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  1. They have some stretch to them, but you'd have to ask a fat man about the squatting part.
  2. No QC issues. Unless you jump into the Irish Sea, you will remain dry for a links trip.
  3. Great question, would also like to know. I see them online all the time, but honestly I've never seen them on any clubs.
  4. Older players?! Why you millennial sone beech! IMHO, there are not a lot of stylish rain suits out there, so for this older player I found it quite slick. Maybe you should have got the black one. The fit obviously played a big role in how reviewers rated the suit. It really fit me well and more importantly moved well during my swing which is the reason I rated it so highly there. Also, I did not seem to sweat like others in the suit and I am quite the sweater, nor did I have any QC issues. Lastly, I was also surprised by the amount of emphasis put on the hood, or lack there of, and wonder what role reviewer bias came into play here. In our outline for the review process the "Does the rain suit have a hood?" comment somehow stood out more prominently to me than other review criteria and it was one of the first things I looked for when I got the suit. Granted it would be nice to have a hood, but in reality I would feel too constricted to freely swing with a hood and I only deducted 2 points for not having one. Plus, us "Older Players" are not afraid of a little rain on our ball caps! Good reviews all around! As a reader take the good & the bad from each and make up your own mind.
  5. I find that having a putting speed that closely resembles your actual playing conditions is really critical to effective practice. The greens at my course are pretty similar the speeds of my Big Moss green, but I played a course with a friend last week where the greens were much, much slower. I found myself tying to pound the ball just to get it near the hole. When I got back on my greens I was blowing it by the hole. I believe tour links has shallow drop in cups you can buy if go the 2x4 base route.
  6. Prior to the testing it rained non-stop here, but since then we had one day of tornado warnings and a few overnight showers, but dry as a bone during the day. I really want another rainy range day and round before I finish up part deux.
  7. Had hoped to get out and play last weekend in the rain, but the tornado warnings nixed that idea. I wore the jacket shopping yesterday running in and out the stores in the pouring rain. I was dry and quite comfortable in the jacket & a T-shirt both indoors & out. Planning to get out tomorrow afternoon in full gear, temp forecasted for mid-high 70's.
  8. Playing partner: How am I supposed to putt with rain running down my back. Me: Listen till the end!
  9. Great idea! I just got a 48" ruler at Harbor Freight for $3.20 using my 20% super coupon.
  10. I would not disagree with you on this point. While I like the comfort of the vest it is a little baggy and the fit could be improved or at least add a drawstring like the jacket has around the waist. After wearing it for a while, I probably could wear the small size versus the medium I received for a better fit.
  11. The vest has a light fiber fill nylon front and a spandex blend back. It's very comfortable to wear alone or under the jacket, but it does not have the same waterproof properties as the jacket & pants. My blood is pretty thin since I moved to the south so I'd say I might be good down to the low 50's if I wore it along with some heat gear beneath it. For you hardier folk maybe mid 40's.
  12. STAGE 2 Introduction: Again, let me say how honored I was to be selected by My Golf Spy and Galway Bay for the opportunity to test this premium rain suit! I put the Galway Bay rain gear through both wet & dry testing. I spent 2 wet & 1 dry day on the range and played 27 holes in the rain & 9 during a 60* degree dry day. I also spent an entire day wearing the pants around my home doing everyday activities and chores and wore the jacket while running errands on one rainy day. In a cruel twist of fate we had the wettest year on record prior to me receiving the rain suit and since that time we have been in a drought, go figure! Looks: (10 our of 10 points) The black suit with the blue accents is just dead sharp looking and everything I want from a style perspective. The suit is well branded, but you don’t feel like a NASCAR driver. The color-coordinated vest adds a nice warm base layer under the jacket and looks good with the pants when you shed the jacket. Paired one day with a black hat, black rain gloves & black golf shoes my wife said, “Who are you? Golfing Johnny Cash!” The jacket looks great paired with jeans. I wore it while out running errands in the rain one morning. The lightweight material was great when going from outside into stores. With a traditional raincoat it’s just too hot & noisy to wear inside so I end up taking it off, but the Galway jacket was light, quiet & comfortable wearing it indoors. The black pants look great by themselves with a golf shirt & belt. In fact, most people would never recognize these are rain paints due to the material & finished look. FEATURES: (9 out of 10) The suit is incredibly lightweight which makes wearing it all day very comfortable and when it gets wet it does not pick up much additional weight. One downside to the lightweight materials is that having a lot of items in the jacket pockets really weighs the jacket down pulling it below your waist. With balls, tees & a divot tool in the left pocket & my phone in the right pocket the bottom of the jacket started to sag & get obstructive when standing over the ball. My guess is this probably is an issue with any light rain suit, but you may want to consider spreading items out to the pants and leaving your phone in your golf bag or car. I would like to see an internal pocket higher up on the chest as that may allow for storage while alleviating the pocket sag I experienced. Also, with the suit being so light, it does not add much weight when stored in your golf bag, so you can keep it there all the time. The zippers were water tight and easy to open with their pulls even with my rain gloves on. The Velcro sleeve adjustments can be easily adjusted to keep the water from running down your arms. FIT: (8 out of 10) The online sizing guide was very helpful in getting the correct sizes. The suit is incredibly comfortable in rain or shine. I wore the pants both with shorts underneath and without and I did not find any issues with comfort or performance one-way or the other. When doing any physical activities I tend to like more form fitting than baggy clothing, think Under Armor versus a Champion T-Shirt. When clothing gets wet it starts to hang off you and for me I find it aggravating. Knowing that, I probably could have gone down one size in the vest because it has a lot of elastic and probably gone with pants that were 1” over my current waist size rather than 2” I selected. If the vest had a drawstring at the waist that may have given me the fit I was seeking. This is probably a personal preference so if you are a shirt tucked-in guy consider my preferred measurements, if you are an un-tucked guy the sizing chart will give you a comfortable fit. Pulling the pants on over golf shoes was a bit of a challenge and getting them off over the shoes was also a bit laborious. I wear a size 10 in golf shoes so your mileage may vary here based on your shoe size. I think ankle zippers would be nice upgrade for these pants. I do like the raised rubber “Galway Bay” lettering around the inside of the pants waistband. The rubber keeps the pants up, really helpful when they get wet. Durability (10 Out of 10) While I have not owned the suit long enough to totally judge durability, there were no frays, rips, or tears or impaired functionality at the end of testing. The zippers that I found tight when I first got the suit loosened up nicely over time. I jammed the suit in a side pocket of my golf bag and when I pulled it out there were not a lot of wrinkles and it was ready to wear. On Course Performance (29 out of 30) On course the suit performed very well as I stayed dry. I did sweat quite a bit in the suit during range sessions, but no one complained about me smelling foul after our rounds! During my rounds of golf I didn’t notice that I was sweating any more than normal. I was able to swing freely with the full suit on and the soft material limits the noise you get when moving in a raincoat. Galway Bay nailed the collar design on the jacket. It’s tall in the back preventing rain from running down your back yet low in the front so you stay dry, but don’t feel constricted. If you have a heavy beard, like I do, you will appreciate the collar not rubbing against your neck on every swing. Bent over while putting the rain quietly hits the fabric & the water just rolled off my back and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or distracted. Miscellaneous (9 out of 10) The rain suit has a lot of nice features, but as mentioned I would love to see an internal jacket pocket in the chest area. The addition of a zip-in hood would have been a nice feature for super heavy storms and ankle zippers would make for faster on/off for the pants. Play in Rain or Shop Again? (19 Out of 20) Is the $485 asking price worth it? I think the answer is “It Depends.” If you bag on your tee times when it rains or if you live in a desert climate or only play a handful of rounds a year it would be tough to stomach the cost. Additionally, knowing you can get a rain suite for $299 from the major golf accessory companies has to be taken into consideration. But if you are an all weather golfer who demands top performance from your golf equipment, play in rain or shine, snow or monsoon, then the Galway Bay gear is absolutely worth it. Especially when you compare the features and performance of the Galway Bay suit to the top of the line Foot Joy and Galvin Green rain suits that retail for twice the price. Being able to stay dry for 18 holes allows you to focus on your game & not the elements, which is what the Galway Bay rain suit did for me. With this rain suit now stored permanently in my golf bag I just lightened the load of my bag considerably by ditching my umbrella. Galway Bay Rain Suit Pros: Keeps you dry on the wettest of days Lightweight, breathable limits sweating Stylish looking Well fitted Excellent & responsive customer service Cons: Price Would like an interior jacket pocket high up in the chest area No hood No ankle zippers, can be challenging to get on & off over golf shoes TOTAL SCORE: 94 out of 100
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