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  1. Thanks Cobra & Puma Golf! I will wear my 3rd place prize with honor!
  2. Try ETSY they have a number of stamp suppliers.
  3. Nice, you should do that. I'm thinking about adding this one to mine. Have I mentioned the Yankees have won 11 consecutive games against Boston!
  4. How long are we going to be subjected to that ugly page header?
  5. Have I ever mentioned that I once scored 4 touchdowns in a game for Polk High School!
  6. Wondering the same thing. What am I going to do when I can't golf, can't lift weights, I can't write reviews for Cobra equipment, and now the lights have been turned off on our thread.
  7. If I could like this post more than once I would!
  8. Okay. The pain and throbbing just doing nothing has subsided, but still there when I grab, push/pull or swing. I've got 2 more weeks of PT then I go back to the orthopedic surgeon for revaluation. Praying for no surgery & just continued rehab.
  9. Good question, I think a lot of things went into the driving HCP going up. Those include manufacturing swings for the various limited club challenges, taking lessons one with the goal of using the woods to fit the challenge and one to get back to a normal swing and driving really exacerbated the elbow pain.
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