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  1. @bacchusThere are a ton of them out there, none of which I would recommend. I would suggest contacting Andrew at SmallBatchCigar.com and asking him to set you up with a monthly variety pack at an agreed to price. Andrew is a stand-up guy in the world of cigar hucksters and always wants his customers to have a stellar experience with his shop. You are going to be exposed to smaller brands with high quality and not the typical hit or miss mass market crap.
  2. Last contact I had was that they would need to do some cosmetic substitutions on my choice of clubs & they would be coming in split shipments next week. It's gotta suck being an OEM right now trying to get components out of your suppliers!
  3. And a new bag!!! Cobra and MGS been berry, berry good to us!!
  4. Well. by nature of the competition.........All of them! I've been seriously in need of a major bag upgrade for years, so as long as they perform well I don't see going back to the old set after the challenge is complete. I did, however, express some trepidation to Cobra about removing my Callaway PM grind wedge.
  5. Using Arccos has been a fun, informative, humbling experience and a blow to the ego. All that being said, baseline has been going better than expected, though I have been playing a very open course that allows me to spray it off the tee and still recover. I have always played Cobra irons, my current set for 25 years, so no second thoughts at all about this challenge. Heck, if the SpeedZone Irons are as good as my originals I could be dead before I need another set!
  6. I think you gotta be playing every round in the low 60's to even have a chance of pulling off that look!
  7. Decided I needed to round out my wardrobe a bit in anticipation of the #COBRACONNECT challenge. Now with everything Cobra on my body and in my bag there is no doubt someone is gonna ask if I'm sponsored by them. How do you think I should respond when asked? Let's hear your best replies! #MGSCOBRA2020
  8. As the high handicapper in the group, I am not prone to spout off about my golfing, or lack there of, prowess. That being said, I think I speak for everyone outside of New England when I say "Boston Sux"! To that end, I would like to propose a tribal alliance between myself, @GB13 @daviddvm and @edingc against @B.Boston. Let's send him home crying in his beeyah!
  9. I screwed up the last post sorry. Anyway, I was saying that for a shot in the dark comparing me to Zoolander was pretty accurate. In my 20's I was a model and looked a little bit like Zoolander, though I never had a signature look like "Blue Steel" or "Magnum".
  10. Based on my performance off the tee yesterday, neither can I!
  11. Good tip, but sad you have to do that for what Nike charges for their shoes. I put stretching shoe horns in them for months and they still hurt my feet!
  12. I voted 3, but I forgot about the Nike's, which are so uncomfortable I wore them just once. 2 Puma 1 Under Armour 1 Nike
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