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  1. I just looked outside to find nothing falling from the sky for the first time in weeks and there is this strange orb of light that appears to be emanating warmth. Weird, right?
  2. Can't speak for training aid companies, but right now there are a lot of manufacturing chains that are in chaos due to the pandemic in every industry. Raw materials are scarce, factories are running on skeleton crews to keep social distancing, both of which are driving prices higher. I see it at the grocery store, as it seems like staples I buy each week have gone up 1-2 dollars since the beginning of the year. We are still seeing scarcity of many items on the shelves. Hopefully, with the vaccines starting to become available things will start to get back to normal, but I expect it will be a w
  3. Thanks, the last few pounds are always the most difficult to lose. Updated today.
  4. Yeah, most of the OEM club makers contract with outside companies for their apparel, so it's difficult to identify who actually made it. A few year's ago I had an issue with Callaway shirts and I was directed to the manufacturer for the warranty and I wanna say it was Van Heusen, but don't quote me on that, that handled the replacements.
  5. Cody, Just read through this entire thread and really enjoyed you documenting your Sub70 club build. Nice work!
  6. I bought a course logo shirt a couple year's ago and it had a PING tag, but I could not ever identify the manufacturer. It fits me better than any other golf shirt I've tried. It's super comfortable and moves with me when I swing, it's breathable and quick drying, it's athletic cut and the sleeves are the perfect length to not be in my way, and provide a nice gun show!. If I could ever find who made it I'd own a closet full of them.
  7. From earlier in the week, keto compliant stuffed cabbage rolls. Substituted riced cauliflower for the white rice and made a diet sauce to top it off. Quite good.
  8. Every golfer should see Augusta in person once for the experience, the beauty of the course and to purchase souvenirs. However, the best place to watch the Masters is on your couch, you miss too much of the tournament when you are there. Also, I may be spewing some piss & vinegar since my tickets were cancelled this year to allow more social distancing.
  9. Noting to add on the shaft selections, but have you played a lot with the Lamkin Sonars? I got them with my new clubs as part of the Cobra Connect Challenge last year and they really tore my hands up. I did hit a ton of balls and played a lot, for me, in a short period of time, but I've never had a grip give me blisters and calluses like the Sonars did.
  10. Raining & cold, but I repeat myself.
  11. VDay dinner was grilled Cornish game hens basted with fresh rosemary, butter & garlic with a side of rutabaga fries.
  12. Sauce sounds great, will give it a try next time. One of my keto snacks is cream cheese, horseradish, Worcestershire & white pepper rolled up in a paper thin beef round. YUM!
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