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  1. I am jealous! I have been looking for the bounce sole clubs to add to my own Hogan collection. Great find and great buy. The fact that you picked up the woods also is amazing. Enjoy!
  2. Original Hogan Edge. Gotta keep 'em! I got two sets myself and love them. Still play them from time to time. A lot of good advice from all the previous responses, so nothing more that I could add. Enjoy the project and enjoy playing them! Great buy!
  3. Not quite the pearly gates, but it is close! Amazing clubs.
  4. Don't think of it as replacing the Apex Plus set; think of it as just giving them a little time off. Then once in a while, take them out for a round for old time sake. (That's how I ended up with 9 sets of Hogan). Keep us posted on your decision.
  5. Art of Putting, Art of the Short Game, and Art of the Swing all by Stan Utley. The Golf Whisperer by Gary Battersby Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy. Legend of Bagger Vance by Stephen Pressfield. (So different and better than the movie in my opinion). Trouble Shooting by Seve Ballesteros.
  6. Joe Fort Pierce, FL. Right handed Preference: Hybrid regular flex Backup choice: 3 wood regular flex Handicap: 12 Currently play a hybrid.
  7. Ahhh, another Hogan guy. I have 9 different sets of Hogan irons. I have played the Apex Edge and the Apex Red Lines the most. As for the new line of clubs, earlier this year I purchased the new Edge iron set which came out in 2018. Ordered with the UST Recoil 760-F2 shafts senior flex. Absolutely love them. Added the Equalizer wedge with 52 degrees of loft. It also performs beautifully. I do not use a driver any longer, so I am looking at getting the 3 and 5 words next year. You can always try the driver through the Hogan demo program on their website. Hope this helps.
  8. For me a solid face. No insert and no milling. And no alignment aid. When I look down I just want to see the putter head. No lines, dots or design for alignment purposes.
  9. Wilson Designed by Arnold Palmer 8802 for 20 years. But reaching the point where I need to consider making a change.
  10. Joe Fort Pierce, FL Living in Florida, I have the ability to practice on the putting on golf course putting greens year round. Had putting mats in the past. They were never realistic enough. Too thin, and bumpy. Speed: fast (11-12 st imp meter)
  11. Joe Fort Pierce, FL Currently use Cleveland Designed By 8802 style Would like to try the Piper C. I have been an 8802 style user since I took up golf, and always putted well with it. But now that I am getting older and with arthritis starting in my hands, I am beginning to have issues with a heel shafted putter. Would like to see if a center shafted, face balanced mallet style with a higher MOI would help straighten out my stroke.
  12. Hi J10. Any further updates and photos on the Apex project? Did you end up pulling the shafts or leave as is? Getting ready to start another Hogan project myself. Going to bring a set of PCs back to life.
  13. Stu, I love reading your inputs and stories. Glad you are writing again. How did those Muirfields play with the Apex shafts installed?
  14. I never used height, or wrist to floor measurement to determine putter length. I use a 33.5 inch putter which I have found to be the best for me. I am 5'5" tall. I settled on that length through trial and error. I think the style of putter also makes a difference.
  15. Tin Cup and Caddyshack interspersed with YouTube vids. Today watched the movie Seve, followed the final round of Nicklaus' last major victory at the Masters.
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