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  1. I began to get arthritis in my hips and carrying just aggravated it that much more. I still walk and push a cart 95% of the time. What I found interesting is the amount of wasted energy getting the bag off and on versu always have everything g you need right. I Bought a basic cart used and I love it- simple without a lot of compartments. I’m praying it never breaks as the news have too much stuff going on.
  2. Need to replace Irons but the $1200+ price tag is out of line. Taking a trip to Chicago and going to Sub 70 to give them a swing. I’m hoping they play as advertised ( great TXG review). I’ll game them and it will be a unique set in my group. Love to help the small independents where I can!
  3. I walked every round last year(1-2x weekly) due to covid and used to carry when I was younger. I picked up a used pull cart and though there were certainly some tough walks, once I built up endurance, I played my best golf ever. Went from a hndcp of 16 down to a 11.3. Walking allowed me to process my errors and plan for the next shots. I don’t want to go back to riding if I can help it !! Come join the fun of a long walk I’m mowed pastures!!!
  4. Mark st louis IOS8 indoor full net set up with driver height indoors will go outside if weather permits
  5. Mark Shukwit- St Louis, mo Right Handed 1st choice-Driving Iron regular 2nd choice- 3 wood regular 11.7 HCP 2 different Calloway 3 Hybrids Longest iron is a 5
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