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  1. That also sounds like an ideal scenario for some Yoga
  2. Love me some Tito's, thanks for sharing
  3. Last season VJ had 2 MC's, a 6th place at the Honda, then another 6 MC's in a row. He's currently ranked 849th in the world. To any KF tour player complaining about having him in the field...If you are afraid of playing a 57yr old in the twilight of his career who made one cut on tour in the last 9 starts, maybe you should find a different line of work. Now if you're VJ and win any money from the event, please donate it to a worthy cause, I'm fairly certain you are playing for the competition, not the money.
  4. Just from the small tidbits Tony has thrown out with the early ball lab results he's working on I think we will all be very surprised with how many balls aren't round
  5. legal size of a ball can't be smaller than 1.68" You can check out the Ball Lab article to see the gauge they use at MGS. https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-ball-lab/
  6. I ordered mine through my club on 3/20 and didn't come in until 4/26. On the flip side my course only opened about a week or so before that so it didn't really matter on the time line. I got 4 dozen of the X that all say Pitter Patter
  7. Typically when this happens it's either because the hosel and shaft weren't cleaned and prepped properly, or the epoxy wasn't mixed properly. Was the same epoxy used through out the entire set? Or you mentioned it's the 2nd time this happened to the same iron, could have just been a bad ratio or mix if it was a one off rebuild. It's possible there could be a larger tolerance (i.e. gap) between the hosel and shaft of that club as well. You could try adding shafting beads to the epoxy mix to strengthen it up and get a better fit.
  8. Two basic ways here, you can install the traditional way with grip tape and solvent. Or you can just use regular 2" masking tape or painters tape and install with air. Personally I install with air on all my grips, but it's really a personal preference. As for tools I would recommend a vise and shaft clamp at a minimum for either method. It's possible without that but you have to be good and know what you're doing. Honestly, I would recommend just searching on youtube for either method. It's one thing to read directions, but much easier to just watch someone do it. It can seem like a daunting task when you are just getting started, but it's probably one of the easiest club making skills to get the hang of. Plus once you figure it out you will save a lot of money on install in the long run.
  9. It faces backwards because that is where you are standing when you walk up to the ball. It's also where you have to return to push the cart. So makes complete sense to have the clubs facing the direction of where you start and end the process. If they faced forward you would have to walk around the bag to get a club and to put it back. That said, would it not be simpler to just pull the cart if you want the bag facing forward?
  10. No ball washers on the course here. I'm more of an every hole guy, but I recently picked up the GrooveIt Brush for my clubs. It squirts water on the club and then brushes them clean. Huge unexpected positive with the brush, I can use it to squirt water the ball and clean it with my towel.
  11. The Golftec fittings will be free right? Absolutely do those, it's not going to cost you anything so might as well see how the process works and gain some knowledge. Then I would take that knowledge you gained and do both the driver and iron fittings at Truespec. The advice from just about everyone here is going to be go to Truespec anyway, but there's no need to throw away free fittings from Golftec first.
  12. I have not had that issue with any of the BOA/Disc shoes. I would try that baby powder idea though, the sound could still be the tongue of the shoe rubbing against the upper inside of the shoe. The strings just put even enough tension over the whole thing to cause the squeak. Or call/email PUMA and see if they have any ideas.
  13. We have carts here. They are one rider per cart unless you are immediate family living in the same household. No way to truly enforce that but it's the guideline. Personal carts are also allowed but still with only one rider per cart.
  14. Oh that bag tag is on my gamer, I'd just been to a simulator so swapped the clubs in to a stand bag before reloading it.
  15. I'm a stay at home dad anyway, plus stay at home orders in MN means my work scavenging is a little different than most peoples. I did just find a box of thin mints in the freezer I didn't know were there. Does that count?
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