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  1. Had hoped to get out and play last weekend in the rain, but the tornado warnings nixed that idea. I wore the jacket shopping yesterday running in and out the stores in the pouring rain. I was dry and quite comfortable in the jacket & a T-shirt both indoors & out. Planning to get out tomorrow afternoon in full gear, temp forecasted for mid-high 70's.
  2. Playing partner: How am I supposed to putt with rain running down my back. Me: Listen till the end!
  3. Great idea! I just got a 48" ruler at Harbor Freight for $3.20 using my 20% super coupon.
  4. I would not disagree with you on this point. While I like the comfort of the vest it is a little baggy and the fit could be improved or at least add a drawstring like the jacket has around the waist. After wearing it for a while, I probably could wear the small size versus the medium I received for a better fit.
  5. The vest has a light fiber fill nylon front and a spandex blend back. It's very comfortable to wear alone or under the jacket, but it does not have the same waterproof properties as the jacket & pants. My blood is pretty thin since I moved to the south so I'd say I might be good down to the low 50's if I wore it along with some heat gear beneath it. For you hardier folk maybe mid 40's.
  6. Introduction: First of all let me say how excited I am for the opportunity to review the Galway Bay rain gear! A little about me, I’m in my early 50’s, but didn’t pick up the game until after college and over the last 25 years have played resort, country club and muni golf all over the country. I currently reside in the southeast & play to an 18 HCP. Shoulder and elbow injuries suffered over the last few years have limited my ability to get out consistently. Healthy for the first time in many years, I’m really looking forward to this golf season and getting my index back down. While golf is my main hobby I also enjoy motorcycling and bikers have a saying “If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride!” It’s the same with golfing in the southeast, where we have daily pop-up showers that turn into torrential down pours during the summer-so if you don’t golf in the rain, you don’t golf! I’ve always wanted a coordinated rain suit, but never invested in one, instead keeping a pair of nylon pants from an old tracksuit in my bag and paired it with a pullover windbreaker. Suit Selection & Sizing: I had my wife take all the measurements suggested by Galway Bay on their fitting chart, for reference I’m 5’10”, 175 lbs. Selecting the unlined pants was pretty easy I just took my pants size and added 2” to the waist so they would easily slide over golf slacks and used my true inseam size. The jacket was a little tricky, as I have a very wide back which bumps my chest measurement from medium to a large, but I have narrow shoulders and a thin waist. Their literature suggested jump up one size if unsure on the jacket so I selected the large lined jacket. I liked the look of the all black suit with aqua blue accents so I sent my selection and sizes to the company. Galway Bay responded to my e-mail immediately and I had my rain gear the very next day! It help’s to live approximately 2 hours from the company! The original review was supposed to be for unlined pants & a lined jacket. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lined jacket so I was ecstatic when Galway Bay sent me a base layer vest as well! They sent me a medium vest informing me that they run a little large. So far customer service is exceeding expectations!!! First Impressions: The packaging is first rate with a box inside a box holding my hand selected rain jacket! The box has nice branding with the Galway Bay logo with the tag line “Never Quit” I’m hard to fit and rarely do all the clothes I buy online ever work out, but the custom sizing chart appears to be quite accurate. I’m glad I went one size larger on the jacket, as swinging a club with it on proved the medium would have been too restrictive. The pants fit well, both in the waist & inseam, and were easy to pull on & off over my jeans and with a belt they can be worn sans pants. The vest also fits well and is very comfortable. The material for the jacket & pants is lightweight & comfortable yet appears very rugged. The zippers all have pulls so if you are wearing rain gloves you can easily get into the pockets. That being said, the zippers were quite tight to pull open, not sure if that’s a function of the weatherproofing or just new zippers that will take a while to loosen up. The vest uses totally different materials and is more of a base layer than rain gear. It has two interior pockets, which are great for storing your phone & wallet. I would have actually liked to see an interior pocket or two on the jacket for warmer days when the vest is not an option. Galway Bay claims their rain suites are 100% waterproof and 100% breathable fabrics that won’t leave you sweaty & stinky like other rain gear. They also claim their jackets and pants are tailored to be as comfortable to wear in the rain as they are in the sunshine. Looking forward to putting those claims to the test over the next few rounds and practice sessions. I can honestly say I have never before wished for rain on days I’ve had a tee time, until NOW! Stay tuned!
  7. I've read a number of different accounts of this story and it seems that there are 2 sides to it and truth probably lies somewhere in between. * Kuch says deal was $3k for the week, which caddy does not dispute. * Kuch says he offered to pay $1,000 bonus up front, caddy claims bonus, based on finish, was an unspecified amount * $15K appears to be offered to caddy after dispute becomes public IMHO, its between Kuch & the caddy. That being said, it were me I would have offered him $40-50k if I had won.
  8. 1. First name/home state or province- Dave, Georgia 2. Current rain gear- An old windbreaker & pants from an old track suit 3. Worst rain you've ever played in- Once played at Cacapon State Park in WV in the longest, hardest down pour I've ever been exposed to. My buddy and I were the only two people on course and putted through raging rivers on the greens. We actually stopped for lunch before going back out to finish the back 9, which infuriated the staff that they had to hang around just for my buddy & me.
  9. I don't know. I saw someone asked ScottGolf, the independent club maker on tour, his thoughts and he said he hasn't seen anyone using them yet, so he couldn't comment. I also saw Club Champion boasting a 54% improvement in putting with the shaft on Twitter. I asked them what metric was used for that claim and they said "owner feedback". Not exactly hard science!
  10. I wear progressives with correction for double vision and cannot wear them while golfing. I usually just swing at the ball on the right. Very interested to hear your results and if it might be an option for me.
  11. Assuming The Big Shot Tuned is the top pair, those are more my style.
  12. I think the FINNCycle is cool, but in the real world it may have limited applications.Our membership is mostly 50+, with a lot of septuagenerians, and this would not be a widespread option. Also, I have to imagine insurance to have these at a course would be a lot more costly than for an EZ Go cart.
  13. I've seen a lot of people using the putting swords for practice. Anyone use them? Are they worth $29?
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