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  1. I've never played Pursell Farms & you can't go wrong playing Ross Bridge, the jewel of the trail, twice. You could drive south to Montgomery and play The Judge at The Capital Hill Club, which has 3 courses.
  2. I would say that I select a ball based on Branding, but I would not game Truvis or the Rickie Fowler designed ball as I find them too busy.
  3. Not just you. Really, really slow to load home page and switching topics in the forum, is better, but still a bit slow.
  4. Damn that Victor Hovland and that sand! I've only participated in a pool twice in my life and both times there was some crazy WD by one of my picks!
  5. Golf Pride has 2 squishy soft oversize pistols & SuperStroke has the Traxion Pistol 2.0.
  6. Congrats to those spy's selected as testers!
  7. As a Browns fan, I love the color coordinated orange gear! I have that cigar minder, but will have to look for the other stuff in L'Orange.
  8. Dinner last night was grilled flat iron steak with a delsh fresh chimichurri sauce.
  9. Wineador with shelves from John as well and almost the exact same set-up as yours. Non-CC Favorites: Southern Draw Cornelius & Anthony DE Crowned Heads Tatuaje/L'Atelier CC Favorites Cohiba RASS Por Laranaga
  10. Yes, because if I get too caught up in mechanics it messes me up more. I usually just swing to find my groove, identify some feel that I can try to recreate when I'm out on the course and repeat it. That feel changes from round to round and I go with what is working that day.
  11. I've never used them, but as others have said the Golf Garage pumps out some awesome restorations. As I recall he would prefer to work on heads only, so you may want to pull them before sending, but check with him.
  12. This is really the most important aspect to any training aid, commit to using it! if you aren't going to incorporate into your practice routine on a regular basis you are wasting your money. I spend at least 15-minutes 3+ times a week on my practice green.
  13. I've answered this question many times on here and my answer never waivers. Big Moss putting green and a putting mirror. You can use them all year, regardless of weather and you can do multiple drills that impact the club you use most often during a round.
  14. All the time. It's my go to comfort club from any lie on the course inside 50 yards.
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