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  1. Dinner last night was shrimp & scallops in a bacon, caramelized leek and pea puree.
  2. Rocky Thompson rolling over in his grave. Google it kids.
  3. Seems like my post didn't post everything. I was saying, I picked up this super cheap ($3.99) coffee at Aldi and when I opened it the coconut aroma was amazing, which made me think it would make a great nitrous cold brew. This is the first time I made a pre-ground coffee so I was not sure what to expect. The coconut aroma & flavor was great and the slight sweetness imparted by the nitrous really added to the flavor. I'm not sure if it was the grind or the beans, but the amount of caffeine was off the charts with this one, so much so I was shaking all day. I watered it down for all future pulls and it was fine. If you like coconut in your coffee I highly recommend this budget blend whether hot or cold.
  4. Dinner last night was stuffed flank steak, needed just a couple more minutes to get the very inside done, but tasty nonetheless.
  5. Favorite hole was a par 3 with the green perched on top of a waterfall with another waterfall behind it. Coolest hole I've ever seen and for the life of me I have no idea what course it was. Hole I most want to play is the lake hole at Coeur d'Alene.
  6. Isn't a lot of ferrule slippage caused by heat, i.e., storing clubs in your trunk or garage during hot summers? I used to see this when I stored my clubs in the garage in Georgia summers, since I started storing my clubs in the house have not seen it again.
  7. Not getting data weary, but getting weary of having to constantly make corrections in Arrcos after a round to get the data. Seeing data is good, having to work too hard to see the data makes it tedious.
  8. I read the first 2 posted reviews, nice job by both reviewers, but I came away with the question of which, if any, of the Cobra clubs do you plan to keep in your bags?
  9. Thinking about the hype surrounding a number of clubs that came out this year, which ones are already headed to the discount bin?
  10. Make it as a pie and they may anoint you a saint!
  11. Wow, great accomplishment! Congrats!
  12. Dinner last night was shrimp risotto in a saffron broth that paired perfectly with a nice chardonnay from the Napa Valley.
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