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  1. Thanks! Do you use 4-PW for your burner 2.0's? I took my 4 Iron out of my bag and replaced it with a Burner 2.0 Approach wedge, I believe the loft is 50%. Found this club on ebay as a perfect match to the rest of the set. Cost me about $65. I never thought of adding an approach/gap wedge to my bag until my friend who I was golfing with recommended it. I was having trouble with shots from 75-100 yards. I would use my pitching wedge and usually over shot the green. This A wedge has since filled that slot nicely.
  2. Wow, that is a nice MGS cover. The shape looks like it wont fit the Spider X as it has a curved shape but definately a very nice cover. Wonder if MGS can make a universal mallet putter cover?
  3. I bought my Spider X putter used and it came with the head cover but damn, why does Taylormade have to use Velcro. The headcover wouldn't stick as well as it should so I ordered a new one that has a magnetic closure and its a beauty, check this out.
  4. Awesome, Im all for finding locals to golf with. I find myself golfing solo alot. I do have people I golf with but with schedules and all, it never hurts to have more people in your local golf friends group. So your from Rocklin? Thats awesome, my twin brother just moved there and I have actually played several courses in the Roseville/Rocklin area recently and my favorite course by far is Whitney Oaks. That course is one of my favorite in the entire area. And with my brother living half a mile from there, gives me all the more reason to play there more. I'd be totally down to play any c
  5. I know I don't need to fill all 14 slots but there is no reason not too. As far as my distances, I have them all figured out pretty well. Still need to figure my distances with my 3 wood, 2 hybrid, and 4 hybrid. These clubs are still very new to me. I actually just ordered a Cleveland RTX4 sandwich 56*/10 MID last night. That will replace my generic sandwich. I played 9 holes yesterday and honestly had one of my best rounds. I scored 43 and for me, that is pretty damn good, lol. I was just hitting very well overall. And my Spider X putter was on fire. I recently added 12g weights and tha
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. I have been considering getting lessons and a fitting to help improve my game. So it is something I will likely be looking in to. For now, most of my clubs are still very new and I have just been wanting to use them. Always looking for new courses to try too
  7. Hello all, I am new to this forum and look forward to interacting with everyone and learning more about everything golf. This will be a long post, but I hope to get some good insight from my fellow golfers. So for the longest time, I was using my old, cheap, outdated clubs that I have had since Jr High. Until a couple months ago, I decided to really start golfing again more regularly and completely upgrade my entire set. And this is what I have: My driver is a Taylormade M6. Bought this from the used rack at Golf Galaxy for $250, and I do like it, but I tend to slice quite a bit wit
  8. Hi, my name is Adrian. I am from Colusa County and I golf many of the courses in my area. I am always looking to go play a round of 18 as well as finding a good deal/discount for a round. I am always looking for others to golf with as well. Here are the answers to the introduction questions: How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? : I have been golfing since I was about 12. Played a lot in high school on the school's team. I am not a great golfer but I am not bad. I do not know my handicap as I haven't ever kept track of it. As far as my score, I
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