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  1. After you play around with it I think you'll notice that 146mph ball speed does not carry 278yds. Unless you are at that WGC course in Mexico City (7000ft altitude) and a hell of a tail wind behind you.
  2. Here's the site you want. https://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/ Just input your numbers and it will give you distances. Also a fun tool to play around with and what various launch angles and spin rates will do to your carry distances.
  3. Nicely done and glad you stuck around! Hopefully next time it's for the HIO club (I'm not a member there either)
  4. Hey guys, just in case you didn't notice this is not the #SpyStaffSlam thread for the official Wilson contest. This is just a general chat thread about the US Open. Feel free to jump in and share your opinions, but if you want to enter the actual contest you'll need to head over to this thread...
  5. That's what I've been playing this year so far. Let me know what you think about durability. I've had a few wedge shots that ripped up the cover pretty quickly. Other than that I love this ball.
  6. Anyone else get the impression that reading is hard?
  7. All of the above options are great. In addition to those I will add in JD's Clubs and globalgolf.com. It's also going to depend on what you are looking for. For newer, higher end (exotic) types of shafts I would look toward JD's Clubs or The People's Clubs. For more common shafts, previous generation or used shafts then globalgolf.com, Mikesgolfoutlet, dallasgolf, and also their corresponding ebay stores.
  8. I believe everyone and anyone who wants to should be able to ride in a cart. Honestly, who cares? Make it available as an option for everyone and it would eliminate any possible advantage. It works on the Senior, excuse me, Champions tour. The absolute only reason walking is considered tradition and part of the history of the game is because carts weren't invented yet when golf started. And horses would tear up the course.
  9. The Pistol 1.0 is also my grip of choice. Last summer I looked all over trying to find a blue/white version of the skulls and was never successful. I found a bunch of the 2.0 size on ebay and figure 80% of them are fake. I did end up buying one and it felt fine, but went back to the 1.0 size. Best advice I could give you is to set up an ebay alert for "superstroke skull 1.0" & "superstroke reaper 1.0" and any time something gets posted with those keywords you'll get an email notification. Also @PlaidJacket the link you posted is a mid slim 2.0, not the Pistol 1.0
  10. I always look up available times online, then call the course and book that specific time. Luckily we have standing tee times on Wed afternoon so don't have to book those.
  11. I did this a couple years ago with a Taylormade Speedblade 4i. I put a 92g diamana whiteboard in it. I built it for a specific tee shot on my home course and it worked great. I've since moved on but still have the club in the basement. As for picking which shafts it's just like any other club in the bag, it's best to get fit. The issues you may run in to are the the hosel size of the irons. I believe the G700 irons are .355 and most hybrid shafts in graphite are .370. Ping is also notorious for having a slightly larger than average hosel. They typically used collared ferrules which takes up some of the slack in the gap at the top of the hosel. Also when doing a project like this you have to pay close attention to the swing weight of the club. Going from a 105g steel shaft to a 70g graphite shaft is going to make the club extremely light. You will need to had a bunch of tip weight if you want to get the swing back up. All that said it's a fun project, I'd just recommend having someone with some experience do the build and be aware of the fitting and weight issues that may come up.
  12. The only sold listing is a 7 piece set and it went for $52 plus shipping. Honestly it's all about finding the right buyer, but if you got a $100 for them I'd be happy.
  13. Definitely bucket list stuff here John, thanks for sharing!
  14. Golfdiscount is legit, when MGS first started out I believe they were a sponsor and there used to be a discount code. It's long gone now but don't hesitate to purchase from them. $520 for a new set is a decent deal. You can probably go used for less money but then you get in to the question of what the specs are and what's been done to them. Best of luck in your iron search
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