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  1. John/ Nashville, TN 18 deegree Recoil and then 14 degree. Regular shaft and am right handed. Am now 73 but in my 50s had a handicap of 13. Now trying to learn to golf again and have been looking for a driving iron.
  2. I would love to become a tester. I am an old fart who is once again trying to learn to golf. I gave up golf for 10 years as my wife had cancer and needed care. Now I am 73 and realize I will never again hit as far as I once did. So now I have to focus on my short game. I am detail oriented and produce good evaluations. I have been on the Lowes review team and have tested several of their products. I go above and beyond expectations in my testing and then write a timely review. Please consider me when picking out an evaluator. John
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