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  1. My mother is coming to visit next in 2 weeks and we are going to play some golf while she is here. She is too old to haul her clubs anymore so thinking about using Ship Sticks. Does anyone have any discounts/coupons I might be able to send her? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  2. Was speaking to some golfers of various ages this weekend about this topic. Answers were across the board from chronic injuries, needing more & more recovery time between rounds, family responsibilities & new passions. One 62 year old has discovered rock climbing as a hobby and travels daily to climbing destinations. I can barely get out of bed in the morning and this guy is rock climbing every day!
  3. I would love to provide an update on the suit, but we have been in a severe drought all summer & it has not left my bag. We tend to have rainy winters, but since it's still 96* here, a follow-up review is a ways off.
  4. Attached is the link to the sizing chart. Galway Bay suggested going up one size if you were unsure of fit on the jacket, doing so will allow you to swing freely without the fabric pinching anywhere.
  5. Grip fully seated Alignment marks parallel Grip logo aligned to the leading edge of the club Interestingly, I'm seeing more & more people turning the logo over so it is not visible. I believe I saw Rahm with his Golf Pride label turned upside down at The Open.
  6. I know SuperStroke has probably been the best at marketing counter balance weighing for putters, but Tour Lock has a much wider assortment to help balance any club. Link below. https://www.tourlockgolf.com
  7. For the 14.95% of Spys that are giving away their balls I am happy to send you my address!
  8. Somehow I've gotten on a number of panels to participate in golf surveys by manufacturers and third party market research firms. I've found the process quite interesting because there seems to be a common set of themes that are appearing as I do the 3rd or 4th survey from the hosting company. First, they all offer a chance to win a golf themed prize for completing the survey, of which I've never won one, if you have let me know. Next the surveys seem to fall into 3 distinct buckets. 1. Blatant Advertising- This is the survey that exposes you to 1-2 of the companies products via ads and then asks your opinion of what the ad communicates to you, is the message believable and are you now interested in the product. This is really just a tactic to get you to look at an ad for a product that makes all the same promises as every other product on the market. However, under the guise of a survey gets you stop and look at an ad you would normally flip past in a magazine or scroll past online. I'm gonna leave out products here, but the company rhymes with Mixon. 2. Collecting Demographic Data- This survey simply asks you about your personal information age, race, income, HCP, dollars spent on golf, etc. These are not surveysIMHO, but rather just data collection. The last 2 surveys form SuperSroke have been this type with a 20% coupon the carrot if you complete the survey. I won't. 3. Actual Market Research- This is the survey that truly wants to know what you think and you can actually see your feedback being used in the next iteration of the survey. The Datatech(sp) surveys that ask about # of rounds played. where, how long does it take, etc are well done. I did one from Cleveland Golf the other day that I thought was probably one of the first true surveys that really wanted my opinion and had plans to use the data in a constructive fashion. Rather than telling me that their club was the longest, straightest, etc it actually asked the question "What do we need to do to our clubs to get them into your bag?" That was the most refreshing question I have ever been asked in golf or any other survey. They didn't try to tell me why I should buy their product, they actually asked what I want from them. More companies should take this route in their market research as it builds credibility. So do you participate in golf surveys? If so, which type do you prefer or are you seeing different types of surveys than I am? DISCUSS!
  9. I love music. I've spent more on stereo equipment & music than the GDP of some third world nations. But the golf course, to me, is the last place to find peace & quiet. After a long hectic week of work there is nothing more peaceful than walking up a fairway to a green with the sun on your face, the wind blowing through the tree tops and the bird singing. I just don't want to hear someone's music, cell phone ringing or talking on your phone. Sorry, call me a "get off my lawn guy" if you want, I'm okay with that.
  10. They have some stretch to them, but you'd have to ask a fat man about the squatting part.
  11. No QC issues. Unless you jump into the Irish Sea, you will remain dry for a links trip.
  12. Great question, would also like to know. I see them online all the time, but honestly I've never seen them on any clubs.
  13. Older players?! Why you millennial sone beech! IMHO, there are not a lot of stylish rain suits out there, so for this older player I found it quite slick. Maybe you should have got the black one. The fit obviously played a big role in how reviewers rated the suit. It really fit me well and more importantly moved well during my swing which is the reason I rated it so highly there. Also, I did not seem to sweat like others in the suit and I am quite the sweater, nor did I have any QC issues. Lastly, I was also surprised by the amount of emphasis put on the hood, or lack there of, and wonder what role reviewer bias came into play here. In our outline for the review process the "Does the rain suit have a hood?" comment somehow stood out more prominently to me than other review criteria and it was one of the first things I looked for when I got the suit. Granted it would be nice to have a hood, but in reality I would feel too constricted to freely swing with a hood and I only deducted 2 points for not having one. Plus, us "Older Players" are not afraid of a little rain on our ball caps! Good reviews all around! As a reader take the good & the bad from each and make up your own mind.
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