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  1. Joe Fort Pierce, FL Currently use Cleveland Designed By 8802 style Would like to try the Piper C. I have been an 8802 style user since I took up golf, and always putted well with it. But now that I am getting older and with arthritis starting in my hands, I am beginning to have issues with a heel shafted putter. Would like to see if a center shafted, face balanced mallet style with a higher MOI would help straighten out my stroke.
  2. Hi J10. Any further updates and photos on the Apex project? Did you end up pulling the shafts or leave as is? Getting ready to start another Hogan project myself. Going to bring a set of PCs back to life.
  3. Stu, I love reading your inputs and stories. Glad you are writing again. How did those Muirfields play with the Apex shafts installed?
  4. I never used height, or wrist to floor measurement to determine putter length. I use a 33.5 inch putter which I have found to be the best for me. I am 5'5" tall. I settled on that length through trial and error. I think the style of putter also makes a difference.
  5. Tin Cup and Caddyshack interspersed with YouTube vids. Today watched the movie Seve, followed the final round of Nicklaus' last major victory at the Masters.
  6. I have always preferred a smooth face putter. Probably because it is what I first used when I took up th game. I have tried putters with milled faces and for some reason do not putt as well. Probably a mental thing..........like so many other aspects of this game.
  7. Agree with deejaid completely. I have 8 sets of various Hogan models and try to keep the original shafts as much as possible. If you change the shafts, try and salvage the ferrules. Kind of a nice added touch to have the original serial numbers intact. Great job so far.
  8. Joe Fort Pierce, FL Average score: 82 Current irons: Hogan Edge (2018 version)
  9. verojoe

    Boccieri Golf

    Thanks Ray, the link shop.bocierigolf.com is the site I was looking for. Appreciate your response.
  10. Does anyone know what happened to Boccieri Golf? Went to visit their website (boccierigolf.com) for the first time in a while but was redirected to anythinggolf.com?
  11. I prefer my putter not to have any alignment aid at all. I also prefer to use a ball without any line or alignment aid. It all seems distracting to me. If I am busy aligning my ball with my start line, then aligning my putter with with the ball, I am relaxed and focused on the task at hand.
  12. Always was, is, and always will be the 8802 style. Once in a while I will try something different just for kicks, but always come back to the 8802 style. Such a simple design. So easy to look at behind the ball, and rolls it so smooth. Great distance control. I own 4 different models.
  13. A little late to the topic, but gotta say there is nothing like the 8802 style putter. So simple and basic, it is genius. I have 3. The Ray Cook Classic Plus II, Wilson Tour Special I, and "The Original" Arnold Palmer. The key for me is to just grip it light, start it smooth, and let it move on its own path.
  14. Joe, Fort Pierce, Florida. I average approximately 33 putts per round. Living in a community with a golf course, I practice putting each day. During these sessions I spend 1 to 2 hours on putting. What I find interesting is the ability to marry what I feel and see with actual data in terms of speed and break in different length putts. Also, actually being able to see and finally know if the putter face is closed, open, or square at impact. Being able to practice when the rain hits is also nice.
  15. I tried posting a pic. It is on ebay, could not get it to the forum (not the most tech savvy guy in the world). Love the Ray Cooks, got about 6 of them. The Classic Plus II (8802 style) is my every day, go to putter. Will try the pic again.
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