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  1. I know this was Stud's baby, but any chance for the milestone badge we can add an 'Even Par'? If so can I swap my broke 80 for an even par
  2. I think the biggest problem is that it's not at all intuitive. It's like a secret hidden menu to find testing applications and reviews. Personally when I come to the forum, which whether I post or not is pretty much daily, I click the new content in the past 7 days and start scrolling through. Reviews and application don't show up here. I just tried going old school and pretending I was a new member. Scrolling through the menu's I see TESTERS WANTED, but nope, that's not actually where to apply. I see Official Forum Member Reviews, but nope, that's not actually where they are at. Can you guys see where all the confusion is coming in? Testing is such a huge part of this site and it's not at all intuitive on where to find the content. I get it, I did that job and there are many parts of it that are manual and suck. But if the new system is going to stick around there needs to be links from the main forum menu page that make it much easier to find. Not hidden behind a drop down menu and not buried after 17 pages of tester applications. Make it clean, make it front and center and make it easy to find. I know it's a new system and we will be patient, and this is just my .02 on how to make a few changes to make it easier for the membership to find the content. Keep up the great work guys and good luck!
  3. I do this more with putting to relax my grip, but could work on any shot. After I set myself before I start the swing I relax my hands almost letting go of the clubs. Then reapply grip pressure and swing. Another option to try is maybe moving up to a midsize grip and see if the larger grip allows your hands to relax a little bit. You could just try one club and see how it feels at first.
  4. Unless you have an under the table type of hook up at a store they aren't likely to sell you head only. Most of the time you need to have a special account with an OEM in order to get components vs full clubs. Plus even then they are usually required to build the club before selling. FWIW a stock shaft is such a small part of the overall cost of a new driver it's really not going to change the price much anyway. You're best bet if you really want just a head is to either buy a used head only from someone selling one or buy a whole club and try to sell the shaft it came with on your own.
  5. It's funny, it's fake. Doesn't make it less funny though, well played Phil. Also it's part of the lead up to the match next week with Phil/Brady vs Bryson/Rodgers Edit: Additional info pops up via Twitter. It was actually a DST Compressor club that's already bent, so he really just pretended
  6. Best advice is just to create a habit of always putting it back on after every shot. I only ever hear stories of people losing headcovers when they don't put it on and off after every shot. My personal method is to take it off and always leave it on the top of my bag. Then grab it and put it back on after I hit. Also has the added benefit of covering up the slot I'd be putting the club back in anyway so I'd have to grab it and move it to get my club back in the bag.
  7. I bought myself a new meat thermometer for smoking and the US Open Superstroke pistol 1.0 grip. Wife doesn't know it yet so I'll give them to her tonight to wrap for me from the kids.
  8. 166 for me and it's because i have 4 players that haven't tee'd off yet and are still marked as even
  9. Nothing too exciting, but I bought a shaft extension. Had the stock HZRDUS yellow laying around that came in my driver so I'm going to test out a 47" setup and see what the hubbub is about.
  10. Now that I've made my picks it would be safe to not place any money on any of my selections if past performance in these things is any sort of indicator.
  11. We have 4 sets of markers with usually 3 tee boxes. Silvers are their own box way up, greens are their own box way back. Then gold and black are usually on the same box but one forward and one back. We also have one par 3 with two green they will rotate between and one par 3 with two complete sets of tee boxes. One on the right the same elevation as the hole and one on the left that is up on a hill above the hole. So there can be quite a difference day to day on how some holes play. But to be more specific to your question, we also have two combo variations that have been rated so you can enter valid scores for handicap purposes. One uses a combination of only the 2 most forward set of tees. Usually used for seniors and really young kids that makes the course much shorter. Then we also have a combo setup we occasionally use for mens league that will use all four boxes on various holes. It's a ton of fun because it brings in a couple driveable par 4's, lengthens a couple par 3's and turns one of our par 5's into a par 4. I live on the course so I play 99% of my rounds at the same place. It's fun to be able to mix it up from time to time and still enter scores for handicaps. Another game we play is start at the tips, if nobody makes a birdie we move up a box on the next hole, no birdie again move up another box etc until you are just playing from the most forward box. If someone makes a birdie move back to the tips and start the process again.
  12. Congrats on the retirement Rob! I gotta say it's pretty fun to just come and go as you please and not feel the pressure to always be posting and around. Hopefully you enjoy the extra work in the day job!
  13. It's one thing to have a 4.5hr round with an afternoon tee time on a packed course. If you are the 2nd group out and play in 4.5 you are setting up the course for 5hr+ rounds by the end of the day. Sure maybe it could have been communicated better, but from the sounds of it your buddies were all playing pretty damn decent. There is zero reason for a guy to shoot anywhere under 90 and take longer than 4hrs as a foursome. I can guarantee the twosome behind you was either waiting and you didn't realize it, or purposely playing slow because they didn't want to sit around and wait for every shot. Sorry but I'm siding with the course on this one. 10 minute tee time spacing is plenty of gap and 200 rounds in a day is busy, but for this time of year with longer days it can go higher.
  14. Started with an Odyssey 10 I bought over the winter but have since switched back to the Odyssey red #7. SLDR is currently out of the bag and I'm gaming a TSi4. Both have Ventus black. I will say that SLDR is never far from coming back in though so we will have to wait and see with that one.
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