast, but if your prices are competitive it'll probably sell anywhere. Personally I would list it multiple places. Here, over on GolfWRX which has a very active buy/sell board, and on the Golf Club Traders group on facebook. You can even list locally on craigslist or facebook marketplace. All of those places are free to list on so I'd put everything up on all of them. Just make sure to update the listing as things sell. The other option is always to trade stuff in. You likely won't get as much money as selling it outright yourself, but you also won't have to deal with shipping multiple packages to multiple addresses and you'll save a ton of time. Just depends what it's worth to you. Also if you are in the market for a new club keep an eye out for 50% trade in bonus's that OEM's run sometimes. When those happen and it's a for a club you happen to want it's usually pretty close to what you would sell it for yourself anyway. Best of luck with moving your gear!
  3. First just a heads up you have the adjustment backwards. Weight forward would be lower launch and lower spin. Weight back would be higher launch and higher spin. Aside from the new Stealth2+ there aren't a ton of options with a sliding track weight that moves front to back for fairways. The Mizuno GT180 from a few years back has one. https://www.2ndswing.com/golf-clubs/fairway-woods/mizuno-gt180-fairway-wood/right-handed-stiff-graphite-43dot0in-b-n2227016223 There is a Tour Edge C723 that has swappable front/back weights. https://www.2ndswing.com/golf-clubs/fairway-woods/tour-edge-exotics-c723-fairway-wood/c723-new-fwg There may be others but that was just a quick search. Taylormade also made several models with a left/right adjustable weight but that would control a fade/draw bias vs a launch/spin up or down bias. Best of luck with your search.
  4. Some stay strapped to my golf cart in the garage (it's heated), some in a Hogan staff bag by the perfect practice putting mat in the basement, then another 2 or 3 bags with random clubs lined up in the garage in travel bags so they don't get dusty. One stand bag stays open so I can mix and match whatever clubs I want to grab if I go to a simulator.
  5. hckymeyer


    I'm a Peloton guy but battling golfers/tennis elbow right now so taking time off from lifting. Rather than just riding every day I did their 3 week beginning yoga program and really enjoyed it. Seems a good mix of stretching and bodyweight strength. I can see myself mixing it in to my regular workouts. So that said if you aren't in the Peloton platform I don't have much to suggest on where to go. If you want to try Peloton you can just download the app and there is usually a 30 or 60 day free trial to see if you like the classes. They have a ton of yoga and strength classes that don't require their Tread, Bike or Rowing machines.
  6. Honestly I've never had great luck selling on MGS, just doesn't seem to have enough traffic unless you get lucky and the right buyer is here. There is a huge buy/sell group on Facebook and WRX has a highly active BST that I've usually had better luck with. It's honestly the only reason I ever go there. But that's why I mentioned the trade in bonus. Historically Callaway and Taylormade have offered it in the spring time and sometimes Cobra. If you happen to get fit in to one of those models during a time when the bonus happens to be running it's a great deal. Just something to keep in mind when buying and selling clubs. Edit: Trade in on that club at 2ndSwing is $111. Should easily get over double that selling yourself.
  7. You will typically get more money selling on the BST vs trading in. You can look up what 2nd swing will give you online pretty easily. The only time I typically trade in vs selling myself is when the new driver you want to buy is running the bonus 50% trade in value towards purchase of the new club. In the past years the trade in value was actually higher than what I could sell it for myself on BST with the bonus. Just something to keep in mind.
  8. We've got the original 2 stores here in MN and I've been fit at both in various ways. At least here they have a few different fitting options. You can just walk in and hit used clubs and they will help with length/loft/lie but it's pretty basic. Then they have a more in depth fitting but still used clubs in the main hitting bays. They go more in depth with number interpretation, you get a 1 on 1 fitter and they will look at different models and shafts and compare. I think there is a cost for this one but it's free if you buy a club. Finally they have the Tour Van fitting which is your full blown professional fitting. This one is paid fitting no matter what but they use a lot more technology and go through any/all of the new clubs and full lineup of aftermarket shafts are available. Personally I've done the tour van fitting before for a driver and also the middle one when buying used irons. I found much more value in the Tour Van fitting, but the cost is also higher. The Tour Van process should be the same at any location but like anything your results may vary based on the individual fitter you get. From my experience though I would recommend them. If there are any other specific questions let me know.
  9. Thank you, exactly the info I needed. Just not what I was hoping to hear
  10. Don't think this one has been asked yet. Does anyone know if I could use The Stack app with Superspeed sticks? As in is the app free and you don't need a code that comes with the product or anything? Would the 3 weights of the Superspeed sticks translate to drill in The Stack app? I have the Superspeed sticks already and a PRGR radar but I'm getting very frustrated with Superspeed for not having an app in this day and age. Seems so simple to put video's of the drills in there, add a warm up drill and then a spot to manually enter speed for each swing and track results.
  11. I've played with @GolfSpy Barbajo a few different times with some of the older members in MN. @SPY ZINGER Hosted the first meetup I played in at Stoneridge GC in MN. I've also been lucky enough to meet and play with members at The Kingdom and at Cleveland/Srixon out in Cali. I wasn't in Ohio or MI ever though.
  12. Love this idea Rev, well done! I can sum up every driver purchase starting with the 2014 season right here. And there have been MANY, at least one if not 2-3 per year. SLDR is still in the bag (Got fit for it at The Kingdom in 2013)
  13. Have you considered talking to the head pro or GM of your home course and seeing if they would put together a combo tee setup for you? If they make it official it can be rated and actually added to the scorecard. If the combo setup is "official" you might get less push back from the other players. Here is a link to my home course. We have 4 tee's (green longest, silver shortest), then the pro put together a black/silver combo setup and added it to the scorecard. It's been slope rated so you can enter scores towards an official handicap from that setup. https://www.golfthelinks.com/course/scorecard/
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