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  1. Probably 8:1 range over course.
  2. @chisagYep, I travelled a lot and allways had my 5-6 demo disks with me when I checked out the local audio salons. I'd love to have all the money I spent trying to piece together the perfect system today then I'd be retired now and not semi-retired!
  3. I know there are a number of people on here who are on the keto diet so I thought I would start a thread to discuss what is & isn't working for you and have a place to share keto friendly foods/recipes. My hope is that this thread can assist newbies and lifestylers alike to reach your goals while providing different keto foods & snacks so the diet doesn't get boring. With that, here is my first keto friendly meal. Bell peppers stuffed with Steak-Ums and topped with provolone cheese. I add salad pepper rings to give the dish a little tanginess. It's a pretty simple and very tasty. Just fry the steaks up in a pan, you can add onions and/or mushrooms if you are out of induction, place in a green pepper, top with provolone and bake at 350* until the peppers reach your desired level of doneness. I usually go 15-20 minutes because I like my peppers to have some crunch.
  4. 24* and I'm sitting under a fleece blanket in my office! Some of our area courses are closed due to tons of rain followed by sub-freezing temps.
  5. Those product images don't do that shaft justice, thing looks huge in Ernie's hands.
  6. Saw this highlight of Ernie using this thick shafted putter. Any ideas of manufacturer and advantages over standard putter shafts?
  7. It's such a double-edged sword. I totally went off the low carb diet in December and got so strong in the gym and my arms were Yuuuuge, but man my belly got so fat, so fast. Like you, I've lived the low carb life for a long time (20 years), with fall off on holidays only. I think the challenge now is that my body has become hyper reactive to carbs and even a few days off, causes excessive weight gain. I'm back on the diet and have dropped 10 lbs, but as I get older I find it harder and harder to bounce back. Additionally, I'm getting to that age where my friends are asking when are you going to give it up and just enjoy the rest of your life? My response has always been "Never"! But constantly saying "No" when friends ask if we want to go to the new pizza place, burger joint and BBQ smokehouse is getting old. The fact that my wife goes through a bag of potato chips and a half gallon of ice cream every week only makes life more difficult. My goal this year it to try and have a 4 pack by summer, too old for a 6-pack, and then reevaluate what I want to do moving forward at the end of this year. Good luck on your quest!
  8. Another Atlanta area golf course has fallen victim to developers as The Oaks course will be turned into a mixed used live/work community. This was one of the last reasonably priced muni's in the Atlanta metro area. It was on the short side, but the layout was fun and I always enjoyed my rounds there. Cheap Atlanta area golf is getting harder and harder to find. This is the 3rd Atlanta area course to close and become a housing development since I moved to Georgia. .
  9. As a someone who has fully recovered from a 20-year personal struggle with audiophile nervosa I love this analogy! Ps: I almost purchased the WATT/Puppy combo, but felt the speakers were too revealing for my eclectic musical tastes.
  10. Started back on the Keto diet last Sunday. Peaked at 194 lbs, my highest weight ever! Weight this morning at 187 with a target of 176. Ate nothing this week while working out twice a day.
  11. Currently raining/sleeting sideways hitting my window so hard I can barely hear the stereo! Luckily, just a bit too warm for snow. Black ice on Monday could be treacherous, luckily a holiday for many.
  12. I'm a little disappointed by members & mods criticizing other members takes on whether this driver offers any performance differences over the Sim2 or any other titanium driver. MGS is all about performance and discounting someone who uses this criteria for any club purchase is a bit disingenuous. There are people who buy new drivers because they have an old driver and it's just time for a new one. There are golfers that always want the latest, and what they perceive to be the greatest, club in their bag. There are golfers who are card carrying club hoes who want to try everything on the market. Finally, there are people who rely solely on whether the club is going to offer them any distance/dispersion gains over the previous year's model or technology. None of these reasons are wrong folks. End of rant.
  13. Anything by PXG Any Arron Oberholser infomercial And whichever Paulson brother was hocking that driver that said "What if I told you you could hit every fairway...."
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