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  1. Winn makes some really padded grips that are comfortable. And there's this guide. https://www.golfgearbox.com/blogs/news/top-10-shock-absorbing-golf-grips
  2. Maybe well suited for Michigan, but southeast US summers would make that, as Rick Springfield would say, "Hard to Hold"!
  3. Dinner last night pork tenderloin stuffed with goat & mozzarella cheese, spinach, prosciutto, caramelized red onion with balsamic vinegar and bacon with a side of stir fried green beans with toasted almonds and sesame oil. #Flavatown
  4. A very nice pinto noir that paired well with our grilled cedar plank salmon.
  5. Dinner last night was grilled cedar plank sockeye salmon topped with a fresh mango salsa and a side of cauliflower hash browns.
  6. Never thought this would be a topic that would get me to click on, but here I am. PF sucks!
  7. Wow, I may have to start applying for testing opportunities again, but ya know I'm still scarred from that time I applied to test that Callaway driver and @GolfSpy BOS was chosen over me!
  8. Can you please clarify this comment? Are you saying there are not enough people applying for testing opportunities or you're not getting enough member engagement on the actual testing & results to justify more testing? THX
  9. Worst Masters advertising faux pas? I'll hang up and listen!
  10. I never watched the broadcast once preferring to follow the action on the app. The Master's App has set the standard for a fully immersive viewing experience and more and more casual fans are now aware of it and that it has most certainly impacted broadcast viewership.
  11. I don't care who wins, but I have become a staunch ABWC* guy! * Anyone But Wyndham Clark
  12. Dinner last night was pork egg roll in a bowl. Yep, all the contents of an egg roll without the nasty fried wrapper and topped with a siracha lime mayo.
  13. Ad from Facebook market place. Just in case you did't win the lottery to attend this year or couldn't afford The Masters food experience, this woman will sell you her empty tubs for $60!
  14. Sure Tad Moore was a very well known regional club maker, sort of like what Bobby Grace is today.
  15. How about KASCO K2K hybrids with their Super Hyten metal that made them the longest hybrids ever. I fell for the marketing when they appeared on The Hot List, that was long before MGS was born. Damn things did go pretty far though, or perhaps I was just younger and stronger back then.
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